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Easter MMF funsome  

blonde4bigcockz 26F
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5/11/2014 9:45 am
Easter MMF funsome

Following my night with Nick and Serena we were all saying our goodbyes and preparing to go our separate ways.
I was just about to drive off having dumped my overnight bag into the boot of my car when I had a tap on my window.
It was Nick, wondering if I'd like to come back to his flat and chill for a bit or failing that I could try out his shower. That made me laugh, so what the hell, why not.
To speed things up a bit we went to his bedroom and watched a film, nothing happened, just a bit of cuddling and the odd kiss. I needed a toilet break so Nick explained where the toilet was. I left his room and headed off down the hallway, where I could quite clearly hear sex noises. So I continued past the toilet to investigate, only to find Nick's flatmate watching porn!!
There he was slouched back on the sofa with his more than impressive cock standing to attention being gently massaged as he watched his choice of porn. He had to be at least 10"
I stood there mesmerised as he gently stoked his cock up and down. Suddenly it seems he caught me out of the side of his eye as he turned round.
'WHAT THE FUCK, who are you?' as he quickly tries to put his cock away
'I'm a friend of Nick's, 'don't put it away on my part, impressive cock by the way'
Nick comes out and quickly assesses the situation and says 'oh, you met Emily, Emily this is Matt'
'Hi Matt'
introductions over!
Well being the cheeky bird I am I cheekily suggested he get back to his wank, as long as I could watch.
'You wanna watch? you can do more than that babe you can do it for me!!'
Well who am I to say no?? So that is how it basically started. Right place, right time.
So I suggested to Nick if I'm going to be stroking one cock why not add another one in.
So in no time at all, there I am with two guys cocks in my hands. Nice!
I started to focus my attention on Matt, kneeling in front of him and leaning forward I flicked my tongue over his swollen head, licking up his pre-cum from his earlier exertions. I held him with both hands and still had enough left over for a mouthful, he was a big boy!!
I ran my tongue down the length of his shaft, all the way down the underneath, then reaching his balls place both of them into my mouth one by one, gently licking and sucking on them while I rub his head with my finger and thumb.
Matt lets out a moan, oh fuck that's good babe. He runs his fingers through my hair and says lets see how much you can take shall we?
He holds the bottom of his cock with one hand and directs it towards my mouth while guiding my head with his other hand that is still entangled in my hair. I open my mouth and take him in, deep. Nick obviously impressed says 'wow'. I continue to suck and stroke Matt's cock and he tells me my tongue piercing is 'fucking amazing'
I reach out and find Nicks cock. I squeeze it and rub the entire length with my finger and thumb in the 'Ok' motion.
I pull my mouth off Matt's cock and take all of Nick's cock into my mouth in one go, sucking hard as I remove it from my mouth. I then do the same with Matt, swirling my tongue around the tip. I have a hand on each guys cock and my hands are going back and forth up and down their hard members as I suck the end of their cocks alternately and they both let out groans in regular intervals.
Then as I am just getting into a rhythm and enjoying myself Matt says ' babe as nice as this is, we got meat that wants to meet that puss of yours'
The pair of them then quickly relieve me of my clothes and push me onto my back on the sofa.
Matt hoists one of my legs over his shoulder and begins teasing me, blowing gently on my clitoris. I am dripping wet with anticipation and push my hips up, almost begging him to lick me. Finally he gives in and flicks my clit with the tip of his tongue, so gently I can hardly feel it but it arouses and stimulates every pleasure nerve in the area, and radiates through my body, causing me to arch my back in pleasure. He keeps going, just intermittent gentle flicks with his tongue. He then strokes his fingers up the inside of my thigh, slowly and gently, and on reaching my pussy, he slowly teases a finger inside me. At first just the tips of his finger, gently teasing and poking it in and out.
Meanwhile Nick has started to lick and suck on my nipples which have quickly gone like bullets as he now gently bites on them whilst at the same time circling his tongue. One hand has my other nipple between his finger and thumb and the other is running through my hair and caressing my ear lobes.
I am going wild. I am so close to erupting into an orgasm that will blast through my body. But Matt stops, and Nick takes over. He wastes no time and goes straight for it, fingers deep inside me, tongue lapping at my clitoris. Once again I start getting closer and closer but again Nick slows down and teases me. I must of been moaning so loud as I could hardly control myself. Then an orgasm rips through my body and I scream out as Matt puts his lips over mine. I'm thrusting my hips up as Nick keeps pumping his fingers inside me, my pussy contracts and squeezes his fingers with the orgasm. I am now decidedly wet with horniness.
I lay back collapsed from the sheer pleasure of the one big orgasm, that I hardly realise that the two guys are carrying me to the bedroom. They lay me down on the bed. I catch my breath.
Matt lays next to me on the bed and asks if I'm ready for some real fun?
Of course I am.
