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Q n A
Posted:Sep 25, 2017 1:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2017 3:33 pm

Ask away, nothing off topic, ask n Ill answer - promise
My First BIG
Posted:Sep 27, 2016 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 1:12 pm

Of the men I see regularly Jon is by far the biggest. Not in height and weight, his cock is huge, close to 12", if not more. And his cock is thicker than most I've experienced too. Sure I've had big guys before but this was truely my first BIG cock experience, and to be honest I was hooked and wanted more from that point onwards. An ex-boyfriend introduced me to him at a swingers party. He basically told me to go with him and enjoy myself, unbeknown it would be the beginning of the end for us.

I can still remember this man towering over me as I walked next to him to one of the bedrooms upstairs. He's a good 6'4" and looks down on me. He's all solid muscle too. There is not one ounce of fat on this man. That is a real plus. I liked him right away. And naked, he was absolutely gorgeous! I didn't 'take him to the bedroom' so much as he pulled me up the stairs to the bedroom.

I'm sure he liked me since the moment he saw me at that party. I remember it all very well, him checking me out. Me giving a flirtaceous smile and wink. I had on one of my shortest dresses. The skirt on that little dress is so short you can almost see the curves of the bottoms of my cheeks. If I bend over in that dress you can see it all. I wore thigh high boots, killer boots as my ex called them.

He closed the door behind us and sat on the edge of the bed. Ushering me to sit on his lap.

"You're very pretty!!" He said

He seemed to know how these parties work even though I'd never seen him there before. His eyes were all over me almost as soon as he came into the party. Visually undressing me.

"Thank you."

I winked at him and gave him a sweet smile. I put my hand on his chest and let it softly run over his right nipple. I could feel his hugely muscular legs under me. They felt like steel beams. I felt small on his lap. I felt his hand go between my legs to my naked thigh just below my panties. I also felt him start to get hard, real hard. I liked that. I could feel it on my butt and the side of my cheek. I felt him through his trousers, could feel his huge cock. His hand moved up under my skirt. I felt him toy with my clit through my panties. His fingers started to explore me under my dress.

I smiled at him, He had my complete attention. And I had his, as I started to lose myself to his hand. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. He was starting to breathe heavier. I saw my skirt bounce as his hand moved underneath it. He was stroking me through my panties, playing with my clit and slipping me a finger every now and then, teasing me and gently bringing me to a nice state of arousel. The tip of his index finger was running tiny circles around my clit the head of it now sticking up just a bit out of the top of its hiding place. He pushed his finger into me, my wetness accomodating him easily and making it very slippery with my juices. I was melting for him.

"Oooooooo...uhhh, oooooo..."

All I could do was moan and whimper. I almost fell off of his lap. I looked at him starry eyed, lost to his hand. I stared into his eyes, sighing, moaning, softly panting deeply. He was working me up slowly and expertly.

And I'm sure he was getting off on seeing me like this. He was rock hard, his cock almost under me, up against my hip. I had no idea just how big he was that first time on his lap. But he felt like a large and hard metal pipe against my butt, I remember that.

I collapsed into him, kissing him. I started to kiss his neck, breathing in his manliness and smell. He got hotter by the minute. He kept running his finger over my clit and down my lips. Sexual torture, I was crazy for him, addicted from the very first time he worked me like this.

He kept me in that state for what seemed like forever. He wasn't like the others. They wanted my mouth, my pussy and my rear end. They would use me, cum and then leave. This man was getting off seeing me get super hot, seeing me almost drool for him. He was getting off on turning me on. And he didn't let up. He pulled my panties down and peeled off my boots and slowly stroked my legs as he did so. He pulled me up gently off of his lap, pulling me by my arm around in front of him. He had me stand in front of him. I remember almost falling down I was so dizzy. I almost tripped.

He then took his hand off me. He stood there smiling back at me and quickly undid his belt, unhooked his trousers, lowered his fly and dropped them to his ankles. I lost it. I started to shiver, whimper and cry out. I was visibly shaking. It was all I could do not to scream in excitement.
His cock was a good 8" bulging in his hugging pants. I could make out his huge balls under the base and protruding out like big boulders. I could see the outline of everything.

I had never seen a man this big before. I have been with large men, men with very large cocks. But none like this man. He pulled his underwear down to his ankles and stood up straight. His full 11"+ erection bounced out and joined the party. It stood out in front of him. The head of it was bulbous and just huge. That is no exaggeration. I had never seen anything like it before.

