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After The Waltz... End..
Posted:Sep 16, 2020 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 10:34 am

She closed her eyes tight waiting, her pussy nearly
dribbling from being so wet and ready. Her clit
still sensitive from when he so expertly used his
tongue to make her cum so hard. She rocked her ass
from side to side anxiously wondering what in the
world was keeping him. He stood back holding his
cock in his hand watching her beautiful ass move and
could not resist the temptation to stroke it slowly.
Hearing her breathing and watching her ass move he
stroked his hard cock and each time he pulled the wet
foreskin back a small droplet of precum appeared at
the tiny hole in the head, only to be wiped away with
the next stroke of his hand. As impatience got the
better of her she moved back until her bum came in
contact with his hand as it pulled at his cock. He
could see her need and leaned foreward. His hand
pulled the foreskin back from his cockhead as he
touched it to her hot wet slit. It contacted her
clit and he rubbed his cock against it as she trembled
then he slid ip along her slit from the clit until it
just touched the opening of her pussy. He treated
his cockhead to the wet heat of her slit then his had
held his cock at the opening of her hot hole. He
nudged foreward gently and the head slipped in easily.
He paused savouring the feeling then pushed toward
her as she eased back to meet him swallowing his
hardon until he was tight against her ass and in as
far as he could get. He waited there as she flexed
her vaginal muscles sending shivers through him and
awakening every nerve in his cock.
He held on to her hips and withdrew until just the
head remained and drove in again this time with more
force. They built up a quick rythym with him driving
into her with considerable force. Their panting and
the slapping sound as he slammed against her beautiful
ass filled the shed as they fucked hard, her leaning
over the pile of beer cases and he behind her ramming
his cock into her wet pussy.
As he moved he moaned and told her how good she was.
"Ummmm take my cock. Fuck me hard. Cum all over
my cock and squeeze it with your beautiful wet
pussy". He moaned. She replied by reaching
between her legs and running her hand over his full
balls. He moved harder pushing against her as his
cock filled her. She rubbed and gently squeezed
his balls as her pussy felt the heat as they fucked.
He let go of her hips and slid his hands along her
ribcage to where her breasts dangled swinging forth
and back as they moved. He found her nipples so
hard and long and held them between his thumb and
finger. She played with his balls and moved her
hips to take in his cock as he slid into her as he
fucked her hard and squeezed her aching nipples.
She was first to gasp "Oh god, I'm cuming." and
as she moaned aloud he felt her get very wet and
loose. His cock too hardened more and enlarged as
the first shudders of his orgasm started. He pulled
at her nipples as his cock started to shoot his hot
cum into her. She came with him feeling his
juices fill her pussy as he pumped into her. He kept
fucking her as his cock released all he had to give
and she trembled and stiffened as her juices covered
his cock. Then she went limp and fell on the beer
cases as he gave her his last strokes and collapsed on
top of her panting and trying to catch his breath.

They remained there her leaning over the pile of cases
as his cock started to soften and shrink until it
slipped out of her and she could feel it against the
inside of her thigh and their juices mixed together
running down her leg.....
After the Waltz Part 5
Posted:Sep 5, 2020 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2020 1:40 pm

He looked and could see her hands rubbing her
nipples, Squeezing and pulling at them as he lapped
at her wet pussy. Happy that she was enjoying his
efforts he went back eating her with more gusto.
As he ran his tongue over her clit she stiffened and
with her legs pulled his head into her crotch. He
held on to her ass and pushed his face into her and
licked harder as she shuddered and moaned, using her
hands to hold his head in just the right place. He
kept licking and squeezing her ass cheeks as she
shuddered and moaned then as she went limp and let
her legs fall away from his shoulders he leaned back
and looked . Wiping his mouth with the back of
his hand he smiled at her as she stared into the dim
light glassy eyed coming back to earth slowly.
He rubbed the insides of her thighs and when he felt
the wetness of her fresh cum moved his hands upward
along her stomach to her breasts. Cupping each one
in his hands he squeezed the firm mound and teased
the nipple. His cock now hard and ready for the
fuck he knew they would both enjoy he asked her to
turn around and lean over the beer cases so he could
take her from behind. She slid off the cases and
looking into his eyes reached down and took his cock
in her hand. He closed his eyes and felt her slide
the foreskin forth and back over the wet head as he
placed his hand between her legs and slipped a finger
into her. Then she turned around and leaned over
the pile of beer cases, her ass very exposed and
ready. He moved behind her and put his hand on her
firm buttock. With his other hand he held his cock
guiding it toward her pussy. She held her breath in
After the Waltz Part 4
Posted:Aug 27, 2020 8:57 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 6:44 pm

