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Baroness Fucks The faux femme!
Posted:May 19, 2018 12:54 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:42 am

I was greeted by the beautiful Baroness at Her residence and brought in to Her reception where I was invited to be seated in front of Her desk. The Baroness sat down and asked me what were my reasons for coming. (The aura that the Baroness gives off is that even though i'm clothed i feel like i'm standing before Her naked with a very small penis.) My reasons were largely irrelevant and Baroness interjected to tell me real the reason i was brought there. An avaricious smile came on Her face as She looked me up and down and I thought I could see pound sterling signs appear in Her eyes, "There are some very rich Arab boys who will pay me top dollar to use and abuse someone like you. Your reason to be here is to ensure you are trained and ready to please them. I can't have you embarrassing or showing me up when I've whored you out."
Momentarily i imagined i might get some money out of it but cold reality told me it would be a privelege just to get to be what i really am.
The first task was to strip off for Baroness to decide my attire for the session. Out of the draw came a pink bra and suspender belt and stockings which i put on. She had done Her homework on me and immediately decided with my dirty habits i needed to be put in chastity so i had my first humiliation of Baroness locking my 'thing' in a pink chastity device. Until now i had never had someone else put me in one. It's funny how when you put one on the cock decides to try and get hard.
I was then led through to the magnificently kitted out Infirmary with it's vast array of medical apparatus but none of it designed to assist patient recovery.
I was tied into the gynochair with legs akimbo ready for anal assessment. Firstly though, my well developed nipples seemed to catch the eye of the Baroness and She decided to put some pegs on them under my bra. She said the Arab boys love to have something to grope and these would serve them well. Then the Baroness inserted one, two and three fingers in my anus and the little roll of Her eyes suggested She knew was already dealing with an advanced type of sissy slut. After a cold metal plug had been inserted (i'm sure She refridgerates them for extra discomfort) and soon removed Baroness was very disappointed to see faecal matter on the tip of it. Her words were, "If the Arab boys see that on their cocks after they pull out you'll in big trouble with them and Me, that's totally unacceptable!"
The only thing for it was to receive an enema - my next and most humiliating moment. Baroness filled the water pouch and inserted the tube into my rectum. i felt like it was a nurse in a real hospital, very invasive and worse was to follow. A smallish butt plug was inserted to keep the fluids in. i then had to go to the toilet with Baroness watching and i sat on the pan where i was told to remove the plug from my arse. She told me to hold it in for as long as i could and during that time we chatted about my chronic masturbatory habits which Baroness intends to knock out of me. Not being able to hold the fluids in any longer Baroness permitted my release. My arse erupted with most vile squirting, squelching fart sounds which utterly disgusted the Baroness. She said she would come back later when i've finished, i'm sure She had better things to do. When my colonic expulsion was over my sissy maid instincts kicked in and i meticulously cleaned the toilet and butt plugs ready for Her return. As nothing was said about it i must have done a good job.
I returned to the gynochair where an amazing experience began. Firstly strong pegs were clipped all over my scrotum. Baroness said she loved the way after time they start sticking to the skin and this makes their sudden removal extra painful. Then the dreaded Wartenburg pin wheel appeared. This i know is one of Baroness' favourite weapons of choice to decimate the male ego. It was rolled along my groin and then my scrotum which was just bearable but when it arrived at my penis and my frenum the only thing to say is that i only wished that i never had a penis. Baroness was only pushing it through the gaps in my chastity device which was bad enough. God help any man who receives this with a fully erect penis - absolute purgatory! With that over with She then inserted a larger metal plug which was wired up to a very frightening looking electrics machine and switched on. With twiddles of buttons nice buzzing to begin with soon became a fierce vibration in my anus. This passed into my ball sack and then through to my cock which quickly got aroused in its cage. Baroness then brought the sounds over and surmised it wasn't practical to try and insert them with my device on so She removed the shaft piece which by now was flooded with my precum. Baroness then shoved the shaft piece into my mouth and told me to lick it clean and keep it there which meant i could now only communicate with stupid retarded noises. With all the precum Baroness didnt need to use any lube as she inserted my first sound as i was shaking with fear. To my surprise it went in really easy and deep so Baroness went a couple of sizes up which i then really felt invading my no longer private depths. A vibrating sound was subsequently forced down my Jap's eye and this sensation combined with the electrics engorged my cock and i knew a few minutes more of this would make me explode. Baroness sensed i was enjoying this too much and pulled the sound out. She then inserted