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The Art of Making Men Blow: BJ 101
Posted:Oct 25, 2010 3:33 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2012 7:03 pm

The Art of Making Men Blow: BJ 101

Since boldly proclaiming I am the Michael Jordan of blow jobs, I have received tons of requests from men, women, husbands, and wives to share my technique. My technique: A combo of skill, God given ability, magic, perception, and blatant love of sucking cock. Explaining the voodoo in which I perform my ritual may be a bit difficult, but I'm going to give it a try.
Blatant love of sucking cock = ENTHUSIASM! Women, pretend his cock is the yummiest chocolate on the planet. The most intoxicating beer you have ever had. Drink it up. Swallow it. LOVE it. Let him hear you, see you, feel you loving it. Enthusiasm is the leading factor to a successful blow job. Ranking it number 1. Love it women! Use it along with some skill and perception, and your man will be blowing in your mouth in no time.

Perception. Men WILL give you feed back. Not purposely, but instinctively. The need they have to spread the love; to repopulate the world. It is primal. The response to stimulation of their most sensitive parts with a skilled mouth will result in feedback. So pay attention. The skill I use is the same for every man. But, each likes a slight variation in hand placement (grip), amount of ball stimulation, and exact amount of suction. If you run your lips and tongue up his cock, and he holds onto the bed for dear life and yells FUUUUUCK. Take note of the exact area of his cock you stimulated, placement of your tongue, and amount of suction used. File it in your memory. And, DEFINITELY use it again.

Skill: Use your resources. To refine my technique I watched porn, researched the Internet, observed the way men touched themselves when they masturbate, and ASKED them what they liked. After seeing the same things come up again and again, I formulated my technique.

The Head: And, NO I'm not referring to the one on their cock. Men are visual and auditory. They love to see and hear us. Talk to them. Moan, slurp. Tell them how much you love their cock and cum. LOOK them in the eye. I will discuss more on this in the play by play. Women, I don't care if you are not a hard bodied Victoria's Secret model. 99.9% of us aren't. Pretend you are one! YOU are HIS woman. You are the sexiest thing on the planet to him. OWN it. BELIEVE it. If you convince yourself, he too will be convinced. Sexiness and sensuality come from inside. Not the outside. I have been with a few young, HOT, hard bodied men in their twenties since my divorce. I am nearing forty, have had , and am NOT the perfection I was in my twenties. Does my brain know that? NO! I am a skilled lover of sex, men and the yummy taste of cum in my mouth. A hot sex machine. The woman that will make him orgasm in a way he has never before. I own it and am convinced of it. So, they too are convinced. I am really too much women for these youngsters. Had one super hot one cum three times in 15 minutes fucking me, WITH condoms on. Poor guy. He just kept saying you are soooooooo sexy. Hahaha. And, I was worried that I would be compared to the young, hard bodied youngsters he was used to seeing. I blew the out of the water with what was on the INSIDE and not what was on the OUTSIDE.

Spit: A good blow job is juicy, slurpy, loud, wet, and just plain slobbery. When I am done. My hair, face, and tits are covered in it.

Balls: Give em some love. They are the ones that are going to give you the ultimate reward of delicious cum. Lick them. Nibble on them with your lips. Suck them into your mouth and roll them over your tongue. Careful now! We all see how men react to too much force on them. So gentle. Once again, pay attention to feedback. NO teeth. Teeth should NEVER be a part of a blow job. At all costs keep those teeth away from the parts.

Tongue: A blow job is not just your lips. The tongue is very important. Open up, stick your tongue out to your bottom lip, and say awwwe. This is blow job mouth. The flattened tongue will go on the underside of his cock. Use that tongue. When moving your lips up and down, MOVE that tongue. Lick that cock. But, to make him cum, it will be the flattened tongue against his cock that will make him blow.

Hands: Are very important. As is the appropriate grip. I use my mouth for a bit. But to make him blow, the hand must be used in addition to the mouth. Watch men masturbate. It is the best way to learn the grip. DO NOT squeeze hard. It is firm friction with the aid of spit that will make him cum. Change it up. Don't stroke the same over and over. Turn your hand around. Use two if they fit. Up and down from the base to the head. Don't forget the balls which should be nice and slobbery. Run your hands over the balls and then back up to the base. Work it. Stroke it.

Naughtiness: Men love a naughty woman. These will turn him on. Make the orgasm more intense. But, will NOT make him cum. Face slapping - take that big hard cock, look him in the eye, tell him you've been a naughty girl, and slap your face with it. Lip stick - hold the cock with your hand and rub it over your wet slobbery lips. Just like putting lip stick on. Look him the eye, slowly "apply" it to your lips. Flick the head with your tongue when you're done, and tell him what a good girl you are for sucking his cock so good. Ice cream cone - once again, look him in th eye. His shaft is the cone and the head is the yummy ice cream. The under side of the head is a sensitive area. Lick it. Just like licking an ice cream cone. Swirl your tongue around it. Let him know it IS the best tasting ice cream ever. Tits: they should be nice and slobbery from the spit too. Wrap your tits around that cock. Rub them up and down. I like to rub mine up and down, catch the head as it comes out, and give it a nice slurpy, popping (smack your lips together...that is the sound) suck.

