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Defining line between bi and straight  

absolutelyiwould 75M/75F  
45 posts
6/22/2013 6:08 am
Defining line between bi and straight

My neither my wife nor I consider ourselves bi as we never seek out or even fantasize about those of the same sex. But if we are having a threesome or foursome, she really gets into having sex with the other lady but only after being really turned on and into anything that feels good. I have also enjoyed some oral activity with other guys in the heat of the moment but never see a guy on the street that I even think about wanting to have sex with. So, are we bi or straight?

TexM45 64M  
26 posts
7/3/2013 5:05 pm

i totally understand what you mean. i have met couples where the wife was very aroused by seeing me give oral to her husband. i enjoy it because it is a turn on for her. like you .i don't see men as sexual partners. but when with a couple . i find it sensual. especially if she wants me to lick and suckle her clit while her husband is inside her. I enjoy her reaction to it. If it pleases the woman .. thats when i find it sensual. i have continued to orally pleasure a woman after her husband climaxed inside her, because she found it to be so erotic. So.. in tht context i enjoy pleasing the woman in these ways. it's all about what she finds erotic. i am uninhibited with a couple and the wifes wishes.

rm_tuffer1966 53M
2 posts
8/3/2013 4:45 pm

Im with you. Not bi either. But in the heat of the moment. When Lust fills the room and 3 or 4 people playing. Hell its all good

bevo775 60M
1 post
8/7/2013 5:27 pm

I could see in the heat of the moment doing whatever feels right with everyone involved.I have licked a clit while a cock was sliding in and out and i know my tongue licked his cock and it was cool.I would help a woman suck her husbands cock if it was a big turn on for them.I think its what turns everyone on is the main thing in threesomes.

picsviewer 59M
5 posts
11/2/2013 11:23 am

Hi there. You know the second time I was with you I was so turned on that I complimented your cock. And I have been fantasizing about what the next time might be...

RRbuck 60M  
8 posts
11/2/2013 3:46 pm

I understand you're point completely. In the 3 somes I've been involved there was some mm interaction (usually at her request) and I enjoyed it. But, am I turned on simply by mm sex, not really. So why don't the three of us get together and discuss our sexuality?

lngtung 76M  
1 post
11/13/2013 5:10 am

in a threesome or moresome I think that whatever feels good and is agreeable to all should be the norm. I truely love oral with both and the most satisfaction is when all are satisfied. nibbling on a clit while the cock is penetrating is very satisfying and most times gratifying to the lady. Respect to all is the most important.

Its_up_to_me 74F
52 posts
3/12/2015 6:12 am

bi in my book

drspiff999 68M/65F
1 post
6/11/2015 2:22 pm

My analogy for orientation is two colors, black/white, red/blue, whatever. Every one of us has some ratio of two colors within. The world is full of gray or purple. And the ratio is different for everyone, and changes as one gains experience.

Am I bi? I contend we are ALL bi. Whether we act on our attractions is dependent on time, place, emotion, and a 1000 other things. But it is in all of us.

69games693 55M
1 post
9/18/2015 2:40 pm

I was having a three some. Husband and wife . She was on me he was sucking her pussy. my cock slipped out he sucked it for a moment then liked my ass.

a_lincoln1962 60M
1 post
2/22/2016 7:07 am

I would call the MFM play as maybe bi-curious and act on it in the neat of passion in a MFM. Thanks great!

Roy57 79M  
17 posts
8/29/2016 8:09 pm

My first bi experience happen by accident. I was in a MFM experience and was licking the Females clitoris and he was kissing her while playing with her hard, erect nipples. She came really hard and was shaking and wanted to suck on his hard cock. I stopped and then watched her suck him off. She said, "It's his birthday and I could use some help" She took one side and I took the other and we "double teamed him" We were both licking and she put his cock down her throat and then said "Now it's your turn" I thought , why not and went down on him in a manner I liked , sucking hard on the head of his cock. I was between his legs sucking away when I felt her arms spreading my legs and she started sucking on my cock, I LOVED it
That was my first but not last bi experience. No one was hurt and died and we all had a wonderful time. I lift their home with a big SMILE on my fact

Yousetpace 67M  
6 posts
12/26/2016 10:46 am

I have not experience a mfm (yet) but it is difinetly ony list of things to do. I am no bi but consider myself on the thin line of bi curious. I have no desire to seek out male, but my idea has always been that in the heat of passion moment i feel like that as long as all involved felt ok with it and it enhanced or elevated the experience, "let yoursef go" enjoy the moment and explore the possibilities. I live by you will never know if you like something untill you try it. After reading the above post, i will have to try it. Ironicaly, many of the sbove senerios are actually fantasies of mine.

Yousetpace 67M  
6 posts
7/4/2018 7:41 pm

I believe that whatever happens in private between consenting adults in respect to sexual activity is exactly that, private. I think that exploring is an important part of sex. If it turns out that is something enjoyed by those involved then go for it. If it turns out it was not enjoed, then mark it off your list of things to do. Either way, I don't think putting labels like bi or straight should make a difference if the people involved are enjoying themselves and it is mutual.

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