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My Week !
Posted:May 30, 2020 3:37 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2020 4:27 am
Good morning all you saints and sinners lol ..Its been an awesome week and i am so stoked..Myself and my now partner who definately is a keeper had been looking around for a bigger Motorcycle for awhile and of course with the virus ongoing we had to watch pennies real sharp so looking for a deal is a priority also that deal had to be working and bang for the buc
Last week we went out Brookfield NS and looked at an older Gold Wing ( Interstate) and that was an awesome bike so the price was right making it a no brainer deal..The couple who sold it us was all over Canada and the States riding for years , now he has problems with his eyes and can no longer see enough ride..His loss our gain, wonderful people and real true blue.We went up Brookfield yesterday , 2.5 hour drive haul it down here ..Also we found a similiar Gold Wing for parts real cheap and brought that here as well ..for parts of course ..Ron is a genius around bikes so i have no concerns.
We are in touch with a company from The States who sell trike kits and thats our plan to put a trike kit on back so we both are secure and comfy..I lost my leg to a motorcycle accident in 2017 and Ron had one the same year.He fared out better than i did but still has steel in his leg so the trike kit will help us both...Cheers and a few pics to enjoy..thanks

How many have heard this one ? lol
Posted:Apr 11, 2020 3:28 am
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2020 7:15 am

The Creation Of A Pussy

Seven wise men with knowledge so fine
Created a pussy to their design

First was a butcher ,smart as a whip
Using a knife he gave it a slit

Second was a carpenter, strong and bold
With a hammer and chisel, gave it a hole\

Third was a tailor ,tall and thin
By using red velvet ,he lined it within

Fourth was a hunter,short and stout
With a piece of fox fur lined it without

Fifth was a fisherman .nasty as hell
Threw in a fish and gave it a smell

Sixth was a preacher, whose name was McGee
touched it and blessed it and said it could pee

Last came a sailor.dirty little runt
He sucked it and fucked it then called it a cunt..
The Beast is resurrected!
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 10:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2020 7:40 am
Lol I have not put much on here for awhile so hope everyone is doing ok and keeping with the lock down ( for want of a better word ) in accordance with the instructions from all health care professionals , Doctors and Law enforcement. Here its kind of a marshall law if you will ...Police officers here are now allowed to enter private homes and enforce the isolation practice of no more than 5 people who gather.There is a very strict fine of anywhere from 1000.00 -7500.00 for any homeowner violating that , like families gathering to parties etc..We have been sticking home here , Just Ron and for about 3 weeks now we go out to get a few groceries , wood pellets and supplies..Now it only one person one cart per store..Unless a person is disabled or unable to do that they are allowed to have an aide , for us Ron does the one person one cart thing I am content to sit in the vehicle..once in awhile we go for a drive , no stops just to get fresh air..
Recently Ron has got my old car ( The Beast ) up and running.Its been sitting since last Fall and had alot of problems with the solenoid and resistors but managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat and get it going..Today we washed the Beast and my jeep just to get some much needed sun and fresh air ..Ron has almost finished the garage thats to house the Beast lol...I added a few pics of the 'CUDA and my newer Jeep Patriot ...love my jeep...

That was awesome!!
Posted:Mar 8, 2020 5:54 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2020 1:24 am
Was out yesterday Saturday March 7th to the annual Motorcycle and Powersport show at Exhibition Park just outside of Halifax Nova Scotia and let me tell you that was an awesome show..Exhibition Park is one of the best places for vendors to show and sell their products..The place has several shows in the Spring so that way people know what new products are coming out for the riding season.
They have motorcycles, Atv's , Side by sides ..sport bikes , cruisers and all sorts of things for the enthusiast .We are into Motorcycles and maybe the odd Atv and campers. We plan to make a purchase of a tow behind Camper this year ..not sure if it will be new or used ...My friend has almost finished redoing his little truck making ready to haul whatever we may buy..I was impressed with all of the sellers who make the trip to show their wares..Leather of all kinds and products that are related ..Saddle bags vests jackets too many to name ..the place was packed..I did manage to get some pics but it was hard with the public filling up all spaces ...