I didn't have to be told. I knew what I wanted to do with this monster. I knelt in front of him, went down to my knees. I ran my tongue up the huge hole at the end of his cock. I made a tiny little point of it and pushed it into his urethra while I held him firmly with both hands. He moaned. I felt the electricity that shot through him when I did that. Looking up at him, he closed his eyes as I pushed my tongue into him as deep as it would go. I started to move it in and out. That made him wild. He started to grunt, moan like men do when they are crazy hot for what is being done to them. I wanted to please this man so much. I remember pushing my tongue into him while holding him tight in my hand, my hand barely able to close around his huge, thick cock. I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock and licked his helmet, ensuring my tongue stud tickled his cock too. That, and holding his huge balls with my other hand, petting them gently and pushing the end of my index finger up just behind them into the soft area between his anus and sack. This is a trick I use only on my favorite men. When they cum like that, being worked by my finger, they almost go crazy. The sensations of ass, balls and cock all being pleasured drives them wild with delight. He responded beautifully, his huge erection pushing back against my tongue, almost burying it in his urethra!

"Oh my god, what are you doing...uhhhh, ooooo...I love that...uhhhhh, fuck!"

He was breathing so deep it was hard for him to talk. I felt him take me by the sides of my head into his hands. I opened as wide as I could and took the head of his cock into my mouth. My mouth was open so wide it almost hurt. I started to pump him, run my entire mouth over the huge end of his cock. He was as lost to my mouth as I was to his hand when he had me on his lap. I methodically ran my mouth over him trying not to rub my teeth on him. He was so big, that was no small feat! My tongue was smashed flat in the bottom of my mouth and up against the underside of his cock. My tongue was crushed by the sheer size of this man. I sucked him and fucked him with my mouth working him to cum as best and as fast as I could. I put one hand on his tight and wonderful rear end. I gripped him hard by both cheeks holding him in place while the other stroked his cock as my mouth did him. I'd never done this for a man this big. I'd always been able to get most of any man's cock all the way into my mouth and even down my throat.

When he came it was huge. He spilled out of my mouth and down onto my dress with each spurt. He gushed. I didn't care. I wanted this man so bad, so very bad. I wanted to please him completely. I wanted him all over me.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck...! Yes, that's it...fuck, fuck, fuck...you hot little bitch...aahhhh..."

He made those noises men make when they cum. He didn't stop. Six huge and powerful spurts, four or five minor spurts after, I was covered with him. He hit the back of my throat so hard with his cum I almost choked. My lipstick was all over him and he had a bright pink ring of it just behind the head of his cock. I remember looking up at him, his cock filling my mouth, staring into his eyes as he looked down at me, his hand petting the side of my face as he dripped in torrents out of my mouth and down my chin.

When he finished with my mouth he reached down and took me by my arm. He pulled me up and off of him. He turned me around and threw me onto my back on the bed.

"You are wonderful! I've never had a girl do anything like that before. My turn to repay you now, Wonderful!!"

He told me to lift up my dress, which I did. He placed his hands on my thighs, spread my legs and stood staring at my pussy. He knelt over me and started by pulling my dress up above my head and off. He discarded it like a pice of rubbish and began kissing, licking, biting and sucking on my nipples whilst also stroking them with his hands.
His semi hard cock brushed up and down my inner thigh. The anticipation in my pussy was overwhelming. I couldnt wait for him to fuck me, but until then I was enjoying the foreplay.

He laughed as he wiped some of his cum with a finger off of my face, pushing it into my mouth. I licked his finger and I smiled at him.

He lifted my legs up onto his chest with my feet resting on his shoulders. I felt his middle finger go to my butt. I felt it go up into my cheeks, enough for him to access my tight little hole.

I felt his finger push up into me. I whimpered in delight. I felt my body tingle as his finger entered me. I was completely exposed and naked. His finger slipped up into me almost all the way.

"I want to fuck you. It makes me crazy to see a girl like you impaled on my cock with nowhere run to. Do you want to be my dirty girl?"

He stared at me smiling wickedly.

You're hung like a fucking . You'll split me in two with that. I don't think I could get you into me. But oh my, I want to try."

He laughed loud again.

He was finger fucking me and then he began simultaneously arousing my clit again. Rubbing it in small circles.

