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A trip to the Doctor  

afl0ribama 52M
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8/27/2021 3:01 pm
A trip to the Doctor

A trip the Doctor

A woman goes to a new gynecologist. A young Doctor walks in and is visibly nervous. The woman is thinking something is unusual, but sets quietly and listens.

The young Doctor asks, " Ma'am please climb up on the examination table and put your feet in the stirrups." He explained further, " "I'm fresh out of medical school, just started my practice and you, dear lady, are my very first patient. "

Okay, she thought "What's the worst that can happen?" She then said, "That's fine."

The Doctor then said, "If it will make it more comfortable for you - I can numb the area and you won't feel a thing?"

"That will be fine, Doctors usually don't do that, but okay" she said.

"Well, as I told you, I'm just out of school, with a new practice and your my ver first patient I want you to be comfortable," je again said.

She replied, "Okay, fine then."

With that being said the young Doctor dove head first towards her vagina and all the woman heard was, "Num, num, num, numb,, " as the young Doctor feverishly lapped and fingered her pussy.

She thought with a smile as she moaned, " damn visit the gynecologist ever!"

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