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my girlfriends  

babygirl6506 55F  
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3/16/2019 8:25 pm

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7/23/2020 5:09 am

my girlfriends

Karen & Shelly wants to meet again .. I arrive dressed in sexy lingerie... I take off my trench coat.. pink stockings & garters, panties, & sheer bra.. I know u like what u see... .. omg they are so hot.. so yummy.. we sit & talk we watch some lesbian porn.. lingerie comes off little by little.. I make the first move.. I kissed her.. she grabbed my face. gently .. the 1st kiss was so sensual .. I am wet now.. we all are kissing and our hands roam each others bodies;.. we explore our sensual side.. we rub our nipples together .. I want pussy to pussy.. omg it feels so amazing .. my breathing is getting faster.... Karen hovers over us.. we both lick her pussy and ass.. lots of deep kissing.. I can see the lust in their eyes.. I feel the excitement.. I love anticipation.. we all take turns with a strap on.. I put it on.. who wants their ass fucked .. Shelly wants it.. I rub lube on so I slide into her tight ass.. I am gentle... she pushes back into me.. I fuck her .. she licks Karen .. we change positions.. .. Karen licks my clit.. I can feel it swells.. she sucks my clit.. I am so close .. we all are actually .. we whisper and moan .. I try to edge but I cant .. my body quivers .. mmm amazing orgasm .. I lick shelly .. she is so wet.. u taste so good baby.. cum for me.. minutes later she cums hard.. I lick all her juices.. I share a kiss with her.. we both play with Karen.. I suck her hard nipples while Shelly licks her pussy.. Shelly is loving this.. her legs are wide open.. her back arches .. she moans loudly.. cum for us baby.. she is so close. .. I can feel her tremble.. she quivers and screams out oh fuck yes .. I m cumming.. we are all exhausted.. we lay back and talk about the next time. {=}

babygirl6506 55F  
248 posts
7/23/2020 5:09 am

thanks for the sexxxy pic

Enjoyingseasons 59M  
5 posts
6/29/2020 5:20 am

Fun for everyone. Even sitting here I can visualize every kiss, lick & stroke

lisabip 61F  
45 posts
8/18/2019 1:34 pm

OMG. I so love the panties. lol

babygirl6506 replies on 7/23/2020 5:06 am:
thanks .. u are sexxxxy

NeedaDFB 68M  
1 post
7/6/2019 3:05 am

Like this one the best... One of my fantasies is to have several women rub their pussies together until they cum then make me lick them; I taste all their juices on each pussy. I'm lucky...one of them is ready and squirts in my mouth...delicious. I spend hours licking and sucking clits until they can't take it any more; then they have me penetrate each pussy, one stroke only, then onto the next; no one will know which one I cum in.

xNewsPhotog 58M
223 posts
4/27/2019 12:34 pm

MMmmmmm…. what night that would be.

babygirl6506 55F  
248 posts
4/6/2019 1:36 pm

aww thanks .. u never know

aligaga 63M
332 posts
4/5/2019 6:49 pm

You are so hot \8
I wish I could talk and taste you in real life

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