"Oh...yessss, ...uhhh...don't stop, please...uhhh...yessssss..."

He then pulled his finger out of me and started kissing his way down my legs, whilst at the same time now fingering my pussy.

He got down and gave a small peck of a kiss to each lip of my pussy.

"Lovely and soft babe, love a smooth pussy!!"

He put his tongue on my ass cheek then slid it all the way up one side of my pussy, then down the other.

"Oh my God, quit teasing me!"

This is where I wanted him

He kissed my pussy again and then started to rub his tongue in small circles over my clit.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Mmmmmmmm"

He was clearly enjoying the taste of me and he started to move his hands all over my body while he ate me out. He stroked the outside of my thigh, tracing my sides, then he squeezed on my boobs and play with my nipples. I had started to grind my pussy onto his face. He grabbed my hips and buried his face into me. He was licking my clit up and down and sucking on it as I rocked my hips to his motion. I was gasping and moaning louder and louder.

I grabbed the back of his head as my body moved and convulsed in pure pleasure. My juices were flowing and my hips bucking as came. He kept working away at my clit all through my orgasm.

He smiled, "I'm not done with you yet.!"

He stood over me, cock in hand and began rubbing his helmet up and down my now well lubricated entrance. Slowly he entered. Little by little. Allowing me to accomodate his size.

"Fuck, your so tight!"

He continued this until he managed to get half of his length inside of me. He then plunged into me, and started to build up a pumping rhythm. All that escaped my mouth was "Mmphh!" My cock had gone in fairly easily with how wet I was.

He started to gently thrust himself in and out of my body.

"Your pussy feels amazing; warm, tight, and absolutely fucking soaking."

"Oh yeah! like that! Fuck me with that big cock!"

He thrust hard and deep into me, eliciting another loud "Fuck!" from my mouth.

After a few minutes I started to tense up again and I knew I was about to cum a second time. I buried my face into my hands and screamed into them as I came. It was so hot and felt so good. He continued his fucking through the next six orgasms I had, each one better than the last. At one point as one orgasm was subsiding another took it's place. Finally he gave a few last thrusts, then pulled out and shot his load all over my stomach.

I was in sheer ecstasy but he was not finished by any means. He took hold of the side of my head, burying his hand in my hair and turned my face to him. I was breathing heavily, almost to the point of cumming for him again, my eyes half closed. He leant down and French kissed me. I pulled him down and whispered in his ear.

"On your back big stuff!"

We rolled over and I got him back onto the bed with his tongue still dancing in my mouth. I climbed up on top of him, straddling him. I felt his huge erection push up against my butt, I felt the wet head of it and the thick shaft between my legs.

I reached back under me and held his cock up straight. I put my hand back behind me and guided him back into my now drenched pussy. I pushed down on to him as hard as I could. I felt the head of it squash against me and I slid slowly down his shaft. I sat up and stared down at him.

I screamed in delight, I think others at the party must have heard me. I cried out loud. It felt like nothing I'd experienced before. I felt the entire head of it enter me, felt it 'pop' into me and felt my pussy lips close tight around it. I closed around him tightly and held him in me.

He looked up at me smiling, his rock hard erection pushing into me. I really was impaled. I pulled up slightly and then pushed back down on it over and over, I worked him into me. My eyes were shut tight, my mouth open. I started to fuck the head of it slowly. Little by little I worked him deeper into me. I could feel him fill me like no other man had ever done before. I started to fuck him.

I was on fire. I looked down at him. He was breathing so deeply it almost scared me. I'd never felt anything like this, EVER. I slid him in and out of me as I sat on top of him. I just wanted this man to cum in me. He was hard as a rock as I slid up and down rhymically on his cock. He was a machine.

Then I felt him lean up on his arms. He sat up and then flipped me sideways onto my back. He kept his cock in me as he put me on my back. And then he pulled out of me, his erection bobbing and slippery, standing up between my legs as he looked down at me.

He moved his leg over me and flipped me over on my stomach. He stuffed a pillow up under my stomach and quickly mounted me from behind. I felt his cock in me again, felt myself open wide for him as the head was pushed back into me. I grabbed another pillow and bit into it, my face was pressed against it in front of me. I clawed the sheets. I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my screams. He started to fuck. Hard!

I don't know how long he went, how long he fucked me. I was in a daze, lost to his wonderful cock and what he was doing to me. I lost count of how many orgasms I had.