a bevelled sound which made little unsettling 'pops' as each bead disappeared into the tip of my urethra which was intriguing. The shaft piece was finally removed from my mouth so i could speak. I foolishly requested Baroness to turn up the electric stimulator slightly as within a moment i was fighting my restraints shouting, "Oh god no Baroness please stop!!!" after Her mischievious fingers had ramped up the electricity charge. Peels of sadistic laughter reverberated around the infimary and the words "Careful what you wish for!" before Baroness took pity and switched off the machine. Ten seconds felt like ten days of that 'shocking' torture. My infirmary ordeal was finally over. From then i understood that Superior Females never issue apologies, only knowledge and wisdom. This was emphasised when She brought over two types of livestock castrators in close proximity to my defenceless testicles. Baroness told me about another of her subs that got caught masturbating at a bus stop. He was hauled in and needless to say what the outcome was so i heeded the warning against salacious thoughts and perverted actions.
Following a short delay and the joy of helping Baroness into Her beautiful fur coat i was fitted with a posture collar and led over to the Crash Testing Room (CTR). Across the courtyard i noticed another faux femme tied to an imitation street lamp post. I wondered if at some point she was going to be molested, groped and possibly worse by some male passers by. She might have got lucky.
Having seen (well, wanked over) some of the videos on the FS website i was well aware of what goes on in the CTR. The Baroness had two activities in mind for me. The first was over the bench for a CP exercise but first Baroness intended to conquer Her newly claimed territory in the only appropriate manner - with the strapon. She tried a short thick one to begin with and tried to get me to lube it up by ramming it hard into my mouth but my posture collar was too restrictive and i got a sore back of throat for my trouble. At some point I remember Baroness saying She was hitching up Her skirt to assign Her strap on and my voyeuristic urges desperately compelled me to try and perv but i was facing the corner and couldn't get enough neck turn with my collar. Immensely frustrating! Baroness then found a good size rubber cock to affirm Her authority over me and i soon felt her hips and thighs forcing against the back of mine "DEEP INSIDE!"
For my CP a cock gag was strapped to my mouth as i'm sure Baroness didn't wish to hear my yells and whining over the ensuing pain. Noticing this was twice now She had gagged me confirms males should simply not speak, only listen. She tested a selection of whips on me, one of which She had just purchased and didn't look like anything threatening but actually its fronds delivered some nasty licks. The last was the bullwhip. Baroness only caught me with a few gentle stripes and my gag prevented me from telling Her i wanted more. This will have to be explored further in my next session.
On my knees the finale waited before me at the central bench. A fucking machine had been set up especially for me. After all why would Baroness need to work up a sweat when She can get a machine to r*pe my arse for Her. i was summoned onto the bench on all fours with my gag still and my posture collar on and Baroness manacled my hands and ankles with a spreader bar to position my anus to meet the tip of the machine's pole. I then watched Baroness select a pretty hefty pair of nipple clamps from the rack and when She clamped them on and it was excruciating but i
did feel my cock stiffen a little. The clamps on a chain were then attached to a hoist above and slightly behind me. The fucking machine got moving and penetrating my pussy hole. I suddenly realised i was in a real predicament. When i tried to pull forward to ease my arse a little from the pumping dildo, the chain above yanked my nipples and created more agony so i was torn between that and the excruciating aching of my anus. Baroness undoubtedly planned this predicament and it was unfortunate for me i didn't arrange a safe sign so had no way of relief. More embarrassingly Baroness tried to wank my cock during the proceeding but it felt like it had disappeared. Baroness approvingly laughed and said that was the intention of all this emphasising the truth that a sissy does not need a cock but just a hungry hole to be relentlessly abused. I was so relieved when the ordeal was over. Don't even ask me what it felt like when the nipple clamps came off because there are no words. Cleaning up the mess that my arse had made with the fucking machine was actually a welcome pleasure.
Benevolently Baroness permitted me to lie on the bench and wank myself to a climax but despite Her affectionate efforts and pressing me with her delicious cleavage i couldn't get there as i was already busting for a pee and couldnt mentally override it. My loss! Baroness also told me to start speaking in a high pitched voice to compliment my sissy status. I will be sure to practice this voice ready for the next session. Session over but i know only the surfaced was scratched and a huge iceberg of depraved discovery lies beneath.
Throughout the session, though Baroness was dressed fairly conservatively with black blouse and below knee leather skirt and i was often surreptitiously eyeing Her with lust. i really hope next time the Baroness' attire will advance to latex to torment me that bit more.
susan x
Trials of a Cuckold
Posted:May 19, 2018 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:42 am

