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He said , she said!
Posted:Feb 22, 2019 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2019 1:48 pm
I am going to attempt to write something here without upsetting the fruit basket, and I am not looking to judge or be judged for it ..just trying to convey a few things that I personally noticed and have a few issues with..Its my issues and not to be reflected on anyone else..
Having a great deal of conversations with many guys over the last couple months and partway through the conversation of course being a sex site the subject does come up..I don't answer personal questions unless I chat with someone quite a few times then I don't give much In the way of information..I feel if its possible I would rather do any personal questions face to face ..some understand and some do not...
Lately I am seeing this is the conversation, " well my ex says I am a good kisser" or " my last gf says I am the best she ever had at oral ", " my ex gave me the best Bj's ever " , ok so was she that good that she went and hired herself out to other guys? is that why she called the " ex ?" and then going into detail..like what? I really don't care what your ex gf or ex anything said about how good your are at whatever she says you are good at...lol Why should I? Every woman is different and if that's what you feel is necessary to " get laid " ..wow well good luck with that !
Ok so now guys here's the deal...from a woman's perspective , my perspective , Not many women want to hear things like that , not many women want to view your profile and see you in all sorts of positions with different women..If it is the way you think women will want you more because of that , I am going to piss in your cornflakes every time you open a new box..and yes I get tired of seeing dick pics but I get more disgusted when I see a man who pretends to be an adult screwing other women..its not a jealousy thing , because I rarely get jealous , its more of a projection of the man I don't want to be with...again just my preference no reflection on anyone in particular...real men don't have anything to prove ..which makes them more desirable...so next time you moan about why do women not message back or why you don't get many or no hits...might be time to man up and project yourself ....
A few more funnies to add to the mix..
Posted:Feb 22, 2019 7:56 am
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2019 12:37 pm
have a laugh have a kit kat...take a break.

This is like the stupidest thing ever!
Posted:Feb 20, 2019 11:48 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 2:49 pm

Microwaving grapes is the latest thing people do for an entertaining dazzling light show. .Canadian physicists are recommending that you DON'T try this at home lol they have figured out the science behind it.
It's a crowd pleasing party trick , cut a grape in half pop it in the microwave hit " start" and sit back and be dazzled by the grape balls of fire..Naturally the resulting sparks and balls of light sometimes accompanied by buzzing are popular on U tub--e although researchers are saying its stupid to even try this at home, well doesn't prevent people doing it.The fire isn't actually fire its a state of matter called plasma, that's made up of ions and free electrons.and even though plasma is abundant in stars and fictional space crafts it is not common in homes except inside fluorescent light bulbs...but why grapes?
The answer as near as researchers can tell grapes are mostly made up of water and water bends microwaves and shortens the wavelength because of high refractive index.The single microwave gets trapped inside the grape where it bounces back and forth heating the grape from the inside out, which is opposite of how a microwave heats food normally .putting a glass down over the grape in the microwave also contains the activity when the light show begins...its also helpful to make sure the stem is cut away and the grape is cut in half for a better effect ...
The importance of snow.
Posted:Feb 20, 2019 6:20 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2019 12:36 pm

I am sick of listening to people complain about snow. Yes some parts of the world does get more than its share but come on what do you expect winter to be? if you expect it to be like Florida... go ...move there because Canadian winters are way to harsh on your delicate skin..or freaking deal with it!
How important is snow cover ? Well i live in farming country and its damn important. Snow protects the land for all kind of things that threaten the land every day, erosion, wind destruction and frigid temperatures directly invading the open land..What does snow protect? The soil , the organisms that inhabit said soil..the new seedlings of grass that needs the benefits of minerals that's in the snow, and last but not least the freezing temperatures that's above the snow , frost lines that are below the surface of the soil if its not protected some will not produce hay crops for farms that feed the animals...the thawing out of the land in Spring will not be as fast as normal if snow isn't present...
So the next time you hear snow in the forecast think about all the things you buy , fruits, vegs,, hay for your animals, and the new grass , trees and flowers that bloom in the Spring making the land look fresh and new . before complaining about the snow ., because we all know something that simple plays an important part in what you see and eat...
Suffering in silence...
Posted:Feb 20, 2019 5:54 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2019 4:01 pm

