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" By The Pricking of my Thumbs..My Reply to You, Here it comes ! "
Posted:Feb 27, 2021 8:45 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 10:17 am

" The Pricking of my Thumbs..My Reply TO You, Here it comes ! "

Hello Readers,

This has been a long week in a year of long days, pandemic, vaccines, 500,000 Americans lost..ALL of this going on and instead of working on my op-ed for Linked In or my erotica I had put my life on hold for the moment deal with more Bullying-Abusive BS on Site.

This will be the Post of a different color..On another blog..and another bullying/abusive post, I received a MESSAGE ..rather than keep going with the idiotic tit for tat or Dial-an-insult post/reply..I thought..Let's handle this like adults and I took the time to send the member my reply via the inbox here. I do not know the member other than what I had heard from men & women over the years and that information was not of the friendly sort. Plus I had heard about a blog she contributed that her friend wrote which was very derogatory to me among others. I did not know that she is terrified at the mere thought of receiving a message here at her inbox. Might I suggest since THIS disturbs her so much, that she turn the inbox off , or her profile. Than she need not live in fear.

I do find very interesting that in all the years I have been on this site .. I have helped members get the help from HQ that they needed. Lost passwords, lost accounts, hacked accounts, stalkers, abusers, liars, bullies..You , I have heard , from all over the world. I never hesitated when it came a member in need..even if I did not know them, other members sent them find me and get my help. I do NOT get or any perks, other than watching members get their problems resolved and happiness ensues. The members that ever said anything negative about my or helping, have been members that have been causing issues here for other members . You do not know me no matter how many lies you tell..You do not know what I may say another member in regards problems on site. You see my adult, calm and reassuring posts and mistake them for something else. Really enjoyed seeing you put the word HELP in quote marks as if deride what I have done among others , HELP.. Passive-aggressive indeed. So is not a surprise that you and your ( as you put NON-friends ) dislike & bully other female members.

Do you understand what " sanctimonious Hypocrite " is ? YOU yell about how badly you were hurt, insulted this member and what did you do ? You cried wolf, screamed out insults and made fun of her doing exactly what you accused her of doing. YOU can not stand up against bullying than turn around and bully someone because you dislike them. I know for a fact that the member you and your non-friends keep attacking, posted apology after apology for any post she ever wrote or a posted on another members blog, asking forgiveness for everything she ever said that might have hurt a member...NONE of you stepped up ask her about on her own blog as she unblocked everyone that had hurt / stalked her. She did the right thing apologizing..Have you ever apologized for your lies about Me ? No..Have you ever apologized for all the men & women you have hurt here ? No..

I admit I was fascinated your mentioning how people should not blog without facing the consequences and condemn the member but NOT the one that you & your NON friends race salute him when he comes up with bullying/abusive/insulting blogs..The member writes her own opinions and you all want censor what members say when you disagree with them. You mention reporting blogs that we find be abusive. Of course we report them..ALL I ever ask of members is NOT be abusive or insulting when they write their blog posts. Once more, YOU can not complain about another member while sitting back and laughing when a member writes abusive blog posts about the / female members here. If she was actually violating the TOU & rules..WHY hasn't the site stepped in ? It has nothing to do with me or being friends with Her. You may not agree with her opinions but as long as she is not violating the TOU she has every right to state a concern, an idea or opinion as long as it is not bullying or insulting or a violation of site rules.

If this member bothers you so much block her, do not view her posts, when your non-friends bring her up, avoid the topic..How hard is that for any of you to understand ? I have been reading her blog posts for a few years now since the Cease fire in the blog wars was announced. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I do not..I state what I think and I respect everyone's opinion and right to share them even when I do not agree. How interesting you stated "should not include attacks on other people " and "tearing people down." Yet, when you replied with your digs/insults to me, it did not matter to you . Once more, YOU can not hold a member to a higher standard than the one you hold for yourself.

THIS is my final reply. I reached out to you in good faith be insulted.. You made derogatory remarks about my posts on a dear friends blog which has probably helped to destroy a true friendship of many years..I will not add to an abusive blog about any member, friend or not. You & Your NON-Friends can do that..I think the rest of the members have finally seen you all for your true colors and they do not seem impressed.

Even though you seem to think you are above everyone else I think other members will disagree.

Of course this is just my Blog..and my " namby pamby" as you my words are MY WORDS.

I am fine with that.

I know I have helped a lot of members , employees and this site. the members that are here cause problems say is one sided.. is Member sided..IF you attack, bully or a member here YOU will be reported.

That is the Simple Truth..

Happy Weekend,


making a show of being morally superior other people:
"what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?"

a person indulges in hypocrisy:
"the story tells of respectable Ben turns out be a cheat and a hypocrite"

“And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I the devil.”
― William Shakespeare, Richard III

“From this day the ending of the world,
But we in shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he -day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”
― William Shakespeare, Henry V

PS : Thank you for all the wonderful reviews !!! Really enjoying hearing what everyone has to say. Thank you to the member who posted about my blog on his blog..( Wasn't nice that a member here can watch my blog and report TO others about ? How awesome !!! ) IT is really hard TO understand what he is trying TO say but that is probably because he is a senior citizen and I need TO listen and read carefully as his words do get jumbled up sometimes. This is a message reply to an email I received ,that I am replying to. .The member who wrote me is afraid of their inbox so to make it less frightening for the member, I did it like this. Not an insulting post or abusive..Just a reply ..I do thank you though Sir, as you cleared up your Not so secret admirer blog post and who inspired IT or asked you write it. I am sure management will be very happy to close that door on your "little Joke" All THAT just to see if I would HELP you out in what you called an urgent matter ( which I did my best to do even though all of it was a stunt by 2 members. ) . Also, because of my last blog post so enraged you because THERE were no letters or words left out..I purposely left out words/letters on this post so you would not become so upset and enraged AGAIN. I am just not sure that the member you outed will appreciate it as much as the rest of us & management will.

