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The Inside Scoop on Hotwifing  

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7/6/2020 2:08 pm
The Inside Scoop on Hotwifing

Hot wifing has surged in popularity over the past five years. More married couples than ever have started researching the hot wife lifestyle while looking for ways spice their relationship.

What is Hotwifing?
Hotwifing is a type of open relationship where the wife has sex with other partners with her husband’s permission. In many cases, the husband picks these partners for his wife and takes pride in the fact that others consider his wife sexually desirable. Many husbands also take a certain amount of pleasure from hearing about how much their hot wife enjoyed the encounter.

James F., who’s been in a hot-wife relationship for almost years, says it has made his wife more open experimenting with things in the bedroom and acting out his fantasies. “I let her have her playtime,” he says, “So when the two of us are together, she’s really focused making happy. And seeing her come back from her ‘date’ glowing and smiling makes happy that she’s happy.”

Cat M. says she had her first hot wife encounter about months ago. “It was with one of my husband’s old college friends. They’ve been buddies for really long, so (my husband) knew he could trust him take care of and not get attached or anything like that,” she said. “I haven’t been with a lot of different partners, so I really enjoyed seeing how he did things differently than my husband.”

Hotwifing vs. Cheating vs. Cuckolding
It’s important note that Hotwifing is completely different from<b> cheating </font></b>or cuckolding. A hot wife has sex with other partners with her husband’s full knowledge and consent. She doesn’t need sneak around behind his back because she has his permission have sex with other partners. It’s not<b> cheating </font></b>because the husband knows about it before it ever happens, and he’s perfectly okay with it. Knowing his wife is having sex with other people might even turn him .

While cuckolding has some things in common with hotwifing, the two are very different experiences. Cuckolding involves insulting or demeaning the husband. The cuckolding wife might tell her husband she has have sex with other men because he’s incapable of satisfying her. She’ll brag about her other partner’s bedroom skills and abilities while telling her husband that he can never measure . She might even order her husband watch her have sex with another man or even have him wear a chastity cage.

Hot wives still have sex with other partners. And they might even tell their husbands about it. But they don’t brag about their other lover’s abilities or insult their husband while doing it.

Another big part of the difference comes in the husbands themselves. Men in a cuckold relationship tend have low self-confidence and be on the sexually submissive side. They don’t think they’re capable of pleasing their wives, so they encourage her seek sexual gratification with other people. Hot wife husbands, on the other hand, are much more confident and assertive. They’re interested primarily in expanding their wives’ sexual experiences and take pride in enhancing her pleasure.

Is Hotwifing Right for My Marriage?
Ultimately, this is a question that only you and your spouse can answer after talking it over and taking some time think about it. There are some common traits in a successful hotwife relationship that can help make your decision easier.

The husband cannot have a jealous bone in his body. If he’s not comfortable with his wife flirting with other men in a bar or at a party, then there’s no way he’ll be able handle her actually having sex with them. And if he ever starts becoming jealous, it’s important for him let his hot wife know before it damages their relationship.

Don’t let hot wifing interfere with your regular life. Having a sexual hall pass can be incredibly exciting and maybe even a little overwhelming. For some people, it’s all too easy to ignore responsibilities such as household chores or taking care of the while focusing on the pursuit of pleasure. Commentator Mike posted that it’s important for couples to establish rules in advance before embarking on any hot wife escapades. “Everything is up-front and we know what is going on. Then we pick up the from grandma's and continue our regular domestic life as a committed married couple/family.”

The hot wife can't develop an emotional connection with her sexual partners. Hot wifing is all about the physical. If a hot wife starts developing feelings for someone other than her husband, she's likely to cross the line into<b> cheating </font></b>and lead to a nasty divorce.

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