She felt his warm breath her hot sensitive skin as
he lowered his head between her thighs. Seeing the
goosebumps her soft flesh he blew soft puffs of
air her as he moved downward. She moaned loudly
sucked in a deep breath and waited for that first
touch of his tongue. Knowing she was anxious he
took his time, moving his mouth first to the inside
of one thigh and kissing and sucking the warmth there
then moving to the other thigh. She leaned back and
lifted her legs to place them on his shoulders, then
with her hands on each breast she squeezed and tugged
at her nipples as he finally used his thumbs to open
her pussy lips like a delicate flower. He gazed at
her hot wet pussy admiring how wet it was then with a
groan pressed his mouth against it. His tongue
pressed into her slit and he slid it downward to her
very wet pussy. He pressed the tip inside and
lapped at it as she squirmed on the beer cases. When
he had sufficiently tasted her he moved his mouth
upward dragging his tongue along her slit until it
contacted the base of her clit. He licked around
it marveling at how hard it had become. Then
pressing hard he licked up to the tip and swirled his
tongue over it. She pressed her hips down against
his face and continued to with her aching
He licked hard pressing his tongue against her clit as
he stroked over it wanting to make her cum hard,
wanting to taste her fresh juices, wanting to give
her the utmost pleasure and make her feel so good. She
gyrated her hips on the cases and pinched and squeezed
her nipples as he worked to make her cum. Her legs
were locked around his neck in a scissor grip holding
him and pulling his face deeper between her wet
thighs. Outside was quiet now, the two guys
that were having a smoke must have left although he
could swear he thought he saw an eye peering through a
crack in the wall. He decided disregard it and
do his best satisfy her.....
After the Waltz part 3
Posted:Aug 18, 2020 7:48 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2020 9:09 am

After undoing the last button he opened her shirt and
buried his face in the soft skin between her breasts
just above her bra. As he nuzzled and licked she
reached behind and unclasped the bra. He backed
away and pushed the shirt from her shoulders. It
fell behind her and she quickly removed her bra.
He looked at her with lust in his eyes as she sat on
the cases naked from the waist up with her proud
breasts heaving with her every breath. His hard cock
sticking through his open fly he watched her as she
undid her jeans. He pulled off his t-shirt and
unbuckled his jeans and let them fall as she lifted
her hips and slid her jeans down and kicked them off.

He approached her again and as she opened her legs he
could see the wet spot on the crotch of her panties
where her juices soaked through. He leaned his
head down and closed his lips on a nipple. She
leaned her head back as he sucked and licked the hard
tip. He put a hand on her tummy and slowly let it
wander downward to her silky panties and finally to
caress the wet spot there. He pressed his finger
against her pushing the soft material between her hot
wet lips. She ground her hips against his hand
trying to get more as he pushed his finger against
"Oh god, don't torture me." she moaned into his
ear as he sucked her nipple and fingered her pussy
through her panties. He felt her hips move as she
pushed her panties down and away. He had to move his
hand so she could get them off. Naked now she
leaned back and looked at him. He moved his mouth
from her nipple and licked around it then moved to
the other. When both nipples were hard and wet he
moved downward leaving a wet trail with his tongue.
Down, down he slowly licked until he had to kneel
to reach her. Sliding his tongue down the soft skin
of her stomach he could catch a whiff of her womanly
scent as she secreted juices from her pussy. Then
with a moan he reached her open thighs with his hungry
After the Waltz Part 2
Posted:Aug 9, 2020 6:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2020 10:55 am