Deep Throating: Men love this. Easier with the smaller cocks. Obviously much more difficult with the larger ones. BREATHE. Do not hold your breath. Breathing in and out will help the gag reflex. Hold the cock at the base. Helps to stabilize and decreases the chance of gagging. Open wide. Move those teeth away and go down. Keep that tongue firmly applied to the cock and apply light suction. If done right, he will moan, say oh God, fuck, something to that effect. A little gag is good. Produces spit. A key component in an awesome bj. Men. PLEASE don't force your cocks in our mouth. There are teeth in there and vomitting is NOT fun.

Power Move: The jackpot. The move that will give us the yummy cum. Hold the base with your hand. Apply your lips with firm suction and the flattened tongue to the underside of the cock. Remember the spit. Work your mouth from 3/4 of the way down the cock to head. Up and down. Use your hand on the lower part. Stroke it with the hand with the grip he likes. Maintain this motion. Do NOT stop. At all costs. Keep going til he blows. This works with 99% of men. Hmmmm...editing. Not happy with the description of the power move. It is a whole body experience. My entire body moves when I do it. It is rapid movements up and down the cock. My hand gripping, sliding over the head. Following my mouth. I can't find the words to describe. The best porn star I've seen use the power move is Superhead. Google superhead vs mr marcus. PERFECT example of the power move. BTW. She wins.

Play by play
I start on top of a man. Kissing him. I look him in the eye and ask him if he wants to blow in my mouth. I kiss his neck, lick and suck his nipples, work my way down. I do NOT touch his cock with my mouth on the way down. Give it a soft swipe of my breasts, then a hot sigh from my mouth as I pass it by. I lift the balls with my hand. Run my tongue from the top of his asshole, along the perineum, and up the middle of the sack to the base of the cock. I nibble the skin of the sack. Then suck a ball into my mouth. I roll the ball in my mouth with my tongue. Sucking lightly, licking and carressing it. Milking out the cum that will soon be my reward for sucking the cock good. I then look him in the eye and lick from the base of the cock to the head. I sit up between his legs and grip the base of his cock with my hand. Then bend over. Slowly taking the head of the cock into my mouth; my tongue licking the underside of the head. Only the head at first. I repeat this maneuver. Slowly. Taking a bit more of the cock into my mouth with each pass. Men will watch me as I do this. Eventually get to the point where I will take the entire cock into my mouth. I go all the way to the base, stick out my tongue, and lick the balls. I will feel his legs tighten, and he will say something to the effect of oh God, shit, fuck, hell and grab onto something. I slowly move my mouth back up, with firm suction and application of my tongue to their cock, over the head, and pop it out of my mouth. The gag of deep throating makes a lot of spit. I sit up, hold the cock, look him in the eye, and spit on his cock. I then take my hand and smear it from the head to the balls moving into the power move. I lose men a this point. Their eyes roll into their heads and their back arches. I use the power move for a minute or so. Then slowly deep throat, gag, and come up and spit again. Giving the cock a moment to not get over sensitized. Then move back into the power move for another minute or so. Building up to the orgasm. Alternating the slow deep throating, with the power move, and visual stimulation of face slapping/lip stick application/ice cream licking/titty fucking. His balls draw up. I now know he is getting close to orgasim. Other physical signs are hip thrusting, moaning, hair grabbing. When I get this feed back I go into the power move and DON'T stop. I don't care care if I can't breathe, my jaw hurts, or my lips are numb. I DO NOT stop. Within seconds, I feel the cock start to throb in my mouth, he starts to yell fuck and that he is going to cum. If I really like him, I'll take the cock all the way into my mouth, suck the base, and let his yummy gift shoot straight down my throat. If I don't, I take the cum in my mouth. Then let it run down my face like a naughty little . I look around at my handiwork. Man convulsing and yelling fuck, spit and cum everywhere, and feel like the sexiest woman alive. I LOVE sucking cock.
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~ A list of the LAMEST tattoos ~
Posted:Sep 26, 2010 7:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2011 6:07 am

OK....so I totally love TATTOOS...mainly on men...would love to get one...but haven't found a type/place on my body that will fit my lifestyle...suggestions welcome.
Here are a few I DO NOT want! NO offense if you have a type listed...I'm sure there was good reasoning for your choice


The tit rose is like the car on cinderblocks in the front yard that is your chest. Nothing screams “trashy old ” like a romantic symbol of love smacked onto one of your funbags. Trashy old can be a great look if it’s what you’re going for, just be aware that getting a rose tattooed on your tit will make it happen.


