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Posted:Jun 15, 2020 3:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 3:48 am

You re what i'm looking for .. to be honest i didnt think i would find u... u think i'm sexy in my pajamas the more i am a hot mess the more u go crazy ,.. u think my body is flawless ... u treat me like a goddess... u make me feel safe .and warm .. .u are what i'm hoping for .. you re so sweet and giving ... i've been waiting for u... my heart is so full of love

More to come
road trip
Posted:Jan 13, 2020 3:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 5:57 am

u pick me up in your truck.. we drive on the back roads .. i sit close to u .. i put my hands thru your hair .. rubbing your neck sweet butterfly kisses on your neck ... i rub your cock thru your jeans... i feel u are hard.. u find a private spot .. we get a blanket .. u surprise me with a picnic ... we drink and snack then i am dessert ... u place your hands on the side of my face and gently kiss me.. kissing gets more intense.. i whisper i am so wet.. u remove my shirt and kiss my neck caressing my body ... u cup your hands around my ass and pull me in close... i have a surprise for u ... no panties .. u move down and kiss all the way to my clit .. i am in heaven .. i whimper ... u pinch my nipples .. i arch my back .. i want to cum but i want it to last .. i move my hips a little... i moan .. omg i grind my pussy into your face
i cant hold back now.. my body starts to tremble .. i quiver and push your head away... its too sensitive.. i want u inside me.. first i want to taste u.. i take it slow .. i know u like the anticipation don't u .... i suck your balls.. i lick u like a lollipop ... mmm i love your moans.. i barely take u into my mouth .. i played with your balls
i lock eyes with you.. u cant wait anymore .. u flip , over and enter ... we are sweating and you fuck slowly then faster .. u explode in .me. i can feel u cum .. u groan as u cum ... we are both happy ... time for something to drink ..
1st online meet..
Posted:May 11, 2019 10:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 5:59 am
I flew 5000 miles.. hours later I arrive.. just before we landed I put on a black leather dominatrix outfit under my trench coat.. as I get off the plane I scan the room.. our eyes meet .. we smile.. we walk to each other and hug... I am exhausted.. it wont stop me.. sleep later .. we wait for luggage.. go to his car.. we drive to his home.. I feel really safe for some reason.. *aww u remembered my favorite flowers* thanks baby.. I put down my bags.. I take some candles out.. turn the lights off .. I take off my coat... I hand it to u.. I smile shyly as I watch your eyes.. I see excitement.. I walk towards you without saying a word.. my hands grab yours and I slam u into the wall .. I run my hands around and cup your ass.. I push against you.. you push back.. i am in control for a bit.. close your eyes... I have a feather … I start at your toes.. tickling up your thighs.. I circle your cock.. up your chest.. I lean in and kiss you.. I see your cock twitching .. I drop to my knees .. my pretty mouth takes you in... slow long strokes.. u pushed some to get there.i can feel you are close.. I feel the shudders throughout your body.. omg you scream I am cumming.. you explode inside me. holy fuck.. now I need sleep.. we spoon.. sweet dreams baby!{=}
should I? would you?
Posted:Apr 20, 2019 1:10 pm
Last Updated:May 13, 2021 6:23 am
I meet you on a trail ..you say ..I'm camping .. wanna hang .. yes I said... I follow you.. nice ass.. mmm.. he had a tent & bonfire all set up.. he picked up the ax.. chopped some firewood …. what a nice view .. I see his tight muscles... I bring some small sticks to start it.. you say "you're cute" .. *he already had kindlin lol* I blush and smile.. I can't look away.. I want you so bad.. I take my sweater off.. I am wearing a silky tight fitting camisole..i also have a jean skirt on.. really short.. no panties.. I come sit on a log where you can see me.. I know you'll look over soon.. I have one leg up.. . you drop what you're doing.. I watch your eyes.. slowly looking you up & down.. I playfully move my legs.. I know you like my legs.... I noticed earlier when I caught you looking.. you grab the sides of my face and gently kiss me.. I can barely breathe.. mmm wet deep passionate kissing.. I stand up and take your shirt off... I undo your shorts.. you pull my camisole off.. we are losing clothes all over ..we race each other into the lake.. nothing like skinny dipping .. we play and laugh for awhile.. we need some sweet release.. I swim to shore... u chase me.. we plop down on a blanket.. I lay back... you start licking my smooth pussy.. omg I am in heaven.. you go slow teasingly around my clit.. I moved my hips so I get your tongue on my sweetness.... I moan and whimper.. mmm.. yeah i love .. slow & barely touching excites me so much.. u make my back arch.. I grind my soaking wet pussy into your mouth..... omg I push your head away..i do cum hard .. I need a little rest... i'm so sensitive ... I kiss you and move my hands to your stomach .. I opened my eyes as I grab onto your hard cock..