He held his breath and took her head between his
hands. She moved up and down at just the right pace,
taking him in to her throat then easing up until
just the head was in. Outside they could hear two
guys talking as they probably went for a stroll and a
smoke. Feeling safe he urged her on "Oh god Sandra
that feels so good. Your lips and tongue are the
best." She looked up with a grin then went back to
work. Rubbing his full balls in one hand and sliding
her mouth along the length of his shaft to suck and
lick on the head with every stroke. He ran his
hands through her hair as he felt her marvelous mouth
on his cock. Then, wanting to fill her pussy with
his he reluctantly asked her to stop. She
licked along his shaft and then toke first one ball
into her mouth then the other soaking them . Then
she slid her tongue up along the shaft to the head
which she took into her mouth and swirled her tongue
around it before releasing it. It glistened in the
dim light covered in his precum and her sweet saliva.
She stood up as he eased himself off the beer
cases. With his cock jutting through his fly he
took her in his arms and brought his lips to hers.
His tongue searched hers and he kissed her with a
passion he didn't know was in him. He turned her
around and moved her against the cases. Lifting
her gently he helped her sit on the boxes. He
unbuttoned her shirt starting the top. As he
opened each button he covered the newly exposed skin
with kisses and very wet licks, working his way

to be cont.....
After the Waltz Part 1
Posted:Aug 4, 2020 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2020 8:53 am

As the song ended and the couples on the floor moved
apart and started to applaud he held her to him
sovouring the feel of her soft skin, her breasts
and the way her hard nipples felt against his chest.
They stayed that way as the dance floor cleared
clamped together then she pushed herself away and
taking his hand rushed through the tables toward the
door. He followed her blindly his cock aching from
having been so hard as he gave her the pleasure that
he loved doing.
Outside the fresh air filled his lungs and they
wandered aimlessly looking for a secluded spot. The
walked between the cars of the parking lot and finally
a shed behind the bar caught his eye. He pointed to
it and she followed as he headed for it. The door
wasn't locked and after they entered and closed the
door it took a minute for their eyes to get accustomed
to the darkness.
It was the place that the bar used to store the
empties and cases of empty beer bottles covered one
wall and were piled along about three high. He
pulled her to him pressing his lips against hers, her
tongue darted out to find his as their breathing
became so loud they feared they would be heard. She
pushed him backward and as he got to the pile of cases
he sat up on them still pressing his tongue against
hers. As he felt her hand on his zipper he pushed
his up under her shirt and found that wonderfully
firm breast he felt in the bar. He closed his eyes
enjoying the feel of her hand as she pushed her hand
into his open fly and pulled his hard cock out.
When she ran the foreskin down and as she lowered
her head he waited. First her hot breath, then the
feel of her soft wet tongue as she licked the head
before taking it between her lips. "Oh god" was all
he could say as she rubbed along his shaft and with her
mouth over the head licked it as she drooled and
soaked it. He felt her hand creep inside his fly
and cup his balls as her head bobbed up and down
taking his cock in and slowly releasing it only to
hungrily devour it again. With his hands twirling
her hair she sucked and licked his cock until he was
moaning and lifting his hips to meet her mouth as she
moved along his hard shaft.
Then as he was feeling so close to cuming there was a
sound of people talking outside the door.....
I'm easy to please
Posted:Jul 30, 2020 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 8:19 am
Life can be so easy....
The Waltz Part 2
Posted:Jul 29, 2020 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2020 8:24 am