I suppose we have all heard the old saying that's not really old "suffering in silence." We sometimes have seen this on tv or in magazines and often like myself wonder what it really means , wonder who or what it applies to.Suffering in silence has become a major issue in more human beings today than it used to be years ago, but has it changed and what is the cause? more men seem to be affected than women, why is that? Do men feel women wouldn't understand? Do they think its not masculine to complain about how they feel? Do women complain too much a man feels like his issue wont be heard? All kind of questions come to mind ..
In recent studies ( yeah once again it a case by case study) it is that men don't feel the need to share every little issue he's experiencing, but every little issue that is bottled up and not spoken about keeps filling the bottle till the top pops and by then its too late. The rate of suicides escalates, the rate of domestic violence toward family members increases and the events are catastrophic. So the main question is why?
Again step in the office so we can study you...the most prevalent issue for men is depression which leads him down an unsteady path. Alpha males are among the top men to do the most damage , they are ruthless in business, family, sports, and everyday dealings with people..If the Alpha male who is tops in their field of profession has a moment of lapse of non control he suffers most and does the most damage in that lapse., he doesn't seem to understand why and how to correct it..he is the one who suffers most because of loss of control..
Ok the average ordinary man who has a lapse of control of family or business or things in every day life suffers the same way but sees his life as worthless and just goes out and takes his own life , no word to wife or family , just goes and does it..as does the same man who suffers in silence for so long but does speak out asking for help and feels no one is listening so just downward spirals and gives up, maybe to drugs or alcohol ...he suffers forever in silence..
Maybe the tip of the ice berg here but we all know someone who does suffer in silence and don't know how to help , its human nature to want to help and find out just what the problem is but how to go about it is puzzling...There are really good support groups that can help with depression in more simple matters, but is there help for those who have more important issues ?
100 years later... plight of the Chinese in history..
Posted:Feb 18, 2019 4:13 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 3:34 pm
Feb 18th - 19th 2019 marks the 100 year anti-Chinese riots in Halifax Nova Scotia. Only months after the conclusion of the First world War , an unruly and xenophobic mob made their way through the streets of Halifax damaging Chinese owned businesses on the city's most popular streets .
In the days after , headlines of the city's major papers blared " Rioters wrecked six Chinese owned restaurants and over 100 people were hospitalized ..This is a little known piece of Halifax history. This week marks the 100th year Anniversary of the aptly named Chinese riot of 1919, an event that seen " several thousand " soldiers and civilians destroy Chinese owned businesses along still what is now , Gottingen, Buckingham and Barrington streets., this riot caused tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage and put over 100 people in hospital.
This incident began at the Crown Café on Gottingen Street ...and according to the report Thomas Andrews , a soldier, who had returned from the war entered the Café at 11 pm on Feb 18th and already partially drunk ordered a big meal When asked to pay he refused and started shouting abuses to the owner of the place. The owner asked Andrews to leave and even if he didn't pay but asked the owner for a pack of smokes .Pack's of smokes were at that time 15 cents but Andrews handed him only 10 cents .and refused to pay any more .Andrews quickly ran and turned off the lights grabbed the cash register and stole 75.00 from it and threw the register thru the window.
The Police was called and Andrews was questioned Police told Andrews and several of his friends to leave the restaurant , they did but later returned with the allegation that a Chinese man had brutally assaulted a soldier ...which was obviously a false allegation. .The angry mob totally trashed the place before sending the Chinese owner to the hospital with several family members. .then the mob turned down the street and destroyed five additional Chinese owned Restaurants ...everything that they could destroy was trashed. .item of value stolen then was smokes, typewriters , cash registers, and cigars .
Police came and arrested Andrews and most who didn't flee were taken to jail , but the next night mobs went on another rampage which now numbered several thousand " soldiers and civilians " they took to the streets , with the Crown Café on the first of the list , windows were put in place by the owner but they were smashed out again ..eventually the crown was quelled by the Police who now had to use brute force on the mob .
By the end of the 19th the city was in total ruins where the Anti Chinese people worked and lived ..the rioting was finally stopped by 110 military police who patrolled the streets for weeks after ..The military also made the mobsters ( soldiers ) clean up the businesses and help put them back in business
All about location or relocation ! lol
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 3:41 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2019 4:08 pm