Thank You So Very Much !!

PS Part TWO :

Wow Friends, Fans and Watchers,

This simple little post is sure getting a lot of attention..Some more of our senior members are confused to what this is all about..Let me see if I can make it easier for them... ( Funny thing is..if you are so confused after multiple readings why not message me and ask me about it ? Or is that TO much of behaving like an adult to handle ?? )

1) There was a bullying/abusive blog written.

2) A Member wrote to me upon it..Rather than keep replying to an abusive blog I chose an adult approach and sent that member an email..That member replied to me and mentioned their great fear of messages sent to them in their own inbox. Rather than put that member through abject fear again, I chose to answer and reply this way.

3) Can you Understand that now ?? I know reading it oh say, 3 times and still not getting it...I have made sure you need not worry about my blog anymore. Thank You Since it was a simple reply to a message , one member to another member, there was NO NEED to leave my blog open for comments..Thank YOU !!

4) Any other questions please feel free to message me here at my inbox or feel free and leave me a message on my blog in the Private Box. You need not worry about me, I am not afraid of an inbox or my blog.

Good Lord, I hope this is my final Edit job & PS's...

THank you to all our wonderful members, Many of whom I am lucky / blessed to call MY FRIEND!!!

"To Shame or NOT to Shame..."
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 11:27 pm
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2020 7:34 pm
" To Shame or Not to Shame..That is the Question.."

Hello Dear Readers,

"Whether tis nobler ..NO, Excuse Me Mr. Shakespeare, but there is only one answer to that question...


There has never been a appropriate time on any site to engage in shaming , bullying, lying or abusing/threatening any member or their Families....Period..Got it now ? What is so hard about that ??

We have the whole world in Pandemic mode..Scary elections and changes of corrupt regimes, foreign governments trying to interfere with our elections..Millions of people, men, women and dead from an unstoppable virus ..Businesses closing , Millions unemployed & schools closed or some open and infected on a daily basis. Isn't that more important than fragile, over inflated egos and a cursed blog list ?? Once more for emphasis...THAT is what is truly important in Our world..NOT the idiotic battle for a position on a cursed blog list..

I have been on the site since my sister joined it back in the 1990's ( she is a OG Member ) and stayed to chat with her, my other friends & adopted family. I stayed because of members I cared about, members I fought for and employees who became friends. Over the years members from all over the world & USA have asked me for advice & help. I live nearer the offices so it was quite easy for me to lend a hand. I did not do it for praise or in the vain hope it would make me Popular..Nope, I did it because I truly wanted to help members & employees and it is the right thing to do. I even defended members who hate me and have threatened me..Not because I hoped they would change ..I did it because , say it with me, it was the right thing to do.

Years back when a banned for life member began attacking a member and trying to organize attacks on her, members got together and decided NO More..It took members uniting to fight the battle and management listening to what we were all trying to say..NO abuse, NO Bullying of anyone at any time will ever be acceptable .. I have written 3 different Respect blogs which came about because I asked Our CEO Andrew, how do we reply to this kind of racism and abuse ?

Respect was what he told me, Respect is what I wrote about and it brought so many of Us together..Until now..

The sad thing about this new mess is that it involves members who used to be close friends.. but no longer are..When we united to fight for one , we pleaded with these members obsessed with their position on the cursed blog list..to please stop all the negativity..Than the screaming began..How dare you tell me what I can blog about ? ALL that was asked of them was to stop the abuse..and they refused. They complain endlessly about members they do not like ( me included ) but they chose to write blog posts about the same member over and over Again...Why ? For the ATTENTION.

A member wrote a blog about her likes/dislikes in sexual partners..and the members who replied to her post shared their own likes/dislikes..Then a member felt it was a "weight shaming " post..and the tiny drops of rain became a Hurricane..Sooo...we have a member accused of weight shaming..What do the angry members do ? They start in by writing appearance shaming posts, making fun of members who have mental health issues, making fun of members with dental issues, etc..and even threw in some weight shaming of their own..HOW on Earth is that the right way to handle anything ? Especially AFTER you wrote posts crying foul and what you believed was weight shaming ?? Sooo does this mean YOU now get to tell members what they can and can't write on their own blog ?? YOU get to shame members you dislike but God Forbid anyone else should write their own opinions or concerns then you scream insults & cry foul ? There is a word for that...Hypocrite.

There will be NO comments on this post because I know how some of the " members " will react..I will NOT allow my blog to become a place to bash members..(This is why you will see some of my posts with posts pending..I will NOT allow bashing/threatening posts on my blog and leave the grotesque posts pending for evidence for the Police/ abuse/legal depts to see ) If you have something to say send me a private message or send a message to my inbox here on my Blog..Please be aware any and all threats will be reported to Police in my state/country and Yours too.

Have a Great Week My Faithful readers & Hang in there..




Your Faithful Journalist !!

