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Little about me  

amelia_isd1 35F
47 posts
2/13/2016 9:09 am
Little about me

I have been asked a lot of questions on this site.
The most asked questions are
why are you single
what are you looking for
are you interested in me, us, etc.
tell me something about you

mu usual answers are
I am crazy, I am picky, I haven't found the one for me yet
I am looking for someone who stimulates both my mind and body
interested? that depends on the individual
something about me? like what?

Hopefully I can give my readers some insight into my world,
my thoughts, desires, dreams, etc. and why I am who I am.
Those of you who want to know more about me will just have to
stay tuned and hope for the best. I do plan on posting tidbits about my
life and what made me who I am.
For those readers with some insight and a keen eye you
should have a hint about my history from a couple of my early posts already.

At this point in time I am planning on posting the following
early life and years
life in my 20's
sexual history
first time with male
first time with female
and whatever pops into my mind

if I knew how to categorize my posts I would but since I haven't
really taken the time to figure it out I guess for now you will just
have to watch for posts that interest you.

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