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Short story " Male PE Teacher with Girl servicing detention"  

bigfred4u 50M
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5/23/2020 8:40 pm
Short story " Male PE Teacher with Girl servicing detention"

You walk into PE class late and find your new supply teacher standing there in shorts and t-shirt and you think WOW he is really sexy. You also notice a large bulge in his shorts and your pussy gives a little jump like you have never felt before. You start to image what it really looks like and what it would feel like. You have read lots of stories about sex and you have seen lots of pictures but you have never had a chance to see or touch a real cock. You have had been hoping for a chance to someday get your hands, mouth and body too one but the boys in your class were assholes. That’s when you hear saying you.

‘…then you are going have come back hear after school serve a detention.’

‘But I can’t…...” you start say but I cut you off by saying

‘Not another word young lady or it will be ever night this week.’

You realize that there is no use arguing so you shut- and do as you are told. The rest of the class goes by with out any problems but you do feel like someone has been watching you’re every move the whole class. Usually you can pick out which boy in your class is staring at you but today it feels different and you like it. When I dismiss the class to get changed out of there PE clothes you are one of the last ones in the gym so I put my hand on your shoulder and say.

‘Don’t keep me waiting after school is out.’

As you continue to the change room you glance back over your shoulder and see me watching you walk away. I am smiling and nodding my head with approval. At first you give me a little smile back but when you get into the change room you start to think what a pervert. Then you start to change out of your shorts and you feel how wet your pussy is and you realize that it was the teacher that caused it and was the one staring at you for the entire class.

For the rest of the day you had an uneasy feeling about the detention that you had after school with me. But you knew you would get in more trouble if you didn’t go so at that end of the day you slowly made your way to my office. When you get there you are a couple of minutes late and I look at you and say.

‘Late again, hopefully by the end of your detention you will know how to be on time.

You look at me with an inquisitive look. Then you see that I am still wearing my shorts from class but something looks different in the front, they look tighter and the bulge looks bigger. You give your head a little shake thinking to yourself that you are just imagining things. You sit down in a chair by my desk and I walk over and shut and lock the door. Now your back is to me and you feel my hands on your shoulders which are very tense and I say to you as I start to massage your shoulders.

‘Why are you so tense? A beautiful lady like your self shouldn’t be so tense.’ You give a little moan as I rub your shoulders and neck not knowing what to say. After about five minutes of silence with just me rubbing your back I stop and say to you.

‘There doesn’t that feel better.’ You nod and answer as I sit down in the chair opposite of you but on the same side of the desk.

‘So what are you going to make me do for this detention?’

I smile at you with a gleam in my eye and say.

‘Educate you my dear educate you.’

As I am saying this I put my hands on your knees and start to rub them. You look at me and say

‘Please, don’t stop.’

And I say ‘It is time for the lesson to begin. Now you have to do everything that I tell you to do. OK.’

‘OK’ you reply

‘Good, now stand up.’

You nod your head and stand a little nervously. I stand up in front of you and put my fingers up to the buttons on your blouse and start to undo them slowly one at a time from the bottom to the top. You look at me a little shocked but you remain silent. I nod with approval and say.

‘Very good, now let’s see what treasures are hidden under there.’ As I slowly push the blouse off of your shoulders and it falls to the floor. You feel a little embarrass as you feel that you are over developed for your age. But then you look at me and see that I really like what I see. Then I reach down and undo your pants and push them down by sliding my hands inside them at the back and pushing them down grabbing your tight ass as I was doing it. Then I say to you.

‘I was looking in your file today and noticed that it is your birthday and I just happen to have something for you.’

You look at me and say

‘ hey and what would is that.'

'Bend over the desk' I say

As you do you hear my shorts fall the floor. Then you feel something hard your ass and even thru your panties it stung a little but you really liked it. After I you the first time with my cock I said

'One. Nineteen more go and one for good luck. But first lets get rid of these panties there are already soaked.' I pull them off of you and suck of your juices out of them and toss them away, then turn to you and say.

'Now where was I.’ I say with a smile.

'You were about to give my paddy whacks but hadn't started yet'

'Didn't I already start' I ask.

'Noooo' you say ' with your cock 20 times and don't forget the one for good luck'

'OK girl you ask for it' I reply as I start spank your ass cheeks with my cock alternating from one the other. After a few slaps I say.

'You had better be keeping count and let know when I reach 20.'

'I will try.' You softly moan.

As I am spanking your ass I can see how wet it is making you have your ass spanked so I ask you.

'You like that don't you girl?'

'mmmmmmmmm yyyyessss' You moan

I can tell by your breathing that you have not keep track of the spanking so I say you.

'That’s 20. Now for the one for good luck."

That’s when I take my cock and swing it between your legs and spank your pussy letting my cock rub hard over your clit. Then I pull it back let the head push hard against your tight little ass hole. You moan with delight.

'mmmmmm that feels good.'

Then I turn you around and sit you the edge of my desk tweaking your beautiful tits make your<b> nipples </font></b>harder and harder with every touch. Then I kiss your neck just below your ear and nipple the way down your wonderful hard<b> nipples. </font></b>You moan loudly as my moist lips and tongue warp around your right nipple gently sucking on it.