Posted:Aug 14, 2018 3:06 am
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2020 11:45 pm

Hello Darling Readers,

Well isn't that something the 3rd anniversary of my blog post about RESPECT has come and I am back to writing about this topic again. I had foolishly hoped when the site dealt with the last member to cause issues/problems that all the bloggers would be so happy & writing about all the things that interest them & posting pix/videos if that is what they'd like to share..A fond and faint hope that was not to be. According to some members here...some bloggers both male & female prefer the drama, name calling and abuse/lies.

When a former member and her male playmates were removed from the site for making death threats against members ..we had believed the worst was dealt with..Sadly, all we did was remove one BIG troublemaker thus opening the doors for others to follow their lead. ( side note...the ex member has now discovered religion and is Praising The Lord all over FB ) I still find it hard to believe or understand that 3 years ago I had to go the owner of this site and tell him of their crimes/misdeeds ..it was He who suggested I write something about this and use the word RESPECT...so I did. 3 years later I am still writing about it.

With the current political environment of hate, fascism , abuse, bullying..is it any wonder that folks can simply not be civil to one another..Everyone wants their 15 mins of fame it seems even if it means achieving it by being cruel, lying and engaging in insults/abuse. I almost feel like we need to market a new t shirt for members : " HEY LOOK AT ME."

After the member and her squad were removed it was peaceful and quiet around the site..New bloggers were testing the waters and bravely posting new topics, polls & posts..It was so much fun seeing new writers on our horizon and discovering new blogs.

Suddenly it all stopped and one Blogger posted an idea of a truce..No more name calling, blog baiting titles, no more abuse...I watched a number of popular bloggers/members agree to this ...and at the same time became aware of another group who refused to agree for fear of being thought guilty of the very things they engaged in. In the end they told other members to stay quiet..stay away from something good that was started..all because they did not think of it first.

Lately I have seen blogs that are critical of some female bloggers who share photos..these blogs are written by women against women..If you do not like the photo blogs then avoid them..if you are spending time watching the cursed blog list because you want to be at the top of it then you have wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much time on your hands..Men are by nature visual creatures and they enjoy looking at beautiful, sexy images. NO harm in that and ok, you do not..we get that...You can chose to write whatever you like here or share as long as it does not violate the TOU on site. You could have simply said " I do not like the blogs with ladies photos on them ." Simple as that..No need to go after a blogger who posts body shots daily hoping for any kind of attention.

Just to be clear...I only know a few of the folks, male & female on that cursed blog list..I just found out recently that a top blogger is telling everyone how much she HATES Me and a friend of mine..WHY ? I have no idea..I've never been rude to her or abusive..Had one communication with her on a friends blog..Nothing mean or abusive..then like most members I know.. found myself blocked from her blog. That is ok..that is her right..A man who I value on site told me once that she wanted to talk to me & had evidence of serious wrongs/misdeeds on site..I told him to have her message me and we could discuss it and if she has this serious evidence to turn it in to the site..From what I've heard, NO evidence was ever turned in and no message from the blogger who was so determined to talk to Me. I kept the door open even though she took every opportunity to talk bad about me, lie about me and others and even go on friends blogs and SCREAM about Me..She even changed her signature once to something along the lines of what I wrote about respect..I was seriously flattered...she took the time away from boosting her own blog posts/ comments UP to slam me and try to make me a figure of her ridicule. I shook my head and said "IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY."

Now we have another issue cropping up..a Male member who seems to enjoy causing controversy and insulting women and gay men..He has been on my blog but one of his posts was so disturbing and incoherent that I thought he wrote it while drunk so never allowed it to be posted or shared. I found myself being asked for help when he wrote something horrible on someone eles's blog..They had already reported it to the site, I reported it again and again and kept coming back to my blog because the man who was offended by the post was not getting answers fast enough..I kept explaining to him the proper process and even suggested someone reach out to the blogger on whose post he'd written the damming comment and ask that blogger to delete the comment..Sadly some members write obscene things just for the attention they get..it somehow makes them valuable to the world, or so they think. The man posting to my blog just got angrier and angrier with me and began blaming me for this..I finally had to tell him to pleaae ignore my blog. I'd done all I could do to push this issue forward but to him it was not enough..I am NOT a paid employee of this site. I help the site/employees/members because I care about the site & know the owner. The blogger I asked to ignore me sent one of his female friends to my blog and I had to shut that post down/close it off to comments because of them...and what did I do to deserve this ? Oh yes. I tried to help. All the years I've been here I have spent helping members with all sorts of issues..stalkers, lost handle, lost passwords..anything you could think of that could go wrong has and I have been here for them & directing them to the right dept to seek help from..and what was my reward ? ABUSE , LIES & HATE. Gee, Thanks for making me famous Members.

I want to suggest members try a new tactic with this male blogger & his insulting ways..IGNORE HIM...copy/paste/report his grotesque words and do not reply..Take screen shots and DELETE the comment if it is on your blog..Just by giving him the attention he seeks makes it more difficult for other members to enjoy the site..Within the past few weeks I have seen this member attack a woman for her photo on site, hijack her question in the magazine & insult her for her tummy...next up I see him insult a man who replied to a female bloggers blog post and tell him he had no right to reply since he was gay..and what does that blog owner do when she read his post ??? You might think an intelligent female blogger would be disgusted with such words and would rush to delete the negative, homophobic comment.....NO, she told him how much she missed him while quoting the very post he made slamming the man for being gay. If we keep going down this road then more women will be attacked and abused and leave the site...what will the men do then ? Do we all sit back and let him attack our LBGTQ members ? NO we do NOT...