He came in an explosive way and I didn't even realise it. All I know is I felt him pulling out of me and feeling warm splashes up my bum and back. I then felt a flood of cum splash out of my pussy and onto the bed. I felt it run down my inner thighs. I just laid there. I could not move.

I then felt him kiss me softly on my rear end. He kissed me on my right cheek. I felt him stroke my leg as he did that. I was frozen, I was now going completely numb.

I'd never felt anything like that. I wanted more of it. I knew that.

He laughed. I felt his hand go to my butt. I felt him spread me. I could feel his eyes on me as he inspected me. He gently patted my butt, stroked and petted my pussy.

"You made it through in one piece. Everything is still very cute and intact. A little spread open but that will fade back to tight, tight, tight. Real soon."

I like this. I like this a lot. You have a very hot ass."

I pulled myself up off of the bed. When I say I felt totally fucked I have never been more serious. I was totally fucked. I felt more of his cum run out of me and onto the bed. I moved off of his hand and up to the front of him. I kissed him on the lips, stood up.

"We are definately going to make that happen. I've never had a man like you and I like that, I'm not going to let you get away that easily."

"You, I could get very used to. Very, very used to. I want more of that thing of yours."

I walked to my panties on the floor next to the bed. I bent down and picked them up. I felt more of his cum run out of me. I stuffed my underpants into my purse. I put my dress back on and straightened myself and stood looking at him. I was soaking wet under my dress.

"C'mon we are going back downstairs to the party. You're going to tell my boyfriend, my boyfriend, that you want to see me again. If you even think of giving that thing to another girl I'll stop seeing you and my boyfriend will remain my boyfriend. I have a feeling you're going to be my next boyfriend."

I walked to him. I reached down and took his penis in my hand. I kissed him on his lips.

"I want this. I want this real bad. Save this for me.

I winked at him. I kissed his cheek.

"Let's go, baby."

I walked to the door.

When we walked back down the stairs together, few noticed. The party was raging, music, laughter, chatter filled the room. I watched as he went to my boyfriend. I headed to the bar.
Fucked 4 ca$h
Posted:Sep 15, 2016 8:55 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 1:41 pm

Being a second year University student, putting myself through school is tough. I never have enough money, despite working two jobs and taking out enormous student loans. Uni is expensive, and I come from an average background; my family couldn't help pay for education.

I guess I'm an averagely attractive girl; sometimes described as a knockout beauty. I have a fit body 5'8 tall. My eyes and butt are my best feature, eyes sparkle and butt is fit and tight.

I often check for odd jobs, looking for any way to get a little extra money. I am well aware of doing adult work, of course, but I could never convince myself to be in an adult film or do adult modeling. The money was always tempting, but I could never bring myself to be on camera. I have sold guys a few naked pictures and even my soiled panties, but nothing that you could consider ' that'll make a difference'!!

I was desperate for cash, however, and a lucrative alternative to adult acting presented itself: becoming a part-time escort. I thought about the idea of fucking random men for money. It sounded so dirty, so low, so revolting. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't. But tuition was due, and rent, and the bills were piling up. I didn't have enough money; I never had enough money. I CAN do this. No different to meeting guys off the site and screwing them, this time I get paid to do it too.

One afternoon I decided I would give escorting a shot, and if it was as bad, I would stop. I locked the door to my bedroom, which was in the house I shared with three other housemates. I opened my laptop and started to write an ad to post online. I knew that I would need a sexy picture.

I took off my t-shirt and jeans and looked for something sexy, selecting a black thong and black lace bra. I smiled and snapped myself from my best angle, it showed what I looked like. Some men might even find my young face to be sexy. I shuddered at the thought of the men who were going to be seeing this and drooling. I slipped my clothes back on and finished the ad for the webpage.

Hello! My name is Katie. I'm a university student looking for cash to get me through. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to share some time together! Enquire for details.

I attached the photo I had taken and glanced over the ad, revolted somewhat with myself having to resort to this, but I pressed the button to make the ad go live. I quickly slammed the computer shut, but it was done. All I could do now was wait and see what happened.

Later, I heard my phone buzz. I glanced at the screen; a notification from my email read "enquiry".

I stared at it, my heart pounding in my chest. I opened the email.

"Hello" it read "my name is Carl and I would love to get together when you're available, I believe I may have a mutual opportunity that will benefit you in the long run. I'm in town for business. What time and where works for you?"

