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What is LOVE  

amelia_isd1 35F
47 posts
1/21/2016 5:23 am
What is LOVE

What is Love?

that could be the most difficult question to answer.
like all human beings I have my definition of love.
I am sure some ppl share my ideas, and I am sure some don't.
that's what makes each of us unique.
so that leads to how do I define love.
of course this blog just contains my thoughts on love.

love is not sex, and sex is not love.
I can and have had sex with someone I did not love.
sex is just a physical release.
love comes from ones mind and soul
love knows no boundaries
love doesn't discriminate
love doesn't judge.
love overcomes all hurdles.
love has many levels.
I can and do love many ppl
that does not mean I am in love with them.
so I still haven't said what love is to me.

to me love is

the little things
the random things
its not saying you love me
its showing me that you love me
love is the little glances
the little smiles
the light touches
the little things that most ppl would not see.

love is made up of

love is the desire to bare ones soul and not be judged.
love is accepting someone for who they are unconditionally
love is rushing home just to see you
love is listening and hearing what is being said
love is wanting to listen
wanting to share

to me love is all these things and more
can I really define it? I can try but love cant really be defined.
have I felt love. yes,
have I loved. yes.
totally and unconditionally

what has love done for me

it has crushed me
humiliated me
brought pain and anguish to my soul
knocked me to the ground
it has left me battered and bruised
it has caused me to rage
to doubt my worth
to doubt myself

love has also

lifted me to my feet
made me a stronger woman
filled my soul with endless joy
it has made me rejoice
it has made me realize my worth
it has taught me to love myself
it has shaped and molded me
given me hope

love is many things
one day I hope to find true love
I keep looking, searching,
one day I will find it
it will find me
that I know

littlecummy 54M
163 posts
2/1/2016 10:59 am

wonderful thank for this writing
[post 3764904

Stay_In_Reality 52M  
2205 posts
1/21/2016 6:43 am

Now that's what I call a great blog

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 5:21 pm:
thanks for the great compliment

Travel_Couple69 55M
1605 posts
1/21/2016 6:27 am

upside - love is when someone else's dreams, goals, and ambitions are equal to or greater than your own

downside - its a chemical reaction in the brain based on established imprinting in our brain that often doesnt withstand the rigours of life or emotional changes within the person

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 5:21 pm:
always pros and cons

GB_Cple 70M/59F  
3119 posts
1/21/2016 5:34 am

, nice one

amelia_isd1 replies on 1/21/2016 12:33 pm:
thank you

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