I climb over him and position his cock with my hand into my very moist pussy, at this point I hear a click and it becomes clear that Nick has started taking some pictures. This can be unsettling sometimes as you can never be sure of peoples motives when filming and pictures are concerned. I have two rules. 1. no posting on the internet, that is down to MY discretion. 2. I want a copy mailed or sent to me. Anyway back to the action. Matt slides inside me and he feels great. I love this position as I get to control how deep and how fast things progress. Matt just gets to lay there and watch and play with my tits. I rock back and forth slowly controlling his cock inside me, watching the expressions on his face. Matt then reaches up and caresses one of my tits in each hand. I lean forward, he takes one of them into his mouth and starts to lick and suck on them as I continue to ride his cock.
Nick then from behind us both inserts a finger into my ass, and asks if I have room for another cock. This is going to be a challenge I feel. Nick positioned himself behind us and teases my ass entry and my pussy with the head of his cock. He starts to push the head of his cock into me pushing against Matt's cock. My pussy resisted but Nick kept pushing and finally after a couple of minutes of trying Nick manages to get his cock to slide in against Matt's. The feeling of this verged on the pain/pleasure boarder as I let out moans and screams as the two cocks then worked simultaneously to begin with, fucking me slow and deep. They then began to fuck me in opposite directions, with one cock pushing in deep as the other pulled out, then together again both plunging in as deep as they could go at the same time. The tightness of my pussy was more than they could both handle and soon both men tensed up and shot their loads of cum. Two cocks in my pussy at the same time was a first for me, not a wholly enjoyable one on the whole as I was too tight to accommodate two large guys, but worth a try nontheless.
I then ask Nick to lay down so I could take his cock in my mouth again, licking off the surplus cum that had just been shot. Matt comes behind me and is lubing my ass with his finger. I start to moan on Nick's cock, Matt is using his fingers in my ass and I can feel an orgasm building. My mouth is pumping harder and faster, taking him deeper and gripping him with my hands. My body explodes in raptures as Matt drives the entire length of his cock into my ass in one swift movement, his thighs slapping against my ass cheeks, very quickly followed by a hand that plants itself on one of my ass cheeks in a 'thwack'. Matt continues to thrust into my ass with repeated vigour and the spanking continues with it. He then grabs my tits and pulls me back off Nick's cock and spins me round, lifts me up and pulls me against him. I wrap my legs around him and he lowers us both to the floor, my legs still around him. He grips hold of his cock and places his head into my tight wet pussy. I reach for Nicks cock and resume sucking him again. Matt goes deep inside me and begins to pick up a rhythm of thrusting in and out. I reach down and stroke my clit with my fingers and it is so slippery and wet. I use the wetness to glide my fingers across it. Within moments I cum, closing my legs tight around Matt, moaning and screaming so loud the neighbours must of heard. My back arched and my body is shaking, my pussy contracting and gripping Matt's cock. He is getting harder and faster, slamming his body against mine, his balls slapping against my ass.
Nick is now gasping, his eyes closed, his cock in my mouth. I pull him out and say 'STOP'. Both men stop and look at me. Swap please!
With that Matt pulls his cock out of my pussy and Nick takes his place. I'm so wet he slides straight inside me. Matt comes up to my head and I take his hard cock in my mouth and grip his balls with my left hand. With my right hand I reach down to where Nick is now sliding in and out of my extremely wet pussy, I stroke my clit again, wrapping my legs round Nick I cum again, and again, each time stronger. Nick can feel my pussy clenching and squeezing his cock as I cum. Both guys cannot take any more and the breathing gets faster and faster, the moans are louder and louder in unison with mine. I can tell Matt is going to cum. I push him out of me and he grabs his cock and he jerks it as torrents of cum spray out, hitting me in the face, in the mouth, down my tits. He keeps pumping his hand and squeezing more cum keeps shooting over my body. He is moaning so load he cannot catch his breath. Slowly it stops and he clams down. I lick up the blob of cum that hangs from his now sensitive cock, savouring it.
I look up at Nick who has a big grin on his face from watching Matt's finale. He looks desperate to finish, his rock hard cock throbbing. I turn over and lay on my front and motion him to get behind me, he does and leans down over my back.I squeeze my legs together and Nick straddles my legs. He kisses my neck. He enters me from behind, me still laying flat down. I lift my feet onto his back, bending my knees. Nick gasps,'fuck, that is fantastic' he is thrusting faster and faster, my ass bouncing as he slams into it. He is getting close now, he slows down and says he is going to cum. He pulls out of me and his cock spurts his hot cum over my ass cheeks and up my back. He cannot contain himself and is moaning in pleasure as more cum shoots out. I turn round and take him into my mouth squeezing the last drops out of him. The guys are spent and I have been covered in both guys cum. 'Was that better than a wank?' I ask
'Was that better than watching? Matt replies
'Sure was!' I reply,'now where is that shower?' Emoji

FunPleasurable 56M
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5/11/2014 10:10 am

Paragraph, line spacings are required for a proper read.
Pictures would help too!

Fun and Pleasure in Sunny Side Singapore. Come visit my blog and let's chat and explore.

Stay_In_Reality 52M  
2205 posts
5/11/2014 10:52 am

Didn't realise there was going to be a part 3, you certainly made a night of it

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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5/12/2014 5:49 am

did he end up sending u the pics?

NJGUY08090 54M
3328 posts
12/18/2015 8:46 pm

Oh how I wish my roommate had a hot girlfriend like you

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