Homelessness is an issue Everywhere,
Posted:Feb 17, 2020 12:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 12:45 am

Last month the city of Toronto mourned its 1000th homeless person to be added to the list of names who perished on the street to the harsh living conditions.On the steps of the Church of the Holy Trinity memorial adds names each month to recognize those who have struggled with homelessness and have died on the streets of Toronto..The auspicious occasion marked a shameful moment in Toronto's history and that which is felt by Canadians everywhere...The ceremony saw sympathizers, politicians.,protestors, frontline service providers and acvtivists congregate to publicly call on the various levels of government to do more to help the growing crisis .
With the record low temperatures across the province , and snow storms pummeling the southwestern perimeters , activists like street nurse advocate and author Cathy Crowe presented petitions to onlookers with over 25,000 signatures.The petition is calling on Toronto mayor John Tory to declare the emergency formally.The action would force Municipal services to take the necessary steps to aid rough sleepers stuck ouside in the frigid temperatures .
Following the 1000th named addition to the memorial coupled with the recent decision to dismantle the encampments in Rosedale Valley , Berns -McGowan to demand that enough is enough .The dismantling of the homeless encampment has enough crisis impact to make sleepers to choose other places which in turn will set their fate thus causing more deaths....Recognizing this crisis would also cause the need to take immediate action to properly fund shelters as well as transitional support and rent geared to income housing for people in peril.
The people who are homeless have no where to turn for help and if something is not done by Parliment to fund some sort of solution more lives will be lost
.We are saddened by the last life lost and if aide can be given to third world countries then ther is money for our people in crisis and something should be done immediately to help..So far Parliment has not acknowledged any calls or letters , we are hoping that someone has heard our plea's for help ...
Less is more? Maybe
Posted:Feb 14, 2020 8:45 am
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2020 7:28 am

I was recently reading an article online about how studies found people who are gullible and believe stories written or told are determined to be less intelligent than those who do not believe everything they read or are told..The article was not written just one person and the names were not disclosed..But according to several Professors at unnamed Universities did out of class extra curricular activity of students who volunteered their time to further the study and participate in said study .Over the course of a month 200 students were chosen and those students were from different stages of intelligence ( some having higher grades and IQ'S and the rest on average learning skills)
The setting was in a nearby open forum.The students were all given 10 stories each and the idea was to determine from key words in the stories whether they were actually real or not..The students were not aware of the actual stories surrounding events or occurrences if they were real or not..When. The highest of failures 48% were the students who had higher than normal intelligence , they could not pick the key words out of the stories and say whether they were believable or not..Most of the rest just guessed .
Pick on this : It this study believable or not..Who has the freaking time to do this ? Even on spare time outside of the classrooms who would want to volunteer their time to any study that would put them in a lower class of intelligence? Lol I know i am not overly smart but i dont waste time on nonsense that makes me look dumber ...
Proven benefits
Posted:Feb 3, 2020 5:02 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2020 6:09 am

Once again the humble blueberry is at the forefront of new studies..Once we were told to make sure we consumed the amount of fruits according to the food pyramid which we seen and was gospel as we studies in Health classes in school..( I did but not sure how many did) The recommended food guidelines i studied were intended to make sure as or adults we got the right amount of nutrition as well as vitamins and minerals from what we ate..
Proven studies not have taken steps further to ensure we get all the benefits , not partial benefits from some of the foods we eat..Anything made from flour was considered to be nutritional but now its being sent scampering because of the damage being done to our bodies and internal systems..Flour and the products made from refined flour and all the additives in it is making us sick, because we now know its not the as Mom bought and used..As we never went without fresh baked bread, cookies and sweets of any kind..Today most people tend to shy away from that ..
Blueberries as well as any fruit really are packed with alot of vitamins and when consumed in the right amounts can rejuvinate the mind and body ..Kiwi is good for your eyes, it has several key minerals that are good for vision and protects the retina from UV damage...Apples are good for your heart and gut system providing a sensible amount of active bacteria that helps with colon cancer not to mention fiber we all know we need.
Now blueberries have been proven to help protect the brain cells from the onset of dimentia and have proven effects to fight depression and anxiety as well as boost the immune system Vitamin C and potassium plus fibre make a great team ..The amount of people with these two types of disorder should be eating blueberries or at least adding them to their diet everyday or even a couple times a week...I eat a pint of blueberries once a week , and we do know that its expensive especially in the winter to get them but i spare no expense because in order to protect my body and brain i will go that extra mile..thanks for reading ...till the next time....
story gleaned from Sarah ilston....feb 3rd 2020.
Strengths and weaknesses .
Posted:Jan 6, 2020 11:05 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2020 7:05 pm