I let out my breath as I typed out my reply.

"Hi Carl" I wrote "thanks for your interest! I can be available whenever and wherever you like.

I clicked send, more terrified than I can ever remember. My phone buzzed again. I opened it; another email from Carl.

"That sounds just lovely, I'll start with an hour of your time. I'm staying at the , room 402. How does tonight at 9 sound?"

I replied, confirming the time and location. I sat on my bed shaking, my head spinning as I started to think about what I had just agreed to do. Fear, excitement, nervousness, you name it.

I spent almost an hour getting dressed, my stomach filled with butterflies the entire time. I showered and shaved before putting on makeup; mascara, eyeliner, lipstick.

I put on the thong and bra from the photo. I slipped on a tight black mini dress that hugged my figure. I looked in the mirror, satisfied that I looked the part. I put on my heels and waited.

At ten minutes to nine I walked into the reception area of the hotel. I looked at all the people in the lobby, sure that they knew exactly why I was here as I got into the lift. My heart was pounding and my stomach fluttering. I tried to gather myself.

I walked down the hall to room 402 and paused; I stood there smiling as I tapped once on the door. I heard a noise inside the room and the door swung open; A normal looking guy in his 30s smiled, glanced me over, and welcomed me in. Thank god for that I thought to myself. In these situations, you just never kmow who or what is behind that door. I heard the door shut behind me. We were alone.

"I'm Carl, firstly, wow. Why are you doing this?
You are simply stunning!!
I explained my situation and he proceeded to tell me his idea.
He was a photographer, and in return for allowing him to photograph me and sleep with him, he would give me digital copies of the pictures which I could sell on, that should cover the money side," he said in a perfectly normal tone, like this whole thing was just business. I agreed, somewhat stupidly at the time as afterwards realising that I was no nearer to paying my bills!!!

"Are you ok?" He asked, probably noticing how awkward I seemed. I nodded. As much as I enjoy sex, having my picture taken and posing for a camera just isn't me.
"I felt naked, even in my underwear"

"That's perfectly alright" he said; he sat on the foot of the bed and kept talking to me.

"We'll go easy. He took a few pictures of me in various poses, and before I knew it it seemed easy and I began to relax. He guided me through how to pose.

I heard a belt getting undone.

"Why don't you just start with a little blowjob, ok?" He said in a soft tone. I walked to the end of the bed where he was sitting with his knees apart. He slipped off his boxers and pants, leaving just his white shirt.

I kneeled, I took his cock in my hands and gave it a quick rub, this part I knew I was good at, breathing deeply as I kneeled and placed the tip in my mouth, slowly letting more into the warmth of my mouth. He let out a pleased sigh as I slowly took him in; I felt him getting harder and harder as I started to suck, lick and tickle his cock and balls. He was soon fully erect, thick and almost nine inches. I kept sucking his cock and playing with his balls until I felt him tap my head with a finger.

"That's great, now I want that body?" I paused, as he pulled his long hard cock out of my mouth.
"How do you want it then, big boy?"

He pulled me up and I kicked my shoes off, pulled my dress off over my head, leaving me in my bra and panties. I shivered, goosebumps forming on my skin as I lay on the bed in anticipation. I could feel his eyes watching me as I undid my bra and set it aside, my tits exposed, goosebumps forming around my nipples. My eyes closed as I felt a hand on my stomach. The hand ran down to my panties and tugged them off, revealing my smooth shaved pussy lips. I exhaled, my entire body trembling with desire.

I felt the mattress sag as he climbed onto the bed. He chuckled and I felt a finger on my pussy lips. Every inch of my body wanted him, especially his cock. His finger ran up to my clit.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle" I heard him say as he kissed my neck. I lay still, eyes shut and shivering as he kissed my neck. A hand lightly brushed one of my breasts.

"Here we go" he muttered and I felt the head of his cock on my pussy. In a quick thrust he was inside of me. I let out a whimper as his cock pushed into me. I wanted him. He started to thrust in and out of me, my pussy felt like he was fucking me with an express train. He thrust in and out of me with rythmic timing. I gasped, I was loving this.

"Fuck yea, your pussy's so good" he grunted as he forced himself in and out, picking up more speed. One of his hands started to squeeze my breasts as he fucked me, pinching my nipples hard. I kept my eyes shut, soaking up the pleasure, his hand roughly squeezing my breast while his cock rythmically pleasured me below.