omg crazy
Posted:Apr 18, 2019 6:43 am
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2020 10:12 am
I am on my way to a friends when my car broke down.. cell was dead.. you pull over … can I help you.. yes please.. do u have a cell … he said to get In his truck... it was getting dark.. he couldn't find it.. *hmm should I go with him*.. you can just drop me off at the next store.. i'll call my friend.. he kept driving past the store.. locks clicked .. omg .. I m crazy why did I get in.. we drive for almost an hour.. down some dirt road.. he pulled up to a cabin.. there were other cabins around.. so he pushed the door open.. 6 guys drinking playing loud music.. he said u can scream and no one will hear you. ...well I will make the best of It .. maybe they'll let me go after if I do what they wanted.. I was feeling scared but I just wanted to survive.. I was pushed to my knees.. the guys were all around me.. they ripped my clothing off.. both hands jerking and one in my mouth.. not to bad so far.. it seems like forever... I was pushed on the bed.. I am no match for one guy little lone 6 .. it was a never ending circle .. I was tied to the bed.. with my ass in the air.. now double penetration.. it hurt .. they weren't going to help me I knew that.. I wonder how they thought to pick me up.. he saw opportunity and took it … I acted like I was having a great time.. I said u don need to tie me up I wont go anywhere.. *yeah right im thinking*.. once they all had a turn in all holes.. I said I gotta pee.. he said go outside .. I squatted down.. looking around.. I peed .. then I bolted .. I saw a cabin with lights on.. I banged on the door ..an older man answered the door.. his wife got some clothes for me to throw on.. he said he would take me home.. we got in his truck.. all of a sudden the guys were trying to stop us.. the man drove over them .. I was surprised.. I was then worried about his wife.. we come back around and brought her with us.. they came into my parents house.. they could see I was messed up .. so don't get in a car with a stranger .. geez they could have hired one.. they went to prison see how much they enjoying being someone's bitch.. 11 years hope it was worth It ..
Posted:Apr 10, 2019 4:57 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 6:05 am
I was coming home from a vacation.. as I entered the plane I notice one of the pilots…part way through the flight... he was walking down the aisle …I was in the aisle seat ...he winked at me.. I got up to pee.. he asked if I could go with him.. I said yes .. he wanted to know where I was going.. I told him.. he said we have some time to ..would you like a drink .. I said yes.. we have chemistry for sure.. we talk easily and have a few more drinks.… he said do you want to join the Mile high Club.. I didn't know what that was.. I was going to find .. I giggle ... he took me to a room .. it was small but not as small as the bathroom.. we didn't have much time... we tore at each other kissing.. hands taking our clothes off.. i am thinking omg what if someone comes in.. it was intense.. it was quick but amazing.. i go to the bathroom and fix myself .. *note to self always bring a hat* my hair is a sexy mess .. i don't care i cant stop smiling.. ..we finally get to our destination.. i got off the plane.. as i am waiting for my luggage.. u come up behind me and whisper would you join me in my hotel.. i agree... we check in.. we order wine & something to eat.. i am dessert ( smiling to myself).. . we finish eating .. lets get a shower .. i was game.. i get ready ...you are already in.... the water feels good.. u feel better on me.. we soap each other up... we kiss.. rub our slippery bodies together.. we rinse off.. u pick me up and toss me on the bed... mmm yeah i like that ..i want the ribbons on.. i grab them of my suitcase.. he's probably wondering why i would have them.. u tie my hands to the headboard.. i pull my knees up . u tie them together .. u tease so much i am begging for it.. i like u in control .. mmm i am going to make sure we end up happy.. our need to devour each other.. .. i want a 69 i think... you want that .. i hover over you.. my stomach is on yours.. my back is arched we both are moaning.. mmm i don't want to cum yet.. it's too good.. we change positions .. i ride your hard cock backwards to you.. little ass .. i put a finger in .. do u like it .. i know by your groans you are so close ..u toss me over on my back.. u fuck me so hard ... every thrusts let me know your going to cum.. cum for me .. yeah i know u like it part 2 soon
