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Coffee n cream  

blonde4bigcockz 26F
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9/16/2014 6:08 am
Coffee n cream

So a recent hook up took an unexpected twist that turned an good hook up into an awesome hook up, will definitely be meeting these guys again.
Having spent what seemed like an eternity already fucking and sucking Curtis' more than impressive steel shaft, we were interrupted by a knock at the door.
'That'll be my bro' he says, and slips on his tracksuit bottoms and goes to get the door.
It gave me the chance of a breather as he was hung like a donkey and had already given me countless orgasms.
I could hear them talking in the living room from the bedroom door and managed to catch snippets of conversation, and they were quite obviously talking about me!!
So I grabbed a dressing gown and made my way to the living room to confront the situation.
'You guys talking about me by any chance?' I sarcastically asked
'woh, she sweet bro n she a feisty one, I like that'
'Soz Emi, yeh we were, was telling him what a beaut you were' Curtis laughingly said
'So what's the deal then guys? you coming back? your friend joining us? Am I going? I asked in an attempt to find out where I stood.
The two guys gave each other a quizzical look then both laughed.
' Woh, she a right feisty one bro, I'm in if you ok bro?'
'Hey man, no probs dude, come, let's be havin some fun with miss Emi' Curtis said deadpan
' so you gonna tell me your friends name or what Curtis?'
'Oh sorry Emi, this is my bro Randy, n you soon gonna find out why we call him randy, hahaha' Curtis laughed
'Hi Randy, so if your going to join this party we better get you out those clothes' I smiled at him as I suggestively tugged at his belt on his jeans.
His jeans dropped to the floor, and out flopped the monster of all cocks. If Curtis was Big then Randy was HUGE, and thick with it too.
'Oh - My - God!!' I uttered as my jaw dropped in shock
My face must of been a picture because Curtis laughed in the background and egged me on.
'Go on Em, suck that thing, haha'
I got onto my knees and took his cock in my right hand, it could not even go round it, it was that thick. It quickly grew in my hands and soon was prodruding eagerly at my face, staring at me. The bulging veins giving the impression of it being alive. I had never wanted to put a cock into my mouth so badly, wanting to feel it's warmth, to stroke it, to suck it and I certainly wanted it in my throbbing pussy, which at this point was absolutely soaked.
I placed the head into my mouth and started to work my tongue around his head and bit by bit slowly worked my way down his length.
' Fuck Curtis bro, you was right. Her tongue is like silk n that stud is magic' Randy moaned as I continued to lick and suck on his cock
'Hwoh, fuck man, she can really suck cock' he uttered as I forced more of his cock into my mouth and throat.
Curtis came over and stood beside Randy
'Handle two of these bad boys at once can ya?' Curtis asked
I switched cocks and started to lick Curtis' cock while playing with Randy' shaft. Back and forth I went between the two cocks now at my disposal. Both were rock solid. They both bent down and with one hand each under my armpit lifted me up off my knees and led me back to the bed in the bedroom.
'Fuck yeah bro, she got a sweet ass too' Curtis added as he spanked my ass for not the first time.