Stand UP and say something...Do not be afraid of him or the cursed blog list..EVERYONE has right to be treated fairly and without abuse by all members..Copy, Paste, Report,Ignore..Screen shots & DELETE..If we do not give the abusive members a place to post their racist, abusive, stupid posts then perhaps they will just vanish from the site..Like all the female & male bloggers/members who have quit already. Perhaps by previewing all posts before they appear on your blog post is the best thing you can do to stop the idiotic abuse ..YOU will not lose any points for doing this..YOU will not lose your highly valued place on the cursed blog list..YOU will gain MORE fans for stopping this vicious cycle of hate, racism and abuse.

Happy New Week & Thanks for reading,


Your Faithful A F F Journalist..
RESPECT : WE all NEED to do Better..1st Year Anniversary
Posted:Jul 18, 2017 2:59 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 3:24 am

RESPECT: WE all NEED to do Better : 1st Yr Anniversary

Hello Dear Readers,

It is hard to believe but it has been nearly a year since I wrote the Respect blog. So many things have changed since that moment when I first talked to Andrew about the vicious attacks on members of our LBGTQ community. I did not know the member, Thalia, when the attack on her happened. I came to know her as a wonderful, intelligent & beautiful Lady and a terrific member & asset to our site. She is now a very dear & close friend and I am very lucky to be counted among her real & true friends.

Obviously the one good thing that happened is the member & her men who were behind the attacks have been banned for life from all Various Inc Sites. The disgusting petition , the death threats against members & their families all stopped. Have the banned members attempted to return ? Sadly, Yes..Have they been kicked out again ? Yes, and every time they try it again they will be met with the same fate.

I was pleased to see how members from all over the world came together to fight for all members rights. I have made some wonderful new friends and discovered some great blogs that are new to me. I have seen friendships made and lost. New blog wars fought over egos and jealousies..The very thing we hoped would stop we merely slowed down. New wars over blog numbers and fake profiles boosting blogs views/comments. People complained the blogs are either boring or over sexed..No one seems happy with folks being kind to one another...it seems that a lot of the top bloggers preferred the anger and the drama.

I found myself a part of all of this because I am friends with Andrew the Owner/CEO of the site. Originally I went to him to discuss a sale of the site then let him know how bad the former owners were letting down the employees, the members & the site itself. I encouraged him to come back to the site and "save it." He did come back only to run into issues with those former owners..He took a step back and again I encouraged him to try once more. Why did I do this ? Because I felt the site , the members/employees deserved this. I was not asking for myself or anything for me. I am only here to lend a hand, chat with my friends, blog and publish my erotica. Over the years I have been asked by members all around the world for help and directed each one to the right dept so they could receive the help they needed from the right employee.

You may very well ask what was my reward...Some wonderful new friends, some folks who turned out to NOT be a friend and lies. One well known blogger wrote to me once demanding to know how I knew Andrew, I wrote her back politely and left it at that...only to find out she wrote a blog all about me actually being Andrew, in drag or a fake profile. For what purpose ? As the owner of the site he could look at any blog or chat room or anything , anytime he wanted..Hard to believe that this blogger claimed to be smarter then most members on the site. Other bloggers who chose to side with the banned for life blogger chose to call us "Vultures" "Trolls" ..I was even called a lawyer for other members On one friends blog posting I mentioned how wonderful it was to see so many members join together to put a stop to cyber bullying only to have another blogger announce that she was NOT a part of any group and handled the former member in " her own way." I would have thought members would like to be on the side against cyberbullying..I guess in this members case that was not to be so. Later I was told by a friend that I needed to write to this member as she had evidence that was so important to the site. I wrote to the member passing this info along that if the blogger has something to say, please turn it in to the abuse or fraud depts or email me what she feels is so important to tell me. What was this oh so important information ?? I have no idea because the member chose to block me instead.

Some sadness came to me when someone I trusted turned out to have issues of her own and even though we asked everyone to stop with the baiting blogs or titles meant to cause harm...Only some bloggers wanted this cease fire/ peace ..( the idea was created by a friend of mine/fellow blogger and posted to another members blog )..and others had their friends write mean blogs with snarky titles..to think if everyone just ignored the members they do not like and treated everyone with respect...why just think of it !! NO more mean spirited bitchy blogs with idiotic titles meant to show how clever some bloggers think they are...NO more lies and ego battles..NO more childish drama at all. It is so simple to just treat others as you'd like to be treated. Have we learned nothing in this long year of fighting for members rights ??

Case in point I was advised that a popular blogger was a problem. I was constantly reminded about this from one blogger & her friends..Over and over again. I'd ask why hasn't someone tried to talk to her ? Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO they all said..so I took it upon myself and wrote to the blogger..and I am damm glad I did because this wonderful blogger was the first member to sign up for the cease fire in the blog wars and has kept her word all this time. I was told other bloggers were afraid to agree to a cease fire for fear they'd " look guilty ." I agreed to it, other bloggers did too even though none of us had engaged in blog warfare and yet NONE of us looked guilty. I feel lucky that this wonderful blogger & I have become great & true friends. I took a chance and I am very glad I did. I may have lost fake friends from this site but I gained real & lifelong friends instead. I am lucky she took a chance on and with Me.

Maybe if members gave each other some breathing room, the space to just be themselves, leave the egos & drama offline..if members could try just once to treat each other with respect then maybe this site would be the social network it was once created to be. Maybe on the 2nd anniversary of the Respect Blog I can write about how wonderful the site has become because members tried something new : Respect & Kindness. We are not asking people to force themselves to be friendly to all..Just treat ALL as you'd like to be treated.

