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Mile high club x 2  

bandito3 62M  
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6/26/2018 2:46 pm
Mile high club x 2

Finally got the opportunity to cross off a bucket list item...a trip to Hawaii. I'm sitting in my seat on the plane, the window seat as always. Soon, two lovely ladies fill up the seats next to me.
We exchange pleasantries, and buckle up for takeoff. I'm sipping a cocktail and looking out the window, thinking of Hawaii. My attention soon turns to my seat mates, who are giggling and being a little frisky with each other.
Just before we reach cruising altitude, the young lady next to me taps my arm and smiles. 'Would you mind switching seats with me? I wanted a window seat, but none were available.'
I'm not a big fan of the middle or aisle seat, but she turns on the charm, batting her eyelashes and gazing at me with those puppy eyes. Of course, I say, as soon as the seat belt light goes off. We leans over, her hand on my thigh, and kisses my cheek. 'Thank you.' she whispers.
The light goes off. The three of us get up and vacate the row. Thinking I'm being shuffled to the aisle seat, I wait for the girls to get seated. 'Oh no, we want you in the middle.' Raising an eyebrow, I ask 'are you sure?' More giggling ensues as they nod yes.
Another round of drinks are delivered by our stewardess, who notices the new seating arrangement and smiles. As I'm sipping my drink, I suddenly feel a hand on each thigh. A little startled, I nearly choke on my drink. I look to my left, seeing a smiling face. Then to my right, a mirror image.
One hand is rubbing the apparent bulge in my jeans, the other rubbing lower.
A low moan escapes my lips as the giggling continues. I shift a little in my seat, my arousal undeniable at this point. I look at both girls. They both have the index finger of their free hand in their mouths, lightly sucking on them. Ffuuccckkk, my inner voice screams.
Next, I feel the buttons on the fly of my jeans being unclasped. One thumb, then the other, rub my engorged head. I squirm into my seat trying to contain myself. Our stewardess reappears briefly, giving the girls a nod and a wink.
I feel my buttons being fastened, then my drink being taken by the girl in the window seat. Before I know it, I'm being led down the aisle by the other little hottie. As we pass the stewardess, she giggles a little. Next thing I know, I'm sitting in the bathroom with my jeans around my ankles. She is smiling at me with a finger on her lips 'shh'. She lifts up her short skirt, tugs her panties to one side and pushes that same finger up inside her as deep as she can.
That wet finger gets pushed into my mouth as she straddles me, engulfing my rockhard cock with her warm, wet pussy. She rides, long and slow, getting adjusted. Then, she throws her head back and slams down on me repeatedly, moaning out ' YES! YES! YES! FUCK YES! I feel her juices flowing over my throbbing cock and trickling out over my heavy balls. She shudders and shakes, looking me dead in my eyes. She grinds down, clenching my cock with her luscious pussy. A knock on the door snap
s me out of my hypnotic trance. She leans into me, kissing me deeply, then giggling as she dismounts.
She unlocks the door, brushes her skirt back down onto her thighs, and backs out. As I'm about to stand up and pull my jeans up, a hand presses against my shoulder, pushing me back down. 'Not so fast,' I hear. Another wet finger is pushed into my mouth. After a long lick, the finger is withdrawn and I'm being straddled again, reverse cowboy, this time. Her firm little buns slide down my abs as her luscious pussy captures my cock. Fffuuccckkk!!! In no time, she's riding me hard, pulling my hands up to cup her sexy tits as she pounds away. Harder, deeper faster we go, grunts and groans echoing throughout the bathroom. Feeling my body responding to her movements, she looks over her shoulder and smiles. 'Not there,' she says. She slides up and off, spreading her firm cheeks and pushing my soaked cock up into her sweet little ass.
It's so tight, the pressure mounts in my aching shaft immediately. I grip her sexy tits tighter as she slams down on my cock so hard. Unable to hold back any longer, I roar loudly and explode. Fuck! Fuck ! Fuck! She grinds that sweet ass down as I cum so hard. She slowly lifts herself off, and turns to kiss me. She slips out the door.
I slowly stand up, legs a little wobbly. Pulls up my jeans, and tries to regain my bearings. I make my way back to my seat, feeling many eyes on me as I do. As I approach my row, I hear that familiar giggle. The girls have left me the aisle seat, so I ease back down into it. I give them a quick glance, then drift off, completely drained and exhausted. A few hours later, I'm at the baggage claim area, reliving the recent events. As I'm waiting for my bag, I notice a piece of paper in my shirt pocket. It's a note from the stewardess. 'The girls and I have a 10 day layover here. We're in room 314 at the Hilton. Come see us.'
It looks like Hawaii won't be the only bucket list item getting checked off on this trip.

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