Susan had advertised himself on the kink sites as a bisexual sissy transvestite for a number of years. He was looking for a female who would indulge a long term cuckold/wittol relationship. Finally a woman named Yvette answered his call. She had been through the marriage mill with now grown up . She had played the dutiful wife all these years and been faithful to her now ex-husband. Many times through these years she had longed for sexual excitement outside the marriage but her conscience and fear of consequences kept her in check. Now the were out of the way things were different. She found the courage to demand a divorce and Jim offered little resistance. Yvette certainly didn’t want to find another man and start another vanilla relationship, she wanted something different. She read a magazine article about men who liked their wives to have sex with other men while they watched or assisted and though somewhat freaky, this really got Yvette’s bells ringing. It led her to research extensively into this fetish interest and everything about it pleased her. The thought of having a faithful, devoted and loving partner while having the freedom to enjoy sexual pursuits with others could lead to a wonderfully satisfying lifestyle.

Yvette arranged to meet Susan over coffee and discuss each other’s interests and goals. She was fully aware the relationship should not only be based on mutual sexual interest but also shared general interests, ideals, humour and pure attraction. Yvette found Susan to be a slim, fit, moderately good looking guy, articulate and personable as well as a convincing tranny which was a good start. She got him to discuss what kind of things he was looking for in a cuckold relationship. What Yvette then realised was how much assertiveness on her behalf was going to be required for a relationship like this to work. Yvette had never thought of herself as dominant over anyone or had ever tried to be but it was going to be necessary to fulfil the desires of both parties. What was delightful to hear from Susan was that he loved chastity and all the physical and psychological connotations that accompanied it. The idea of having a man’s penis locked up in a device and completely under her control as a key holder was extremely appealing. Susan admitted he had never as yet been in a sexual situation where he was restrained and a partner was pleasing herself with another in front of him so he could not guarantee how he would feel about it. Yvette decided she would immediately starting putting Susan to the test. She said,”Susan, I’m doing a lot of dating at the moment now I’m a free woman, so I’d like to see how keen you really are to embrace this lifestyle. To warn you it’s going to be very hard for you to keep up with me. I’m dating someone this evening and I want to test your obedience and resolve so if you can be available from 6pm I will text you your instructions later.”
A rush of excitement filled Susan over what might happen later this evening. At about 6pm He received the following text from Yvette, “Hi Susan, I’m meeting a guy for dinner at Carlito’s in town. Be there for 7pm sharp and wait on the opposite side of the road to Carlito’s. As it’s very cold outside be sure to wrap up warm.” Susan was somewhat puzzled at the request and how things were going to transpire this evening. Would he have any interaction during the date or would he meet her afterwards?

Susan made sure she was there just before 7pm opposite Carlito’s. Soon after she saw Yvette with a man across the street walking towards Carlito’s. He watched them go in and soon they were given a table at the front window where they sat down and made themselves comfortable. He could then see Yvette on her phone texting and moments later Susan’s phone pinged to signal an incoming message. Susan read Yvette’s message, “I can see you Susan, if you can move further down the road but still remain in my view I will be in touch soon.” Susan moved down the road as instructed and waiting trying to look as casual and inconspicuous as possible. It was perishing cold and he was glad he wore thermals, hat, scarf and gloves. Only his feet were unable to withstand getting cold. About an hour later another text pinged on Susan’s phone, a message from Yvette. It read, “I can see from this distance your feet are getting cold from the way you are stamping them. Assuming you are wearing zip front trousers I want you to discreetly take out your genitals and let them hang outside of your trousers. Don’t worry, your long over coat will keep you from any embarrassment but I want your cock and balls to be cold like your feet.” Susan obeyed and with a little awkward movement to get them past pants and thermal leggings they were out. Yvette was right, after the cold wind had drafted up under his coat a few times his balls and foreskin did feel the bite of cold. To pass the time Susan wondered and contemplated the reward of his suffering.

About an hour later another message pinged and Susan could distantly make out Yvette and her companion were getting up to leave. The next message read, “We are just going down the road to a bar for a couple of drinks. Follow us at a distance and then wait outside.” On exiting Carlito’s Susan watched Yvette lean in to the man as she walked along. They soon arrived at Misty’s club bar and entered. Susan waited again and drifted into fantasy about how the evening might turn out. Would Yvette finally invite him to join them or perhaps even better have some kind of threesome fun.