When we got to the bedroom Randy turned me to face Curtis and forced me to bend over at the waist. Curtis was holding the base of his cock in one hand. He grabbed my hair with his other hand and guided my head down towards his cock, forcing me to bend over further. I opened my mouth and took about half of him into my mouth.
Randy knelt down behind me and ran his hands over my butt cheeks, stroking them and squeezing them with his hands. He then pushed my butt cheeks apart and flicked his tongue up and down the lips of my pussy, which felt soo good. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as my arousal intensified.
Randy continued to flick my pussy and worked his way up to my ass with his tongue. I wiggled my ass in response. I was hoping he was going to rim my ass as I love being rimmed. Curtis forced more of his cock into my throat until my lips kissed his pubic hair. I had his whole cock in my mouth and throat.
'Bro, she has my whole cock in her mouth, that's insade bro, what a cock sucker!' Curtis groaned out
'haha yeh bro, and she is a wiggling her ass like crazy, she loves it'
Randy continued to flick and tickle the opening of my ass with his tongue sending me wild with desire and want. My senses were being overloaded and I could feel myself beginning to cum. Then it all stopped.
They moved me up onto the edge of the bed on all fours. Curtis came behind me and began rubbing my moist pussy lips up and down with the head of his cock. Randy had come in front of me on the bed and offered me his member.
I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth, but this was a different task altogether.
Curtis lined the head of his cock up with the opening of my pussy, the earlier stimulation had left me wet and ready. He pushed forward and the whole length slid into me in one motion. They both began working themselves in and out of me at either end of my body. Randy held the back of my head as I did my best to slide his cock back and forth in my mouth while Curtis held my hips and was pumping his cock in and out of my pussy.
I removed Randy's cock from my mouth and panted out 'oh this is so good'
Randy chuckled, 'oh you want some real good fucking girl?
'Oh yes, I do' I almost begged
Curtis pulled out of me and Randy spread my legs further apart before lying down on the bed between my legs. His monster cock pointed upwards and brushed my stomach as he wriggled himself into position.
'So you ready for getting this black cock in you girl, a whole lotta black cock and you gonna love it'
I must admit to feeling a little excited as well as more than a little apprehensive as this cock was HUGE, bigger than anything I had previously had the pleasure of.
Randy positioned himself and slowly guided his cock into my waiting pussy with some help from me.
He slid in.
My eyes would of popped out of their sockets if this was a cartoon, I took a sharp intake of breath as it slid in deeper.
'Oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck, oooh' I panted out as Randy slid further into me.
Then Randy pulled back out to the tip of his cock and slid back in, then again and again building a rhythm as he thrust into me.
'Oh god, this is so good'
I placed my hands on his chest and lifted myself into a squatting position, I then began to ride him faster as I became accustomed to his size.
'Holy shit bro, that's fucking wild, she likes it rough man' Curtis shouted out
'Man I gotta film this shit, where's yo phone bro?'
My hips are pushing back on his cock matching him stroke for stoke, after a few minutes of intense fucking I came. My body tensed up and began to tremble, my pussy tightening it's grip on Randy's cock. This it seemed was enough to send him over the edge. He drove his cock as deep as he could and gripped my thighs as he fired off the first of a long series of spurts of cum. I fell on top of Randy panting and moaning as he gave one final thrust of his cock.
Randy slowly slid his cock from my pussy, both it and his balls were covered in a combination of his cum and my juices. Curtis turned me over onto my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He moved between my legs, lined up his cock with my pussy and slipped his big tool inside, cum dripping from me, acting as a lubricant. I barely had the chance to catch my breath and gasped as he entered me. My head rolled back, eyes closed, panting and moaning as he slid his cock back and forth inside me.
Randy sat himself up and knelt with his knees either side of my head. He leant forward and rubbed the tip of his cum covered cock onto my lips. My eyes opened as soon as I felt it touch my lips. I did the only thing I could, open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. I eagerly sucked the cum off his long pole. When it was clean of cum he pulled it from my mouth and placed his balls onto my lips.
'suck my balls' Randy ordered
I flicked my tongue across his ball sack and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, drawing a deep gasp from Randy. He returned the favor by pinching and tweaking at my nipples, which initiated the same gasping and moaning effect. He added to this by reaching down and started playing with my clitoris too.
All the time Curtis continued thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. The combination of cock in my pussy, hands on my nipples and clit and balls in my mouth was too much for me. Another intense orgasm rocked through my body. The guys just continued their actions as wave after wave of pleasure sensations rippled through my body.
As my body settled down from it's high and my breathing resumed it's normal pattern, Curtis grabbed my ankles and pushed them back towards my head, pinning me on the bed. Curtis resumed sliding his throbbing cock into my pussy, gradually beginning to increase his speed and intensity of thrusting until he was at an almost furious pace. I came again, my body tensed up as another wave of pleasure overwhelmed me. Curtis didn't slow down, he continued to fuck me with the same intensity, thrusting his cock in and out of me until he finally lost it and cried out he was going to cum.