Happy 1st Yr of Respect,


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RESPECT : WE all NEED to do Better
Posted:Aug 14, 2016 12:44 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2020 6:05 am

Hello Dear Readers,

My good friend JN reminded me it has been awhile since I posted a new blog. I had hoped it would be something funny, sexy or even another installment of the " Prince Charming " erotica..

Sadly this was not to be..

Simple Definition of respect
: a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.
: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way
: a particular way of thinking about or looking at something

RESPECT...a simple word with so much feeling. I have spoken to Andrew ( Founder/CEO of this website ) about the recent " Petition " that caused so much agony, pain and anger. Yes the Petition violated our TOU..( and yes the blogger knew )


Your Conduct. You further agree not to use the Services to:
(a) upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable

(m) "stalk" or otherwise harass another person or user or member;

(b) harm minors in any way or commit abuse;

How hard is it to just respect everyone and their right to privacy and to be a member here ? Why blame another blogger because you fell in the rankings on that cursed Blog List ? Why was it her fault that members liked her posts better and commented on them ? How hard was it to just enjoy your own blog and fans and leave other members alone ? Wouldn't you rather have members think well of you then see the jealousy, lack of decency and respect for others ? THIS is not just one members website..IT belongs to Andrew who created it so folks could network, chat, meet and just have a fun, safe place to trade ideas and have conversations of any kind. This is AdultFriendFinder...NOT finder, Not I have to be NUMBER 1 always, NOT Juvenile jealous site..say it with me friends...AdultFriendFinder..

The petition of hate trying to defame and disrupt the entire blogging process & shame our LBGTQ members was WRONG from the word Go...Yes, a proper apology should be posted by the site for having allowed the petition to be posted as long as it was. The entire LBGTQ community & all members were wronged by the blogger who created this. The fact that so MANY Members are still posting blogs about this issue shows that the obscenity affected all of Us. it still continues now with a new so called Blog about Transgender people and a fake Beauty contest..using photos taken from the web WITHOUT the owners permission. Wrong..So very wrong.

WE all need to do better. RESPECT should be the norm and not some kind of afterthought. I have seen countless attacks on male and female members, employees of this website who had their privacy violated with a former member posting private photos he stole off the web. WHERE is simple respect for one another ? I have fought my own stalker on this site to have her dealt with when she violated my privacy among others. I am not asking for people to be nice or polite..I wish I could but with people hiding behind a computer screen or urging their " fans " to do evil on her behalf, there is no way folks would do that. I can and will ask for RESPECT for all...and NEVER single any member out just because you either do not agree with the way they live their life or practice their faith or out of simple common ugly jealousy.

I am going to work on having the way blogs are listed on site overhauled. No more games or juggling the numbers or cheating. The Blog list should be a reflection of EVERY Blog & member on site who blogs..NOT just one person. I repeat what I have said before...if members dislike other members then IGNORE or BLOCK them. REPORT them for violations and stalking. If a member hates the site or members then they are free to go find any other site they choose to join. I just did a check and see there are more then 2,500 online dating sites with a 1,000 new sites being added every year. I see several online blogging sites..if you want to be Number 1 why not move all your posts and pix to a blog you can control 100 % ?? There would be no other members to get in your way. Just did another check and the G blogs do allow nudity.

PLEASE remember there is NEVER a reason for any member here to abuse, stalk, harass, intimidate or encourage attacks on other members. PLEASE leave other members and their friends alone if you dislike how they live..WHY not concentrate on living your own life ? If you do not like the member or blogger then STOP reading their blogs or posts... RESPECT is such a simple thing to do, a gift to give others and hope someone will give it back to you. KINDNESS is a gift we can give ourselves and others. PLEASE remember you can be a friend or fan and admire someone but you should NEVER feel forced to write something obscene because you think it will impress someone. ALL it does is make you foolish and you are being used. Did you join this site to meet and have fun or did you join to be used and discarded when you fulfill their purpose ?

RESPECT such an easy thing to do...I respect my readers but due to some of the abuse here on site, I have to mark my blog that I need to OK a post or reply before it is posted. Members have used my blog in the past to attack other members and one good friend in the Uk used it once to promote the blogger who wrote the petition. He said nothing to me or even about the post I wrote..It was simply using my blog to promote her as a person, member and blogger. I felt so bad for him because it made him look very foolish.


Happy Sun Hugs,


Your Faithful A F F Journaiist

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Don't Panic : Andrew is still here with Us all
Posted:Feb 23, 2015 1:45 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2020 11:17 pm

Hello My Faithful Readers,

Welcome to # 2015 !! Yes our Site has been going through a lot of changes. Yes, Site Support is still hard at work on all the glitches and hiccups along the way. We are in Great shape and can only rise as long as all hold on for the ride. I remember quoting my great friend JN about how change does not happen over night or in a few days. It takes time to create things that work and function on the site. It takes time to hire and train the right people. Positive changes are coming to the site for all our members.

Andrew and I have discussed his role here at the site he created and what his next move will be. He wants to concentrate on creating new product which I am sure we'll all Love. Day to day operations will fall under the guiding hand of our new CEO who has a wonderful & proven track record of success in all his ventures. We are very lucky Andrew has hand picked this productive team to support our site and all Our members. Andrew is and always has been the owner & Chairman of His company..which includes this website.

