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President, backpocket13.

-And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
-Revelation 18:2

- "Maybe there is no Heaven. Or maybe this is all pure gibberish - A product of the demented imagination of a lazy drunken Hillbilly, with a heart full of hate, who has found a way to live out where the real winds blow, to sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey, and drive fast on empty streets, with nothing in mind except falling in love, and not getting arrested."
- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

- "Tonight I'll be on that hill 'cause I can't stop, I'll be on that hill with everything I've got. Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost, I'll be there on time and I'll pay the cost, for wanting things that can only be found, in the darkness on the edge of town."
- Bruce Springsteen

- "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire."
- Charles Bukowski

- "The beast in me is chained by frail and fragile bonds, restless by day and by night rants and rages at the stars. God help the beast in me."
- Nick Lowe

All of the Writings Contained within this Blog are the Copy Righted Property of The Sinners Club TM and may Not be Used in any manner without the Written Consent of the Author.
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When you come to the clearing at the end of the path
Posted:Jul 31, 2014 10:25 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:04 am

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"And the sign says "Long haired freaky people need not apply"
So I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him, why?
He said, "You look like a fine
outstanding young man, I think you'll do."
So I took off my hat and said, "Imagine that,
huh me working for you."

~ The Five Man Electrical Band ~

........Greatings and Salutations to All of My Lovely Lost Angels,.....I realize, and apologize that it's been a Few Weeks since my last posting, but unfortunately things haven't been to good over here at the old Sinners Club lately. Regrettably in the last few weeks I've lost both a family member and a good friend, both passed suddenly and tragically, so I'm sure that You can understand why things have been on Hold over here as of late.

.........You know, you'd think that by now, Especially with the lifestyle that I lead, that I'd be somewhat used to shit like this,......But I guess you never really get used to these sudden deaths,......And I'd like to take a moment to Thank Everybody for their Condolences in advance,......Everytime that I lose somebody else that I care about, it's like I lose a small piece of my heart,.....And now it's getting to the point where I'm begining to wonder if I'm going to have enough left to survive myself. Sometimes it seems So Hard to keep on going on,......But Hey,......Don't let it Worry You, after all,......The Show Must Go On,......And I'll keep posting until they wheel My Ass Away!

.........But that's Enough of that Morbid Shit!.....You'll have to Excuse Me for being such a Fuckin Crybaby,.....It's Nobody's Fault but Mine,.....It is after all the way that I choose to live My Life, and it's Always been like this, so you'd think that by Now, I'd be used to it,.......And again, I realize that it's certainly Not what you drop by my blog to read,......So Again, Please, except My apologies.

.........So, to change the subject,......On a Lighter Note, this week I've chosen to stick with the "Throwback Thursdays" theme,......Mostly because this picture was taken during a better, easier time in my life,.......A time before to many things got behind me,......Back when things didn't seem so Desperate and Final, and there Still seemed to be an endless amount of possibilities in front of Me,......Spread out like a thunder cloud before a summer storm.

.........This picture was taken by a fellow bartender at this bucket of blood bar called "The Red Lion" that I tended bar in around eight or ten years ago. Every Wednesday they'd have Country and Western night. The owner wanted the staff to dress accordingly,.......Hence, my cowboy hat,.....You didn't really think that I'd own a White one did you?.......Either way, I'm not the biggest fan of Country Music, but I will admit, it did bring in One Hell of a crowd, And the money was Good, which will make most things bearable,.......So, Regardless, this was My Country/Western getup,......Also, keep in mind that I was about Three Sheets to the Wind when this picture was taken at the end of the evening,.......But it was Always one of My Favorites.

.........And finally,.......Before I bid You All a Fond Farewell, at least for a Short While,......But like that Dirty Thought in that Clean Little Mind of yours, I'll Always be Kicking Around in the back of Your head,......I'd like to include the names of a few blogs and their creators that I Enjoy reading. So stop by and show them some Love,.........I call this Section,........

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hungry4bigdix - My Blog
cocoa4cream - Caviar Thoughts, PB&J Life
kalistounge369 - Think up a cool title
zoelightly24 - Finding My G-Spot
SnuggleBuni41 - Bag of Smashed Assholes
ChiefoftheElves - Me, Myself, and I
Annie_V - Red in Bed

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- TO MY LOVED ONES IN THE GREAT BEYOND, I'LL BE WITH YOU ALL SOON -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-
Throwback Thursday; Twenty Years Gone
Posted:Jul 10, 2014 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:18 am

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"The past is prologue."

~ William Shakespeare ~

.........As I Wander around Blogville,.....Usually Semi-Wasted,.....Usually late at night,.....Creeping Around,.....Red Eyed,......A little Bleary, but no Worse for Wear or Tear,.....And during those Long, Dark, Desperate hours when sleep Eludes me,.....I Stumble from Blog to Blog,.....Like a Thief in the Night,.....Peeking in Windows and Dropping Comments like some Freaky Deaky Santa Baby Vandal,.....Leaving his Offerings all over Town,.....Like a King Hell Looney Tune babbling about Anything and Everthing that happens to Cross his Mind,.....Or Lack Thereof,.......

.........In the course of My rounds lately, I've noticed a Bunch of blog posts titled, "Throwback Thursdays" which is apparently a Day, ( Usually a Thursday I'm led to believe ) when Bloggers can Post Older than Normal pictures of themselves,.....Much to their Watchers Delight,.....

.........And to be Perfectly Honest,.....I've got to Admit,.....The More I thought about it,.....The More I began to Dig the Idea,.....And seeing as how the Majority of My "Little Stories" take place back in Those Bygone Days,......It seemed to make all the more sense,......Plus I also figured that at Best I'd be able to provide You with a Visual of what I Looked Like during those Long Gone Tumultuous years of Shameless Self Abuse, Deviant Debauchery, and Rampant Wanton Criminality,......And if Nothing Else,.....I figured We could All have a Good Laugh at how Tight I wore My jeans back then,........

.........And So,......Without Any Further Digressions,......My Devilishly Delicious Daughters of Darkness, and My Decadently Depraved Demons of Deviance,......I Present to You All,.....I picture of Yours Truly that was taken back around Twenty Years Gone,......Back when Grunge was still Huge,.....And the Internet was still Small,.....And then there's Me,......Looking Every Inch the Upstanding Citizen at the Tender Age of Seventeen,.....My Mother was Soooo Proud,.........