Look, I get it. The lower back is a sexy part of the body. I understand the impulse to get a tattoo on the wide expanse of creamy skin peeking out from over the waistband of your lowrise jeans. But once the expression entered the style guide at all major men’s magazines, it stopped being a viable tattoo option. The only acceptable lower back tattoo to get at this point is an actual stamp reading “” or a drawing of a target or something. Then you go from looking like a slut to looking like a funny slut.


I can still appreciate the simple charm of the mermaid that wriggles when you flex a bicep, but for the most part any tattoo that works in tandem with a part of your body as a sort of visual pun is out. So if your asshole doubles as the mouth of your tattoo, or a cute cartoon cow is grazing at your pubic hair, you are a fucking ridiculous person.


I am kind of anti-cartoon. I’ll indulge in the nostalgia of watching cartoons from my childhood, but I’m not into the phenomenon of adults without going to see the latest baby movies like Ratatouille and Shrek XXV. So I’m WAY not into actually getting a character from a cartoon tattooed onto your body. And a result of growing up in a place where they are considered haute couture, I HATE HATE HATE Looney Tunes. The only thing trashier than wearing the Tasmanian Devil on your oversized T-shirt and no bra at Wal-Mart at 2 am is choosing to permanently embed him in your skin.


Hey, the 90s called, it wants its tattoos back. Also, aren’t the Smashing Pumpkins good?


You might as well just get a tattoo that says, “Hi, please let me date- you at my frat house to the sweet strains of the Dave Matthews Band.” I guess that would take up too much room.


Stars are cute and everything, it just seems like they’re more common than herpes. We’re talking about choosing to permanently alter your body with a piece of art that expresses your identity to the world. Can’t you take a few minutes to brainstorm with a notepad before you just say “Fuck it, gimme some stars”?


This can go to one of two extremes: either the lone word curling cryptically across your skin (which, like, save it for your Livejournal) or a whole freakin’ novel. If I want to read, I’ll buy a book, not stare at your ass.


I’ll admit that these can look cool, but the thing about a neck tattoo is that you’re kind of saying, “I give up.” Sure, some people are lucky enough to be able to work in a creative field where nobody cares where they tattoo themselves, but most of us are effectively limiting our job options when we get a prominent tattoo that can’t be covered up unless you wear a turtleneck every day. Neck tattoos are a lifestyle choice.
Why older women are better. Written by a wise man.
Posted:Sep 26, 2010 6:26 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2011 4:07 pm

Some say women are the right age for just a few years, men for most of their lives, I disagree.

-The unholy trifecta of needy, jealous and codependent is very rarely seen with older women. Often I have experienced most of these traits with younger women.

-You get to keep your friends. See above. You get to keep guys night, poker night, ball games...most older women I have known realize men need man time. You get space.

-They can be sexy without being trampy. Life teaches such things.

-She has a life of her own, see needy and codependent above. She does not expect you, the man to be their entire life experience. She has and likes a degree of independence. This goes along with being more established in life and career. She does not rely on you for support other than emotional.

-The older women I have been with tend to do the little things to show she cares.

-Maturity, appreciates things in life. Less head games, and from what I have seen less materialistic.

-She has the ability to carry on a conversation. I wont say the last time I spoke to a 20 something I wanted to shoot myself, more like I wanted to push the bullet through my head manually, ANYTHING to stop the mindless rant.

-I have found older women to be less demanding, controlling and overly critical.

-Much less insecurity. Older women are more comfortable in their own skin. This is sexy.

-Dont tell me younger women are better looking, Catherine Bell, Helena Christensen, Gina Gershon, Nicole Kidman, Cortney Cox, Sophia Loren (74), Juliette Binoche, Vinessa Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Walsh, Roquel Welch (6, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Selma Hayek, Marisa Tomei, Monica Bellucci. All smoking hot..all over 40, some way over.

Theres a difference between beauty and charm. A beautiful woman is one I notice, a charming woman is one who notices me. Older women tend to be more charming.

-If an older women is in shape you can bet she will stay that way. It takes drive and desire to stay in shape over 35, both are positive qualities to have.

-They know how to give head. that moaning sound guys make when you scrape your teeth over our member, not moans of pleasure. But of severe pain. PLEASE stop.

-MILF nuff said.

-The older women I have known never baby talk not a turn on.

-Speaking of , I have never had an older women call me daddy thats just creepy. Most of we guys here have , I don't want a woman I'm sleeping with calling me daddy gross..

-Younger women tend to like you based on what they want or expect you to become. Not the case in older women.

-I have found older women are better at listening.

Keep in mind when a man in his forties falls in love with a girl in her twenties, its not her youth he is seeking but his own.

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