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A Break From Innocence - Part Four  

bendman4u 54M  
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5/20/2021 9:38 am

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6/14/2021 5:47 am

A Break From Innocence - Part Four

Jill always liked let the water run . She enters when the bathroom is good and steamy. The pores on her soft skin open up the warmth. This is exactly what she needs and takes her time. Though her image begins blur in the mirror, she likes study herself, touching and moving her breasts - pushing them up slightly and then let them drop freely. She has grown to appreciate the 34DD's that she has carried since she was a freshman and now they provide a nice contour to her figure. She casually brushes her soft brown nipples and they perk right up. She loves how they feel and understands why even her father can't help but notice them.

She turns to the side and arches her back slightly to examine her hips and runs her hand down to cup her ass; is still firm and she realizes the desire this must have caused walking around the house as she did. The thought of what would be like him returns. Would he discipline her if she was bad? Would he hold her down forcefully? What would he say her? She slaps her ass and turns back toward the mirror - her image now totally obscured. She giggles at her naughty fantasy. "Oh , I'm sorry, ." She pouts and giggles again and steps into the shower.

He cannot help but stare at how beautiful she has become and watches as she leaves the room. For a brief second, he notices her glance back to catch him in this trance, but he doesn't care. The top she wears leaves little to imagination and when she stands to leave, he sees for the first time how sheer her panties are, and the small dark patch through the thin veil of material shows him how fine she really is. He can't help but imagine how clean and tight her pussy must be and wishes he had the audacity to go to her and join her in the shower. These thoughts swirl around him, consuming him, and he forces himself to get up and clear the table.

It is a gorgeous morning, he thinks, as he looks out the kitchen window. No wind and blue sky. The house is perfectly still and quiet. He can hear the shower and wonders how she cleans herself; does she stroke herself while she lathers or rinse first and then.., he needs a distraction. He needs to stop this thinking but he has grown so thick and hard without even realizing it. He decides to go to his office about half way up the hall to where she is naked. At least, he can find something on the internet - a little porn. Surely, he has time relieve himself before she finishes.

Just then, he hears her giggling and walks a little further up the hall - past his office. He can't help himself - his desire is teetering out of control and he can feel himself swollen with desire that needs be released. He can't shake the image of her hips as she left the room and the way she looked at him when she glanced bac Was it just his imagination? He swears she was pleased that he was checking her out. Was it that she wanted him? No - that is absurd! She is just flirtatious at her age - it means nothing. Still, he continues to walk, unable to resist the lure of fantasy wrapped with the freshness of her scent that now has him tangled up with conflicting thoughts as he stands at the bathroom door listening and absent-mindedly stroking himself.

"Oh ," she coos with her eyes closed, tracing fingers along her wet body. The water rushes over her as she lightly plays with her nipples and runs one hand down along her hips and through the dark patch above her lips. Her mind flashes on her professor and the time he took her after class right in his office. He was so thick and she knows her dad has a similar build. The professor liked it when she called him ';'; and she enjoyed the fantasy and the intense fucking. Her pussy is so wet with the memory. "Oh .., please take . Oh god I want feel you inside of ." She braces herself against the tiled shower - bending her legs slightly. Her mind sees him stroking himself - masturbating at the way she left the room. She knows that he secretly wants her and knows the tension in the air is one of primal needs.

Something catches her attention - a very small sound through the mist; a careful sound like a secret be kept quiet. She sighs deeply and knows that she would give herself him if he came her right then.

He realizes the bathroom door is not closed all the way and freely opens just a couple of inches when he pushes against . In the mirror, he can see the outline of her in the shower. With the door now slightly ajar, he can hear her and realizes she is masturbating. "Oh god.. I want taste you so bad," he whispers and franticly pulls out his cock and starts stroking - working his shaft from base head, and imagines sliding into her from behind. He is running his hands up her hips to cup her breasts as he<b> kisses </font></b>her neck and feels her push against him, taking his cock into her tight pussy - gripping him. With one hand against the wall, he is fucking her and stroking his cock to simulate the fantasy. He swears he can hear her moaning and wonders if his cover is blown. He can't stop.

Jill pushes fingers in slowly and pinches her nipples.. imagines him entering the bathroom and taking her. She needs be fucked so badly and turns her fingers into her 's coc The water runs down through her breasts and he traces his tongue in her cleavage, sucking her nipples as he pins her against the shower wall - penetrating her. She swears she hears something through the steam and smiles - hoping he is .

He can't remember the last time his cock was so thic He is so turned on now he doesn't care if she hears him or not. In a way, he hopes she catches him and drops the towel to the floor and takes him into her mouth. He knows this won't happen, but can't stop the imagery from playing out in his mind. His hips are moving with each stroke as he simulates how it must be to thrust his cock into her pussy - how she would respond pushing back against him - riding him. He is close and hears a distinct moan come from the other side of the door - from the shower where she is fully exposed and pleasuring herself. He squeezes his shaft firmly and slowly pushes up to the head of his cock with several deliberate strokes - then quickens the pace - pushing his hips into his masturbation, into this moment. He is so close and can feel her hips with one hand while the other runs up her body to her breasts, to her throat.. just then, he hears her release - a quiet orgasm but loud enough for him to hear. His cum bursts out onto his hand and onto the door and makes a small pool on the carpet. He is not done - but can't be caught like this..

She hears a sudden moan from outside the shower and her body quivers with an intense release of fantasy. Her body is alive but she wants more. For now, she knows this is just a moment and relishes what she understands to be an unspoken desire that came together just then. She smiles as she rinses her body and turns off the water.

She wonders what he might have planned for lunch? Of course, she will get a hold of Molly and feels like being social - she will come over? She is certain her dad won't mind.

bustinout20202 64F  
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5/21/2021 7:58 am

"Still, he continues walk, unable resist the lure of fantasy wrapped with the freshness of her scent that now has him tangled up with conflicting thoughts"...wow! That is a great read! Captivatingly sexy!

~~~" Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." --Mary Oliver~~~

bendman4u replies on 5/21/2021 8:23 am:
thank you lover - lol, of course, I had to edit it!

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