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Fears of isolation and the life that was  

agelesssexylegs 79F
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3/21/2021 2:39 am

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4/3/2021 11:43 pm

Fears of isolation and the life that was

Mine, do with as i pleased,a free spirit.

Another day,another experience,that what i miss most,being somewhere different and was never bored or sitting in at home waiting for my life ebb away,i was one who sought fun and excitement

With one of my young lovers,i slept in a bit today,got a bit lwent check my mat and there it was another note from my security guard lover,detailing exactly how i was dress for him and that he wanted meet him out of town,gave me instructions how to get there and what time i should be there by,i had to get a move on if i was going to get there in time,i had a quick shower before i put my outfit on,a lovely chemise like mini dress,with chains running from the bust of the mini dress chemise to a lace choke collar,luckily he let me wear my favourite silver fox long fur coat,otherwise i may have been arrested as it is so flimsy material,teamed with lace rose pattern stockings and inch heeled shoes((pumps),one of my favourite pair,i held my hair in a matching white scrunchy,so today i dressed head to toe in white,think white suits ,i applied my make ,and perfume,grabbed my white clutch bag and off i went, get in my car and follow his written instruction.

I followed his every instruction,when i got there,unfortunately it was no beauty spot as i had imagined,it might be,being out of town,driving through countryside,down a mud track to what i can only describe as an old crumbling shed,with graffiti over it,i got out of my car and managed best i can to walk over the rough ground in my 6 inch heels,and a rank smell of urine, as i tried push the old door open,there inside was a stained mattress the floor in the middle of the dusty smelly room,i got my little perfume atomiser out of my clutch bag and sprayed its contents in faintest hope get rid of the smell,when of a sudden,i was grabbed from behind,and had oily smelling rag wrapped round my eyes as a sort of make shift blindfold before being pushed onto i guess the mattress,i let out kinds of obscenities as who was doing this ,but no one answered,then i felt some rough hands on my bare skin,and felt some tape being stuck my mouth,what the hell is going i thought,who is this guy,by the feel of his rough hands it was not either of my lovers but one of them must be here surely,not let this happen their girl,i felt the hands push my legs apart,i had been in this bad situation a few times before due mainly my stupidity,and eagerness in my early years of self discovery after my young stud awakened my eyes pleasures that were become my learning curve not go one night stands with strangers,but just lay still and let him do whatever ,as it soon be over,i felt very vulnerable and humiliated fall for this again,i smelt the guys breath ,it smelt of drink and that urine smell came back as whoever it was began paw ,pinch my nipples trough the sheer fabric of the mini dress,then in one fell swoop my white silk g string was ripped off and i felt someones cock enter me,roughly fucking my pussy,i was feeling violated,i just lay there,as every forceful push of his cock in me,it was having an effect on me.

It was turning me on,i afraid say,my legs with mind of their own wrapped around his back and they crossed pulling him into ,i was too afraid still to touch him,as to what i might touch,i gained in more confidence with every thrust he made and decided to run heels of my shoes along back of his legs and then i dug them in,he let out a scream and i could feel a draft on my face,was he about to slap ,when something stopped him from doing so,but what.

i then heard a familiar voice,my young security guards voice,telling whoever it was to stop,but by then i felt his cum over my pussy as he withdrew,i pulled the oily rag from my eyes and god,what a sickening site i saw,an old like figure stood ,and my lover gave him a box which jiggled,glass glass,he took one out,and swigged the contents,before wiping his mouth with the remains of my silk g string,which he then threw on ,i gently pulled the tape from my mouth as was just about have a go at my lover,before he stopped and told if i misbehaved again i would have deal with worse than the drunken old ,i opologised for what i dont know and he just kissed ,knelt down beside my face and ordered suck his cock,which i duly did,without complaint,looking at him,our eyes locked onto each other then i felt him tense and came in my mouth, of which i greedily lapped and swallowed,even showing him i did,before he helped and out of that building and opened my car door,as i got in,he told he enjoyed himself watching his slut take another cock,i said nothing,turned my car around and went home a long hot bubble bath get rid of the smell

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justme51 70M

3/27/2021 7:59 pm

What a awesome blog.

agelesssexylegs replies on 3/27/2021 10:22 pm:
The blog or this post?

xXxBavxXx 40M
5 posts
3/23/2021 12:19 am

Wish you'd swallow my hot creamy cum from my fat cock. Let my cock explode deep in your hot wet gaping pussy as I pump you full of my juices x

agelesssexylegs replies on 3/23/2021 1:44 am:
Well was a very humbling nasty experience,i can tell you,soon learnt not to upset my then boyfriend ever again,always tried to please him in any way i could,he had a nasty dirty mind and we was always getting up to no good,god knows what i saw in him when i eventually came to my senses,guess i was in too deep,besotted and dare i say in love in how he made me feel at beginning as most are perfect gents till they know i hooked on them,i guess in end men are all the same no matter their age

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