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President; The Sinners Club

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Sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here
Posted:Jul 8, 2014 9:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:06 am

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"Good morning captain
I wish there was another way
But my baby is wanting
Me to roll around in her bed all day."

- The Black Crowes - "Goodmorning Captain"

.........Greetings and Salutations!......My Devils and Debutants,......How are all of My Little Creatures of the Night?......All of My Luciously Lost Angels,.....My Wayward Flock,......You can come on out of the Shadows now,.....Have No Fear,.....For I To was Once an Angel,......So Please,.....All are Welcome Here,......We certainly Don't discriminate,.....And We Never Judge,.....We just Are,.....For a Short While,.....We only ask the same in return,........

.........So,.....go ahead,......pull up a chair,.....And come and get Comfortable around Our fire,......It tends Burns the Brightest,......If Not the Longest,......Yeah,....That's "Let It Bleed" on the Box,......So, Just sit back and Relax,.....Put your feet up,.....And have a Smoke,.....If you're So Inclined, and let that Special Music along with the Good Smoke to put that Frazzled Brain and that Restless Heart of Yours at ease,.....And Remember,.....You're amongst Friends now,........

.........I hope that Everyone had an Unnecessarily Reckless, Unbelievably Wild, and Inherently Insane weekend of the Deepest Depravities, and the Darkest Debauchery,.....With a Minimum of Interferance from The Law Enforcement Establishment at large,.....I hate to admit it, but some of those Killjoys aren't Happy unless they're Ruining somebody else's Good Time,........

.........Me,.....I did My level Best to lay low, All Weekend,.....But with a house full of Misfits and Miscreants who Usually spend their Spare Time looking for Shit to Blow Up,......A National Holiday Devoted Exclusively to That Exact Purpose can sometimes take a turn for the worst. (All of this will be explained in another post in the not so distant future.).....But Regardless,......For Now, just Know that I Survived, with all My digits intact and with a Minimal Amount of Powder Burns......And I did in fact spend all of the Following Day lounging around in Bed doing Nothing but Relaxing,......I've even Included a Picture to Prove It,......I Wish that You could have Been Here,.........

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

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Tuesday's Gone
Posted:Jul 1, 2014 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:07 am

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"Train roll on many miles from my home,
See, I'm riding my blues away.
Tuesday, you see, she just had to be free,
But somehow I've got to carry on.
Tuesday's gone with the wind."

- Ronnie Van Zant - Gary Robert Rossington - Albert Collins -
"Tueday's Gone"

.........Greetings and Salutations!.....How are all of My Fallen Angels doing today?.....Come on over and take a moments Rest from life's frantic pace for a bit,.....The intense heat and humidity was so bad today that We ended up quiting work early for fear of heat stroke,.....So, as soon as I got home, I took a Nice Long Cold Shower, just to wash away the days Sweat and Grime,.....And now I'm planning on taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon,......I've got a four pack of "Monster" energy drinks on ice,......as well as a Nice Big Chunk of Black Hash all ready to burn,.....I just put The Bands Maximum Opus, "Music from Big Pink" on the box,.....Because I seems like its been a long time since I've been to just relax and Enjoy the Special Music uninterrupted by Jawbreaker or Skittles Psychotic episodes and their constant arguments over what always seems to be about Nothing in Particular,......But in all truth,.....I couldn't have picked a better way to spend a Hot and Lazy afternoon,.....And since I was so Refreshed after my shower, that I managed to snap this picture,.....For Your viewing pleasure,.....I hope that You All enjoy it!........

Sinfully Yours: backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

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The Weekend Once Again
Posted:Jun 20, 2014 3:01 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:11 am

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"No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep."

- Unknown -

.........Greetings and Salutations!.....My Morally Bankrupt Beauties,.....I just wanted to wish Everybody out there in Blogville a Very Wild and Crazy Rock&Roll Weekend,......Summer has Begun,.....So get on out there and Exercise that Will to be Weird, My Deliciously Deviant Darlings,......I'll be Seeing all of You soon,........

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- THE MEEK CAN HAVE THE EARTH, I'LL BE DONE WITH IT BY THEN -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-
Back in the Saddle Again
Posted:Jun 6, 2014 10:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2019 3:47 pm

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"When he holds my hand, I'm so proud
'Cause he's not just one of the crowd
My baby's always the one to try the things they've never done
And just because of that, they say,"

"He's a rebel and he'll never be any good
He's a rebel 'cause he doesn't do what he should
He's a rebel because he doesn't do what everybody else does
That's no reason why I can't give him all my love."

~ The Crystals ~ "He's a Rebel" ~Written by Gene Pitney ~

.........Good Evening,.....My Mistresses of Mayhem,.....My Wayward Fallen Angels,.....And My Delicious Daughters of Deviance,......I realize that I've been Absent as of late,.....But Believe Me,.....It hasn't been an act of My Own choosing,......Rather, One of Necessity,......And in All Truth, I've Missed all of You like a Junkie misses his Fix,.....It's gives me a Gnawing, Skin Crawlingly Itchy feeling that I get in what's left of my Soul,.....And I'll be the first to admit,.....It's a Strange sort of Feeling,.....Like an Absence,......A sort of Emptiness that's like a Hole,.....A Hole in my Soul, if You will,......Sweet Lucifer's Halo!......Isn't that the title of a Terrible Pseudo Aerosmith song from a few years back?..........

.........And while I Realize that it is, In Fact, an actual Aerosmith song, the reason that I say "Pseudo" is because the band that wrote that song is really Not the "Aerosmith" that I fell in love with as a ......And just to be Perfectly Clear,.....When I say "Aerosmith" I'm referring to that Pre 1978 Aerosmith that sang about that "Sweet Sassafrassee from Tallahassee" Rock and Roll Funk!.........

.........As for those of you that don't really think "Funk" when you think Aerosmith, take a moment to listen to the intro riff to "Walk this Way" which is So Fuckin' Funky, that Finicky Hip Hop musicians Still sample it To this Day......So needless to say,.....I don't even have to get into that Ridiculous "Dude Looks Like a Lady" Crapola,......And I'm not even going to Mention that "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Stinker that they laid for the Micheal Bay piece of Cinematic Shit "Armageddon"......Because it was a Disgustingly Tear Jerking Disgrace to a Once Great Rock Band,.....Besides,.....It'll only Ruin My Buzz if I do,.......

