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THIS place, THAT place  

amelia_isd1 35F
47 posts
1/20/2016 7:56 am
THIS place, THAT place

There is A place in my past
A place made of joy, of hope, of the future,
A place made of pain, denial, of hope lost.
THIS place is a real place
A place made of brick, of concrete
A place made of wood, and of glass.
A place of bright colors
A place of scented air
A place of peace

THIS place was my first place
A place to leave my parents gaze
A place to grow, to meet the world
A place to call mine
A place to make my own
A place where I got to make the rules

THIS place was also where I became a woman
A place I lost my virginity
A place where my innocence ended

it also became THAT place
THAT place where things went too fast
THAT place where things went too far
THAT place where NO lost its meaning
THAT place where NO lost its power

it became
THAT place I became a woman
THAT place I lost my virginity
THAT place where my innocence ended

it became
THAT place where apologies fell upon my ears
THAT place where I questioned myself
THAT place where words of sorrow and regret took root and grew.
THAT place where I allowed those words to overshadow actions

THAT place where my heart and my mind fought
THAT place where my mind won the battle
THAT place where my mind began to lay fault at my feet
THAT place where I forgave when forgiveness wasn't deserved
THAT place where I shouldered the responsibility that wasn't mine to bear
THAT place where I couldn't be anymore.

it became THAT place
THAT place that wouldn't leave my mind at peace
THAT place I passed and wouldn't glance at
THAT place i passed and couldn't glance at
THAT place that forever changed me
THAT place I couldn't escape from
THAT place that left scars so deep i thought I may never recover

it became THAT place
THAT place of darkness
THAT place of loss
THAT place of pain
THAT place that i fled

i was physically in a new place
but mentally THAT place still haunted me
I drove past THAT place often
Over a year passed before i dared
to even glance at THAT place
I saw a dark place
a place of decay
but i saw it.
I looked at THAT place

months passed

I spent countless hours
exploring my mind, exploring
THAT place

I faced the pain of remembering every detail
I faced the pain of those moments time and time again
I faced myself, my role in it all
I faced my failings
I faced my feelings

months passed

I stopped at THAT place often
I sat in my car and looked at
THAT place

THAT place made of brick
of concrete
of wood
of glass

Then one day
without thinking I approached
THAT place
my hands touched the brick
the concrete
the wood
the glass

I touched
THIS place
THAT place

THIS place
THAT place
was just A place

Stay_In_Reality 52M  
2205 posts
1/21/2016 6:45 am

You certainly have a way with words. Great post Amelia

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 5:25 pm:
thanks. I love the compliments

love2pleasu13 53M
6474 posts
1/20/2016 5:57 pm

What a place must be.

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 5:24 pm:
very true

xxxG0I969xxx 51M/42F
3 posts
1/20/2016 2:00 pm

come find comfort and pleasure in our place

rhill4fun 60M
142 posts
1/20/2016 10:13 am

nice job

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 5:22 pm:
thank you rhill

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