So i have a couple friends who call themselves soft hearted..What that basically means is being vulnerable and open to people taking advantage of them because of their good nature.
I had a guy move in with me this winter as a boarder who is turning out to be a wonderful ..He is easy going and a hard worker and has made my life so much easier ...I never had anyone in my life that is so caring and will do things around the house here without even being asked ..its awesome...He has had the same shit luck as i have had over the last couple years..Bike accident death of his wife 4 months ago , retired military who seen so much bad stuff over in Bosnia and Turkistan with wars and he has had alot of demons to deal with since his return, but he is a survivor as i am ..but we are strictly friends and hope to keep it that way for awhile and if it becomes more then so be it..
We both are on the book of many faces and chat with family and friends ..He chats with women and some of them i know real well , small communities and town , everyone knows everyone's business.. I warned him about getting involved with some of them and then i got accused of " stealing " him away from one in particular ..lol like as if! The ones he chats with are well not what i call cream of the crop and all i said to him is be very careful what you say to them ...one is a boozer , just lost her licence for drinking and driving , and the other is a welfare case , has five and is looking for a baby daddy ..ha ! \
Well long story short the one who accused me of " stealing " him wanted to come and beat me up..my response to her was ok bring it...but didnt you lose your licence for drinking and driving? So how you gonna get from where you are to here which is a very long distance..away? Then to make matters worse i also said ....I dont think that he wants to cart your drunk ass around ..yikes ! bitch is crazy ! lol last i hear from her , he thanked me because he says he is too soft and wouldnt know what to say to her to make her go away ...last i said to him is if you wanna earn my trust stop talking to crazy bitches...lol
The power of Dreams!
Posted:Dec 15, 2019 5:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2019 8:10 am

I have not written any blogs for awhile but feel the need to touch on a subject thats very controversial and puts a different light on what its meaning is to many cultures. That word is " Closure" ...when someone passes suddenly or lingers in the real world suffering before death. When they actually have passed what range of emotional trauma do we are left to live without them , suffer?
Well many religions, ethnic groups and cultures have their own way of dealing with grief thus bring closure , but what about those dont have real closure and go on for long periods of time grieving for the loss of that person? How do they cope with non closure? Its a very touchy subject and one that may not have a solution.Sure we can go about our everyday lives in depression , sure there are groups can help with any of the emotions we are experiencing and get us past a few things..but that does not always work..
In today's open and liberal society we have a tendency to shield ourselves and shield our from things such as death and violence , but if we as adults have not learned how to deal with those things how can we teach our to deal with something as traumatic as the death of a sibling or parent ?If we can learn the meaning and solution to having full closure when someone passes then we can teach our or even another adult to have the relief of that closure thats been a factor for us..
Growing up in a Native setting we as were always exposed to death, one thing my Parents did not do is shield us from the most natural things in life such as death.We also were taught to accept our traditions and beliefs ...be part of any event ..Native beliefs are very basic and Earthy. We learned to speak to our ancestors and accept the teachings of those in life passed on traditions and knowledge , and above all not to be afraid of death as it was a part of life..we also spoke to the dead and that was one thing I learned early in life and still is with me today.
I have been called crazy and a bit loopy but those words are just that ...words...I speak to my Father has been gone for 20 years , i ask him to be aware of some of my friends have passed over , my pets ..and people i have been close to through the years..This morning i spent hours with my late husband just hanging and talking ...How do i know this is just a dream? It may be but how many of you do that ? Not many I assure you..Intimate details are discussed that only him and i knew , He was always most of his life an angry man , he cursed and swore like a sailor ...Harshness came easy to him..his aura was always red or dark...not now ..i never seen him so healthy and bright no harsh words and his aura was so bright, and colorful..Thats how i knew ...
This is why i wrote this , not because i want people to say " well that was a crazy ladys imagination" but because i want people to know that there is a greater beyond , what we grasp or hold on to in our Earth bound lives goes far beyond what we can hear , see or feel..
Food for thought and please keep it clean and if there is a story you have or want to tell I would love to read..
Soy sauce, burgler tools and meatless burgers!
Posted:Nov 25, 2019 2:51 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2019 5:04 am