'OOOOOOOOh that’s nice you whisper' not realizing how sensitive your<b> nipples </font></b>would be when they are being sucked on. I switch to your left nipple with a moan of my own

'MMMMMM you taste good' and I start to suck harder on your<b> nipples </font></b>switching from one to the other as we both start to moan softly.

Then I stop kissing your tits and slowly kiss my way down to your lovely belly kissing you gentle and twirling my tongue around in little circles on your belly. As i gentle lower you down so you are laying flat on your back on my desk I sit down in a chair at the prefect height to eat you out. I spread your legs apart and slowly lower my lips to your pussy kissing your moist lips gentle licking you.

'MMMMMM your pussy is delicious, I am going to have to give you a good licking.' You moan with approval. Then I lick you softly at first then slowly i stick my tongue deep into your pussy. 'WOW' you exclaim 'is that your tongue' for a reply I drive deeper into you and you squirm with delight. I continue to lick and suck on your clit until I feel your body tremble with a small orgasm. You are breathing hard when I stop to let you catch your breath and I ask you if you what some more. You get off the desk and eye my cock that looks bigger then any you have seen before and say with a smile. 'I don't think I have learnt my lesson yet I need keep driving it into .' With that you grabbed my cock bent over and started lick the head flicking your tongue over my cock head the same way I was flicking your<b> nipples </font></b>with my tongue. 'MMMMMM I moan’ Just as you put your mouth around my head and start sucking me. 'Wow, you are good I moan' as you with my balls and suck . 'Blow in my mouth, please.' you beg 'I want taste and swallow your cum'. 'OHHHHHHH' I moan as my cock starts pulse and I begin the blow. You do your best swallow all my cum but it leaks out the corners of your mouth. 'MMMMMM' you say 'That tastes good" as you lick of the cum that leaked out. I let you finish licking clean and then I say you. 'Now that you did that we are going have 69 so my cock will get hard again.' You just look at and say 'Good, because I want feel your cock in my mouth some more.’ So we start 69 with you top of . We start slowly licking each other every time I lick your sweet pussy you lick my cock. Slowly, lllllllick, lllllllick, we both make a game out of it and we start pick the pace, lllick, lllick. “Faster” we moan together, lick, lick. Now we are licking and sucking as fast as we can you notice that my cock is getting hard and so you suck even harder hoping to impale yourself it soon. You feel licking your pussy and your ass hole so you start grind down my face. I feel your body start tremble with delight so I quickly roll us over so I am top and I pull my cock just out of your reach and I lick your clit and you squirm with delight as an orgasm washes over you. ‘Yessssssssssssssssssssssss you moan as your juices flow freely out of your pussy. ‘mmmmmmmmm’ is you hear from as I lick and swallow every drop of your juice. Now I get and help you your feet so that you can lie down my desk. I spread your legs and rest the head of my throbbing cock right the entrance your pussy. We smile at each other then you nod and raise your ass just right make my cock and your pussy line perfectly. Slowly I start push my cock into you first the head goes in and I stop to let your pussy adjust to my size then I push other inch in and wait. ‘WOW you are so tight girl, it feels great.’ You are moaning with delight as I slowly push more and more into you stopping to allow you to accommodate my length and girth. You have your eyes closed tight and say in a soft quiet voice

‘I don’t think it will all fit in you are too big I’m sorry.’

‘Open your eyes sweetie and see’ just as you open your eyes you feel my balls rub against your ass. I have buried my cock as deep as I can into you and am holding it there so your pussy can adjust to suit. You smile at and start wiggle your pussy slowly my cock help your pussy stretch. You start moan again so I start too slid in and out of you slowly building speed. I slid out so just my head is in you then I plunge as deep as I can.

‘yessss’ you pant ever time my cock hits full penetration. So I start picking the pace.

‘yessss, yessss, yesss’ you moan.

I bend down as I am driving into you and start to suck and nibble your hard little<b> nipples. </font></b>You moan with renewed delight as your entire body gives in the most powerful orgasm you have ever had.

‘YESSSSSSSSSSSS’ you scream as the orgasm hits you over and over again. Then you hear panting and recognize that sound and you know that I am really close blowing my load. You grab your legs and pull them raising your body meet my thrusts.

‘Fuck my pussy, fuck me hard, blow your load as deep in me as you can.’ With that I can’t hold off any longer and I blow as deep into you as I and but there is so much cum that it leaks out around my shaft and down your legs. As my cock in pulsing releasing my load your pussy jumps back into life and you have another little orgasm every time my cock pulses. Then you use your pussy to squeeze as much cum out of me as you can. Then I pull out of you and help you to stand and kiss you hard on the mouth and you give a little moan. I release you from my firm embrace and say

‘OK, you had better not be later for my class again or the detention will be much worse.’ You nod your head and say

‘Yes sir’ But before you start to get dress you see how wet my cock is and say.

‘Before I go sir I need to clean a little mess.’

‘OK’ I say as you bend over and lick of our combined juices.

‘mmmmmmmmmmm that tastes great’ you say as you are licking your lips.

Now we both get dressed and just you turn leave I sweep you into my strong arms and say ‘Happy Birthday Sweetie’ and I kiss you gentle.

‘Thank you very very much ‘ you reply

‘One more thing, I will see you in class tomorrow on time right’ I say with a wink as you are walking out.

‘Right on time’ you reply with a smile.


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