.........Regardless,.....I'm Digressing,.....But Seriously, The first chance that You get,.....Go Out, and get yourself a copy of "Get Your Wings" "Toys in the Attic" and "Rocks".....Provided you don't already own them,......It'll make you Renounce "American Idol", Quite your Job, Crash your Car, and Burn your copy's of "Nine Lives" and "Get an Grip" on your Gas Grill as a Sacrifice to the Dark Gods of Rock&Roll,.........

.........But All Bullshit Aside,.....It's Work that's been Consuming Most of my Time, and All of my Energy just recently,.....And it's been all Non Stop, Brutal, Hard Physical Labor mostly,....Long Days,.....And even Longer Weeks,.....That and the Change in the Seasons make it Hard at first for your body to adjust to the heat,.......And it Doesn't help any that it was 90 degrees on Monday, and 63 degrees on Tuesday,.....That Shit makes it Difficult for My body to Properly Acclimate itself to it's surroundings,.....Well, That along with Everything Else that I put it through I suppose that I should count Myself Lucky that it hasn't Completely Shut Down on me in Protest to the Rampant Abuse,.....No Worry,.....My Morally Bankrupt Beauties,.....In another Week or So, providing the temperature stays around 90, And I'll be Running like a Rolex once again,......

.........I would also like to take a moment and Express how Grateful I am, to All of You,.....My Faithful Watchers and Constant Readers who took the Time to go Nominate, and then Vote for Me in "Busty's Annual Blog Awards".....I certainly walked away with an Arm Load of awards,......But it means more to Me, just knowing that so many of You can Actually Relate to some of the Chaotic Craziness that comprises My everyday existence, is like a Relaxing Tonic for my Restless Spirit, and a Soothing Balm for my Outlaw Heart,.....So, Thank You,.....You Crazy are the Greatest,.....And I Love All of Your Guts!........

.........I'd also like to Thank Busty herself,......For all of the Time and Effort that she puts into, Not Only her Contests, but into her Blog as well, to make it as much Fun for Everybody as Possible,......And You've got to admit,......She does an Awesome Job at that,.....So Please, Dont forget stop by our Benefactors blog and say "Thank You" for taking the time to Do these Awards Ceremony's for Everyone's Enjoyment,.......

.........And that brings us to Our Final order of business for the Evening,.....As some of You may Recall, back when I First Started the Sinners Club blog, I featured a regular segment at the End of every couple posts,.....I called it "Friends of the Devil".....It was herein that I would list My Watchers,.....Needless to Say, as My watchers Grew in Numbers, it became an Increasingly Arduous task to Include Everybody,.....So, I Temporarily Shelved "Friends of the Devil" due to "Technical Difficulties" one might say,.......

.........But Then,......Something happened Last Night that changed My mind,.....After much Deliberation,.....A Dozen or So tokes off of My whale bone pipe,.....And a Healthy Bit of that Good Old Mescaline that I got from Jawbreaker's girlfriend Skittles,......So, I decided on a Whim to pull "Friends of the Devil" out of Early Retirement and use it instead, as a Forum to List some of the Bloggers that I Enjoy Reading,.....So,.....In a Show of Support to Your Sinners Club,.....And to Demonstrate to Me, Just what Good Little Sinners you All are,.......

.........So go on and Drop By a few of these blogs and check them out,.....Maybe even leave a Comment or Two in the process,.....Remember Karma is a Wheel,.....And it won't be Long before You get Featured on "Friends of the Devil".....And Please,.....Feel Free to leave the names of any Bloggers that You Enjoy in the Comments Section, and I'll make Sure that either Myself, or Another Sinners Club Official checks them out Personally,.......

.........And So,.....With That,.....My Wicked Little Lovely's, I must take a Short Temporary Leave from You now,.....The Hour Groweth Late, and it Friday Night,.....And that means that it's Time for this Old Rambler to Get Rambling,......Like My Grandmother used to say, "Time flys when you're on the run."......But put those Troubled Minds to Rest,.....As Always is the Case, I won't be Gone long,.....I'm like a Bad Penny,.....I Always Turn Up,.....And if You feel so Inclined,.....Just Remember,.....If You return to this Exact Spot,......The odds are Good that You'll find Me here,......Right where You left Me,.......

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President; The Sinners Club

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~ MBm2fWidow ~ The Widow's Watch ~
~ wyckedsxxxy ~ Thundercunting ~
~ Tastyddds ~ What about Passion ~
~ visciouspixxxie ~ Trivial Pursuits ~
~ llaw52 ~ Musings of a Housewife
~ itzchic824 ~ The Voices Inside
~ fun_tchr951 ~ Delicious Solitude

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-|- Paint It Black -|-
Posted:May 16, 2014 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:16 am

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"That terrible mood of depression of wether or not it's any good or not is what is known as the artist's reward."

~ Ernest Hemingway ~

.........Greetings and Salutations,....It's Always a Pleasure to see You All again,......My Darling of the Darkness,.....I'm hoping that Your Short Term Memory is a little Sharper than Mine is,.....But Regardless,.....A few months back, I had mentioned in a post that I had dusted off My Airbrushes, and decided to paint something on the back of the old army field jacket that I wear in the Springtime.

.........Well, needless,.....It's done,.....However,.....Seeing as how I've been a little out of practice for awhile, I went with a Relatively Simple design,.....I decided to go with a "Black Crowes" theme,.....Surprise!.....I used the crow head insignia from the "Warpaint" and "Warpaint, Live!" Albums. After deliberating over a background for about a week,.....I finally decided to go with the good old Stars and Stripes,.....You simply Can't go Wrong with Them!.....So here's how It turned out,..........

.........This next picture is of the First jacket I airbrushed for myself in 2001. Can anybody guess who that's supposed to be?..........

.........And just for Shits and Giggles,.....Here's a few pictures of some portrait work I'd done on T shirts for customers while I was airbrushing on the Seaside Heights boardwalk,........

.........Well Now,.....My Deliciously Deviant Devils,.....I've got to Scramble,......It's Friday Night, after all,......And I'm in the mood to go out Howling at the Moon!......So, My Darlings,.....Make Sure to have a Sin Filled weekend,......I'll be Around if You Need Me

Sinfully Your, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

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-|- Photo Out Takes -|-
Posted:May 14, 2014 10:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:21 am

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"Is a picture really worth a thousand words? A thousand words from a lunatic? Or a thousand words from Nietzsche? Actually Nietzsche was a lunatic, but you see my point. What about a thousand words from a rambler, vs five hundred words from Mark Twain? He could say the thing quicker and with more force than any other writer. One thousand words from Ginsberg are not even worth one from Wilde. It's wild to declare the equivalence of any picture with an army of a thousand. Words from a writer like Wordsworth make you appreciate what words are worth."