Sooo My Darlings DO NOT PANIC...We are all going to be ok and the site will survive. Have faith In the Team. They've never lost faith in you or the vision for Our site.

Happy Monday Hugs,

Your Faithful Journalist,


Have a Problem ? Need something Fixed At AdultFriendFinder ? Here is where to go
Posted:Mar 12, 2013 1:26 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2020 11:13 pm


Just thought I'd share these helpful blogs and one group. Now that Andrew the Founder is back and things are moving quickly on repairs it is always good to keep this information handy to help others.

Thank you,


1) Live from AdultFriendFinder group :

Live From AFF

2) Community blog :


3) Site Support Blog :


4) Andrew blog :

Private Messages for a Sugar Babyz
Posted:Jan 24, 2012 2:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2020 11:11 pm
Hello all,

This was suggested to me by a good friend. Please feel free to leave me any and all msgs..I will check daily and you will be hearing from me

Hugs and Happiness,


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"Ana's Ssshh Top Secret Sexy Index"
Posted:May 24, 2013 4:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2013 10:26 am
Hello Darlings,

Well it took my 2+ years to get this done..LOL. I have been working on my blog and adding and subtracting posts..( sometimes it was not my choice..but my erotica lives on..50,000+ readers can't be wrong !! )

Now finally the Index is complete and I hope to add to it when I post new items for you all to enjoy..

xxxooo & Happy Weekend,


Your Favourite Journalist

The Index :


1) Have a Problem ? Need something Fixed At AdultFriendFinder ? Here is where to go

Have a Problem Need something Fixed At AFF Here is where to go

2) ATTN ALL MEMBERS : The Founder of the Site is Back !!

ATTN ALL MEMBERS The Founder of the Site is Back

3) ATTN ALL MEMBERS: If you could FIX AdultFriendFinder what would you do ??

ATTN ALL MEMBERS If you could FIX Adult Friend Finder what would you do


Any ideas on How A F F can attract more women to join

5) "Psst : Hi Everyone, Take a Deep Breath The site is NOT going anywhere..relax"

Psst Hi Everyone, Take a Deep Breath The site is NOT going anywhererelax


1) Censoring blogs ? Helping Members ?? Psychos and their lies ? I officially retire

Censoring blogs Helping Members Psychos and their lies I officially retire

2) "Sex..Lies..No videotape yet and oh yes, Icebreakers too "

quotSexLiesNo videotape yet and oh yes, Icebreakers too quot

3) What a REAL & TRUE friend won't do to you or others... R-Rated

What a REAL TRUE friend won't do to you or others RRated

4) It takes BIG BALLS to try this....

It takes BIG BALLS to try this

5) Troll Logic: NO One is Normal here..No one is a friend or love to anyone..Damaged people are HERE !!

Troll Logic NO One is Normal hereNo one is a friend or love to anyoneDamaged people are HERE

6) The Time for Cowardice is NEVER

The Time for Cowardice is NEVER

7) I am a Legend ?? Hell Yeah, Hear me ROAR !!

I am a Legend Hell Yeah, Hear me ROAR

"The Only way Evil succeeds is.."

The Only way Evil succeeds is

9) Why it is so important to use the "Magic" ignore button !!!

Why it is so important to use the Magic ignore button


1) Happy Ho Ho HO Holidays to One & All !!!

Happy Ho Ho HO Holidays to One All

2) Merry Christmas and Sexy Happy New Year Wishes !! XXOO

Merry Christmas and Sexy Happy New Year Wishes XXOO

3) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 & things I have learned the HARD way

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 things I have learned the HARD way


1) SEXY Music to make love to..What are your favourites ?? Wanna play some for me ?

SEXY Music to make love toWhat are your favourites Wanna play some for me

2) SEXY songs for all the Prince and Princess Charmings in the World

SEXY songs for all the Prince and Princess Charmings in the World

3) HOTTTT song for Prince & Princess Charmings FIRST time together

HOTTTT song for Prince Princess Charmings FIRST time together

4) Happy HUMP Day..Yes it is WED NOW

Happy HUMP DayYes it is WED NOW

5) "To cock or not to cock..that is the question "

quotTo cock or not to cockthat is the question quot

6) Happy Half Naked WED or HUMP Day or Normal day in my life..LOL

Happy Half Naked WED or HUMP Day or Normal day in my lifeLOL

7) Until my Heart beats no More

Until my Heart beats no More

Being alive and Enjoying every moment of it

Being alive and Enjoying every moment of it

9) Sexual Fantasies come to life...

Sexual Fantasies come to life

10) Happy HUMP Day SEXY !!


11) "Naughty Knickers..Dirty books and Mexican Food "

quotNaughty KnickersDirty books and Mexican Food quot


The Index:

My Erotica in my Blog :

1) My Erotic Adventures on the site

My Erotic Adventures on the site

2) My ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming ...

My ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming

3) My Ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming : The Train

My Ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming The Train

4) "My Final Erotic Adventure with Prince Charming "

quotMy Final Erotic Adventure with Prince Charming quot

5) "Ana's Little Secret"..My further Erotic adventures with Prince Charming"


1) Open Letter to Prince Charming..

Open Letter to Prince Charming

2) Prince & Princess Charmings do exist...I believe in Fairy tales..

