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Oh that is a better feeling  

agelesssexylegs 78F
403 posts
8/23/2021 5:30 am

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8/29/2021 10:42 am

Oh that is a better feeling

To feel younger and more alive than i have in a while,thank you Pierre for a lovely time,i hope he enjoyed it as much as i did allowiing him to just take me as he wished,i think he did from the way he left with a huge smile on that cute young face of his,i am<b> sore </font></b>and very tender but very happy with the way things turned out,will live with this smile on my face for weeks and can still feel him inside of me,hours later if that makes any sense,now for me time to rest and relax,and saviour what he did to me over and over,his strength and stamina will i bet be a pleasure for many other ladies,maybe not as nasty or wickedly dirty as he treated me but i have come to expect that with toyboys,even if i do not see him again,he will be etched in my memory for a long time

dansch2009 50M
134 posts
8/25/2021 8:47 am

So delicious, as ever!
You know I'm always available if you need a good hard fuck x

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/29/2021 10:39 am:
Why thank you kindly

Mickstrike 61M
467 posts
8/24/2021 5:00 am

Giving and getting pleasure - I bet you enjoy both. You’ve got a fantastic bum and I’m glad you’re using it regularly. Stay sexy you beauty

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/29/2021 10:42 am:
Oh love to give and get pleasured maybe not how i start out wanting but so get into being ravished rather lustfully

author51 58F  
125998 posts
8/23/2021 11:49 pm

Lucky lady you are..xoxo

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/24/2021 1:56 am:
Oh i think we all make our own luck,if we willing to open up and enjoy life way we want

hippiechick1967 57F
13154 posts
8/23/2021 2:41 pm

Nice! I'm living vicariously through you!

Elevate me...

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:43 pm:
Oh very nice and dirty,well thank you,glad you enjoyed

lindoboy100 58M
23884 posts
8/23/2021 8:07 am

Pierre's a lucky fello McLegs, to have been able to etch himself on you in that way.....pun intended!

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:46 pm:
Oh yes he is very etched and sketched in my memory bank,maybe i will have him another time if he free and available but most of all wants to be with me

Wifepleaser994 26M
22 posts
8/23/2021 7:58 am

With beautiful legs and a sexy ass like that, I would think that he definitely enjoyed it.

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:49 pm:
Oh well he left with a smile on his face,that is all that matters,maybe i will contact his agency again when i able to,feel up to it again

Mickstrike 61M
467 posts
8/23/2021 7:49 am

Fantastic- ageless sex always brings pleasure

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:52 pm:
Oh yes it has to otherwise why do it,always a better feeling inside me,after the time and effort pampering myself ready for any situation that arises to please him anyway he wants

Paulxx001 64M
21907 posts
8/23/2021 7:47 am

Sounds and looks like you had a hot 🔥 time! 👍 😊, ❗❗

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:55 pm:
Oh yes always love to,if i do not feel tired sore and tender then i not been used enough,but i can get through all that eventually,may take my body longer to recover but best way for me to feel totally spent,helps me sleep and be at peace with myself

easyrider4008 65M
2462 posts
8/23/2021 7:27 am

Thanks for sharing. How do you get such good pictures, on a timer?

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:57 pm:
Leave that to the lover,they seem to have the knowhow,not just with me,they the ones he gave me,god knows what the others look like

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
39337 posts
8/23/2021 7:01 am

I'm sure you'll be etched in Pierre's memory for a very long time!

agelesssexylegs replies on 8/23/2021 10:59 pm:
And in my bank balance lol,but he sure was worth it

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