Two stories very prominent in the news today ..One comes from Ontario ..After staff left the business for the day a man emerged from a bathroom where he was hiding ..With Vandalism on his mind he cracked the business safe and stole 2000.00 and then as if it were not enough to steal he proceeded to pour soy sauce over all of the electronics locate throughout the store causing over 0,000.00 worth of damage He also tore down ceiling tiles tore venting and damaged walls..He didnt realize that the surveillance camera caught all of his handywork..Apparently he never suspected that such a small store would have cameras ...Guilty as charged ..lol

A Vegan has sued Burger King over its Impossible Whopper ..A lawsuit has been filed in the federal court in Florida .Apparently his " special " burger was not up to snuff when he discovered that his " special" burger was fried on the grill as meat burgers..The Burger made to attract Vegans and Vegetarians has driven surges of people would be ordinarlly avoid fast foods and are now flocking to fast food places they would never go..Sales are skyrocketing for places like Burger King , the attraction is meatless burgers tasting like meat but all plant based..As the customer went on a tirade like a small stomping brat throwing tantrums and insulting staff was removed from the store...He stated that his body became polluted with meat when his ' special " burger was fried on the grill as meat burgers.sigh ! Well there goes the neighborhood...
Ghost pain !
Posted:Nov 24, 2019 6:44 am
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2019 2:27 am

I did a blog awhile back that touched on this subject and i would like to clarify and explain what i went through ..
When i had my accident and lost my leg in that accident i suffered from whats referred to as Phantom pain or ghost pain..Now ghost pain is normal and natural as the brain still thinks the limb is still there and sends messages to the nerves indicating as such..feeling like you have toes , itching and aching not being able to scratch or alleviate the ache..Many nurses and rehab specialists tell you that if your missing leg itches to stand in front of a mirror and scratch as if you are scratching that itch ...lol it does work but i dont do the standing part very well because balance is an issue ..so i looked for alternative ways...
My nerves were on edge most of the time and the pain was pretty intense ..I had a hard job dealing with it so meds were the only relief and being on meds dulled my senses and my overall attitude..It was not an ideal way to live day to day so again i sought alternate ways of dealing with the pain..
When i was able to come back home i was instructed to visit my own doctor and consult with him on my disability so he was aware and could see to my needs...He told me one very important thing..how to deal with phantom pain without drugs or pain meds...Diet plays an important role in stopping the pain..he instructed me to follow a diet , very basic and if i didnt see results in one week then he would put me on something for the pain.
What was he talking about? my first thought ....First thing he said was eliminate man made products from my diet..breads, gravies, dairy products , and anything that was man made involving flours and carbohydrate foods..he put me on a diet of ...Meat , fish, poultry , eggs and vegetables...Why ? because he said those products were the only things man hasnt screwed up putting additives in...Think about it...Breads and pastries , gravies, soups, most dairy like cheeses...all are in carbs..carbs creat sugars and sugars create pain..so anyone living with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any nerve damage needs to watch their carbohydrate intake...within the first two days i tried this and had no pain at all..I stick to my diet once in awhile i cheat but i also have to the piper for that cheat...
I found a good meat supplier one who does not feed alternate grains to his cattle, i also finally found a fish supplier who brings fresh haddock or whatever i need at a real good ..I have not found a poultry supplier so am it from the stores ...vegetables are easy to come as is eggs ...
**** so bottom line is, it worked for me and i pass this on to anyone who suffers from pain whether it be arthritis , nerve damage or any other affliction ..Please watch your diet for carbs ...pain free for a year now take it from someone who been there ..
Smart carts? wtf? huh ?
Posted:Nov 18, 2019 12:09 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2019 5:08 pm

