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Baroness Fucks The faux femme!  

awaygames69 50M
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5/19/2018 12:54 pm
Baroness Fucks The faux femme!

I was greeted by the beautiful Baroness at Her residence and brought in to Her reception where I was invited to be seated in front of Her desk. The Baroness sat down and asked me what were my reasons for coming. (The aura that the Baroness gives off is that even though i'm clothed i feel like i'm standing before Her naked with a very small penis.) My reasons were largely irrelevant and Baroness interjected to tell me real the reason i was brought there. An avaricious smile came on Her face as She looked me up and down and I thought I could see pound sterling signs appear in Her eyes, "There are some very rich Arab boys who will pay me top dollar to use and abuse someone like you. Your reason to be here is to ensure you are trained and ready to please them. I can't have you embarrassing or showing me up when I've whored you out."
Momentarily i imagined i might get some money out of it but cold reality told me it would be a privelege just to get to be what i really am.
The first task was to strip off for Baroness to decide my attire for the session. Out of the draw came a pink bra and suspender belt and stockings which i put on. She had done Her homework on me and immediately decided with my dirty habits i needed to be put in chastity so i had my first humiliation of Baroness locking my 'thing' in a pink chastity device. Until now i had never had someone else put me in one. It's funny how when you put one on the cock decides to try and get hard.
I was then led through to the magnificently kitted out Infirmary with it's vast array of medical apparatus but none of it designed to assist patient recovery.
I was tied into the gynochair with legs akimbo ready for anal assessment. Firstly though, my well developed nipples seemed to catch the eye of the Baroness and She decided to put some pegs on them under my bra. She said the Arab boys love to have something to grope and these would serve them well. Then the Baroness inserted one, two and three fingers in my anus and the little roll of Her eyes suggested She knew was already dealing with an advanced type of sissy slut. After a cold metal plug had been inserted (i'm sure She refridgerates them for extra discomfort) and soon removed Baroness was very disappointed to see faecal matter on the tip of it. Her words were, "If the Arab boys see that on their cocks after they pull out you'll in big trouble with them and Me, that's totally unacceptable!"
The only thing for it was to receive an enema - my next and most humiliating moment. Baroness filled the water pouch and inserted the tube into my rectum. i felt like it was a nurse in a real hospital, very invasive and worse was to follow. A smallish butt plug was inserted to keep the fluids in. i then had to go to the toilet with Baroness watching and i sat on the pan where i was told to remove the plug from my arse. She told me to hold it in for as long as i could and during that time we chatted about my chronic masturbatory habits which Baroness intends to knock out of me. Not being able to hold the fluids in any longer Baroness permitted my release. My arse erupted with most vile squirting, squelching fart sounds which utterly disgusted the Baroness. She said she would come back later when i've finished, i'm sure She had better things to do. When my colonic expulsion was over my sissy maid instincts kicked in and i meticulously cleaned the toilet and butt plugs ready for Her return. As nothing was said about it i must have done a good job.
I returned to the gynochair where an amazing experience began. Firstly strong pegs were clipped all over my scrotum. Baroness said she loved the way after time they start sticking to the skin and this makes their sudden removal extra painful. Then the dreaded Wartenburg pin wheel appeared. This i know is one of Baroness' favourite weapons of choice to decimate the male ego. It was rolled along my groin and then my scrotum which was just bearable but when it arrived at my penis and my frenum the only thing to say is that i only wished that i never had a penis. Baroness was only pushing it through the gaps in my chastity device which was bad enough. God help any man who receives this with a fully erect penis - absolute purgatory! With that over with She then inserted a larger metal plug which was wired up to a very frightening looking electrics machine and switched on. With twiddles of buttons nice buzzing to begin with soon became a fierce vibration in my anus. This passed into my ball sack and then through to my cock which quickly got aroused in its cage. Baroness then brought the sounds over and surmised it wasn't practical to try and insert them with my device on so She removed the shaft piece which by now was flooded with my precum. Baroness then shoved the shaft piece into my mouth and told me to lick it clean and keep it there which meant i could now only communicate with stupid retarded noises. With all the precum Baroness didnt need to use any lube as she inserted my first sound as i was shaking with fear. To my surprise it went in really easy and deep so Baroness went a couple of sizes up which i then really felt invading my no longer private depths. A vibrating sound was subsequently forced down my Jap's eye and this sensation combined with the electrics engorged my cock and i knew a few minutes more of this would make me explode. Baroness sensed i was enjoying this too much and