Almost simultaneously Randy said the same thing, the sucking on his balls and my hands slowly stroking up and down his shaft had sent him over the edge too.
Curtis pulled his cock out and fired hot strands of cum onto my stomach and towards my boobs, while Randy fired his massive load over my boobs and stomach. My entire body was being covered with cum in both directions. I loved it!
When both guys had finished covering me with their fluids, I quickly found myself again faced with a cock, dripping cum and wanting to be licked clean, this time Curtis'. He began to feed me his cum covered cock.
'Man, I'm all fucked out' Curtis said
'I'm not, not yet bro, gotta fuck this cute ass' Randy piped up
'Oh man, it's tight bro, so fuckin sweet, had me some of that earlier' Curtis chimed back as I continued to stroke and suck on his cock.
Randy manoeuvred in position, lifted my legs onto his shoulders.
'Em, grab your butt, hold your cheeks open babe, it'll make it easier to fuck your ass'
I let go of Curtis' cock and grabbed my butt cheeks, pulling them apart. Randy drizzled lube down the valley between the cheeks of my ass. He coated my ass hole with plenty of the lube and slid a slick finger into my butt hole.
I moaned in delight, I love the feeling of things in my ass, fingers, toys, cocks or a combination. Curtis fingered my butt with one finger for a while before he added more lube and a second finger. I groaned as he stretched me wider and wider, I was thankful for the lubing and the stretching of my ass as it was going to make it easier to finally take that monster of a cock in my ass.
I gasped when he removed his fingers from my butt, and moaned when he rubbed the head of his cock into the valley between my buttocks.
Randy put the head of his cock against my butt and slowly flexed his hips forward, his head was a tight fit. He pushed harder and the head of his cock popped into my butt, past the ring of muscles. I let out a gasp as I got used to his size and concentrated on relaxing the muscles in my ass. When I was comfortable I pushed back at Randy. He took this as a sign to slide more of his cock into my ass. Randy added more lube and slowly pushed forward. An inch at a time slid in, inch by inch more of his fat cock was entering my butt. Soon his entire length must of been inside me as his hips came to rest against my buttocks. He was buried inside my ass. The feeling was a mixture of both pain and amazing sensations of pleasure.
'Oh god'
He was still hard and inside me, filling me up.
Randy increased the intensity of the strokes of his cock into me until he had a reasonable rhythm of pumping in and out.
Once again I began to approach orgasmic bliss as he continued his pursuit of fucking my ass.
Then Randy changed his motions, he pulled my hips and forced down on me. It drove what seemed the entire length of his cock into my ass. He held me tightly as every time he drove his cock in. The sensations multiplied and it felt like every nerve between my knees and bellybutton was on fire. I climaxed after being sent over the edge. A powerful orgasm shot through my body and I screamed as wave after wave of pleasure overtook me.
I collapsed in a heap gasping and moaning but the boys were not done, they were both still rock hard. This was going to be a long wild intense fucking session. I kinda guessed these guys were going to go until they could fuck no more.
When my breathing subsided a little Randy and Curtis began driving their cocks into my pussy once again in short power fucks, taking turns with each turn being more powerful than the last. We were all sweating, groaning and gasping by this stage as the guys hammered their bodies into mine.
I knew I would cum again soon, and it proved that both Curtis and Randy were also close. With Curtis slamming into me with a frenzied passion I could honestly say I had never felt so full of cock before. He screamed out he was cumming and pulled out to shoot his cum over my face, mouth and hair. Randy quickly took his place driving his cock into my pussy and it wasn't long before I felt his cock twitch and he too fired off another massive load of cum, this time over my legs, stomach, tits and crotch.
All three of us collapsed in a moaning pile of tangled limbs. The bed was a soaked mess of the guys cum.
Both guys fed me their cocks once more for me to eagerly consume the last drops of cum.
Randy and Curtis knelt there for a few minutes, catching their breath. Finally they moved off the bed and stood back to admire their handy-work while I lay in the middle of a messy cum stained bed. I had cum in my hair, on my face, tits, belly and legs.
"Bro we've been fucking this white girl for two hours straight, two fucking hours, she's a fucking nympho dude. I don't think I can cum again," Curtis laughed.

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9/16/2014 7:20 am


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9/16/2014 7:40 pm

Even better than I imagined from our conversation! You definitely need to have these two again. Fantastic blog as always, keep up the great work.

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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9/17/2014 6:57 pm

Wow. Can I have the pleasure of pleasuring you as well!

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9/19/2014 12:17 am

Sounds like you're a very talented girl.

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12/24/2014 10:19 am

wow awesome !!

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1/8/2015 11:45 am

Thank you sparklyEyes

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8/30/2015 11:58 am

OH WOW!! Very nice again!! Great stuff!!

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Very nice

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