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End of day 22022020  

bbsweetbb 42F
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2/22/2020 8:22 pm
End of day 22022020

" Hi
I’m breaking up with you. I’m too cowardly to tell you to your face.
I think you figured this out yourself.
I’m telling you now because I lied to you and told you I wasn’t dating. I had a date last Sunday night. It won’t become anything but I shouldn’t have lied."

This I got from him. While reading hands shaking and I feel want to vomit.
heart started getting in pain. Symptoms probably like have a heart attack?

I did not know how I passed days. What I ate, I vomit.
I kept thinking of reasons. What did I do the past? I always in the comfort zone. We were in a long-distance relationship. Meet up three times a year. Longest time is I stayed up to 3 months with him.

I stopped jogging for a week. I jogged 10km yesterday. I cried too. Nobody saw me crying. I knew I couldn't see the road in front of me.

I was glad to know him and he guided me with lots of activities. Examples, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, diving, ice skating, board skate in the house, flying zipline, etc.

He likes hiking, motorbiking, cycling, etc
I did not go with him because I am not good at those activities. He liked to be top 3 in the race.

He complained I walked to slow. We never walked hand in hand. He ahead of me all the time.

He is a good cook. When he is cooking, I watch drama. But I cleaned all the dishes.

Our passion is gone since last year. Doing things together like old folks.
Gym, Breakfast. Read news dramas. Afternoon nap etc.

I have to stop here. I don't know how long will take me to recover?
I have pain in right boob. I will see the doctor. God bless me. I don't want lost pretty "girls"

Reasons via break up
It’s hard to say. I don’t analyse so much.
But that I can date with someone else without thinking of you is one reason.
That I look an opportunity to do so is another, without asking myself if there is a reason I’m not satisfied with our relationship.
Maybe you are looking a reason to blame yourself. You are not to blame.

I replied
These overalls review worse hurting than myself checking from the bedroom, living room, kitchen and outdoor activities.
I bought myself a bicycle so We might able cycling together.
I knew you do 32km.
Then I set a goal to make the half marathon.
I tried moving faster so can go hand in hand with you.
Yes, you’re right I kept blaming myself this 24 hours.

Thanks these wonderful times with me.
Sorry not make you satisfied.

I felt guilty ruin these but after I read his message I felt better.

LQQK7979 M
445 posts
2/24/2020 11:55 pm

You are amazing sweetie, sometimes people just grow apart. Hugs and lots of love, Missed you a lot

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