The slow music echoed in his ear as he pressed against
her. Her hand rubbing his cock was heavenly and
he returned the favour with his hand pushed down the
front of her jeans. His finger squeezed between her
wet pussy lips and he slid it up and down, first
putting pressure on her hard clit then sliding down to
the entrance of her pussy hole. Kissing her neck and
sucking on her earlobe he finally eased one very wet
finger into her. As it slid in she rocked against
him tightening her grip on his penis. He rocked his
hand moving his finger in and out almost keeping time
to the music. Then as his finger fucked her gently
he used his thumb to rub her clit. Rubbing her clit
with his thumb and finger fucking her wet hole he held
her to him with his free arm as the band strummed
away. She started to squirm as she rubbed his cock
through his jeans. It felt so good that he wanted to
make her cum right there. They swayed to the music
clutching each other amid the other couples on the
dimly lit dance floor, he with his finger in her
trying to get her over the edge as he licked and
suckled on her ear and the soft skin of her neck.
Then she tightened her grip on his cock and buried
her face in his neck. He could feel her wet mouth
as she pressed it to his skin truing to stifle the
moans as her body went limp and her hips moved on
their own fucking his hand as he moved with her
using his finger and thumb to give her the pleasure
she sought. She bit his neck as she humped his
hand filling his palm with her juices. He rubbed
her more slowly now as the throbs subsided and she
started to relax. She let go of his cock and
pressed her crotch down onto his hand as the last
spasms coursed through her. Then as she moved her
head back and looked into his eyes with a seductive
grin he pulled his hand from her jeans. He smiled
back at her and brought his wet hand to his
The Waltz part 1
Posted:Jul 19, 2020 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2020 8:12 am

The bar was pretty crowded when they arrived and they
were lucky get a table. As his eyes became
accustomed to the darkness he looked around. The
band was young, playing a mix of rock and classic
rock. There was a pretty good mix of people there,
lots of couples and a few tables of just guys as
was his table. He had come with three friends after
helping work on his buddy's deck. In the corner
though was a table with four ladies. He tried to get
a better look without being too obvious. One of
them taller than the rest had brown hair and seemed
to laugh and smile more than the rest. Intrigued he
couldn't keep his eyes off her. The waitress brought
their round of beer and as he sipped he couldn't hear
the conversation of his buddies, so taken was he by the
brown haired lady with the great smile. At one
point she got up and as she walked to the ladies room
he was mesmerized. She had the perfect body and she
walked with an air of confidence that was so
captivating. She returned and sat watching the band
as they started to play a slow waltz. He had to
meet her and walked over to ask her to dance. She
smiled at him and accepted. He held her hand as
they walked to the dance floor and he put his arms
around her and pulled her close as the slow music
filled his head. She snuggled close to him and he
felt her breasts press into his chest. They swayed
together as more and more couples gathered on the
dance floor until it too was quite crowded. He held
her to him and rested his mouth on her neck. The
warm skin was so tempting and soon his tongue
protruded and he kissed and licked the sensative soft
skin. He could hear a low moan and encouraged
brought a hand up between them and covered her
breast. She moved her head back and looked into his
eyes with a sensouse smile. As he rubbed her nipple
he felt her hand wander down and as it covered his
hard cock he gasped. She rubbed along the outside of
his jeans pressing against his hard organ. They
continued to sway to the music in the dim light and
he slipped his hand between them and down the front of
her jeans. Inside the silky panties he felt the
warmth of her then as his hand reached farther down
he felt the soft hairs of her pussy. They were
very wet from her pussy juices and soon his fingers
were covered. They moved together, her rubbing his
cock through his jeans and he with a hand inside her
jeans finding her hard clit between her wet swollen
pussy lips. Running his finger over it he
licked and sucked her earlobe as the music filled the
A Quiet Spot for US Part 3
Posted:Jul 11, 2020 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2020 11:43 am

