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alittlebad1263 30M
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2/23/2019 1:40 am

So there are a few things I'd like to vent about in this post; I'm sorry if you end up reading this and are entirely bored to death. I really just want to vent to somebody and since I like to not talk about my personal life with people I work with (who are the only people I have contact with) I figured I vent on here were nobody actually knows who I am. So the first thing I'm frustrated with is the user interface of this site, online and mobile. The I'm is very inconsistent at best and doesn't work most of the time. Then you have the people who agree to a time and place to meet up and then are a no show and no contact to let you know they are a no show. That last one is the one that just happens to piss me off the most as I don't have a lot of time free to actually meet up with people since I have a very crazy schedule so once I have agreed to a time to meet with someone and then they flake I have no time to schedule with anybody else. The final thing I want to vent about is that I really was looking for a way to post a poll on this site but when I clicked on the post a poll link it brought me back to the exact same page I was on, so unless I missed some all important magic button prior to clicking post a poll I have absolutely no clue on how to do it, but since other people are posting polls it makes me feel completely incompetent on how to use the internet which I have have been using fairly competently for going on 20 years now.

alittlebad1263 30M
3 posts
2/23/2019 1:42 am

Of course after I post this venting my frustration I try to post a poll again and it works no problem at all like I was a crazy person in the first place and it wasn't telling me to go fuck myself

ltrskr 72M  
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2/23/2019 3:40 am

If u really have to vent, please do so on the back porch!
It is what it is.......

Heathen_G 62M
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2/23/2019 5:07 am

That last one is the one that just happens to piss me off - the no shows - the most as I don't have a lot of time free to actually meet up with people...... Understood, but what are you doing here if you don't have enough free time to meet someone for 10 or 30 minutes?

Here's an idea that might be helpful.....always plan your first meetings inline with something else you need to do that day.

No first meeting really needs to be longer than 1 hour. Even 10 minutes is enough to tell you if you want to see them again.

And if they don't show up, ...well you have something else planned anyway.

Also, don't spend a lot of time [online] chatting with someone nearby . Do you have their attention online? If yes, then set up a meeting now or for tomorrow. Don't call it a date.... just refer to it as meeting, and plan it for 1 hour.

Realistically, internet networking to find someone to meet really doesn't work all that well.

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