Time passed slowly but eventually the couple emerged from bar entrance. They hugged and cheek kissed before the man turned and walked off down the street. Yvette stood alone at the edge of the pavement and waited. About a minute later she raised her hand. Susan momentarily thought she was signalling him to come over but then a taxi suddenly pulled up and Yvette got in. It drove off and Susan felt the sting of embarrassment and humiliation sweep across the skin of his wind chilled face. A few moments later his phone pinged and he read the message, ”Thank you for this evening Susan. Now go home and get yourself warm and I’ll be in touch soon. Good night.” More prickles crossed his face to drive home the disappointment but for now he was more concerned to get out of the cold and think about it later.

Later in bed Susan did think about it. The humiliation was actually very arousing. He had always felt like a person on the outside looking in and now it was happening literally. This arrangement happened another couple of times before Yvette decided to push things further. After another lunch together, Yvette announced she wanted to nudge things along. She was now on web sites where attached women were looking for a little on the side. She had sifted out a few potential dates and found a guy who was perfectly agreeable for her ‘partner’ to have full knowledge of her activities. Yvette informed Susan that all would become clear on the date. The following evening Susan was ordered by Yvette to reserve her a room at the Winston Hotel in town and to be wearing a chastity device under his attire and to also bring the key to its lock. Once there, Susan gave her the key and they waited in the foyer for a short while before her date appeared. Yvette and Susan stood up to greet him. Yvette said, “Hello Bryn, I’m Yvette and this is my partner Susan.” Susan’s cheek reddened at being introduced with a girl’s name. Yvette kindly interjected and said Susan should go and pay for the room so they all went over to the check-in desk. Once the concierge had booked them in Susan wondered what he must be thinking of this odd menage-a-trois. When they arrived at their room door Yvette commandeded Susan to unzip his trousers and pull them and his pants down slightly. Brynn could now see Susan was wearing a pink chastity device and really didn’t know where to look. Yvette said, “This is how I like to keep my partner when I am with other men as she dangled the key on it’s little chain. Susan, pull your pants up. You are now to wait outside this room until we come out. If anyone passes by and asks why you are standing outside you are to answer ‘I’m just waiting for my wife to finish her business’, understood?.” Brynn was now smirking wryly as he and Yvette entered the room and the door clicked shut in Susan’s face. Susan could hear the two of them laughing loudly inside the room imagining it was almost certainly at his expense. It soon went quiet and Susan’s anxiety compelled him to bring his ear to the door to listen. Shortly after, Susan felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned round to see a waitress carrying a room service tray who said, “Excuse me sir, are you locked out of your room?”. Susan’s stomach churned with nausea and embarrassment at the response he had to make but worse was to come. His phone rang and it was Yvette who said, “Tell whoever that is ‘this is the business she’s finishing’ and pass the phone to her. Susan handed the phone over and the waitress listened. The sound of grunts and sighs as bodies slapped together came down the phone. The waitress handed the phone back, put her hand across her mouth and walked away down the corridor trying to stifle giggles and maintain the tray’s balance with great difficulty. The next two hours went by uneventfully thankfully for Susan. It was nothing of the sort for Yvette and Brynn when they appeared at the door with damp hair and flushed faces. Susan could smell that they had just showered together and a surge of lustful jealousy went through him as he imagined their wayward hands swilling each other’s soapy bodies. Yvette had one last nasty surprise for Susan and said, “Susan, Brynn and I are going for a drink and then making our way home. Here’s your chastity key. I want you to go into the room, take your clothes and your chastity device off and lie on the bed. You will see Brynn’s used condom on the bedside drawer. Put it in your mouth, make the cum ooze out by chewing it and masturbate yourself thinking about what we’ve just been doing. Once you’re done, have a shower and put your device back on. As the room’s all yours now you can sleepover if you like. I’ll be in touch.” Susan did exactly that since it made a nice change to stay in a hotel room but it was an uncomfortable night’s sleep as he kept getting aroused and the pain of his cock being prevented from hardening woke him up numerous times.

