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All About Me  

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12/16/2019 4:24 am

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All About Me

First a little about me.
I am a mom of two wonderful one of whom is special needs. I am the oldest of 7, and adopted. I have been married three times and am working on my third divorce. I love reading, cooking, music, World of Warcraft, writing, and cello in a local orchestra. I have lived in my hometown my whole life and have no interest in moving, but I do like to travel. I am a paranormalist, meaning I study things not normal like ghosts, wicca, aliens ect. I also have a degree In creative writing. I love writing and have several stories in the works. I have a Christian background but consider myself to be agnostic. I am very introverted and do not do well in large public settings.
I am a servitor of Domestic Violence and have worked with others who have been in my situations. I have trust issues. I have been hurt and betrayed I have been used as an ATM, a<b> whipping </font></b>post, a live in maid, and a sex toy. I have been used and mistreated by almost every relationship I have had. I put on a strong front, but am very fragile and broken.
What am I looking for on here? Lets start with my needs.
I need a partner (I am Bi Sexual so I say partner because I am not picky as long as they meet my requirements) who has a job, accepts my , treats me with respect, gives back as good or better then they get in every thing. I need some one who accepts me as I am and helps me continue to work on my issues and grow as a person. Some one who will not judge me based on my past or my issues. Some one who wants to be with me, yet understands I need to focus on me sometimes through music or other hobbies. Wont pressure me to do things I don't feel comfortable with. Some one who is a giver, loyal, protective, loving, patient, kind, and understanding. Ability to communicate is a must, as I have not had much luck in finding anyone like this so far.
What I want from a partner.
I want to be loved, with limits. I want to be seen for I am and I can become. I want someone will stand beside me and not in front or behind me. I want some one allows me to have me time, symphony time, friend time, with feeling guilty. I want some one will be equal in everything; bills, chores, the , the pets, and running errands. I want someone embraces my crazy and thinks its sexy.
I DO NOT want anyone looking for a mamma, I am to broke to be any non real 's mamma. I do not want to be treated like a doormat or a maid or an ATM. I do not want anyone is going to put anyone a head of me and my . I do not want anyone with unresolved issues. I have enough of my own to work on. I DO NOT want anyone over the age of 52. I have no issues and will not be with anyone old enough to be my father. I do not want anyone under the age of 40. My oldest is 21 and anyone his age to about 37 is just to creepy for me. I do not want someone has no beliefs in God. I have a strong faith and will not be with some one does not at least share my core believes. I do not want anyone gets overly jealous of my guy friends, or my lady friends for that matter. I do not want someone is looking to isolate me from family and friends. I do not want anyone refuses to be a little flexible in life.
I deserve to be treated like a queen and I will do the for my partner. Anything less is unacceptable.
What would I like to see in a profile or a .
I would like to see a face, a real face. I believe the eyes are the window of the soul. What I DONT want is dick picks. I don't want to see your photoshopped picks of your dripping man parts. I find that distasteful, and rude. I DO NOT want you begging me to be your mistress, especially if you are in a relationship of ANY kind. I do not share my toys and I don't with some one elses toys. I want you to talk to me, share with me, get to know me BEFORE you ask for a hook up. I WILL NOT do one night stands or friends with benefits. I am in for the long haul. If you want to meet, as me for coffee or lunch but do not expect anything other then in public conversation.
Must love dogs, cats and .

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