~ Jarod Kintz ~

.........Hey There!.....Kats and Kittens,.....By some Miracle,.....This week, I'm right on time with My HNW offerings,.....And of course,.....This weeks theme is Out Takes,.....Which worked out pretty well for Me,.....Seeing as how lately, with my Crazy Ass schedule, I've missed a bunch of HNW's,.....So,.....Needless to Say,.....I've got a few pictures that I took, but never got to post,.....And the Only people who have seen them, are the bloggers that I'm in direct contact with,.....But Regardless, here are a couple that Never quite made an appearance on the HNW posts that they were supposed to,.....So I figured that there's No Better Time than Now to post them,.....So,.....I hope that You enjoy them, My Sweet, Sweet, Beloved Fallen Angels,.......

.........This First Picture is from about a month ago, back when the theme was "Bubbles"........

.........This Second Picture is from Black and White theme from about Two Weeks ago,.........

.........And Finally, this third Picture is an actual Out Take from the St. George's Day theme from about Three Weeks ago,.....I just didn't think that it was good enough to make the Cut,........

.........And So,.....My Delicious Daughters of Deviance,.....Unfortunately,.....I must take My Leave from You for a Short While,.....But Fear Not,.....I Shall Return Soon,.....And the Odds are Good, that if You do Ever need Me,.....You know where I'll be,......Right Here,.....Where You Left Me,.........

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- SIN FOR ME, MY DARLINGS -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-
The Unbearable Lateness of backpocket13
Posted:Apr 25, 2014 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:23 am

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"I can't make it on time
I can't make it on time
I keep tryin' and tryin'
I can't make it on time."

~ The Ramones ~ "I can't make it on time."

.........Hello Again,.....My Darkly Deviant and Devilishly Delicious Darlings,.....As usual, I'm Late, again this week,.....Quite Late, actually,.....Two or Three Days Late, To Say the Least,.....But since the Weather has turner Warmer, Work has Begun to get going at a Frantic Pace,.....Which Is, Of course, Good for My wallet,.....but Bad for My social life,.....I did, However, manage to get a Half Way decent picture for HNW this Week,.....But seeing as how I couldn't Find the Time to Post it until Now, I'm going to call it a HGW picture,......That stands for Have a Great Weekend,.......

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

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-|- Spring is in the Air, Finally! -|-
Posted:Apr 19, 2014 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2014 10:24 am

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- WELCOME TO THE SINNERS CLUB -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

"And it's sure been a cold, cold winter,
And the wind ain't been blowin' from the south.
It's sure been a cold, cold winter,
And a lotta love is all burned out.
It's sure been a hard, hard winter,
My feet been draggin' 'cross the ground,
And I hope it's gonna be a long, hot summer,
And a lotta love will be burnin' bright."

~ Jagger/Richards ~ "Winter"

.........Well Now,.....My Delicious Denizens of the Darkness,.....My Devils and Debutants,.....Could it be Possible?!?!.....Is it Really Over?!?!.....Has Spring Finally fuckin' Sprung?!?!.....Is this Horribly Long and Amazingly Frigid winter Really and Truly Behind us?.....No more Freakishly Sudden snow storms Looming just over the Horizon?.....No more Sub-Arctic winds to Chill those Weary Bones?.....It would Seem that, at least, This time,.....Finally,.....The Light at the End of the Tunnel, Isn't a Freight Train,.....But instead, the Warm Glow of Springtime,.....And with That,.....Id like to Take the Time, to wish All of You,.....My Faithful Flock,.....A Very Happy Spring Holiday,.....Or Easter,.....Whichever You Prefer,.....And to Also offer You this Public Service Announcement from All of Our Friends at "The Christian Parenting Association", Reminding You, that The Devil is Indeed, at Work amongst You,.....No Matter What Day it is!...........

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

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-|- Death on the Installment Plan; Part Two -|-
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.........Well, Hello Again,......My Devils and Debutants,.....It's Always such a Pleasure to see all of You back here again,.....Pull up a Chair, grab a Smoke, or a Drink, or whatever it is that Cures what's Ailing You,.....I'm going to take tonight to present the Second Part of my Two Part story of Youthful Indiscretion and Chemically Induced Mayhem, That I like to call "Death on the Installment Plan".....Part Two, called "War Heroes" after an obscure Jimi Hendrix Album is again, quite lengthy,.....In retrospect, I probably should have cut this one into Three Parts,.....But it would seem that Poor Planning has been a Prevalent Theme through out my entire life,.....Regardless,.....Here it Is,....My Denizens of the Darkness,.....I hope you Enjoy It,.........

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-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- DEATH ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN; PART TWO -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

"Out of nine lives, I've spent seven,
Now how in the world do you get to heaven?
Oh, you don't know the shape I'm in."

~ The Band ~ "The Shape I'm In."

"I wonder how many people I've looked at all my life and never seen."

~ John Steinbeck ~ "The Winter of Our Discontent."

..........Well,.....I thought, you certainly don't need a Magic Eight Ball to see that Old Bill was far more intoxicated than Usual,.....Between his Yelling and Slurring and the way that he was holding onto the counter for balance,.....Kind of like a Punch Drunk fighter struggling to make the standing eight count, without pitching forward onto the canvas,.....His face Fushed the color of a Bruised Plum,.....His eyes Rolling Around in his skull as if on rusty ball bearings,.....Spit flying from his mouth in a Heavily Reeking alcohol laced spray,.....All while he Cursed and Wailed,.....Pounding his Fists on the counter top,.......
"You Two-Bit Greasy Piece Of Shit!.....You Can't Kick Me Out Of A Shit Hole Like This!!" Screams Bill, "I Fought For This Fuckin' Country!!!"
"Hey Bill,....." Scott says reasonably, "It ain't like that,.....Calm Down."
"Is That Right?!?!" Furiously banging his fists on the counter top, "I Spilled Blood For This Country,.....And Now I'm Supposed To Let Some Dirty Grease Ball Fuck Face Tell Me When And Where I Can Play A Little Pool?!?!.....Does That Sound Right To You?!?!" He asks the Pool Hall in general.
"Billy,.....Slow Down a second and take a Good Look at Yourself,.....You can't even stand up!.....What you Need to Do,.....Is to go home and Sleep it Off." Scott says firmly.
"What The Fuck Is The World Coming To?!?!" Billy wails, His head thrown back, with one clenched fist raised towards Heaven, as the other beat out this last statement on the counter in blunt unison with each word.