Prince Princess Charmings do existI believe in Fairy tales


1 ) TALE # 1

[group_post 2951793]

2) TALE # 2

[group_post 2953467]

3) TALE # 3

"My ongoing Erotic adventures with Prince Charming on this site : The Train"

4) TALE # 4

[group_post 2976118]

5) Tale # 5

[group_post 3030488]

Prince Princess Charmings do existI believe in Fairy tales


1) One last sad song for the shattered hearts..May they soon be healed.

One last sad song for the shattered heartsMay they soon be healed

2) 'When all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men..."

'When all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men

3) If there was no tomorrow what would you do ?

If there was no tomorrow what would you do

4) When it hurts this bad..there are no words but this...

When it hurts this badthere are no words but this

5) I will survive

I will survive

6) I Will Survive..even you..

I Will Surviveeven you


1) Private Messages for a Sugar Babyz

Private Messages for a Sugar Babyz

2) Ana's Not so Secret Erotica Stash

Ana39s Not so Secret Erotica Stash

3) "10 things YOU did not know about Me"

TEN Things You did not know about Me
Ana's Not so Secret Erotica Stash :)
Posted:May 22, 2013 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2020 11:02 am
Hello My Darling Sexy Readers,

A very good friend suggested I use an index here on my blog so I am taking her wonderful advice.

Here are the first 5 tales of my own adventures here on site..Hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed living them and writing them too.



The Index:

My Erotica in my Blog :

1) My Erotic Adventures on the site

My Erotic Adventures on the site

2) My ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming ...

My ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming

3) My Ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming : The Train

My Ongoing Erotic Adventures with Prince Charming The Train

4) "My Final Erotic Adventure with Prince Charming "

quotMy Final Erotic Adventure with Prince Charming quot

5) "Ana's Little Secret"..My further Erotic adventures with Prince Charming"

One of
Posted:Dec 28, 2014 10:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2015 1:19 am

Hello Darling Readers,

Happy New YEAR # 2015 xxoo to one and all. I had one of " those " emails and had to share it with you all...Now for all the years I've been a member of this site I've been helping out behind the scenes. I love to see members enjoy the site and do all I can to see to it that the site functions correctly and members who want to meet and connect with others can do exactly that.

Women members have told me the horror stories of rude or abusive emails from me..the endless parade of penis pix..the " Hey wanna F Me ? " emails and such. I have received my share and answer back as respectfully as I can..My friends here on site have warned me to never reply back to those emails as once a man is turned down, even nicely done as I do it, they become abusive. That had not happened to me until the one time I'd been exchanging emails with a local guy and sharing advice on site function with him to make his experience better when he suddenly demanded I meet him on a street in a town near me..Middle of the night..2 am ish..ALONE. I replied back thanking him but reminded him I was merely here to give and share news/advice. He did in fact become very angry and abusive and told me I was a total waste of time. I wrote back and thanked him for letting me know how he felt and wished him happiness/good luck on the site. He quit as a member not long after this email exchange. I had told my friends of the men asking me to meet them in hotels as they are out of town and I am within 50 miles of where they are staying and would I please come to Room # whatever to meet them and have sex ..( No thank you but thank you so much for asking me and all our other fabulous Ladies on site..Hope you enjoy your visit to the city 50 miles away from me. They always wrote back, thank you Ana..) Then there are the men who want to teach us female members how to lactate without being pregnant..( Um..no thank you but thanks for the nice email and I hope you find what you are looking for on our sites..) My girlfriends are aghast..WHY are you replying to these men ? ALL you will get is abuse..Well I reply, I tell them, because I am trying to be polite to everyone and respect everyone's right to use the site as they wish to find what they are seeking. I have spent time helping men rewrite their profiles so they stand out from everyone else's. I have been asked for advice on how to approach women, what photos to put on their profile and I am always happy to help where and when I can.

Fast forward to this new exchange of emails that happened this week..

I open my inbox to find..

Hi , I'm handsomm and I am coming to Oakland..wanna come to meet me or me to come to you ?

OK, No thank you..I am no where near Oakland and I wrote back the usual message detailing why I am on the site, what I do here and offering suggestions so his emails will " pop " when women open them and how he might then be guaranteed a reply. (This mans profile is set without any photos or profile photo and nothing is filled out beyond his age of 25. No location other then a city near Oakland. No idea of who this " handsomm " ( HIS spelling of the word btw ) man is yet he wants women to just show up in Oakland to have sex ?? By the way men..WOMEN really do look at profiles to get a general idea of who you are..and no photos and only a birth date do not tell them much.

I sent the email..No reply for a day or two then another one..

Hi I am ( insert his name which is part of his profile handle ) wanna meet and have fun ?

Ok..here we go again...

Hi Handsomm...You sent this email to me before and I replied..( I re sent my original email which obviously he had not read ) and wished him all the luck in the world and Happy New Year wishes..

He waited a few minutes and wrote back..

ok. sorry.

I was about to send an email back telling him he did not need to apologize to me as I was not offended and offering the suggestions so his emails to women will attract the ones he is seeking..

Only to find out..

handsomm blocked me from replying to him..

Sometimes you can help those who really want this site to work for them and sometimes you can't.

Good Luck so called " handsomm " man. I hope you find a way to make the site work for you.

Guys..Let this be a lesson for you. Women know what a penis looks like..It looks like all the other hundreds of photos she has been receiving. Why not make your profile stand out ? Stand out from the crowd of every other member here. Be unique. Show the ladies what makes you so " handsomm " before declaring yourself as such. Make an effort and perhaps then your emails will be read, your profile looked at and an invite to meet might just follow an exchange of emails.

Just another day here at A F F ..

