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lol 911 what is your emergency?
Posted:Aug 4, 2019 4:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2019 6:59 pm
These are just a few of the crazy calls the 911 dispatcher answers over the run of a month..

Like wtf just happened? lol
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 4:34 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 4:32 pm

Man things keep getting , I can't say weird but sure get confusing on this site..Been talking off and on to a seemingly nice chap who said he was viewing my profile alot, and i seen he was almost every time i was on here ..Said he was a bit shy , and i dont mind shy . I don't altogether trust many people on here especially guys who show too much enthusiasm and have to continually ask personal questions and too focused on sex. Hey come on there is way more to a woman than sex...she likes to at least hear that and there is nothing wrong with decent conversation...
Now this guy is local and i totally was pleased with that , so cool finally...and he said he read my profile which specifically states fwb because of my disability..Now sure i realize most men do want a woman who is complete and whole ..I been around awhile and am not a dummy when it comes to the whole scene..I am not a first draft pick and my age and disability is going against me ..sigh!
We chatted and he said he was cool with me and what i was asking for..He kind of hinted that if we met and clicked he did want sex right away ...Told him i couldnt promise him that right away , he said ok ..so i figured he was ok with that , now at this point i had no face pic of him he said he wanted to meet without that aspect..told him i wasnt too keen on that but we could meet...So today was the day we set to meet at 1 pm near town
Woke up came on here and the message read as follows.." sorry to have to do this on such short notice , but i have to meet someone in Halifax and i wont be able to meet you because this other meeting sounds promising..I hope you meet someone that is right for you.."Like wtf? I left a not so nice message back...and i am not a poor loser because the fact i said i couldnt make any promise i would jump between the sheets, hoping he would get whats coming to him and not in a good way...called him an asshole and dropped any messages ...Now if his " new meet " works out he has to drive prob an hour as opposed to 20 minutes..Fuck head? yep major one indeed..
Thanks for listening.
Ticks and Lyme disease!
Posted:Jul 31, 2019 3:10 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2019 7:02 am

