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The pain we put ourselves  

agelesssexylegs 78F  
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3/21/2021 1:58 am

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2/13/2022 2:01 am

The pain we put ourselves

Through in name of vanity and fashion ladies, i do admit i have embarrassed myself by breaking my ankles wearing while in the forest but luckily the young stud i was with each time kindly carried me and drove me accident and emergency where i got further embarrassed by the doctor who told me i should not be wearing at my tender age and had to show him how high mine were but luckily my stud had disappeared and i never told him i was in a forest wearing them at the time.

The doctor and nurse treating me had assumed way i was dressed i was out clubbing thank god so my classy reputation was still intact,never stopped me or learn by my mistakes as a year later broke the other ankle in another forest setting with another young stud.

Now i believe got it in my head that the metal strip and screws help me to carry on wearing high heels,the pain i felt each time made me cry maybe not for the injury but maybe more the fear i would never be able to<b> wear </font></b>my beloved shoes again

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dansch2009 50M
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3/23/2021 11:32 am

I'll be wanting you to keep them on when I fuck you x

agelesssexylegs replies on 3/23/2021 9:32 pm:
Well most if not all my lovers have requested that i do,especially the tall ones,as know most men enjoy us ladies to wear them,i guess they are kind of fetish wear for lady my tender age to wear,but love them still with passion

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