birthday gift
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 2:47 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 3:54 am

it's my husbands birthday in a few days.. I just had surgery... what could I get him.. I remember he said he wondered what it would be like to suck a cock.. I always think our birthdays should be celebrated.. sex is #1 on my list.. I asked my gay friend .. he says sure .. why not I *giggle*.. so Michael was coming for dinner .. Bob made salmon on the BBQ.. it was yummy.. so after dinner I washed up in the kitchen while Bob & Michael were chatting away... I lit the candles and we sing to him .. omg if bob only knew well he will soon.. Michael wanted it right now .. I record this for Bob.. Michael drops his pants. he tells Bob to suck his cock.. Bob does what Michael tells him to do
how did this happe part 2
Posted:Apr 5, 2019 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2020 5:10 am
I knew they were serious .. looking around I feel scared.. many toys.. some I never saw before.. at some point I find myself waking up with the guy just staring at me.. he gave me the creeps.. he told me to follow him.. there was a gathering .. the crowd parts and the man says we have someone for your enjoyment .. we started in a circle with a red ribbon connecting us.. we all walked on all fours.. at night we would whisper to each other.. we became friends quickly... I asked her how long have you been down here.. she was crying.. I wish I could hug her.. I am here u know that right.. she just said yep.. they trusted us one day and we could figure who do we go to .. the police was called by someone .. Julia & I have a type of bondage you don't need ropes.. we ended up together for awhile.. one day she spread her wings and flew away.. I miss her but I keep her in my heart{=}
omg what am i doing here
Posted:Mar 26, 2019 5:11 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2021 6:35 am
I have wanted a 3some with a couple.. I was invited to their house.. I am shy .. they both make me feel comfortable.. no pressure she says.. we have a few drinks.. he goes to the bathroom.. she leans over & kisses me.. mmm I like this.. we were really kissing passionately.. he pulls off my boots.. I move so he can pull them off.. she has her hands in my hair.. he undoes my shirt.. my tits feel like they are ready to come out.. he undoes my bra.. he throw it on the floor.. I am so excited .. my nipples can feel the cool air.. they are hard now.. all of a sudden they lead me to a room with a table .. I lay on my back.. there is a grab bar above my head .. she climbs up and sits on my face.. meanwhile he is licking my pussy.. mmm that is so good .. I almost cum but he stopped and started fucking me hard.. she is holding the bar above my head.. she is loving it … when she cam in my mouth .. that was great since a was a bit dry.. then she got down.. she cuffed my arms.. I just watched her in anticipation.. *thinking in my head* omg what am I doing here.. she moves down to my legs and she puts my legs in cuffs.. she kisses then bites my nipples.. not sure what is going to happen now.. he pulls out.. he goes to my head and he says open wide.. I did.. I thought he is huge I don't know if he will fit.. my mouth is stretched .. my eyes water.. *note to self wear waterproof make-up* makeup starts to run down my face.. but I don't care.. she is licking my pussy .. she knows how to lick & suck my clit.. she puts 3 fingers in my pussy.. I want to cum.. I do but apparently I was suppose to ask.. now a punishment is due he says.. she laughs .. they use a whip on my thighs .. omg it stung.. it hit my pussy .. that hurt.. I couldn't do anything about it.. they decide to change my position.. he got me to bring my legs up towards my head.. cuffs them together.. completely exposed.. they let me in on the secret.. I have no idea what is coming next.. she giggles and he says.. we are into BDSM.. we want to own you.. you are ours now.. they collar me with a lock.. more to come on this one
what can happen
Posted:Mar 20, 2019 5:14 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 8:12 am
