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All we can do at this time  

agelesssexylegs 78F
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3/16/2021 12:22 am

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3/17/2021 9:28 am

All we can do at this time

Is stay safe and healthy hoping the good old times are back with us very soon and life can return to normal before it becomes too late for us oldies to enjoy.

Still somewhat fear for my health so i staying in isolation for as long as i can though life can get very boring same day rolling into the next have had time occupying my thoughts not so much my desires of late but being on here has helped pass the time a lot,there are some very kind people on here of whom i have to thank for being here with and for me.

Memories good and bad fill my time as i look back at the late in life experiences that have helped me become who i am now and hoping i stay this way for as long as i am able and that my health stays good for me to enjoy life again

Had an accident in park a few summers back

I am a lady of leisure these days,well lucky never had to work,maybe i am way i am apart from the odd stint in the WI,or volunteering my time for some good causes,so i can understand some people not classing it as real work, apart from having my hands in a few pies business wise to keep my monthly allowance healthy,sounds better than pension,lol, and for me to enjoy one of my many passions,shopping.

Well on this particular day it was like any other day,well it started out the same,i took a long hot bubble bath then dried myself off before walking into the walk in wardrobe,it use to be the second bedroom but had it converted in my flat that I use in town during the week,as my clothing and shoes had been for some time bursting out of my wardrobes,and I picked out what I was going to wear,a gorgeous pink ruched strapless mini dress,some bling<b> jewelry </font></b>no stockings as this happened during this last summer,it was a scorcher I had always been a lover of the heat in my younger days but not in old age,well I chose to wear a pair of what people have told me are stripper style high heeled mules,i had not known they were known by that I bought them because I thought they looked sexy and cute with the little lady design on them,in pink,to match my dress.

I finished drying myself off and dried my hair,then as I always do applied baby oil to my somewhat dry brittle skin,put my hair up in a sexy sophisticated style,applied my make up,added a dash of chanel perfume to my wrists,each side of neck and behind my knees,slipped on my matching silk g string,and strapless shelf bra to keep my 40d breasts in place,then finished dressing,only then am I prepared to look myself in the tall floor mirror,my how much I look different dressed I must say.

I picked up my tiny pink clutch bag made sure i had everything in it,car fob,my cash card,chanel perfume atomiser,my pink lipstick and lip gloss,some wipes and a spare pink g string and i was off to get into my car. I arrived in the multi story car park and got out to go shopping to see if anything new caught my eyes,generally it is shoes i adore but kept open mind and checked out a few of the young fashioned boutiques,they had some lovely gorgeous dresses and bling<b> jewelry </font></b>which i love,i just bought some<b> jewelry </font></b>and a soft leather pink mini skirt,good for me,then popped off on another shop,this went on for a few hours,mainly just browsing and buying the odd item of underwear,mainly g strings as i have a habit of losing them,got myself two pairs of shoes,one pair barely there strappy sandals which i love,and a pair of ankle strap peeptoes,both had around 5 inch heels,then i thought i would get a coffee and go find myself a quiet spot in the park nearby,and just relax.

I got my coffee in one hand trying to drink it while walking and in the other hand my shopping bags,generally taking in the beauty of the park,one i must admit to i had not visited in a long time,i thought i would go down near the pond and find a bench to sit on,i was too busy sipping my coffee as i walked,to notice where i was going all of a sudden,i lost my footing on something,i lost my bags and coffee as i instinctively went to break my fall,and ended up grabbing whatever was nearest,a blur came over me,the fear of making a fool of myself and my face hitting the gravel path but i saw grey,fabric so clung on best i could,my hands slipped down the fabric,on to what i realised had been someones hoodie,now on their jog pants,he or she whoever they was went sprawling same as me and i landed on him.

Oh my god,in my haste to grab something,i had pulled his jog pants down and came face to face with this hot looking gorgeous thick brown cock an inch or so from my eyes,i had landed on the poor chap between his mmm,crotch,i tried to gain my composure as the swearing came out of his mouth, time and time again,while still down by his naked crotch i apologised profusely to calm him down and to stop others coming to see what the commotion was but he just kept on and on as i lay on top of him,i do not know what came over me but i started to touch his gorgeous cock with my hand,then i kissed the tip,and started licking him,i felt his hand grab fistful of my hair,well at least he stopped making a commotion,i kept apologising but could not stop taking my eyes off of his manhood which started to grow and twitch,mmmm,he pulled me up still grabbing me by the hair,told me to pull his jog bottoms up,and led me off by the hair and saying dirty lewd things to me,at this time i had lost my mules as he took me through the bushes and pushed me to my knees,the hard ground hurt my knees and told me now i can pull his jog bottoms down,which i eagerly and gladly did.

The dirty so and so was calling me all the names under the sun,telling me to suck it bitch,that i was going to pay for knocking him over,i was too scared to comment,okay too engrossed in saying anything sucking this amazing hot thick cock which i struggled to please but did my best,then i tried looking up at him so he could see i was apologetic,in doing so i got a slap on the side of my face,and told i could only look up when told to do so.

I just adore hearing a guy moan as i please him,and he was certainly enjoying it by way his grip tightened in my hair,then he pulled his cock out of my mouth,oh the bastard i was enjoying that but said nothing,instead he started to wipe his wet cock over my face,then started slapping it against my face then shoved back in my mouth and started pumping rapidly and rough,all i could do was grab hold of each buttock and held on for dear life,then i felt him spasm,then felt hot glubes of thick creamy jizz hit back of my throat,was just about to suck him,when he pulled the bloody thing out and sprayed it on my face and said i needed as much cream on it to fill all the wrinkles,fuck,what bloody cheek,taking advantage of me,he wiped his cock on my dress, pulled up his jog pants,and walked off into the distance.

I guess i deserved it,i got up found my knees bleeding whether from the fall or fro being on my bare knees so long,had look to see if coast clear,then went to find my mules,shopping bag and clutch bag,lucky they were still about,in the undergrowth,even found my spilt coffee,i quickly wiped my face before anyone had come to my rescue,lol,found one then both of my stripper style mules,one sadly with a broken heel,found it in the gap between two sleepers that the park had used to ford the tiny stream that led into the lake but i remember i had bought shoes,oh good least i will not be walking back to my car barefoot,though i did notice some very odd looks going back to my car,fuck,i had forgotten to wipe the bastards jizz off of my dress and i guess people had noticed.

Well i hope you enjoyed reading it,temptation can get the better of me,always tend to get myself in trouble without realising it but that sure was a good memory to help me through these difficult times

Apollo602021 61M  
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3/16/2021 1:51 pm

My wife has had her first vaccination and mine is scheduled next week!
We do what we can!

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agelesssexylegs replies on 3/17/2021 9:27 am:
Yes normality has been a long wait,let us hope we can start to live life like we use to without a care in the world,that our health is not affected like our mental state has for some,been a very worrying time

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