Happy New Year # 2015..XXOO,

Your Faithful Journalist,


TOP FAN: Let's Play a fun game Or Not, your choice !!
Posted:Jul 2, 2014 4:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2015 1:21 am

Hello To My Faithful readers...

Happy Wed to You from your ever faithful A F F journalist. I hope your day is going great.

Now onto the reason for this wee blog post of mine. A few weeks ago I was talking with Andrew, our Founder/CEO of this site/company and he showed me some pages for the Top Fan game. I told him I thought ( and I still do ) that anything that helps members interact with one another, to spend more time on site and engaging with members, chatting, blogging, etc is always a good thing for the site and members alike. He explained to me it was going LIVE soon and I waited to see it...I expected some naysayers and hysteria induced comments from some who do not like anything this site does or try. I have witnessed this same thing over the women receiving free silver then gold to be a part of the Icebreaker programme. ( which I have never supported nor will I ) The affiliate's using member profiles. ( which I called in on it the day I spotted it to report to the dept's that we had a HUGE problem brewing and we needed to get in front of it. )

Ok, so I have seen a lot of posts, blogs, advice line threads going over and over this topic. I have also seen a lot of misinformation and the one HUGE thing Andrew wanted me to get across is this : YOU CAN OPT OUT OF THIS GAME AT ANY TIME YOU WISH. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PLAY OR PARTICIPATE IN IT. The game was started to get members to interact with one another. For years now I have heard women complain that men refuse to read or view their profiles or do not read it right..then I've heard members who are standard complain that they can not do anything on the site..This game was seen as a way to bridge the gap..To find a way to use the points to get members interacting more with the site. Not every member is a gold member or VIP. Perhaps if some men and women enjoy this game ( and I have seen a lot, A LOT of members are involved with the game. ) and if they are standard they might purchase memberships which helps this company stay afloat. Perhaps if the men and women are playing and enjoying the game they are interacting more with the site. Maybe we can look forward to more, new and interesting bloggers, chat room visitors and advice line threads...Isn't that something we should look forward too and not be against ?

Yes, we have many glitches being worked on. Yes, Site Support sees and reads all the messages and tries to get these things fixed quickly. As my Dear friend JN said, " This will take time to fix ." Andrew just came back full time in Dec. 2013..we are sorting through all sorts of issues, fakes, glitches, etc..you name it and it is being worked on. I am still working on getting colours/bling back on profiles. No one is forgetting to fix things...This game was just something fun created by the site to get members to interact more and have fun..for ALL not just the Gold members..for ALL.

Let me quote now from the Community Blog on this game. ( YES, I asked before I borrowed her words to share with you all here..)

The Top Fans program has been added to the site as a way to help members interact with anyone they like on the site and earn benefits while doing it.

By bidding points on members you like, you'll stand out not only to them, but receive added visibility across the site.

Top Fan benefits:

Standard members have the ability to gain free features, like viewing profiles, based on ranking.

i. Rank #1 unlocks all abilities on the table below
ii. Rank #2-10 unlocks all benefits except Contacting, messaging, flirting, or sending friend request

While Gold members already enjoy full access to all features on the site, they can also benefit by receiving added visibility to the members they like as well as more visibility across the site. This is especially useful for male members who want to stand out, especially when women get tons of emails every day. Gold members who rank in the top 10 will receive:

i. Top Fan Notifications
ii. Top Fans Profile Badge
iii. Profile Fan list/Leaderboard Visibility

The program is available to member's of all levels. You can opt out if you don't want to participate.

Daily Login Rewards

Members can earn rewards for logging into the site daily. Simply log on once every 24 hours for a maximum value of 35 points per day.

First-Time Bidder Rewards

Users will be rewarded points for making the first-time bid on a member profile. You can receive points for first-time bids a maximum of 3 times per day.

For a complete look at information and rules, please visit URL: http://AdultFriendFinder.com FriendFinder.com=TOP_FANS_PROGRAM

If I might suggest why not sit back and enjoy the game and if you are concerned in anyway about this game affecting you in a negative way, please OPT out of it. This game was designed to increase interaction between members NOT done to antagonize members. This site is a business and we are looking at ways we can increase our member base here.

Thanks for reading,

Happy HNW Hugss,

A F F Back in the Top Ten List for Online Dating Sites 2014...:)
Posted:Mar 5, 2014 2:58 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2015 1:19 am

Hello All & Happy WED to you,

Imagine my surprise when I checked my Yahoo news links and saw this fab little review by some experts putting Our site back in the top # 10. One day soon, I hope to see us at Number # 1 where we belong. All the changes going on around here and all the forward momentum has carried us right back to the list of Best Online Dating sites. In fact this site has more visitors then any other site.

I own a group page for this site over at FB and I shared the link there too. I did not care for the one word used to describe Our site " Hookup. " Yes that is what this social network can be used for. Yet there is so much more to this site then merely Hooking up. Men and Women , my sister for one, met their fiance/significant other on this very site. I have always thought this site was so much more then a place to get " laid. " This site can be anything our techs/employees/Owner deems it to be. I have met some of the best people I've ever known right here. My Prince Charming ? Right here. Family members use this site. My Best friends use this site.

Yes, in the review our site is at Number # 9 but we are climbing and with amazing members helping to create the magic and employees moving that magic forward there is no way we can fail.

Happy HUMP/Half Naked WED Hugss & Kisses & Thank you ALL for getting the site to where it is right now,

Your Favourite Journalist,



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