Shoppers who push a shopping cart Sobeys Toronto are amazed whats coming next..10 shoppers were chosen push the new " smart carts" a Toronto Sobeys store..These are the latest " smart" catrs which will allow you to scan, keep track of your spending and allow shoppers to see what their total is and also skip going the cashier.
The artificial intelligence equipped carts are the latest aspect in grocers' efforts streamline the shopping experience as consumers became accustomed to convenience. Despite all of the advancements found in a modern grocery store customers are still required to gather their groceries unload them at a checkout and then place them into bags .Sobeys announced last week they purchased 10 " smart carts" it is starting pilot an Oakville Ontario location..
For now shoppers using the carts must allow it scan each item they place side.Eventually the cart which gets smarter over time will learn what each product is and the company will remove the scanning requirement ..The cart also weighs produce keeps a running total of the and accepts payment .One feature it does lack is a seat hold a .Sobeys hopes develop the technology include suggestions about missing ingredients for recipes based on what is already in the cart and the ability upload their shopping lists..
Amazon debuted its Amazon Go System in Seattle in 20 .Shoppers must have an Amazon and the Go App which grants them access the store .Amazon now operates of the Go stores four cities America with six more being set up , which one day will land in Canada.There are still alot of things be ironed and improvements be made.Walmart shifted a similar system relies on the consumers phone after testing a handheld device which allowed shoppers scan products while they shopped.
***** you can read the whole story on google which is titled " How grocery stores are trying to speed up your shopping experience." this story brought to the forefront by CTV news and written by Aleksandra Sagan of the Canadian Press..
*** On a personal note i really like the idea and would gladly use it ..Sounds like the perfect shopping experience for ...I try not get much of a hurry when shopping because i like look the newest products on the shelves...now all they have do for is lend a half naked built like a brick shit house, smiley man with grocery shopping and heaven will be a sin away ...I feel a sin coming on shopping experience!
I just don't get it.....
Posted:Nov 17, 2019 1:26 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2019 4:26 pm

Hmmmmm whats on my mind today? Well i don't know if logic eludes some people or some people defy all logic...I am a logical person , I make decisions based on my priorities ..If i need to do something to improve my life or my home then i have that mental list in my head..I don't cut corners and procrastinate , putting things off unless its not possible to have that particular thing done at a reasonable time..you know if you need to have help or another person do the job and for some good reason is not available , then thats something that cannot be helped...i then go on to the next most important thing...as most know home ownership comes with prices...
People dont own a home or have much of anything cannot seem to grasp the costs associated with that . Their priorities always seem to fall within boundaries that well ...make you scratch your head and wonder ..Ok alot of people rent and thats good for the landlord for sure , and the people rent are comfortable with that lifestyle...some get by with low income rentals , others rely on the " system " to get by , some just get by , will not even entertain the idea of finding a job and being a productive member of society...now i understand the economics of being in an area where jobs are not plentiful..
Ok this is where i get stumped..i do understand when someone is on a fixed income relying on the Government to their way , ok lets say it " welfare" ..even though its not a bad word its still not a great way to live...but if you are and you waste that on smokes and booze but seem to forget those groceries ...Huh? What? Duh !
I have two friends both smoke like diesel trains...one has COPD and has been told numerous times by his Dr to give up the smokes...the other guy is over 300 pounds also makes tobacco a priority has numerous health issues and also was told to give it up....He complains hes starving all the time and asks for and handouts so he can buy food..I know he does not go to a food bank , so thats my dilema.....I feel bad that they have to live that way but i put my and energy into my own home...I struggle to make ends meet by times ..I am on a fixed income...stressed alot by having to deny them and feel bad when those sad puppy eyes look at me ..i am trying not to be a pushover ....

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