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What has history taught you?  

bamagirlnc 60F  
47 posts
12/11/2018 2:32 pm
What has history taught you?

I have had the rudest men approach me. As you can see my name on here is Bamagirlnc....I am a huge Alabama football fan.

Two different men have approached me in a chat room, by the way 99% of the people are the nicest ones I have ever had the chance to chat with. As I was saying..each of the two guys, asked me if it was true what they had learned in history and was I like that. They preceded to ask if I was racist and did I think like all people from Alabama.

I have to say that I now know what is wrong with our country..a lot of people did not learn anything from our history. What gives these two people the right to question me, but I have no right to question them? Yes I am white and both of them were black. I normally do not see color, but these two are making me look at it more often now. I grew up in Alabama, then TN, than NC...I say get your heads out of yours asses before something happens to you and learn from our history.

Sorry for ranting about this, but I can never remember being so upset when I did nothing to start this.

bamagirlnc 60F  
7 posts
1/18/2019 9:32 pm

Wow just had a guy today that was 69, he started calling me names on IM. Where do people get off on judging someone on this site. Do you not realize that this is a sex site.

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