Yvette was pleased with Susan’s progress in the relationship and had enjoyed humiliating him as a man. Now she wanted to do it to Susan as a transvestite. They arranged to go as a couple to a swingers club, one which had a good number of single people too. It was fun getting ready for the night ahead and Yvette helped Susan with his make-up and getting dressed. Yvette felt a sense of warmth and pride as she surreptitiously observed Susan on the way in the taxi but it was going to be another ordeal for her submissive sissy. They arrived and got settled at the club by mingling and chatting with some people. Yvette liked these clubs in the way the chit chat was a feeler as to who you might partner up and have fun with later. Yvette told Susan to leave her alone for a while so she could go and chat with a couple of men she had her eye on. After a while Yvette called Susan to come over and told him to accompany her to the ‘lockable room’. Once in the room Yvette introduced Mark and Shaun to Susan and he curtseyed to them which made them smile. Yvette told Susan to lift the front of her skirt up exposing his caged appendage and said, “ As you can see guys, my partner is under my control this evening and will do everything I tell him to. His cock will take no part in the proceedings and I might allow him to watch us. Susan, for now can you turn and face the wall!”

Behind her Susan heard the rustle of clothing and increasing breaths along with the sound of male mouths sucking and slavering over female flesh. The sounds then soon switched to Yvette’s mouth where she had obviously gone down on her knees to give oral sex. The slight pause between each slurp and gag suggested she was going from one cock to the other. Susan started to harden in his cage and the familiar constrictive pain seared through his penis. To now he had not disobeyed Yvette once and wondered what harm could be done by taking just a quick peek. He turned to look and was immediately met with a sharp feminine reprimand, “I never said you could turn round, face the wall now, wimp!” A sting of shame and embarrassment struck Susan as Yvette quietly informed her lovers I would be dealt with later. The squeak of springs informed Susan that three bodies had gotten onto the bed and the gasps and brushing of skin confirmed the action was now getting serious. A crinkle of wrapper followed by a snap of rubber meant that cocks were stiff and now ready to go to work. Susan heard Yvette’s first deep sigh as the first cock penetrated and then there was a more agonised sigh as the other presumably entered her anus. Susan tried to imagine their position and surmised Yvette must be on top of one and the other kneeled doggy behind. A slowly increasing rhythm of male grunts and female gasps started to build and the room got noticeably warmer and humid from the energised and perspiring bodies. Susan longed to be able to masturbate and released or at least be allowed to watch but his otological torment continued. The sound of nipples been sucked hungrily signalled the nearing of Yvette’s climax. She shouted, “God I’m gonna cum, cum with me you dirty fuckers!”. A male and female voice subsequently resonated the room with their orgasm and Susan squirmed in a mental anguish of envy and arousal. He wondered what happened to the other man’s climax and Yvette gave the answer, “Oh Mark, if you haven’t come yet you can finish off inside Susan. Susan, can you bend over, slowly lift your skirt and keep your cheeks parted with your hands.” Mark watched and needed no second invitation. He slipped out of Yvette’s anus, went to grab a bit of lube and within seconds his freshly smeared cock was prodding at Susan’s entrance. The cooler air around Susan’s open cheeks was soon overwhelmed by the heat and pain from Mark’s searing shaft as it surged it’s way in. Susan brought his hands to rest on his knees for better balance as strong male hands gripped his hips. A familiar thud of discomfort hit Susan’s anal wall and thrusts rattled his flaccid penis in its cage. Susan never got an erection during anal sex because his male responses were completely switched off. While watching, Yvette stated that when he was ready to come Mark was welcome to whip off his condom and shoot in Susan’s mouth. That was exactly what he ended up doing so Susan had another load of sperm digesting in his stomach.

As the months went by Yvette and Susan got much closer and were now living together. Yvette’s dominion of Susan had also progressed and she now had Susan in permanent chastity which was much easier to enforce living under the same roof. Susan was kept very busy and always had a list of chores to complete after his day at work. Yvette is very health conscious and ensured a strict diet for Susan so he would always perform at his best and without the lethargy caused by alcohol, drugs, smoking or over indulgent eating. Though there was much intimacy between them Yvette always preferred to sleep alone unless she had a lover stay over. The level of authority Yvette had in the relationship was emphasised in the fact that she had a lock on her bedroom door and Susan’s room had the door removed from its hinges to ensure no privacy. Yvette regularly had lovers in her bed and it depended on the persuasion of her lover as to how much Susan was involved. The least was that Susan had to leave the house the whole time he was there and stay /sleep in the car. The most involvement was Susan being used as a mattress for Yvette to lie on while she was being fucked. This was very pleasurable for Susan when coital juices trickled down past Yvette’s anus and into Susan’s mouth.