I open my eyes and look down. I feel like I was
dreaming but I am really there. I am standing
naked in a small clearing beside a flat rock and you
are naked as well, kneeling in front of me with my
cock in your mouth. You have just the head in your
mouth running your tongue over it as you rub the shaft
in your hand. I moan that I am close to cumming
and you move your head back releasing my throbbing
cock. It bobs in the sunlight the wet head
glistening, covered with your saliva and my precum.
You sit on the rock then lie back opening your legs.
You are very wet as well. I can see the pearly
droplets as you move your hips from side to side.
I cannot take my eyes from you as you cover your
breasts with your hands and rub your nipples until you
start to moan. In slow teasing movements you slide
your hands along your tummy and finally get between
your thighs. You lift your legs and put your feet
on the rock as you rub the inside of your thighs
driving me crazy. I take my cock in my hand and
start to rub it forth and back as I watch you teasing
me. Your hands meet between your legs and cover the
smooth skin of your pussy. Watching me stroke my
cock you rub the swollen lips and then a finger
disappears between them. I watch intently as you
slide it in and out then with your other hand open
your pussy lips wide so I can see you rub your clit.
Biting your lip you rub your clit and every now and
then you dip your finger into your wet pussy to get it
lubricated again. Finally I can't stand to watch
anymore and crouch down between your open legs.
Kneeling I press my hips between your thighs and feel
your hands grip my hard cock. Eagerly you guide it
to your pussy hole and I feel your wet lips close over
the head. I nudge foreward and it slides in easily.
I push foreward and it slides in all the way. I
pause there feeling how wonderfully hot and wet you
are around my cock. Then I pull all the way out and
slide it in again. We start a steady rythym you
lifting your hips to meet my thrusts, me plowing into
you as hard as I can. You lift your legs and put them
on my shoulders. Your pussy now easier to push my
cock into. I hold your hips and shove into you
pushing hard we both groan with every thrust. You
lick your fingers and rub the saliva over your hard
nipples pinching and squeezing them as we fuck. I
feel close to cumming but try to hold back waiting for
you to cum with me. Impatiently I start to rub
your clit as I slide my cock in and out hoping to
get you close with me. Our moans fill the still air
and the sun beats down on us. We fuck harder the need
to cum is so great. I start to ejaculate first.
The first jets wetting your pussy even more, then you
moan that you are cumming too. Your body tenses up
and your legs stiffen on my shoulders as our cum mixes
together inside you. I feel like I can cum forever
as my cock spews into you. The more I cum the more
you shudder and squeeze my cock with your vaginal
muscles making it feel so good inside you. At long
last I run out of energy and collapse on top of you.
You slip your legs from my shoulders as I lower
myself down to you. I lie on top of you gasping for
breath and you lift your hips one last time to get
more of my cock into you. We settle down onto the
rock with me lying on top of you our breath coming
in short gasps. I feel my cock soften and shrink as
it slips out of your hot pussy. Our cum runs out
too down from your pussy along the soft skin between
your legs and falls onto the rock. I cover your
mouth with mine and our tongues find each other's.
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A Quiet Spot for Us Part 2
Posted:Jul 4, 2020 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2020 8:22 am

Lifting my head I give your moist pussy lips a rub with
the palm of my hand. You still have a couple of
spasms then lie still looking into the air. I
kneel then stand and look down at you. The sun has
darkened your skin slightly and your nipples stand as
your chest moves up and down with your deep breathing.
Your open legs expose your swollen pussy lips and
they glisten with the moisture that I have sucked from
inside you. You rise slowly and face . I put
my arms around you and we kiss a long passionate kiss,
tongues wrestling to get in to each others mouth as
deeply as possible. I feel your hands between us
unbuttoning my shirt and open my arms so you can
remove it. The warm sun feels good on my
shoulders but not nearly as good as your naked breasts
feel pressing into my chest. I snuggle closer to
you as you unbuckle my belt and pull down the fly of
my pants. When you have the opened I feel them
slide over my hips as you push them downward. You
move downward kissing and licking down my chin and
neck as you lower my pants. Along the length of my
chest and downward. I feel the breeze on my naked
legs as you push my pants down and lick and kiss along
my stomach. The pants fall at my feet and I pull
one foot out and them away. Your mouth covers
my naval as your thumbs grip the elastic of my
shorts. They follow my pants down my legs and the
cool air feels good my throbbing cock. After I
have stepped out of the shorts you kneel before and
run your hands the inside of my legs. I put my
hands your head feeling your soft hair as I feel
your hand my balls. It caresses my balls and then
I feel it my cock. Sliding the shaft slowly
until it gets the head. Small droplets of precum
cover the head as you draw the foreskin back and down.
Your warm breath is the next sensation I feel on
my sensitive cockhead as your mouth moves in close.
I close my eyes as your tongue just touches the tip
of the head licking off some of the fluid that is
there. Then you open your lips and cover my cock
with your mouth. You hold on to the shaft with one
hand as you move your mouth downward taking my cock in
as far as you can. You pause with my cock all the
way in then slowly withdraw. You keep the head
inside your mouth and slide your hand and down the
shaft sending shivers through .
A Quiet Spot for Us
Posted:Jun 28, 2020 7:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 7:19 pm

