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One Senior's Rant Room  

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9/4/2020 12:52 pm
One Senior's Rant Room

Here I am. Living the dream. Semi retired, financially secure, still love sex. Actually am in better shape than college (with the usual caveats that come with age). It really did get better with age, but unfortunately my wife/SO went the other direction. We are a great couple, but sexless for 10+ years.

I did finally have a long affair, and did it open my eyes to what I was missing. We were great and respectful friends. She was single and from out of town, but I traveled enough to see her enough for both of us. Since the relationship focused on sex to start, we were trying many of the things my SO just wasn't generally interested inlt;b> multiple </font></b>positions, oral, light bondage, the list goes on. Sex was the initial focus and it grew from there. I had always wondered who these people were that spent the better part of a day naked in bed with a gal, and now I have been one of them.

Point being, my lover and I figured that out together thru open discussion and experimentation. No meant no, but we didn't come across too many of those. We were generally already in sync, but I would say she was the more experimental one. I was the one that took the suggestion and made it come to life. Light bondage? I got the blindfolds, ropes and figured out how she could be comfortable, let loose and enjoy. The General said "Take the hill" and I made it happen.

That is not to say I had no ideas, but she did have more ideas than I. Now I have quit travelling and the affair has been over for a few years. I've been to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and now I have lost my Golden Ticket. But I still love chocolate, just need to find another Willy Wonka Factory.

I keep looking.....

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