.........I walk over as Nonchalantly as Possible, taking my hands out of my pockets to dangle loosely at my sides as I go.
"Hey Scott,.....Bill." I say as I approach the front counter, nodding calmly to the both of them, while slowly moving slightly off to Grumpy Bills right, in a sort of semi flanking position, just in case things got a little more Out of Control than Normal, which it seemed they might.
"What's going on, Gentlemen?" I ask in my best Diplomatic tone. "It sounds like You were just Leaving,.....Huh Bill?"
"Fuck You!.....You Fuckin' Long Haired Pot Smokin' Hippie Piece Of Shit!!" He screams up into my face. "You Two Big Fuckin' Assholes Don't Scare Me!!.....I Killed Guys Twice Your Size In The War!!!"
"C'mon now Bill." Scott says calmly. "Just go on home, and we'll forget that any of this ever happened,.....How's that sound?"
"Fuck The Both Of You!.....I'm Shooting Some Motherfuckin' Pool!!.....And I'd Like To See Either One Of You Two Pussys Try And Stop Me!!!" He declares, teeth bared in a foam lined smile, Flipping us Both a double bird.

.........I remember noticing, as I stood there looking at him, that it seemed at some point, earlier in the evening, he must have Vomited down the front of his old Army issue field jacket, and apparently it had frozen there,.....But now, however, as he stood there, gripping the edge of the counter with both hands to keep from falling over, while yelling and screaming,.....It was beginning to Melt, and slowly Slide Off of him like the worlds most Rancid Slurpee.
"C'mon Now Bill." Spanish Scott began to plead from behind the counter, most likely hoping that the Cut Down Pool Cues that were kept hanging by lanyards under the cash register wouldn't have to come into play.
"Fuck Off, Assholes!.....I'll Do Whatever I Fuckin' Feel Like!!.....And You Ain't Going To Do Shit About It Either, Fuck Face!!!" He Decalared this Last, so that Everybody in the establishment could hear it,.....Foam was beginning to run from the corners of his mouth down his stubbled chin.

.........You didn't have to look around to know that Everyone in the place was staring in a mixture of Curiosity and Knowing,.....Knowing and Waiting for the Inevitable Violent Conclusion to this Disturbing Spectacle.
"Ok Bill," Scott says Finally, with a sigh of Resignation. "Now, You listen to Me,.....You're not doing Anything here,.....Except Leaving,.....Now, whether You want to do This the Easy way," He continued, bringing one of the cut down cues up from under the register into full view, "Or, whether You want to do This the Hard Way,.....It doesn't matter much to Me at this point Bill, because you've already gone and put a Major Cramp in My evening,.....But, One Thing is Certain,.....One Way, or the Other, You're Leaving,.....And You're Leaving Right Fuckin' Now!"
"You Rotten Bastards!.....I'll Fuckin' Kill You!!" Grumpy Bill shrieks in utter outrage, his eyes threatening to pop clear out of his skull from the Exertion, Frustration, and Extreme Intoxication.
"You know What, Bill?" Scott says, picking up the telephone from where it hung on the wall. "That's It!.....Fuck This!.....And Fuck You!.....I've had Enough of Your Crazy Ass Bullshit, You Fuckin' Lush!.....I'm callin' the Fuckin' Police, and You can spend the night in jail,.....Again!.....How's that sound? You Drunken' Fuckin' Shit Heel!"
"Ok,....Ok,.....I See How It Is!" He Growls, Foam Frothing from his mouth like a Rabid with the Mange. "And I'm Just The Motherfucker To Give It To You!!"
"Billy!" Scott Yells "I'm Not Fucking Joking!.....Get The Fuck Out, before I have Your Ass Arrested!"
"I'd listen to him if I were you, Billy." I advise him
"Alright You Rotten Cocksuckers!" He screams at us both. "That's Fuckin' It!!.....You Want To Threaten Me?!?!.....I'm Going Out To My Truck, And Get My Gun, Then I'm Coming Back In Here And I'm Going To Blow Both Of Your Worthless Heads Off!!" He shrieks like a Banshee. "And When I'm Done, I'm Going To Slit Your Goddamned Throats Just For Good Measure!" He roars to a Climactic Finish, while slowly drawing his finger across his throat in a mock cutting gesture,.....And with That, he turned abruptly on his heels, almost going sprawling full out on his face, before catching himself,.....And with a Lurch and a Stagger,.....He made it to the door,.....And after standing there for a moment, to regain both his breath, and his balance,.....He pulled open the door with a jerk, and stumbled out into the windy snow covered parking lot, leaving us both standing there in mild shock and disbelief over the whole nasty situation that had just transpired.
"Holy Fucking Shit!" I finally say, with a laugh "That was fuckin' Intense!"
"Yeah," Scott says, "A real Buzz Kill." And we both laugh at that. "I'll bet that Drunken Bastard sniffed out those bottles you've got stashed in the bathroom ceiling, because he was No where's Near that drunk when he got here."
"Well," I say, considering the idea, "Thank Sweet Lucifer's Halo that I finished that bottle of 1800 the night you fleeced that Greek,.....I'd have hated to see it waisted on Him."
"Hey,.....Listen Man," Spanish Scott says to me, "Go and have a look out of the front window and make sure that Bill left,.....I don't want him to pass out in his truck and freeze to death on us."
"Ah,.....Fuck Him!.....He can go and Shit in his Hat and wear it Backwards for all that I care." I say, walking over to the big front window to peer out between the neon Open/Closed sign, and the big "Brunswick Tables" banner.
"No,.....He's still out there in his truck, the interior light is on, but I can't quite make out what the fuck he's doing," I inform Scott, "It kind of looks like he's waving his hands around and talking to himself."
"Alright, That's It, I'm calling the Cops, man,.....As much as I hate to do it, I've Never seen him like that before, he was absolutely batshit, there's no telling what he may decide to do,.....Plus,.....he's so drunk that he shouldn't even be Conscious, let alone Driving." Scott reasons.
"Ah,.....Fuck Him!" I say, "He only lives like four blocks away,.....And besides,.....You know Him and his War Psychosis Bullshit, It's All a Big Fucking Act that he puts on to make people think he's some Stone Cold Killer,.....It's All just a Big Load of Shit." I continue with a chuckle, "He sure was on a roll this time though, wasn't he?......Foaming at the Mouth and All that Shit,.....I'll tell You this Though, if you do call the Jakes on him and he gets pulled over again,.....Not Only will he get his,.....I dunno,.....Twentieth D.W.I.,....But, when they lock him up this time, they'll be sure to put a little time behind it,.....Repeat Offender and All."
"Shit," Scott begins, "He hasn't had a valid drivers license since Maryln Monroe skinny dipped in the White House pool anyhow,.....And a little time in County Lock Up, off the sauce for awhile, would probably save his worthless ass." He adds.
"It's Your call man." I tell him. "Just give Me enough time to go and stash this shit that I've got on Me, before You turn this place into a fuckin' police station." I mutter, shaking my head.
"Yeah,.....Go ahead," Scott replies, motioning me around the counter, nodding towards the office door. "Here, take the key." He adds, tossing me the key ring underhand, while he picks up the phone and begins to dial the police station number, reading it of the wall from where it was written in black magic marker. "Go ahead and lock it in the middle desk drawer."

