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Growing up Amelia, history and some insights  

amelia_isd1 35F
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2/14/2016 7:21 am
Growing up Amelia, history and some insights

I was raised in a loving home and I am the youngest of 3 siblings. Sis, brother, and me. My father works for a railroad and my mom has always been a homemaker. My parents, my mother specifically, are hard core southern Baptists and we went to church every sunday and some Wednesdays when we were . I really cant or wont complain about things growing up, we were always fed, had a home, and that's more than some. I had a pretty stable childhood. i only lived in two towns until I went to college.

I have always been bi. I admired girls I went to school with and was as attracted to some of them as any of the boys. I was a virgin until I was 19, GASP!!! lol. It wasn't that I planned it that way, it was just that I really thought I would find my true love and thought my virginity was the greatest thing I could give to someone. Yep a young dumb romantic. I wasn't a prude or a tease, i just never felt comfortable enough with any bf to give it up to them. There was kissing, some touches, and even a hand job or two but that was where i drew the line. as far as girls go, like most gals my friends and i would compare our bodies and my first kiss was even with a girl. You gotta practice if you wanna be good lol.

I moved out and went to college. Had some horrendous experiences but i also had some very great times. those are stories for other posts tho. it was after college that i met an older woman and had my first real relationship with another woman. it was also when my parents found out i was bisexual.

My dad didn't say much about it and still never has. my mom on the other hand condemned me to hell so to speak. things are still pretty tense between us over that fact and honestly prob always will be. My brother and sister tho have always known or at least suspected and both support me 100%,

well i guess that is enough for now. got things to do so stay tuned until next time.

Stay_In_Reality 52M  
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2/14/2016 6:49 pm

Thanks for sharing Amelia

sunligth56 54M
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2/14/2016 7:24 am


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