One day Susan came home from work as usual and as he stepped through the door he was immediately greeted by the sound of female moans coming from upstairs. Yvette had never made an arrangement without letting him know before which was strange. There was a trail of man’s and woman’s clothing leading up the stairs which he followed towards the noises coming from Yvette’s room. On entering, on the bed he saw a huge black, naked muscular body embraced by a pair of slim white arms and two small feet bookending his neck. The only real movement was powerful glutes driving downwards and inwards. Susan stood and watched open mouthed for what seemed like a few minutes as they continued oblivious of his presence. Then Yvette turned her head to one side and caught sight of Susan as the stupefied voyeur and just brazenly held his gaze as she gasped at every thrust of her lover. With his face buried in Yvette’s neck the huge black beast made a final thrust and let out a huge grunt and spewed his seed deep inside her. Still staring at Susan, tears of joy rolled from Yvette’s eyes as the huge bulk sagged with spent fatigue on top of her.

Susan said, “How come you didn’t tell me about this Yvette?”

Smiling in afterglow and smoothing her hands up and down her lover’s back Yvette replied, “Darling, this is the next step of our evolving relationship. Could you get a new front door key cut as Leon here will be needing it. Don’t worry it won’t affect anything between us, he’ll just be regularly dropping by. Now run along, there’s a list of jobs written down in the kitchen. Oh, and close the door behind you.”

Susan’s arms and legs felt numb and limp but his cock was expanding fiercely inside its cage. He turned and walked out, closing the door quietly behind him to go downstairs and get on with the tasks assigned. Susan wondered whatever would be next….
Caged sissy!
Posted:Mar 2, 2017 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:42 am