.........By the time that I emerged from the back room, I could already see the Flashing Strobes of at least Three police cruisers outside in the parking lot, and the entire pool hall had emptied out, with the exception of a few old timers with Nowhere better to go. Spanish Scott looked a little nervous at all this activity, and after a closer look out the front window, I could see that police officers had both of the trucks doors open, and several cops were leaning into the cabin on either side, examining something with great interest. Soon an undercover car pulled up to the scene, and a man in plain clothes got out. Immediately, an officer came over to him, and the two began to talk to each other in a very matter of fact way. I couldn't, however see Old Bill Anywhere,.....Maybe they've already gotten him into the back of a squad car, I reasoned,.....That wouldn't be all that surprising,.....Given the way that he had been acting,.....Hell, I thought, at this point, Anything seemed Possible,.....And that was when the Ambulance came pulling up,.......

.........A few short moments later, and the plain clothed police officer came in to Question us, and to take any Statemants that we may have. The Detective was a short, heavyset, slightly balding, middle aged fellow, with the world weary disposition of a man who has been forced to look too long at the underbelly of society. He wore a striped tie, a rumpled brown suit jacket, a deeply creased frown to match his wrinkled brow, and a large revolver in a shoulder rig. After introducing himself as "Detective Bradley Mills, Dover Township Police Department, he showed us Both his badge and I.D. that declared him a Detective, First Class, and with that, he commenced with his line of questioning, to which we both answered as meagerly and simply as we possibly could, carefully weighing each question before offering up our mostly mono syllabic responses. Something Big was going Down, and for the time being, neither of us knew what exactly the nature of it was yet. All of this he wrote down, slowly, and carefully into a small pocket sized spiral bound notebook.

.........Once Detective Mills had taken both of our statements, and finished with his questions, he let out a tired sigh, as he flipped his notepad closed, and stuffed it back into his breast pocket.
"Now." He began, "I just want to make sure that I've gotten All of the Facts straight here." And when he said the word "facts" he said it as if it had left a Nasty Aftertaste in his mouth.
"Alright,.....Mr. Halloran came in here earlier this evening,....."
"Who?" I ask.
"Bill" Scott interjects
"Right,...." Mills says, "Ok,.....Mr, Halloran came in earlier this evening, visibly intoxicated, and when you asked him to leave, he refused, and you called us." He finishes dryly, "Is that correct?"
"Completely." I answer.
"Yes, Sir." Scott adds, and then after a short pause he asks, "Detective,......Is Bill alright?"
When Mills looked at us again, something in his eyes had changed,somehow, something had gotten colder, even sharpened a little and you could see that there wasn't anymore of that initial weariness to be seen anywhere, what had taken its place looked suspiciously like Cold Hard Satisfaction.
"No,.....No, as a matter of fact, He's Not alright,.....Mr. Halloran, or Bill, which ever you prefer,.....Is Not alright,.....He's Dead." He says, with a simple finality that hits me like a Sucker Punch to the Sternum.
"What!?!?!" We both blurt out at the same time, our mouths falling open in unison, like a couple of Rubes, who have just gotten taken on their First Bait and Switch con, and again, I could swear I saw that vague look of approval glimmer in Detective Mill's eyes at our dual expressions of shock, as we both attempted to process this new bit of information
"Yeah," He said rather blandly. "It looks to be a heart attack or possibly a stroke, but we won't know for certain until they perform an autopsy."
"Holy Shit,.....That's Terrible." Scott mutters.
"Actually, it appears to have worked out Quite Well for the two of you."
"Say What?" Scott asks.
"Yeah,.....How do you figure that?" I ask.
"Well," Mills begins, "When the officers arrived, they discovered Mr. Halloran slumped over, face first on the front seat of his truck, he was already dead, but, what caught the officers attention was the large bayonet he had stuffer down the back of his pants, and when the officers turned Mr, Halloran over, they discovered that he was clutching a Nine Millimeter handgun to his chest. There was also a box of spilled cartridges on the passenger side floor of the truck. It would appear that Mr, Halloran, or would You rather I call him Bill?.....was apparently frantically trying to load this weapon when he passed." Mills looks slowly at the both of us once again before continuing on with his story.
"Now, To Me that seems like the actions of an Irrational man with Murder on his Mind,......And Furthermore, I'm willing to bet that if he Hadn't suffered Whatever Terminal Event that killed him, Once he got done Loading that Gun, He was planning on coming Back in Here, and turning this place into "The Wild Bunch"
Neither of us could offer up any sort of comment on this New Revelation in the story, but we both stood there with our mouths hanging open like we might be trying to. Detective Mills paused for a long moment, seeming to consider his next remark before continuing.
"You would think that such a thing would leave an impression on a person,.....I sure hope I'm Right." He said, before adding, "But,.....I've No Doubt that I'll be seeing you boys again, sometime soon." And with that, he turned, and after surveying the near empty pool hall a moment longer, he opened the door and Disappeared out into the Night, but as he promised, he sure didn't Disappear from my Life, and in later years would become quite an irritant.....To say the Least.

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- THE END ? -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

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-|- HNW -|- Baseball -|-
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"I wanted to definitely be a musician, or a good preacher or a heck of a baseball player, I couldn't play ball to good, - I hurt my finger and I stopped that. I couldn't preach, and well, all I had left was to get into the music thing."

~ Muddy Waters

"I watch a lot of baseball on the radio."