u are cutting veggies at the sink .i reached around you and playfully tease your cock.. i am looking in the cupboard .. oh syrup.. i take my shirt & bra off.. i sit on the counter .. your back is facing me.. i will wait.. u turn .. i pour syrup on my nipples.. i have lust in my eyes.. so do u.. i lay on the counter .. u lick each nipple.. omg i love this.. oh oh we get carried away .. yeah dinner burnt .. *i didn't know i was starving until i tasted you* much better then food.. i lay on my stomach .. head hanging off the end.. come on baby let me have your erect cock … mmm . yummy .. i hear you moaning .. i love your pre cum ..i suck you dry.. oh baby cum for me .. cum on my tits.. mmm warm cum.. i turn over .. my legs hanging over the edge .. u put your tongue on my clit.. i am so wet.. soon i cum .. chicken looks like charcoal .. we order pizza.. sometimes it happens .. i like when i need u so bad . .i love seducing each other.. do u
hospital visit
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 9:41 am
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2020 5:01 am
I was admitted to the hospital .. my room mate is gorgeous.. we became quick friends.. she told me she was a striper.. then she said she was bi.. one night we couldn't sleep and we shared some of our sexual experiences .. she was sexy in her johnny shirt.. pretty panties.. so we showed each other what ones we were wearing everyday.. as sick as we were we had chemistry.. I met her biker bf.. cool guy.. she shared what we were doing.. the plan was to get together once we got better.. we didn't wanna wait.. we took a shower together but we were interrupted .. dam.. so that night she came to my bed.. I was surprised but excited .. she crawled onto my bed.. she got under the blankets at the end of the bed.. she slipped my panties off.. *am I dreaming*.. she started licking me.. I was wet.. it didn't take me long to cum.. I love to quiver .. she crawled up to kiss me.. mmm she whispered you taste so sweet.. I want to taste you and make u quiver badly.. again we were interrupted .. the thought of being caught made it more intense ..she quickly jumped up and went into the bathroom.. once the nurse was gone.. I joined her .. she sat on the toilet.. we made sure the door was locked.. she said once I started she was not going to stop even if any staff came back in.. I didn't mind.. she put one leg on my shoulder and I licked her wet pussy concentrated on her clit.. we tried to be quiet .. it just made it more naughty .. she came .. we kissed .. we changed our panties since they got soaked.. we both exchanged information so we could get together... we did meet at the strip club Blush.. until next time..
my girlfriends
Posted:Mar 16, 2019 8:25 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 8:18 am
Karen & Shelly wants to meet again .. I arrive dressed in sexy lingerie... I take off my trench coat.. pink stockings & garters, panties, & sheer bra.. I know u like what u see... .. omg they are so hot.. so yummy.. we sit & talk we watch some lesbian porn.. lingerie comes off little by little.. I make the first move.. I kissed her.. she grabbed my face. gently .. the 1st kiss was so sensual .. I am wet now.. we all are kissing and our hands roam each others bodies;.. we explore our sensual side.. we rub our nipples together .. I want pussy to pussy.. omg it feels so amazing .. my breathing is getting faster.... Karen hovers over us.. we both lick her pussy and ass.. lots of deep kissing.. I can see the lust in their eyes.. I feel the excitement.. I love anticipation.. we all take turns with a strap on.. I put it on.. who wants their ass fucked .. Shelly wants it.. I rub lube on so I slide into her tight ass.. I am gentle... she pushes back into me.. I fuck her .. she licks Karen .. we change positions.. .. Karen licks my clit.. I can feel it swells.. she sucks my clit.. I am so close .. we all are actually .. we whisper and moan .. I try to edge but I cant .. my body quivers .. mmm amazing orgasm .. I lick shelly .. she is so wet.. u taste so good baby.. cum for me.. minutes later she cums hard.. I lick all her juices.. I share a kiss with her.. we both play with Karen.. I suck her hard nipples while Shelly licks her pussy.. Shelly is loving this.. her legs are wide open.. her back arches .. she moans loudly.. cum for us baby.. she is so close. .. I can feel her tremble.. she quivers and screams out oh fuck yes .. I m cumming.. we are all exhausted.. we lay back and talk about the next time. {=}

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