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Men Who Like Bed Play With two women.  

bigrlDeeAnna 49F
1233 posts
7/29/2017 8:48 am
Men Who Like Bed Play With two women.

My friend and I like to bed sex play with a male. We would like to know just who the males are on the site here, who like to bed play with two women at the same time? Let us know if you do men.

Hunter4Head 57M
6259 posts
7/29/2017 8:54 am

I would DEFINITELY love to "entertain" two women in bed. That means "doubling your pleasure". You BET I'd LOVE that, and if it were you and RED, what a sexual delight THAT would be..... .

volcano1356 64M
28 posts
7/29/2017 9:09 am

I LOVE bed playing other place's too, with 2 women & with great arse's like you 2 have + the rest of your body's which is just as good is a bonus

volcano1356 64M
28 posts
7/29/2017 9:12 am

I 100% AGREE

Just1nts2DoU 45M
40 posts
7/29/2017 9:12 am

Great pics, looks like great fun. Yes I would like to play with two sexy ladies in bed.

oralbeast314 40M
40 posts
7/29/2017 9:13 am

Sharing is caring lol

spunkycumfun 60M/65F  
36115 posts
7/29/2017 9:15 am

That looks a lot of fun!

HallPassInLowell 54M
127 posts
7/29/2017 9:15 am

After seeing those sexy pics, what straight guy wouldn't want to play with both of you?

sexydad1167 52M  
1361 posts
7/29/2017 9:15 am

I have always been a fan of it and enjoyed it when i have had the opportunity. would like the opportunity more often.

temptationplus58 62F

7/29/2017 9:16 am

Bed play? Seriously what the fuck does that mean? You had sex with a man in bed and a fat one at that. You and "Redneck Girl" (how ever she spells it), just like attention here, most people don't have a photographer around when the are having sex in a BED.

HamburgDave2 77M
16531 posts
7/29/2017 9:24 am

Is this a Trick Question?

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valdezvicvic 62M
996 posts
7/29/2017 9:55 am

Is this for real ???

nicebuttocks1950 70M
217 posts
7/29/2017 10:09 am

I suppose it would be nice. Definitely different. It is much easier for one woman to please several men than for one man to please two women. Can I give it a try?????

charmer961 61M  
14567 posts
7/29/2017 1:38 pm

It remains an elusive fantasy for me.

wantaplay8 67M
5606 posts
7/30/2017 4:35 pm

Three is a lot of fun.

DM482 55M
90 posts
8/3/2017 8:35 am

Joining you two would be a dream cum true

stringtime666 59M
777 posts
8/10/2017 9:21 am

.....a dream

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gunner4440 45M
2658 posts
9/11/2017 12:36 pm

Yes yes absolutely YES!

Take it easy, guns are cold.

takingastep 58M

8/5/2018 3:06 pm

One of those things that every man dreams about.

givingfun2u 45M  
18 posts
8/14/2018 8:41 am

Local Boise male that would love this! You two are very sexy ladies!

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