~ Gerald Ford

.........Good Afternoon,....Devils and Debutants,.....It's an exceptionally Warm day out Today,.....And if You take the Time to walk outside Right Now,.....And tilt Your head back slightly, at just the right angle, and with the Right kind of Nose,.....You can Almost smell Spring in the Air,.....And here I am again,.....Fasionably Late for HNW.....But hold on for a Second,.....Because there's Always a Method to My Madness,.....And just because I'm feeling Exceptionally Relaxed this afternoon,.....I'm going to offer You a Glimpse into My Fundamentally Skewed Logic behind these actions,.......

.........You see,.....I figure that the Majority of Us run around Blogsville on Wednesday like on Christmas Morning,.....Anxiously checking out everybody's HNW offerings,.....Eager to See all that Skin!.....But then,.....After all the "Unwrapping" is done, and you've played with (or Ogled) all these New Toys,.....The Glow begins to slowly start to wear off,........

.........Well,.....Think of Me as that Cool Gift that Your Uncle sends You,.....And You Know the Uncle I Mean,.....It almost Always arrives Late,.....And it's Never anything that your Parents would Approve of,.....Like a Hunting Knife, or a Wrist Rocket, or an Once of Shrooms,.....Sort of like the Tommy Gun My Uncle Sully sent Me this past Christmas,.....I'm Sure that You get the general idea,......But Regardless,.....Before this Digression continues any further,.....Allow met to get back to our original point here........As You all know the theme for this weeks HNW was Baseball,.....The Great American Pass Time,......And I figured what Commemorates Baseball More, than Baseball Cards?!?!.....So,.....Saints and Sinners,.....Here we have the very First,.....And probably Only, Sinners Club baseball card,.......

.........And, with that,.....My Sweet Fallen Angels,.....As the evenings darkness is preparing to Envelope the Land,......It's time for Me to go out and Howl at the Moon for a bit,.....And although it's True when they say "That All Good Things Must Come To An End"......Fear Not!.....Because One Thing is for Certain,.....If You come back to this Exact Spot,.....You'll Always find Me waiting Here,.....Right where You left Me,.......

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President; The Sinners Club

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Death on the Installment Plan; Part One
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.........Greetings and Salutations,.....It's Always a Pleasure to see all of You again,.....My Wayward Flock of Fallen Angels,.....So pull a chair, and make yourselves right Home,.....I've got "Houses of the Holy" on the box,..... So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Special Music,......Tonight's post is Part One of a Two Part story I've been sort of dragging My feet on for quite some time now......Sometimes I feel with a story like this, it's best to just write it, and throw it out there to stand on it's own,....Scars, Worts, and All......Rather than Brooding and Procrastinating over it, rewriting This and , in an attempt to get Everything Just Perfect,.....Which is what happened here, and Needless to Say, It's Far from Perfect,.....Overanalyzing these things almost Never turns out as being either Productive, or Healthy, for matter,.........

.........I happened to borrow the name for this story from the celebrated novel by the Nihilistic Blackly Comedic French writer Louis Ferdinand Celine, and granted his novel "Journey to the End of the Night" is probably one of his most recognized works,.....I've always been more of a fan of "Death on the Installment Plan" and besides, I felt for this particular story,....It kind of Fit......Meanwhile, the name I've decided to use for part one, "They it Stormy Tuesday" is of course a on the Classic Delta Blues song by a Personal Favorite of mine, the Blues Man, Mr. Elmore James, the guitar prodigy of none other than Mr. Robert Johnson, the man who walked on down to the crossroads to Sell his Soul to Satan Almighty, in exchange for the ability to Strum Guitar like an Angel fallen from Heaven,.......

.........Well,.....Alrighty Then,.....Before I Digress any further, allow to tell You, the story You are about to read is Absolutely the Truth,.....A brief look into my Checkered Past. Of course I've changed the names of all the Innocent people,.....As well as all of the Unsavory Criminals involved Too,.....But in All Honesty, there's Nobody who's truly Innocent in this Chaotic Tale of Insanity,.....And So,.....Without Further Ado,.....I Present Part One, to You all,.....My Angels, and My Devils,.....So Please,.....Sit Back, Relax, Get Comfortable, and Help Yourself out to some of My Disaster,.......

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- DEATH ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN; PART ONE -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

"Good and bad, I define these terms,
So clear, no doubt, somehow,
Ah, but I was so much older then,
younger than now."

~ Bob Dylan ~ "My Back Pages"

"It was a moment he remembered for after,
As though a special small slice had been cut from the cake of time."

~ Stephen King ~ "Salem's Lot"

.........If I remember correctly there was a ton of snow too, Storm after Storm,.....And looking back on bitterly cold and snowy winter,.....Now almost Twenty gone, is a Scary reminder of just how Fleeting time can be. It's a funny thing when You think about it, Time, is a lot like Snow, once it finally begins to melt away it will often reveal things long buried and forgotten,.....Memories suddenly laid bare in the Startling Sunlight of our Conscious. And on bitter winter nights like these, when the temperature hovers in the teens, and You can hear the freezing wind whipping through the eves,.....It can sometimes seem like those long ago winters of yesteryear have back to haunt you, like some senile ghost of times long past,.....Forcing You to confront things sometimes best left unremembered..........

.........So, looking back now, like Lots wife, glancing over My shoulder the Sodom and Gahmora of My youth,.....Way back, to a strange period in All of our Lives,.....A time when we were trapped in Awkward age between 18 an 21,.....Which is a Particularly Peculiar time in life,.....A time only the Tragically Young can truly and honestly bitch about. It's Mystical Age where childhood terminates, and life begins to rear it's ugly head,........

.........In Retrospect,.....I think what's worse is it's a time in your life where You never fully realize until it's to late, maybe You should have better held onto those magical moments and forgotten places a little bit tighter,.....Instead of letting it all slip through Your grasp like a warm sunny summer day......Like maybe You should have Enjoyed Innocence for the short time it was within Your grasp,.....Right before the world ripped away it's seemingly pleasant veneer to reveal what it Really has to Offer......A time when Everything was still right there in front of You. Six lanes wide and no heavy traffic in sight.

.........Way back then in distant time and corner of my life, I was only about six months from getting my first and only fake ID,.....And it had only been about six short months since the United States Army Airborne Division had given my brother his Twenty One Gun Salute, and handed over a folded flag to his 18 widow in an effort to better assuage her pain and ease her loss. Since then I had gotten into the habit of passing the majority of My week nights the neighborhood Pool Hall. Drowning myself in Tequila, and ingesting whatever chemicals happened to along in an attempt to better assuage My pain, and ease My loss.........