This is a part-fantasy but I'm not sure if I want it to come true. The first part is completely true and becomes fantasy when I beg her. I met C at a bi-sex club where I was dressed in drag. We played with others there and I got her number afterwards. From then we had crazy bouts of texting and I was soon addicted and couldn't wait for her next text. C decided though this wasn't enough and wanted to consummate our mental connection with a proper relationship. In my situation this was going to prove very difficult to free myself up for her which she was furious about. She also said I wasn't really in her league of social circles so it wouldn't work out. With all the texting I had become desperate for her incredible mind as well as body and didn't want to give this up. She had got me hooked and I was happy to be dangled by her. I had never been so seduced mentally by a woman and it was far more powerful than physical allure. I sent her a begging message to just consider if I could be some regular part of her life if not a partner and that I would do absolutely anything for her in any capacity. C said she would consider this and get back to me. A long ten days later she sent a lengthy text. What it contained made my throat tighten and head throb in anxiety but my body start shaking with lust and immediately precum oozed out my cock. This was what her email said:
Hiya Susan, I've had a good think about your offer and come up with a list of my demands that it will take for you to continue being involved in my life. Since I already get satisfying sex from my other partners and friends I won't be in any need of your somewhat inadequate semi soft cock any more and you certainly are a sissy compared to the handsome, iron hard Dom cocks I am used to. Also I am certainly in no need of any emotional support from you so this will all be purely for my whim and personal gain and have no consideration for your noticibly fragile emotional well-being. However I do like sissies and wouldn't mind having a bitch round regularly to do as I please with. I've made a list below which is complete for now but always subject to additional conditions as I deem fit to change. The bottom line is, if you cannot meet any of the requirements below DO NOT BOTHER to ever contact me again;
1. Since you are a sad vicarious wanker you are to NEVER have sex with a woman again. I was your last and it will remain that way. From now on the only sexual contact youll have will be with men at my direction. Your vasectomy becomes irrelevant as your penis is no longer a sexual tool.
2. You will permanently wear a specially designed chastity device called an Impaler Model 01 from rigidchastiy.com that will prevent any kind of sexual penile stimulation. You will need to get a Prince Albert piercing in your bell end to accomodate the device. You will NEVER have a penile orgasm again and only gain orgasm through anal sex at my discretion. You will wear this device permanently when not around me as it has small sprinkler holes for you to piss through. If in emergency you do need to remove it you will have to arrange to meet me at my convenience to unlock you. Breaking this rule will result in dismissal and permanent loss of contact with myself.
3. You will buy a custom made vertical bar, stand up cage for you to be locked in at my home when I am around and when I am entertaining guests or working. You will fit your attendance around your job and when im at home. As much of your spare time as possible will be spent in this cage. It will be kept in a corner out of view of myself but within earshot of all my activities. You will also have full earphones and blindfold if I require you to put them on for my privacy. If I entertain bi or gay men you will present a shaven arsehole and a willing mouth through the cage gap ready to be fucked at any time. I will also let trusted friends stay at my place when I'm not there and you will give your body for them do as they please.
4. You will always be in my presence as a made up TV. I NEVER for any reason wish to see you as a male and only envision you as when I first met you in any context and you are to remove all clothing outside the front door and leave them outside before coming inside.
5. You are to buy and replenish a large selection of canes and whips to be kept next to your cage. They will be used on you to relieve any stress or frustration I may have in any other part of my life or simply for my fun. Be prepared to take some severe lashings. You will also purchase any other BDSM implement I so desire.
6. I will take complete control of your finances. I will require all your banking passwords and details of all your savings and pension. You will be allowed just enough money for a cheap flatshare nearby and I will micromanage all your spending so theres plenty left for me. Of course I will not overspend and keep you healthy enough to work long term. Rest assured there will be nothing left of your wages each month for yourself. Any funds remaining will be transferred by you to my account each month
7. I will want every password to everything you go online for though it's unlikely you will have time for any internet use while serving me. All viewing of porn will stop as I will now be your object of desire and devotion.
8. You won't spend all your time in a cage. I like a scrupulously clean house and you will clean it every time thoroughly before your caging. You may be given other jobs and errands ad hoc to perform. I will entrust you with a key to let yourself in so you can make sure my flat is spotless before I get home.
9. I will need to know everything about your job. If you have any spare time at work I will try to get you using it for me though I will not encroach on the professionalism you need to maintain staying in the job. I want all your work contact details, managers names, numbers, emails etc so I can threaten blackmail if you are not meeting my demands. You will book your holiday time to fit around my schedule and do work for me.
10. I know you like fitness and you will need to maintain this in my service. The best way is for you to cycle commute to work and back so you will not have to waste any time keeping fit during your (actually my) free time. I need to live healthy with a good diet and I expect you to do quality food shopping for me though you will maintain a frugal and austere but healthy lifestyle.
11. You said you wanted to be filmed in porn. I will take video of you in extremely compromised positions and use the footage as leverage against you and in any way I see fit for my advantage.
I realise this is all going to be a huge change in your life and you will need time to make adjustments to make yourself ready for me like the healing of your piercing. But you can start doing some of the things on the list which will prove your intentions until you are ready to present yourself at my door as a slave. I know what makes you tick and you only live for sensual pleasure so you will be rewarded accordingly and achieve a very satisfying sex life despite never being able to use your cock. I will see you get plenty of anal orgasms for good work and behaviour. Gradually you will adapt mentally to accept that pleasure can only be through anal stimulation which will replace your wretched chronic masturbatory habits. Eventually your penis will become useless and only used for urination so, much later down the line you may want to remove it. Then you will need a female chastity device. Oooh the possibilities! S x
Seven Deadly Sexy Sins
Posted:Jan 2, 2016 1:14 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2016 1:21 am

I've been having a think about how I personally commit these sins since many of which I don't commit in the more obvious sense. I'd be very interested to know from you peeps how you see them.

This is probably one of the more literal ones as for me as its all about sexual desire. Wherever I am, I am ALWAYS looking at people in a sexual way. Most people are a straight 'No' since they have no appeal whatsoever. Vainly every attractive man or woman initiates the seeds of lust in me and my first thoughts are how they look naked and then to visualise having some form of sex with them. If those thoughts please me my lust for them will grow. The problem is that actualisation of my lust is so difficult and time consuming with all the hard work involved in meeting, getting them interested and then all the chasing (often with no end result) that I turn to other forms of gratification of my lust. This is where TV and porn satisfy so much longing. I don't agree with anyone who says "yeah but porn is boring because its just not the same as real sex". Yes the skin contact is wonderful but the brain is where it all goes on. To me watching beautiful men and women have all kinds of sex can bring all the pleasure required to my own body to sate it's lust with countless orgasms. To someone like myself who finds meeting people toward the sexual act very difficult because of personality deficiencies, porn is a godsend for someone so lustful by nature.

