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Fu*I lk you, fu*k me. Now that I have your attention..  

afloribamayho 52M
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9/7/2021 6:09 am
Fu*I lk you, fu*k me. Now that I have your attention..

Men want a hook-up, women want something more - usually.

Every now and then the alure, attraction or desire does take over. Then there are those rare disorders of nymphomania, but more common bi-polar or split personalities which a chemical imbalance.

A lot of men have misconceptions of a hook-up, an affair not unlike do so many concerning BDSM - that its raw, abusive and they're done.

There reality is that both men and women are not getting all of their needs met physically, emotionally or sexually It's more common to not communicate, bury it, hide it or swallow it to maintain the status quo. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex alone, with your partner or multiple partners. Be safe, respectful and enjoy whether its discreetly or out in the open.

The younger are rebellious, quick to experiment over zealously. The middle aged have regrets and anxieties they have too much to lose only not to realize they are a prisoner of their own device. The older are quick to call it as it truly is, - if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duc.. its a duc

If one had a better study of a true BDSM relationship they would understand the amount of communication, importance of the little things that are required to gain the trust, maintain the health, well-being, boundaries, and the passion such as aftercare, cuddling, reward and<b> punishment.

</font></b>This is oversimplified I know, and there are exceptions to every rule, but I'm not here to write a book about it. If you want or need that little something else, laugh with, extra passion, sex and touch...we are here for that. Do be an ass to make yourself feel superior at the cost of demeaning or hurting another...enjoy the passion.

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