.........The Pool Hall in question was called "The Blue Velvet" after a David Lynch movie, and just so you didn't miss this overtly cinematic reference, on the wall behind the counter, between a rack of "For Sale Only" discount pool cues, and a standing glass door soda cooler, hung a big black and white framed poster of Dennis Hopper's leering madman Frank,.....Pistol in one hand, Oxygen Mask in the other, looking like he could jump right out of the picture and happily put a bullet in Your brain pan,.........

.........When I first met Spanish Scott, he was running the joint,.....And it was the Perfect job for him.....The Cat was a part time pool hustler, and a full time ladies man, who possessed a Devil-May-Care attitude......Nothing ever seemed to bother Scott, he took it all in stride, and let All of life's little Shit Storms just roll off of his back, like he didn't have a care in the world, and life was nothing but a Big Fuckin Joke,......And I guess back then it had seemed, until recently it mostly was. Scott had nerve, and attitude, and balls enough to spare. He didn't rattle easily, and he was hopelessly lost in love with all of the finer staples of a youth misspent, like Strong Drink, Fast Cars, Easy , Extremely Potent Marijuanna, Lose Women, and Pure Cocaine,.....So,.....Needless to Say,.....We got along Famously,.......

.........The Owner of "The Velvet" was an aging Yippie named Sam. He was a giant of a man, standing an easy six foot six, and somewheres in the neighborhood of Three Hundred pounds, all distributed evenly across his back and shoulders, his arms, and huge barrel chest. And Despite his peaceful and generally sunny disposition, No One wanted to upset man unnecessarily. And with his full head of shaggy blonde hair, and his big bushy beard he had always reminded of an aging, but still very dangerous lion. I held a fondness for Sam the Lion, since about three prior, when he had sold all of his Rolling Stones albums. Shortly thereafter I would listen to "Exile on Main St." on My scratchy phonograph, and my life was irrevocably changed Forever. Sam was a Cool Cat indeed, and as long as the Pool Hall made , kept Sam happy,.....And as long as Sam was happy, he barely felt the to show "The Velvet" All,.....And was Good for Everyone involved.........

.........Because, on any given night there was likely to be Any and All sorts of After Hours illegal activities taking place behind the locked doors of "The Blue Velvet" Most times it was games of high stakes pool ( age $1000 a game was high to Us) but sometimes it'd be a big poker game, but there was also wagering on the occasional fist fights the high school burn outs, and the neighborhood toughs would get into in the back alley. Not to mention the bottles of Mad 20/20 and Tequila I kept hidden in the Men's room drop ceiling, or the Cocaine Buffet Spanish Scott would regularly serve in the back office, the thousands of joints got smoked in the parking lot, or the Many girls got fucked on the eight foot tables all the way in the back corner of the Hall. (their four foot width put the corner pockets the perfect distance to be able to comfortably place your feet for Maximum Thrust.) And don't forget the thousands and thousands of dollars changed hands illegally as a result of it all. We both felt the less Sam knew about any of this, the better off Everyone Involved would be,.....Especially Sam the Lion,.........

.........And So,.....When I walked into the "The Velvet" on Cold and Blustery Tuesday evening in February, with the still falling snow silently covering the town in a virgin white veil, and as the wind threatened to pull the heavy glass door from my grasp with a freezing gust, I was hoping to find a little comfort, warmth, and some friendly companionship, preferably of the female persuasion......Basically,.....A night Filled with the kind of Endless Possibilities only a Nineteen with his Left pocket jammed full of Controlled Dangerous Substances, and his Right pocket stuffed full of can anticipate, much less Hope for..........

.........However, as is often the case in life, the possibilities are Seldom ours to Choose,.....The Decision Not our Own, and we Rarely, if Ever, get what We had planned for.......So, even before the door had slammed closed behind me, I was brought to the realization I was about to be Swept into a Scene of Unmitigated Chaos......Because, just beyond the row of arcade machines blocked the front counter from my line of sight, I could hear Somebody angrily screaming out a litany of the Foulest curses I'd ever heard. Almost immediately I recognize the voice as of Grumpy Bill, One of "The Blue Velvet's" time regulars. Grumpy was one of the local neighborhood Alcoholic Shell Shocked War Veterans. He seemed to be screaming down Death, Destruction, and Eternal Damnation on Scott over the Sheer Audacity of not only being Refused the establishments services,.....Due to his Advanced State of Inebriation, but also over the fact he was being thrown out of the place. It was , I think, was what had Enraged him the Most.........

.........It was an Ugly and Shocking spectical to accidentally stumble into, and as I got closer to the center of the maelstrom, I noticed Most of the patrons were standing around transfixed, watching the scene unravel with looks of Nervous Curiosity. Normally, Grumpy Bill was just a Harmless Drunk,.....a little Foul Tempered, Sure, but every once in a while, there'd be an occasion when he'd go a few drinks past even his distant finish line, and would be when his P.T.S.D, along with the Alcohol, and coupled with his Acute Persecution Complex would transform him into a Mean, Nasty, Incoherently Screaming, Stumbling Terror, the focus of All the worlds many Injustices,........

.........What I didn't Realize, was I had inadvertently just walked Smack into the middle of Grumpy Bill's Maximum Opus. The Excrement had the Air conditioner, and the Proverbial Straw had apparently Smashed the Camel's Back.....And Now, Good Billy was was throwing a Grand Mol Shit Storm of Potentially Biblical Proportions. I could tell all of this by the sound of his increasingly Shrill Pitched Screams, which were now getting loud enough they could be heard over the "Rage Against the Machine" song blaring out of the jukebox, and they were making people start to head for the Emergency Exit against the back wall, to which we had long since disconnected the safety alarm, in an attempt to flee this Hellish scene before it went completely Out of Control, and the Police arrived to sort the Mess out, and start asking questions before they decide who to arrest. One thing was Certain, things were Rapidly beginning to Circle the Drain,.....And even back then, at Tender Age, I was Fully Aware of how these sort of things seemed to have a way of Rapidly Spiraling Out of Control in the Worst kind of Ways,.....And So,.....With , I lowered my head, and made my way towards the very Center of the Storm,.......

.........And So,..... brings us to the end of Part One,.....So, Be sure to Stay Tuned, My Deliciously Deviant of the Darkness.....Part Two will be sometime over the weekend, So,.....Until then,.....Get Out There, and Sin for Me, My Lovelies,.....And if You should for some reason ,.....You Know just Where to Find ,.....I'll be right Here,.....Where you left ,......

Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
President: The Sinners Club

-|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- TO BE CONTINUED -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

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