I felt him get tense, his cock harder, and he gasped, cumming inside me. I felt the warmthness fill me and he slowed down and finally pulled his cock out. Shooting more cum over my stomach. I lay there on the bed, gasping, feeling his cum dripping out of my pussy.

More pictures followed before he jumped on the bed beside me. "That was fun"
Tied up in Uni
Posted:Jan 23, 2015 9:41 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2016 8:55 am

So here we have a recent uni experience, cannot be all study, study, study now can it?

It was a Tuesday, late afternoon, and I was walking back to my dorm room, in halls, from my last class of the day. It had been a pretty normal day, for the most part. Lots of work... plenty of really annoying people pissing me off. Basically, a typical day at uni. Roll on the next party or failing that the weekend!!
Hell, Let's face it... I was so fucking horny I would have gladly given my left arm for some action..any action.

I was lost in myself when a friend of a friend, Austin, came up to me from the residence hall. It took me a minute to register who it was. I had had my eye on Austin previously, but nothing had happened between us, and there was a lot about him to keep the mind entertained in those boring afternoon lectures after a liquid lunch. One being the quite obvious package he had in his trousers.
This knowledge also came about because was very open about himself and sexual things and such. In fact, this was what made being near him difficult, because he was a huge flirt. I was too, but then, he knew that.

''Hey, you out tonight?''
"Not sure yet, what you up to? you going to go beat yourself off to some porn from the Internet?" I asked him cheekily
Without thinking about it he said, "Yeh, definitely...Hey. Wait, what?!" and Laughed
We laughed together.
"You are so fucking cheeky Emi"
''Yeah, you love it''
''You wanna come back with me and we'll chill for awhile. Maybe get some food or something before heading out"
"Sure" I said, "That'd be awesome!"
''Anyway, I need to dump these books n shit, fancy accompanying me on my walk?''
''Sure, anything for a damsel in distress!!''
''Fuck off!! now who's being cheeky!!''
He stepped closer and took my books.
''This way then Lancelot!!''

After this, I probably realized that I was only going to be a matter of time before we hooked up, and lets face it I was dying to find out what was hidden in those pants of his, and I was God-damned horny too! I could feel it in my stomach, in fact every part of my body wanted him at that moment. In fact anybody would do!!

We reached my room and went in. It was a mess, as usual.
''Sorry about the mess, you can just sit on the bed." I said. This was great!
Cute guy in the room, and it's a freaking mess!! oh well, not much I can do about it now.

What happened next I could almost not believe, I mean it was unexpected at that particular moment. He reached his hands out and grabbed me from behind, found the zipper of my jacket and undid it, allowing it to fall onto the floor off my shoulders. He then started to caress my breasts through my jumper whilst simultaneously kissing my neck. He pushed close to me revealing a large lump in his trousers.
''Feeling horny are we?'' I asked
''I am, sorry Em. I mean, I don't feel any shame. Hell, I love that fact that I'm horny almost all the time! It's not like I sleep around. I just like to have fun when I'm with a girl that I really like. And besides, your so hot''
My nipples had gotten hard. Little did this guy know what a can of worms he was opening.
I turned around to face him.
"Hot am I? hey, kept that to yourself, is that why you took my coat off? besides I can see you like to have fun , who doesn't. well at least one part of you does." I laughed
"Come on," he said
I smiled at him
''Anyways I am gonna have to punish you for sexual harassment you know!!''
so I pushed him away and down onto the bed so that his feet were right up near the headboard. I then sat on his legs pinning him. I used a scarf to wrap around his ankles, keeping them firmly together. I then shifted my weight onto his crotch.
''Guessing you really do think I'm hot hey Austin?''
''Cut me some slack Em''
"Tell you what. I'll cut you a deal. I'll stop under one condition. You have to play a little game with me for half an hour or so. It'll be fun, I promise, if it makes you that uneasy, then we'll stop, and you can take me for that drink. Besides, I wanna show you how to have a little fun. So what do you say?"
He rolled his eyes at me but relented with a positive response.
"Awesome! I promise you it'll all be cool, ok?
Before he had the opportunity to protest I had gathered some ribbon from my bedside cabinet drawer. He knew what was happening, but I was fast. I leant forward and grabbed his right hand. My breasts were right in his face for the first time.

