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Caged sissy!  

awaygames69 50M
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3/2/2017 12:29 pm
Caged sissy!

This is a part-fantasy but I'm not sure if I want it to come true. The first part is completely true and becomes fantasy when I beg her. I met C at a bi-sex club where I was dressed in drag. We played with others there and I got her number afterwards. From then we had crazy bouts of texting and I was soon addicted and couldn't wait for her next text. C decided though this wasn't enough and wanted to consummate our mental connection with a proper relationship. In my situation this was going to prove very difficult to free myself up for her which she was furious about. She also said I wasn't really in her league of social circles so it wouldn't work out. With all the texting I had become desperate for her incredible mind as well as body and didn't want to give this up. She had got me hooked and I was happy to be dangled by her. I had never been so seduced mentally by a woman and it was far more powerful than physical allure. I sent her a begging message to just consider if I could be some regular part of her life if not a partner and that I would do absolutely anything for her in any capacity. C said she would consider this and get back to me. A long ten days later she sent a lengthy text. What it contained made my throat tighten and head throb in anxiety but my body start shaking with lust and immediately precum oozed out my cock. This was what her email said:
Hiya Susan, I've had a good think about your offer and come up with a list of my demands that it will take for you to continue being involved in my life. Since I already get satisfying sex from my other partners and friends I won't be in any need of your somewhat inadequate semi soft cock any more and you certainly are a sissy compared to the handsome, iron hard Dom cocks I am used to. Also I am certainly in no need of any emotional support from you so this will all be purely for my whim and personal gain and have no consideration for your noticibly fragile emotional well-being. However I do like sissies and wouldn't mind having a bitch round regularly to do as I please with. I've made a list below which is complete for now but always subject to additional conditions as I deem fit to change. The bottom line is, if you cannot meet any of the requirements below DO NOT BOTHER to ever contact me again;
1. Since you are a sad vicarious wanker you are to NEVER have sex with a woman again. I was your last and it will remain that way. From now on the only sexual contact youll have will be with men at my direction. Your vasectomy becomes irrelevant as your penis is no longer a sexual tool.
2. You will permanently wear a specially designed chastity device called an Impaler Model 01 from rigidchastiy.com that will prevent any kind of sexual penile stimulation. You will need to get a Prince Albert piercing in your bell end to accomodate the device. You will NEVER have a penile orgasm again and only gain orgasm through anal sex at my discretion. You will wear this device permanently when not around me as it has small sprinkler holes for you to piss through. If in emergency you do need to remove it you will have to arrange to meet me at my convenience to unlock you. Breaking this rule will result in dismissal and permanent loss of contact with myself.
3. You will buy a custom made vertical bar, stand up cage for you to be locked in at my home when I am around and when I am entertaining guests or working. You will fit your attendance around your job and when im at home. As much of your spare time as possible will be spent in this cage. It will be kept in a corner out of view of myself but within earshot of all my activities. You will also have full earphones and blindfold if I require you to put them on for my privacy. If I entertain bi or gay men you will present a shaven arsehole and a willing mouth through the cage gap ready to be fucked at any time. I will also let trusted friends stay at my place when I'm not there and you will give your body for them do as they please.
4. You will always be in my presence as a made up TV. I NEVER for any reason wish to see you as a male and only envision you as when I first met you in any context and you are to remove all clothing outside the front door and leave them outside before coming inside.
5. You are to buy and replenish a large selection of canes and whips to be kept next to your cage. They will be used on you to relieve any stress or frustration I may have in any other part of my life or simply for my fun. Be prepared to take some severe lashings. You will also purchase any other BDSM implement I so desire.
6. I will take complete control of your finances. I will require all your banking passwords and details of all your savings and pension. You will be allowed just enough money for a cheap flatshare nearby and I will micromanage all your spending so theres plenty left for me. Of course I will not overspend and keep you healthy enough to work long term. Rest assured there will be nothing left of your wages each month for yourself. Any funds remaining will be transferred by you to my account each month
7. I will want every password to everything you go online for though it's unlikely you will have time for any internet use while serving me. All viewing of porn will stop as I will now be your object of desire and devotion.
8. You won't spend all your time in a cage. I like a scrupulously clean house and you will clean it every time thoroughly before your caging. You may be given other jobs and errands ad hoc to perform. I will entrust you with a key to let yourself in so you can make sure my flat is spotless before I get home.
9. I will need to know everything about your job. If you have any spare time at work I will try to get you using it for me though I will not encroach on the professionalism you need to maintain staying in the job. I want all your work contact details, managers names, numbers, emails etc so I can threaten blackmail if you are not meeting my demands. You will book your holiday time to fit around my schedule and do work for me.
10. I know you like fitness and you will need to maintain this in my service. The best way is for you to cycle commute to work and back so you will not have to waste any time keeping fit during your (actually my) free time. I need to live healthy with a good diet and I expect you to do quality food shopping for me though you will maintain a frugal and austere but healthy lifestyle.
11. You said you wanted to be filmed in porn. I will take video of you in extremely compromised positions and use the footage as leverage against you and in any way I see fit for my advantage.
I realise this is all going to be a huge change in your life and you will need time to make adjustments to make yourself ready for me like the healing of your piercing. But you can start doing some of the things on the list which will prove your intentions until you are ready to present yourself at my door as a slave. I know what makes you tick and you only live for sensual pleasure so you will be rewarded accordingly and achieve a very satisfying sex life despite never being able to use your cock. I will see you get plenty of anal orgasms for good work and behaviour. Gradually you will adapt mentally to accept that pleasure can only be through anal stimulation which will replace your wretched chronic masturbatory habits. Eventually your penis will become useless and only used for urination so, much later down the line you may want to remove it. Then you will need a female chastity device. Oooh the possibilities! S x

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