pulled the sound out. She then inserted a bevelled sound which made little unsettling 'pops' as each bead disappeared into the tip of my urethra which was intriguing. The shaft piece was finally removed from my mouth so i could speak. I foolishly requested Baroness to turn up the electric stimulator slightly as within a moment i was fighting my restraints shouting, "Oh god no Baroness please stop!!!" after Her mischievious fingers had ramped up the electricity charge. Peels of sadistic laughter reverberated around the infimary and the words "Careful what you wish for!" before Baroness took pity and switched off the machine. Ten seconds felt like ten days of that 'shocking' torture. My infirmary ordeal was finally over. From then i understood that Superior Females never issue apologies, only knowledge and wisdom. This was emphasised when She brought over two types of livestock castrators in close proximity to my defenceless testicles. Baroness told me about another of her subs that got caught masturbating at a bus stop. He was hauled in and needless to say what the outcome was so i heeded the warning against salacious thoughts and perverted actions.
Following a short delay and the joy of helping Baroness into Her beautiful fur coat i was fitted with a posture collar and led over to the Crash Testing Room (CTR). Across the courtyard i noticed another faux femme tied to an imitation street lamp post. I wondered if at some point she was going to be molested, groped and possibly worse by some male passers by. She might have got lucky.
Having seen (well, wanked over) some of the videos on the FS website i was well aware of what goes on in the CTR. The Baroness had two activities in mind for me. The first was over the bench for a CP exercise but first Baroness intended to conquer Her newly claimed territory in the only appropriate manner - with the strapon. She tried a short thick one to begin with and tried to get me to lube it up by ramming it hard into my mouth but my posture collar was too restrictive and i got a sore back of throat for my trouble. At some point I remember Baroness saying She was hitching up Her skirt to assign Her strap on and my voyeuristic urges desperately compelled me to try and perv but i was facing the corner and couldn't get enough neck turn with my collar. Immensely frustrating! Baroness then found a good size rubber cock to affirm Her authority over me and i soon felt her hips and thighs forcing against the back of mine "DEEP INSIDE!"
For my CP a cock gag was strapped to my mouth as i'm sure Baroness didn't wish to hear my yells and whining over the ensuing pain. Noticing this was twice now She had gagged me confirms males should simply not speak, only listen. She tested a selection of whips on me, one of which She had just purchased and didn't look like anything threatening but actually its fronds delivered some nasty licks. The last was the bullwhip. Baroness only caught me with a few gentle stripes and my gag prevented me from telling Her i wanted more. This will have to be explored further in my next session.
On my knees the finale waited before me at the central bench. A fucking machine had been set up especially for me. After all why would Baroness need to work up a sweat when She can get a machine to r*pe my arse for Her. i was summoned onto the bench on all fours with my gag still and my posture collar on and Baroness manacled my hands and ankles with a spreader bar to position my anus to meet the tip of the machine's pole. I then watched Baroness select a pretty hefty pair of nipple clamps from the rack and when She clamped them on and it was excruciating but i
did feel my cock stiffen a little. The clamps on a chain were then attached to a hoist above and slightly behind me. The fucking machine got moving and penetrating my pussy hole. I suddenly realised i was in a real predicament. When i tried to pull forward to ease my arse a little from the pumping dildo, the chain above yanked my nipples and created more agony so i was torn between that and the excruciating aching of my anus. Baroness undoubtedly planned this predicament and it was unfortunate for me i didn't arrange a safe sign so had no way of relief. More embarrassingly Baroness tried to wank my cock during the proceeding but it felt like it had disappeared. Baroness approvingly laughed and said that was the intention of all this emphasising the truth that a sissy does not need a cock but just a hungry hole to be relentlessly abused. I was so relieved when the ordeal was over. Don't even ask me what it felt like when the nipple clamps came off because there are no words. Cleaning up the mess that my arse had made with the fucking machine was actually a welcome pleasure.
Benevolently Baroness permitted me to lie on the bench and wank myself to a climax but despite Her affectionate efforts and pressing me with her delicious cleavage i couldn't get there as i was already busting for a pee and couldnt mentally override it. My loss! Baroness also told me to start speaking in a high pitched voice to compliment my sissy status. I will be sure to practice this voice ready for the next session. Session over but i know only the surfaced was scratched and a huge iceberg of depraved discovery lies beneath.
Throughout the session, though Baroness was dressed fairly conservatively with black blouse and below knee leather skirt and i was often surreptitiously eyeing Her with lust. i really hope next time the Baroness' attire will advance to latex to torment me that bit more.
susan x

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