"Go ahead," I said, "Kiss them if you want. I've seen you stare at them before, horny are you!?" Then I shifted and tied the second hand as well.
"Hey, wait a-"
I cut him off before he could finish by leaning down again and planting a kiss on him. Without the ability to move his hands or feet, there wasn't much he could do to protest. I kissed his lips at first, and then opened my mouth, as he opened his. Our tongues started to explore with so much force and energy that he stated to move a little, gently pushing his hips up.
I jumped off the bed and sat on a chair beside him and picked up my text book and pretended to read.
"Don't get me wrong Em, this is cool. But what the hell are you doing?
I wagged my finger at him and 'shushhed' him
I then pulled the chair closer to the bed leant down and started kissing him again, just as hard as before. My hand moved under his top and slowly over his stomach and chest. Rubbing a little and then tickling a little. I then quickly slipped my hand into his boxers and grabbed his throbbing cock. He jumped pretty bad, I stopped kissing and giggled.

"You like that, huh?"
He nodded. "Maybe we better make sure you don't kick anything either. I think you might have a hard time controlling yourself with some of the things that I'm gonna be doing to you." All said with a huge grin on my face.
I got more ribbon which I tied to the headboard, then untied the scarf unzipped his trousers and pulled them off. Then his boxers followed in the same way. His hard cock sprang up to attention. I then re-tied his ankles individually to the headboard.
Having done this I sat on his chest, facing away from him. Using a little oil I rubbed my hands together and slid them down Austin's stomach.

I started to rub one finger in his pre-cum, and then on the back tip of his cock. He started to moan a little.
I leant over and flicked my hair to one side and grabbed his meat firmly in one hand. He was expecting a kiss, a lick or maybe a full-on blowjob, but I didn't deliver.

"So" I said as I sat down next to my now helpless friend. "How do you feel, cutie?" I grabbed his cock again and started to stroke it lightly.
"You know, Austin. I've always thought you were a bit tasty, but seeing you here now, in front of me." I started to whisper and bent down to talk in his ear. "It makes me want to fuck you over and over, right here, my own sex toy. I could go all night long, and you couldn't even do anything about it, even when you're exhausted "
''Em, exactly how long do you plan to have me tied up here?''
''As long as your punishment requires.''

I smiled at him and started to take off my jumper and top, revealing my black bra underneath.
I then unstrapped my bra, exposing my breasts to his view, which he seemed to approve of.
"Why don't you stop talking for a little while and suck on these," I said, and then leaned over him, smothering his face with my breasts.

He started to lick on my breasts, gently at first, running his tongue all over, then around my nipples, exploring me, then gently sucking them into his mouth for a few seconds at a time. Now it was my turn to start moaning a little. This went on for a little while, and the whole while his throbbing and pulsing cock was behind me, being totally ignored..

"Do you want me to make you cum, Austin?" He nodded yes. "Yeh, well too bad, you're gonna have to wait a little. I want to have some fun of my own"
"I think I might be able to help a little.'' I said as I ran my index finger from his balls to the tip of his cock scooping up the next wave of pre-cum that had oozed out and sucked suggestively on my finger.
"Oh Austin, just look at you all tied up and helpless, I think I need to give you something to suck on again. I stepped back off the bed and took off my jeans. Then I slowly dropped my panties too. My smoothly shaved pussy was right in front of his face, a view he again seemed to approve of.
I reached down and started to play with my clit between two fingers, I suggestively moaned as I rolled it gently. I giggled again, then, asked him if he wanted to suck on that too. He was only able to nod his head again, but again , 'not just yet, hey. But here, have this."
And with that, I grabbed my panties off the floor and wrapped them around his face. I then took started to rub panties into his face until he had to open his mouth. When he did, I pushed them in and told him to suck them, which he did. What else could he do?
I then grabbed my bra and put that over his face too, so he couldn't really see what was coming next, though he found out shortly.

I jumped back onto the bed. "Well!! you do look big, Austin! I wish I'd known your cock was this big, I might have done this sooner!"
'' Hey, let's measure this bad boy, shall we?'' just shy of the 10 inch mark, I was impressed!!
I straddled his legs and bent over and started to blow on his cock without actually touching him.Then with one hand I started squeezing his balls, rolling them back and forth in my hand. With my other hand I grabbed the base of his shaft and pulled the skin tight.
I then started licking all the pre-cum off him, this drove him wild as his hands clenched and his hips rose, and then I was quickly and lightly flicking my tongue on the back ridge of his hard cock.
He moaned loudly. I leaned forward and took the panties out of his mouth.
"Problem?" I asked.
"No" He replied but he was panting badly at this point." But that fucking tongue stud will make me cum, Em. I want to, that's insanely good, wow."

