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My Covid 19 response copied here  

blamcam 49M
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4/3/2020 2:08 pm
My Covid 19 response copied here

In the UK (the other shameful 1st world country) we wasted between 2 weeks (as an absolute minimum) and 2 months - as it was Jan when they were fully warned and should have started make contingency plans. Same in the States. But when you vote this far the Right, you don't get a socially minded government - it's as simple as that. They thought about , the chances of it blowing over, acceptable death stats of the elderly etc - anything but doing what was advised and what was right. It's murderous incompetence in my view. But we all have our views.

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4/3/2020 5:36 pm

What do expect with BoJo running things ?

The WHO could have declared a pandemic sooner and Canada was sluggish off the mark too.

I think all agencies were weighing the health risks vs premature economic shutdown.

blamcam replies on 4/3/2020 7:48 pm:
Pandemics have a specific criteria - all the warnings and the expert advice were given beforehand - if they were taken it simply wouldn't have become a pandemic. Don't think of Canada, think of China, South Korea and Japan. Think of Gernamny too. The quicker the countries reacted, the quicker they have dealt with it. The most dangerous time after it has spreads is the reversal of the lockdowns, that's when it can really take fire. I don't have much hope for here or the US in terms of keeping fatalities down. We will be having the heop of those who moved the fastest though - and hopefully it will be an end to these two governemnts.

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