Yeah , yeah i know who would have thought that there be a blog about such an abhorrent little creature as the common tick.
What really is a tick?
Well its a member of the arachnids ( spider family) It has a body and eight legs unlike the insect world which have three body segments and six legs ..The reason i am writing this is because i had two of them removed because they were embedded in my skin on my back..A place where they can go to escape and feed undetected ..I didnt notice them because i rarely go outside in places where they hide...not realizing they can travel from tree to tree on even a fine piece of spider web or just float on the air ..in a wind..I shower and bathe but these guys can survive alot of stuff..Only way i knew they were there is i was using my back scratcher and kept hitting what i thought was heat bumps on my skin..Once i realized these were not going away i took a look in a big mirror with a smaller mirror and sure enough there were two on my back..in a place really hard to see.
Ok, ok now not all of them crawl..if i am sitting and feel crawling i usually know whats doing the crawling..but since my bike accident there is some nerve damage and feeling loss on my back..little buggers know this and head for these places...I called my Dr. right away and got in same day, as Lyme disease is prevalent here i wasnt taking chances...Long story short the Dr. has to take a good size chunk of flesh making sure the pinchers are totally gone as they stay alive for days making infection more sure..Now that was done i have to wait because the Disease does not show right away if the tick is infected with Lyme...thats a waiting game in itself.It can be treated with usually no side effects but if a fever is present then you need to seek medical help..So far i am good ...but time will tell.
Bottom line here is make sure you know what types of ticks is in your area and keep checking your body dont slack off on that ..check your pets and thoroughly ..and dont panic if you see a tick ..rational thinking will have more impact on outcome..
Ink Marked ..the story
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2019 7:06 am
Talking tattoos here and trying to explain to some people what it means to be proud of your heritage enough to want to share it with others and tell them what your tattoos mean to you .Now i cannot speak for everyone myself because my tattoos are unique to me.So in saying that i will try to explain what each means..
My Native background goes way back through geneology the mid 00;s , I am quarter Blackfoot, quarter Cherokee and a quarter Narragansett , also a quarter Mic Mac...so there is a lot of history there in my ancestory..I also had my DNA done so there is no mistaking that .
I have other tattoos but they also have meaning to me , so maybe not everyone has that big of a history in knowing their ancestors were but its always good to know ..My older brother is a geneology nut and hes always tracing roots and has an extensive collection of information from people are inter related with us..
The bear claws on my back represent my animal spirit guide , not everyone has an animal spirit guide so i consider myself lucky.I met my animal spirit guide when i was 9 years old..long story..lol
The fox on my right shoulder represents my Great great great Grandfathers house , his ancestors were from the fox clan West , sleeping fox, rumnning fox , lazy fox..etc..
The feathers my right ear represents my Great, great great Grandmothers ...her given Native was " crossed feathers" when her Mom was pregnant with her she was sitting in an old chair on the porch , when she suddenly went into labor a bird flew of its nest above her and dropped feathers which landed in her lap with the quills crossed..hence " crossed feathers". the piece of rawhide is the tie that binds our families together..She was also a Blackfoot Princess and married into the Chief of the fox clan..
The dream catchers are always symbols of making sure the dreams we dream every night catches the bad dreams and dispells them so the good dreams stay in our hearts, and memories..Native people have vivid dreams and dream every night...
I have feathers on my right forearm so that way when i pass away those will carry me wherever i am go next ..for life does not end it is just a part of death for the physical body.I also have necklaces , that carries a bear claw and the other that carries feathers in red in blue those are my parents favorite colors...
The " End of the trail" tattoo on my left forearm is in tribute to my Cherokee ancestors, from Kentucky , they suffered horrendous injustices when they were taken from their land and made to adhere to the white settlers ways..The Cherokee were the first people to lose their land to the white settlers...I speak the old Cherokee language ..not fluently but enough to get by..
I also have other tattoos that i designed and always wanted that have meaning but are not Native...thanks for reading

The fishing channel!
Posted:Jul 27, 2019 5:01 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2019 2:00 am

So i been on the ( fishy place) dating channel for a bit and two months ago decided to take a break from all the bull shittery on there and I hid my profile ...so Wednesday i decided to open or un hide my profile see whats up and get my daily entertainment , because this place is getting so boring , what with the straight guy spouting off about men sucking dick or believing that guys who have boobs are actually real women...lol .....hes two sandwiches shy of a picnic...seems he doesnt know which end is used for what any more... " a womans essence is what makes her a woman , whether shes a woman or not " , ok maybe not word for word but i bet the whole site is getting the best laughs ever....well you get the idea.I cant read his blogs because he blocked me again for stating my opinion about what makes a real woman real...ha ha
So i go to the fishy place unhide my profile and then flood gates open again and i get messages from what i believe to be scammers...Istanbul. Paraguay, Rio De Janerio ( Brazil), Switzerland. Germany etc...22 international locations , three local...but what gets me is the amount of guys on here looking for hook ups and sexual encounters , and on the fishy place looking for relationships or marriage...wtf?? So my take on this is the place for try out sex, if she passes the test and he sees her on fishing he knows whether shes dating, relationship material because he already tried her out with sex and then he makes contact on there....if not he doesn't acknowledge her at all...because gawd knows you wouldn't want to be seen with her on here for anything but sex...lol and on here you can say pretty much what you want , on there you say sex and you get booted....
Weird and fun at the same time..
Posted:Jul 24, 2019 7:11 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 5:06 am

