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On the way to the chapel  

areaventures404 39M
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11/13/2020 2:51 pm
On the way to the chapel

I was off at a work trip in Nashville waiting on my flight. One of my coworkers met me in the terminal as she had the same flight. at 11:30 pm, our flight was cancelled. This was on a Thursday and she had her<b> wedding </font></b>rehearsal on the next day at 4:00 and scheduled to get married the next morning.

They couldn't confirm our flight and she asked if I would mind driving through the night. We grabbed a car and hit the road at 1 in the morning.

At 4am, the delirium set in and we loaded up on caffine to stay awake.

a game of would you rather popped up and she kept asking me about work people I'd rather do. Then she included her own name with someone obviously not in her league. I declined to answer...

About an hour later she said we could pull off somewhere and get some sleep if we needed to. Luckily I was smart enough to recognize this as a HR nightmare, so I kept driving.

I've never spoken of this experience but she has made reference to the other games we've played in the car.

I certainly don't regret passing up the opportunity (if there even was one) but damn, why did all these opportunities pop up AFTER I was married.

Anyway, she made it in time for her Halloween<b> wedding </font></b>and I think their divorce paperwork was filled out by that Christmas.

I probably saved myself from getting my ass kicked from a redneck. She has remarried 4 more times since then. It might have been one of the smartest things I'd ever passed on.

so, was I reading too much into it or was I smart to just keep going.

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