A Quiet Spot 1

The sun beats through the windshield of my car as I
cruise along the Transcanada Highway on my way back
from Kenora. When I get the entrance I decide
drive through the park and head into the
Whiteshell. After driving along a back road for
about half an hour I come to a side road heading
into the bush. It hasn't been used in a while and
brush crowds the small road with only two ruts and a
line of grass down the middle. I want to get some
good shots with my digital camera so without thinking
turn onto it. I drive for a bit and the road is
getting more and more overgrown with brush so decide
to get out and walk a bit. I stop where there is a
footpath that is equally overgrown, grab my camera
and lock the car. About half a kilometer along the
path I get to an opening in the bush. I stop and
look around. Way over at the far end I see what
looks like a flat rock and a person lying on it. I
cross the opening with my heart pounding more and more
because the closer I get I can see clearly now that
it is a person lying on their stomach probably tanning
in the warm sun. It is mid May and the mosquitoes
aren't out yet but the sun is so nice and hot.

I walk quietly and se that it is a woman tanning,
her head nestled in her folded arms, her buttocks
still pale looked so inviting. I get beside the
rock and see some sun lotion and a pile of clothes.
The woman still hasn't moved, I don't know if she
heard me or is waiting to see what will happen. I
pick the lotion bottle and squeeze some out onto my
palm. Then I put my hand on the small of her back
and start to massage it it. It is only then that she
jumps and turns her head. Holy cow it is you.
"Sandra" I grin, "how nice" With that you put
your head back into your arms and I continue rubbing
the lotion into your skin. First along your back,
between your shoulder blades and over your shoulders,
then down your sides and Ummmmm over the pale
globes of your butt. You moan as I work the lotion
in and when I finish your butt and get to your thighs
you open them slightly so I can do the insides. I
leave them and do your ankles, calves and the back
of your thighs. As I start do the inside of your
thighs you open them farther and I move my hand
upward slowly. With my other hand I rub your ass
cheeks and down the valley between your legs your
pussy. As I use the last of the lotion on my
hand you turn over and look at . "I knew it was
you" you say. "I saw you coming through the field
and pretended be asleep. You sit and stretch
your arms causing your breasts lift higher and make
stare as if there is nothing else in the world.
You lie back down your back and ask finish
the job. I lean over you and can't keep myself
from sucking one of your nipples between my lips. As
I suck it hardens more and I press my tongue to it.
You moan and hold my head as I suck then I move to
the other one. I pull and tug it as you wriggle on
the rock then I push my tongue out and lick slowly
along your body, down from the nipple along the
round breast and the taught skin of your tummy. You
sigh and lift one leg and out your foot on the rock as
I get to your naval. I poke my tongue in and kiss
it gently then lick downward. Across your belly down
to where the first tufts of hair are. Putting one
hand under you I hold on to your butt and press my
face between your thighs. With my tongue I search
and finally get to the opening or your lips. I press
through them and your hard clit bumps against the tip
of my tongue. You slide your hand along my face and
your fingers hold the lips apart so I can enjoy your
hard clit. I lick around it and over your slit then
slide my tongue over it again and again as you squirm
and wriggle under . Your one hand holds your
pussy lips apart for and the other grabs my hair
and holds my head in place. I lick harder, pressing
my tongue against your clit as I lick around it and
along it till it bounces from my tongue. As you start
to moan loudly I slide two fingers into your pussy.
Moving them around slowly I twist and turn them as I
lick your clit. You start to move your hips now
raising them from the rock and pushing my head in to
get more of my tongue. I happily comply licking in
long strokes along your slit around your clit and
pressing my tongue against it. As I wriggle my
fingers inside you I feel you get wetter and wetter.
Soon you stiffen and lift your hips and with a loud
groan fill my mouth with your sweet nector....
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After Our Shower
Posted:Jun 25, 2020 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 8:36 pm