I gotta say I been having some really good laughs lately and maybe someone can enlighten me about this .You married guys really give me a good belly laugh ...I understand for some who don't get the attention at home for one reason or another , and I am trying to understand the cheating thing although grasping it is a bit of a head scratcher...saying you don't want to change your situation at home or don't want to change anyone elses I do get.. but don't say you love your wife and then on your profile you fill in the relocation area with maybe/yes..like wtf? So if I actually read that right is if you meet someone on here and you click what are you gonna really do? Pack up the wife and bring her along? I don't freaking think so...sounds to me like you are going to leave her high and dry after all those years for some piece of fluff you just met and will have sex with... again wtf ? Are you insane or just completely heartless ? Some women will fall for that but most will see you as a sleezy douchebag!
Weight concern , weight gain..solution!
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 7:22 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 5:00 pm

What works for one obviously doesn't work for another .When I first visited my doctor when I came out of the hospital he actually was horrified but understanding as to why I had lost so much weight..I was 163 when I had my accident and first went to the hospital., I was 123 when I was released.. Most doctors and nurses wasn't concerned and well I didn't care..lol they were pumping me full of two types of liquid intravenous antibiotics every 6 hours one was exchanged for the other...most everyone knows that antibiotics strip your system and take away your appetite...it worked that way in my case...First words out of my Doctors mouth behind closed doors " Wtf happened to you.?" he was used to seeing me in a blaze of health , not as a stick person..lol
Anyway we sat and talked he realized it would take me awhile to get back on track and not be as I was before but close...I had bruised my one kidney and function wasn't great..all he said to me was , " one solution , drink lots of water , strive for 1 and 1/2 liters a day , more if possible , because of reduced kidney function and the fact you are dehydrated it needs to be corrected through lots of fluids." I gained more weight and started to look fairly normal , and went to 150 pounds...water is a natural diuretic and removes a lot of nasty bacteria and waste from the kidneys...no sugary fluids just water...flushes the kidneys and keeps weight down ...now 1 year and six months later I am still at 150...and I am now drinking 12 cups of water a day and loving it...I take little salt , and a 3.7 ounce of a salt shaker still is 3/4 full...been that way now for about 5 years ..lol..anyway in short water is a best friend when starting any diet or even every day when thirst strikes..
Well I;ll be jiggered!
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 6:30 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 8:08 am

Find out something new almost every day ..I spoke to my motorcycle mechanic and he told me about a wonderful gadget that simply blew my mind today..As some of you know due to a bad motorcycle accident I had in 2017 I lost my left leg ..but that has not deterred me from planning to ride again hopefully this year...I have another motorcycle redone except for the three wheel kit and hand controls..I bought a set of ghost wheels a week ago and hes going to install them ..this morning I got an email from him telling me about a way to do hand controls without having to shift with my foot that's not there..
I have a prosthetic but its not able to shift the gears by foot so Ta Da! Welcome Kliktronic push button shifting right on the handle bars...wowzers! yep this is how the ad reads.
The Kliktronic system is best described as an " electronic foot " It is operated by two discreet buttons usually mounted on the handle bars.It is powered by the bikes electronic system u8nlike air shifters there is no bulky gas bottles.It is dual acting for both up and down shifts and it is extremely fast and considered very consistant ...cool yes? Introduced in 1997 after 18 months in development , the system was developed in England..This system was originally designed for disabled people and now is used literally on the street or racing..Thousands of disabled riders who never thought they would ever ride again is benefitting from this unique system ...hands down the coolest this ever...Once biker always a biker.....

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