I have lived on my property for about 30 years now...and my place is in the country and approximately 40 acres, quiet and reasonably pretty.I live alone now as my husband passed away three years ago, i have adopted and or fostered a large of , right from mice to a buffalo, ( he was an over nighter) travelling to a new home out in the Western Provinces ...long story ...lol
I have seen about all the as one can see here in NS...the most funny encounters to the more scary ones...like i said mice, rats ,cats , , horses, coyotes, skunks, bobcat , snakes , weasels , mink , beaver ( no not kind ) geese, peacocks, bear deer and one moose .....so on and so forth..I also had a humming bird come into my old pantry yesterday and what a job to get it out..I had black birds in my attic ? wtf? how did they get in there? hmmm skull duggery afoot? maybe....
I rescued them and set them outside where the bird carefully aided them away from the house...happy reunion for sure..
I came home one day alot of years ago to find a tied in my back yard yet when i asked the neighbors no one seemed to see anything ....hmmmm another mystery ...I did eventually find the owner , long story again..
I went for a walk in the acre woodland here and came face to face with a bear...oops was an experience...bears have poor eyesight but good hearing..i stayed where i was very quietly and he or she sauntered away...
So what kind of experience or experiences have you had with an animal? Did you expect or not expect chance meeting?
I have a skunk does its rounds about once a month and leaves his calling card , he most generally comes when the porcupine is eating new grass on my back lawn, Kodi my cat sits on the window sill and tries to talk to them ...lol
Potassium levels , summer fun.
Posted:Jul 24, 2019 5:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 5:02 am

Most everyone looks forward to the summer when we can finally take a breather from the cold long winter nights..Those have winter weather most times can relate to sedentary lifestyles , even those who have a variety of activities out in the cold and snowy environment..Why is it important to watch your potassium levels..Well if those levels go too low or too its also very hard on your system..Too low means tiredness, headaches, muscle cramps, nausea and a whole lot more...The more we drink to stay hydrated the more we urinate , the more we lose precious minerals .especially potassium
Hypokalemia : low potassium levels in the human body..if this happens alot of symptoms occur...Potassium is a mineral your body needs to work normally .It helps muscles to move , cells to get the nutrients they need, and nerves to send their signals. It especially important for the cells in the heart , and keep blood pressure stable.
How does the potassium levels get out of sync with your body? Too much leaving the digestive tract in a of ways..Sickness ,diarrhea, drinking alot and urinating without replenishing the mineral potassium strips the kidneys .Diuretic pills also is the culprit , if your doctor prescribes them .
Long and short of the matter is eating foods are rich in potassium such as :
Leafy greens..... spinach especially has adequate amounts
Tossing fresh or dried apricots into plain nonfat yogurt
bean soup
A small baked potato or sweet potato instead of bread
Do some online surfing and find out what foods are rich in potassium and maybe your summer fun wont be interrupted getting sick from an out of wack body...
Things are heating up!
Posted:Jul 22, 2019 7:03 am
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2019 12:21 pm

Story by Douglas Quan for the National Post : July 18 2019
A BC human rights tribunal hearing developed into repeated outbursts and calling this last week as it considered a transgender ( Woman's) complaint that a home based salon discriminated against ( her) by denying her a Brazilian wax.
At one point the complainant compared the business owner to a Neo-Nazi .The lawyer for the business owner accused the complainant of engaging in " half truths and fabrications" Tribunal adjudicator Devyn Cousineau frequently had to interject to maintain decorum and to keep the hearing from a battling free for all.
But a substantive question remained at te core of the raucous daylong hearing: Should a business be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity.? Jessica Yaniv says " you cannot choose who your clientele is going to be"
Ahh but this is where it gets more than interesting..Business owner Marcia Da Silva said " she was not comfortable with carrying a Brazilian wax on a person with genitalia, nor did she have the training for that type of proceedure..Jay Cameron her lawyer and litigation manager with the Alberta based Justice Center told the hearing that a ruling against his would be tantamount to ordering " intimate services" against someone's will.
The complaint against Da Silva is one of a dozen by Yaniv who is a LGBTQ activist , she allowed that ( she) was discriminated against by those salons.Yaniv came across a ad offering Brazilian wax which involves removal of hair around the groin area.After many messages Yaniv and Da Silva the afternoon was set when Yaniv stated to Da Sliva ( she ) was transgender but still had genitals..Da Silva said she was not trained nor comfortable in intimate waxing of genitals, and recommended a few business that catered to waxing,
***** Ok so my short opinion is, If I were trained in "Brozilian " waxing services i definately would do it...i have no problem with that ..but it takes special training to do any " brozilian " wax service on genitals not just an ordinary service but specializes with proper training..Yaniv claims that ( she) considers ( herself ) a ( woman ) because she has breasts , ..you have genitals does not make you a female...my two cents.
Gender specific words now being tossed out for non gender terms?
Posted:Jul 20, 2019 11:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2019 5:53 pm