We find a towel each and start to dry ourselves off.
I drag the towel across my chest as I watch you dab
the droplets from your breasts. Your nipples are
hard and pointy, I don't know if it is a chill or
the fact we are naked in the tent together and I
cannot take my eyes from you. I reach up with my
towel and ask you to turn around so I could do your
back. You inhale deeply at my first touch. With
slow strokes I rub the towel across your skin, over
your shoulders, down your back and finally over your
firm buttocks. You wriggle them as I dry the rain
away then turn and say it is my turn. With you
behind me i feel the towel move softly across my skin.
I also feel the warmth of your hand as you rub me
after the towel has passed. The blood starts to fill
my cock and it starts to rise. You sense that I am
getting worked up and press yourself against my back.
I feel your breasts against me with your wonderful
nipples then I feel your hand on my hip sliding
around to find my cock. I push my ass against you as
you rub your hand over my cock and take my balls in
your hand and gently squeeze them. You run your
hand back up my cock and squeeze the head and stroke
it gently. When it is fully rigid I turn and face
you. You look down and take it in your hand again
and keep rubbing it as I move against you putting my
arms around you. Our lips come togther and our
tongues meet. The first taste of you makes my cock
throb in your hand. The kiss is long and wet, our
tongues searching and rubbing as we grind our bodies
together. Finally I move my head back breaking the
kiss and put my head on your shoulder. I open my
lips and press my tongue against the soft skin. You
hold my head in one hand and rub my cock with the
other as I kiss and lick my way down your shoulder and
over the mound of your breast. Leaning now I take
the nipple into my mouth and press my tongue against
it. With my mouth open and pressed against your
breast I lick over your nipple then make circles
around it. My hand slides along your thigh to find
your pussy hairs so moist and ready. I lick
downward from your breast and with my hand on your
bum pull you to my as my mouth gets to your pussy.
You put your hand on my head and hold my hair as I try
to get to your moist lips with my tongue.
Kneeling I kiss your thighs and the area just above
your pussy as I slide a hand between your thighs and
rub you gently. You put one foot on the toilet
opening your thighs for me to find you. With your
one leg raised now it is easy to get my head between
your thighs and press my mouth against you. I stick
my tongue out and lick over your swollen lips up to
the soft hairs. You moan and pull my head to you.
Hungry to taste you now I open your lips with my
fingers and press my mouth to your pussy hole. I
push my tongue in as far as I can and flick it over
your soft flesh. Then I lick along your slit to your
clit. It is so hard as I lick over it from bottom to
top. I run my tongue over it until you squirm and
moan, than take it between my lips and tug at it as I
run the tip of my tongue ovr it. I look up and see
you with your eyes closed and one hand is holding your
breast the fingers pinching and twisting the nipple
as you pull my head to your pussy with your other
hand. I go back to licking that marvelous clit and
finger fucking your pussy as you rub your nipple.
Soon I feel your hips start to shake and your moans
get louder. Encouraged I lpress my tongue agaisnt
your clit and lick slow and hard pressing against you
as you move your thighs along my face. Then With
a loud groan you stiffen and I lick more slowly and
gently as your orgasm wracks your body. You shudder
and with loud moans cum beautifully. Fearing that
we will alert other campers you cover your mouth with
your hand until it is over and you start to go limp.
I move away and wiping my mouth with the back of my
hand look up into your eyes. There is nothing more
beautiful than a woman who has just cum....

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