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Seven Deadly Sexy Sins  

awaygames69 50M
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1/2/2016 1:14 am
Seven Deadly Sexy Sins

I've been having a think about how I personally commit these sins since many of which I don't commit in the more obvious sense. I'd be very interested to know from you peeps how you see them.

This is probably one of the more literal ones as for me as its all about sexual desire. Wherever I am, I am ALWAYS looking at people in a sexual way. Most people are a straight 'No' since they have no appeal whatsoever. Vainly every attractive man or woman initiates the seeds of lust in me and my first thoughts are how they look naked and then to visualise having some form of sex with them. If those thoughts please me my lust for them will grow. The problem is that actualisation of my lust is so difficult and time consuming with all the hard work involved in meeting, getting them interested and then all the chasing (often with no end result) that I turn to other forms of gratification of my lust. This is where TV and porn satisfy so much longing. I don't agree with anyone who says "yeah but porn is boring because its just not the same as real sex". Yes the skin contact is wonderful but the brain is where it all goes on. To me watching beautiful men and women have all kinds of sex can bring all the pleasure required to my own body to sate it's lust with countless orgasms. To someone like myself who finds meeting people toward the sexual act very difficult because of personality deficiencies, porn is a godsend for someone so lustful by nature.

Most of us imagine this has to do with eating too much food but the term is much broader. Glutton for punishment is an interesting phrase since it can incorporate the willingness to endure constant pain or frustration to finally reach fulfillment. This can be sexual too, for example, in BDSM to perhaps endure sadistic punishment and torture to gain sexual gratification. I have been very guilty of this when submitting myself to a Master who has put me through humiliating and painful trials like armpit licking and skullfucking so I can gorge myself on the rapture of having my arse fucked brutally. I guess in a sense I am a sexual glutton.

We are all guilty of physical laziness to some degree but my sin of sloth is far more serious. Sloth is historically referred to as spiritual laziness where I don't use my knowledge and goodness to help others. I have allowed Lust to completely absorb my thoughts and desires so that my only goal is to gratify the sensations of my cock and arsehole to bring pleasure to my brain. If there is a God and the promise of a Kingdom to come, this slothness will undoubtedly be the eternal death of me. Shit happens!

This is an awful trait that causes so much misery amongst humanity. Thankfully my sin of envy isn't detrimental to others. I envy women. I am jealous of their beauty, grace, style, sexiness and everything physical about them such that I want to be one. It's part of my personality to cross dress and do everything I can to feel like a woman. This was why I got into anal sex so I could know what it's like to be penetrated and fucked like a girl and I absolutely love it. So often when I watch porn I imagine I'm that woman doing the wonderful cocksucking. My envy though doesn't make me hate women but inspires me to worship them like the Goddesses they are. Please let me be one in my next life! God bless all you cuckolds out there who graciously allow their women to enjoy themselves with others and feeling no jealousy or envy.

Since I don't have greed for food, money or power (the latter two brings the most evil amongst humanity) I suppose it has to be sexual greed. I think only the 60 seconds after an orgasm do I feel no want for anything whatsoever but immediately then the first stirs of desire and the quest towards climax begins again. As I've mentioned above my radar is always set to alert and constantly judging people for sexual suitability. I can't really complain about the amount of sex I've had to date but I know I want a lot more than I'm getting. Porn allows me to feed my greed daily and I can never get enough of the likes of Valentina Nappi, Anna Bell Peaks and TS Carolina Ramirez. My greed also extends to lusting for both sexes these days. It was always just women up until 10 years ago when my dormant underlying interest in cock started to surface, principally triggered by the oral sex porn seeing how delicious cocks seemed to be. It was something I just had to try. I never looked back and now enjoy sucking cock as much as licking the puss.

Because of my pride I really thought at one point I was gonna remain a virgin all my life. Undoubtedly my shyness, upbringing and self consciousness contributed to my repression but it was pride also that stopped me getting laid. From a young age looking at Page 3 girls I set myself a standard that I was only interested in girls at least as pretty as them, even if it was mostly make-up. As teenage years went by it became apparent that no beautiful girls were interested in me, understandably so, I'm not Brad Pitt. I held this standard into my twenties and realised I was looking like some weird sad freak that my peers all had steady girlfriends/relationships and I was still a virgin. Finally I had to break free of this rut so went to live in Italy. Though I could speak some lingo I thought that would be an even bigger barrier alond with my pride. But one night I just got lucky and a cute Italian girl approached me in a disco and I could finally swallow my pride and, at age 25, be a normal human. Pride still guides me somewhat but not to stop me getting some sex occasionally.

Cant say much on this subject as it will get blocked. My wrath is against the conditioning we are all subject to and I wish everyones eyes be opened and we can really enjoy our sexuality by being what we want to be and not told to be. Let a woman have three or four husbands if that's what she and they want.

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