This story by Jack Kelly senior Contributor
I was reading an article this week about banning gender specific words being banned by Certain towns and Cities throughout Canada and the USA..
Now what i read and specifically understand that words that contain things that point to gender specific and " -centric?" New word? hmmm these words are being replaced with gender -neutral words..This was put forth by Rigel Robinson a Berkeley Councilperson " Not man " Councilperson..this is the start of a big change for USA and Canadian Citizens..
Ok words like " manhole" will now be known as " maintenance holes"
" Brother or Sister " will now be known as " siblings "
" Manpower " will be known as " human effort "
Personal pronouns such as " she, he, and him, " will be replaced with " they or them".As of now 24 terms have now been changed non binary or non gender terms..
***** My opinion and many others will ask or wonder Ok what if it doesnt stop there? what if it seeps into the work place and is mandated , gender-neutral terms are set in place? What will happen? it definately upset the apple cart ...wow not the pressure of work related duties then remembering use non-gender words replace the ones we use every day undoubtedly will create extra pressure and stress...lol then come the gender neutral Police hand you a ticket and fine you for not adhering the specific word you forgot use.Will your co worker have you charged for calling them a woman or man when you should be using what? gawd i am confused already...What does a call his or her Mother or Father ? By their first ? Arggggggggg!
Be true to yourself .
Posted:Jul 19, 2019 10:17 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 3:53 pm
I was thinking about not blogging any more because of past issues with a few members ( some my fault, but not all) but the hell with that..If anyone gets on a soap box and decides to make those big speeches so be it ..This is just an observation about some and not all of the guys who put a profile on here and states on that profile he is straight , but then upon reading same profile they were with both men and women and admit that and say they would do it again..Wtf? That is not a straight man, thats bisexual plain and simple...Now i do know that few do not realize ( loosely here) so they state ,that they didnt realize they put ..men and that includes ts, tv and tg ..understandably a mistake.
Some men who claim straight and deny that they also are bisexual give themselves away through chat by indicating they have been with men and believe that ts, tg and tv are really women..again wtf? To each his own , dont care here unless you lie to me and bring it to my table through chat.
Now there is one guy , and he knows who he is , lol that just dont get it! and if you comment or give your opinion about it on the blog post , voila you get blocked....Blog posts are written for comments and if you dont like what the comment is delete it ...make a fuss and you look like a fool and not very smart ..this person blocks anyone who doesn't agree with him...like i said to each his own .
The world and the weather ?
Posted:Jun 29, 2019 8:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2019 11:17 am

Ok so this is just an open discussion for anyone to voice their opinion on what they think is just a fluke or really a fact on the real severe weather taking place globally.
This is my thoughts on that but its just what i observe and believe ,We know that every living thing on the planet has a life cycle , from the smallest insect to the largest walking animal ..but do you also believe that even though we only think the animals have a life cycle, why does it end there? , i believe the planet does as well..Global warming plays a minute part in the economics of the day to day , week to week, month to month changes we are seeing...The earth also may have a life cycle same as us humans ...things have to progress to the worse stages so that it can complete its cycle, so why not the human population or the Earth?
Scientists are blaming global warming because the weather is not acting as it normally did, human disease is epidemic and also is blamed on global warming...most of the animal kingdom has a life cycle that it has to repeat from the beginning of time up to the present time, every seven years the animal population dies off , genetics take over and animal evolve to become stronger more resistant to disease and take on cellular changes to fit its environment...Why should the Earth not do the same and why not the human population?
Disease is slowly wiping the human population out through whatever means it has and when the cycle is complete that will be when a stronger, more disease resistant human will survive...its not because there isnt a needle or pill anyone can take to get rid of what ails you , its because nature has the upper hand in developing a more sturdy human...and the people who promote healthy living practices and better ways of teaching are actually helping those who will be the survivors to evolve into more aware human beings..
In the animal kingdom for instance why do you think different species are more seen today than we have seen for centuries? Nature is changing them to become better at adapting when global changes come...severe weather like frigid temperatures or scorching heat , they will have become better at surviving..we are only seeing a tip of things to come ..my generation wont be here to see it but it will happen...
Whats your style?
Posted:Jun 25, 2019 8:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2019 6:06 am

