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What I want...  

alarasinclaire1 34F  
313 posts
12/22/2019 2:54 pm
What I want...

Is every day. Once a day is fine. If you’re up for more, even better. But I want every day.

Princess Alara

smokncrackandfuk 56M  
24 posts
12/22/2019 2:55 pm

Santa is wrapping my up for you now.

bobb111111114 39M
17 posts
12/22/2019 3:08 pm

nice tits

sphxdiver 70M  
21067 posts
12/22/2019 3:17 pm

Being a single woman, that really shouldn't be a problem for you !!!

sensualmaninmn 59M  
522 posts
12/22/2019 3:20 pm

Every day -- that would be my ideal too. Sometimes going two or three days is more pleasurable as I have more stamina and semen built up.

benard69 63M/63F  
5321 posts
12/22/2019 3:28 pm

At 34 bet you do...

readyforit2ru 44M
1 post
12/22/2019 3:38 pm

How about sex all day for 2 days a week? I think i could satisfy you 3 times a day for 2 days

Cjog78 28M
19 posts
12/22/2019 4:01 pm

I’m with ya can’t get enough.

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6189 posts
12/22/2019 5:06 pm

Not too much to ask for!!

purpleman2986 46M  
131 posts
12/22/2019 6:50 pm

I like how you think. A horny woman should orgasm at least once a day! More is even better even if I only get to watch.

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