Most of us imagine this has to do with eating too much food but the term is much broader. Glutton for punishment is an interesting phrase since it can incorporate the willingness to endure constant pain or frustration to finally reach fulfillment. This can be sexual too, for example, in BDSM to perhaps endure sadistic punishment and torture to gain sexual gratification. I have been very guilty of this when submitting myself to a Master who has put me through humiliating and painful trials like armpit licking and skullfucking so I can gorge myself on the rapture of having my arse fucked brutally. I guess in a sense I am a sexual glutton.

We are all guilty of physical laziness to some degree but my sin of sloth is far more serious. Sloth is historically referred to as spiritual laziness where I don't use my knowledge and goodness to help others. I have allowed Lust to completely absorb my thoughts and desires so that my only goal is to gratify the sensations of my cock and arsehole to bring pleasure to my brain. If there is a God and the promise of a Kingdom to come, this slothness will undoubtedly be the eternal death of me. Shit happens!

This is an awful trait that causes so much misery amongst humanity. Thankfully my sin of envy isn't detrimental to others. I envy women. I am jealous of their beauty, grace, style, sexiness and everything physical about them such that I want to be one. It's part of my personality to cross dress and do everything I can to feel like a woman. This was why I got into anal sex so I could know what it's like to be penetrated and fucked like a girl and I absolutely love it. So often when I watch porn I imagine I'm that woman doing the wonderful cocksucking. My envy though doesn't make me hate women but inspires me to worship them like the Goddesses they are. Please let me be one in my next life! God bless all you cuckolds out there who graciously allow their women to enjoy themselves with others and feeling no jealousy or envy.

Since I don't have greed for food, money or power (the latter two brings the most evil amongst humanity) I suppose it has to be sexual greed. I think only the 60 seconds after an orgasm do I feel no want for anything whatsoever but immediately then the first stirs of desire and the quest towards climax begins again. As I've mentioned above my radar is always set to alert and constantly judging people for sexual suitability. I can't really complain about the amount of sex I've had to date but I know I want a lot more than I'm getting. Porn allows me to feed my greed daily and I can never get enough of the likes of Valentina Nappi, Anna Bell Peaks and TS Carolina Ramirez. My greed also extends to lusting for both sexes these days. It was always just women up until 10 years ago when my dormant underlying interest in cock started to surface, principally triggered by the oral sex porn seeing how delicious cocks seemed to be. It was something I just had to try. I never looked back and now enjoy sucking cock as much as licking the puss.

Because of my pride I really thought at one point I was gonna remain a virgin all my life. Undoubtedly my shyness, upbringing and self consciousness contributed to my repression but it was pride also that stopped me getting laid. From a young age looking at Page 3 girls I set myself a standard that I was only interested in girls at least as pretty as them, even if it was mostly make-up. As teenage years went by it became apparent that no beautiful girls were interested in me, understandably so, I'm not Brad Pitt. I held this standard into my twenties and realised I was looking like some weird sad freak that my peers all had steady girlfriends/relationships and I was still a virgin. Finally I had to break free of this rut so went to live in Italy. Though I could speak some lingo I thought that would be an even bigger barrier alond with my pride. But one night I just got lucky and a cute Italian girl approached me in a disco and I could finally swallow my pride and, at age 25, be a normal human. Pride still guides me somewhat but not to stop me getting some sex occasionally.

Cant say much on this subject as it will get blocked. My wrath is against the conditioning we are all subject to and I wish everyones eyes be opened and we can really enjoy our sexuality by being what we want to be and not told to be. Let a woman have three or four husbands if that's what she and they want.
Posted:Oct 24, 2015 12:16 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 12:45 pm

I really love the way my sexuality has evolved over the last 6-7 years. I've completely freed myself from society's conditioning as to how we should behave sexually but I still have to remain discreet since I live and work in a homophobic environment. It does annoy me how the majority still deem gays, Bisexuals as outcasts of humanity. I don't know who the hell ordained homosexuality and lesbianism as a 'sin' since they have no detrimental effect whatsoever on society as compared to stealing, greed for money and power, violence, drugs and war. The argument it brings about disease is simply due to excess and recklessness which brings about problems in anything else like eating and drinking. Dont even get me started on smoking which is the epitomy of selfishness and stupidity. Anyway it's wonderfully liberating to enjoy both cock and pussy in the same sense. To date though sadly I have only enjoyed them separately. I can only imagine the taste and smell of them in union with my mouth so willing to please them both simultaneously (couples hint hint )

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