When i ask question its not maybe as it sounds..and why? because it may not be exactly a question someone else may put in context..Everyone has a unique style suited to their own person..like he may not write a story as efficiently as say the next guy, or she may not dress as fashionably as the next woman..trends to the amount of diversity know as the human population change every day but style most generally stay the same..if your style of writing , wording or questioning is basically the same each time then style suited to you keeps pretty much the same...
Trends like the seasons change they are the things may be cool or in fashion today but maybe not tomorrow or next week ..so keeping with trends sometimes is very tiring to say the least...as with style...sometimes they do as well get boring and tiresome to others but we see them as a constant but again do not see them as maybe boring and unchanging as other do.
Ok so why is it when show our style and question things find a bit confusing people go all unglued about it? Innocently sometimes dont understand a comment or something is worded in a way do not understand and ask about it is our style ..it turns into a big issue. Today its becoming so a person cannot be outspoken they are flogged in public so to speak by voicing an opinion, writing in a style suited to them , or even asking a question so the clarification of it can be understood..People get feeling hurt too much today because someone does not agree with them or the bash and names because they cannot accept those people who have their own style of doing things.
**** personal note here
Most people today are no different than sheep if one leads the rest follow and if the one leading jumps off of a cliff the rest follow..because it is no different than one saying something and the rest say yes sir no sir three bags full sir...Its the people who are yes people agree with the leader...not all people are followers and thats what sets them aside from the rest and thats what gives them labels ...
Dietary Supplements..are they worth it?
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 9:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 6:52 pm

Most Doctors today are so short in giving due where its warranted..They are saying dietary supplements are a waste of a poor mans money ..lol scoff here because sales of Doctor prescribed pills are a record high..and why not? Most Doctors want to give you expensive prescriptions because the drug companies control the market, so why shouldnt they indirectly dispense willy nilly?
Fish oils, vitamins and all things have not been approved by the FDA is now being and always was bunk because they have not been tested to see if the properties are legitimate to make them effective...so if they were then the medical profession and government would be a very much more profitable profession..sucking out of the masses just because they are sure its gonna work..lol
The thing now is they say people who take supplements have to reassess their daily nutritional efforts to include what they need in their meals enough to make up what they need for nutrients sold as supplements . how many families do you now has kind of time? i dont and most families today both parents work so they have to rely on a supplement to get their daily needs suited and as well as their ...
Meal planning is a great way to get a handle on it but not enough to get one or more vitamin or mineral is important to suit the needs of any one person or family..The medical profession is in it for the mighty dollar and is discouraging people from buying or taking supplements they say is not necessary.
*** personal opinion here , I take two supplements daily and its because i cannot get it from my foods because of my disability ...certain foods create pain and i have to take supplements to offset which i cannot get from pain causing foods....i cant eat cereals , milk,' yogurt or cheese...i take b to fortify my nails promote hair growth , keep skin bright and smooth and also helps with sensitive nerves associated with pain...I also take fish oil capsules as well to help with, aging , brain function and heart health , i am glad i have a doctor who promotes these things...dont be misled by those who say " bunk " to supplements it just may be the benefit you need ..

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