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A promise broken....
Posted:Sep 25, 2019 8:37 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2020 1:8 am
I imagine every wants a guy can go the distance and wake her up in the middle on the night for more. This is the story of a guy man hooked up with for a night special. The guy was a friend of man and we got along great. I decided I was going fuck him as I told man and he made that night happen. I was so excited because all this mother fucker every talked about online was how he was going fuck all night long. anticipation grew as we headed for our room that night. We had a room at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. A gorgeous retreat. We exit the elevator on the th floor and walked toward our room. As I waited for him to open the door, I grabbed his cock and said hurry the fuck up. He smiled and he opened the door grabbing by hand and pulling in. The door couldn't close fast enough as we went at it kissing and licking each other like melted ice cream. He was a tall black slightly muscular built handsome man with a huge dick. from looking at it, I say he was a good 10/". I told him that I wanted dick all night long. I wanted him to keep wet all night. He gave that old fucking every man gives; don't worry babe, I promise babe keep you satisfied all night. We fore played for at least 5 mins before I made the move push his ass on the bed and ripped his jeans off as his hard dick hits in the . I began sucking this fucker and he felt like he was already going blow his fucking shit in . I thought myself" Damn this mother fucker ain't gonna last no time. So I tested the waters and finished sucking his dick and crawled up towards him straddling him. I reach between my legs and grabbed his cock sliding it in my wet pussy. The in his eyes was like none other. He whispered in ear and told how tight pussy was and began fucking . I told him to slow down and take it slow because I didn't want to waste a good dick with a 3min nut. He did for a minute then I heard the old " babe I got ta move a little faster. I gotta beat this pussy up." I rolled eyes because I already knew. This mother fucker started thrusting faster and faster. the shit felt so good. I was moaning and squirming with excitement. He then turn me over and spread legs and push his big black dick deep in . I felt every bit of that shit. His dick was hitting the right spot and I started cum myself squirming "damn dude Fuck harder. That shit fells so good." Then I knew it was too good to be true. He leaned forward and wrapped his hands grapping ass and burying his head in the pillow fucking like a steel dick machine. It felt so good. But then I felt him inside of as I feel all men are about explode. The thrust was constant and the head of his dick grew bigger. I could exactly fell the veins on the walls of his dick sliding in and that gave such a fucking orgasm. I grabbed his head and held both of hands on the side of his head softly and looked him in the eyes as he pounded away with softly saying "fuck harder, harder, please don't stop, don't stop..."Then I saw the on his and that single vein that pops up in the middle of a guys forehead when he about nut. I kiss him as hope that he can keep going but that did him in as he pounding harder and harder letting his creamy silk cum deep inside . I gasp for air as he lets a "ahh shit that fucking pussy's so good." I at this mother fucker and say you aren't done are you? He gives that " Just give about 5 minutes baby and I'll be back on game again. I'm bringing the thunder this time." I bit mouth lip in discuss and laid back on pillow and waited. This sorry fucker fell asleep on ass. Let's break this shit down. (2 minutes of kissing and licking, 5 minutes of sucking his dick, and not even 4 minutes total fucking). fucking minutes of fucking. A sorry big ass thick black dick, I got nut, the mother fucker fell asleep on ass, and a fucking broken promise. What the Fuck!!!!! I had go home and have man do a clean up and finish the fucking job. He ain't never let down on distance. I mean I like the whole changing it up and meeting different people and all just for fun but damn dudes. At least last 3o minutes or so. Give a something forward too. Damn. minutes on a sorry ass big black dick. What a waste. What the fuck dude!!!!!

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