I stuffed the panties back into his mouth.
I leaned back down to his cock, and this time took the whole of his head into my mouth. With with my hands I was playing with his balls and also starting teasing his perineum. I wasn't giving him a blow-job, not exactly, anyway. Instead, all I did was hold pressure on the top of his cock in my mouth. Occasionally flicking the head with my tongue, or running my tongue stud from side to side and making him twist and moan and beg for release. This must have gone on for five minutes. Maybe even ten, until I stood up and removed the panties again.

"Do you like how my panties taste?" He nodded yes. "Good," I said. "Because." and I put one leg over him, "now." then I put the other leg over him and started to shift my weight over him. " you are going to make me cum. Then, maybe I'll let you cum too." I said to him with a huge grin.
My legs were pushed in beside his head and his outstretched arms. My thighs wrapped around his face. I lowered myself into position and then his head was into my pussy.

He immediately started to suck and lick me. Enjoying my taste, lets face it he was tied up and had no say in the matter. He pushed his lips together around my clit and gently pulled back a little. He then started swirling it around in circles in his mouth, sometimes fast, but then sometimes he would slow it way down.
After a few minutes of this, he began to get me moaning and grinding my pussy into his face, so he started to suck and lick faster.

I moaned again, louder this time, then got off his face.
"Ohhh, Austin! That was soo good!" I turned around and slammed my butt down onto his face. As he struggled a little for air I got up. "Go on, you have choices now Austin." And I sat down again and rolled my hips over him. I leaned forward while he was trying to lick me again, and I started licking around his shaft, but holding the head in my fist to keep my mouth from touching it. He moaned underneath me and I started licking harder. Then, after pumping his shaft with my fist a few times I let go and slammed my mouth down over his cock and began sucking with everything I had.

He thrust his hips up to try to get even more out of the blow-job, but I had control over him. I re-started slow, letting my lips part open to take him in, going down his shaft while licking and sucking, and then slowly... slowly coming back up again... then I would start again and slowly suck and lick him, making him beg to cum. After more than a few minutes of this I would take my mouth away and would stroke his cock fast with my hand while I licked his head, but as soon as I thought he was going to cum, I would start back up with blowing him slowly... I didn't know if he was going cum or die trying, but he just licked harder on me while enjoying the feeling of pure bliss of being held so deep in my throat.

He kept licking and sucking and teasing my clit over and over, as I was pounding my face harder and faster up and down his length. I could hear that his moans were now turning into high pitched noises of intense pleasure, mine were similarly echoed with his. I was sure he was about to come, I certainly was.

I drew my nails over various parts of his body, leaving tram lines imprinted onto his chest and legs. Not what he was expecting but added to his pleasure.
I then grabbed his cock, tight in one hand and started pressing under his balls with the other, and began pumping his dick with frightening speed, whilst sucking on his bulbous head. I knew he wanted to cum now, he was right there, almost immediately, and he was gonna explode right there in my hand!! He made those guttoral sounds a guy makes as the moment draws close, but then, at the last second I squeezed the base of his shaft, removed my mouth and it was throbbing, pulsing, but stopped. For a brief second, I didn't know what had happened, but then I started to pump him again and WHAM! His orgasm hit and he began thrusting his hips forward as strong as he could, cum poured out of him, wave after wave of creamy liquid. I had already put my mouth on his solid cock in time to catch all of it.

I collected it all in my mouth, tasting him, and licked him clean, making him twitch. His cock now so sensitive to touch the instant after cumming.
"Well, have fun, Austin? I think that you and I might have to make a habit of this."

I began to stroke his chest gently and looked into his eyes, this time with a warm smile rather than a grin. "Besides, I know you always wanted to go out with me anyway, or at least I guessed. And.." and I reached down and grabbed his cock as it throbbed less and less, making him jump and gasp at my touch.
'' Right, time for that drink, me thinks'' I said as I began to untie him from his shackles.
As I gathered my strewn clothes I received a firm smack on my right butt cheek.
''Did you not learn anything, Austin? more sexual harassment hey!!
''Don't panic, I'll let you fuck me with that cock of yours as your punishment.................''
A spicy set up
Posted:Jan 6, 2015 4:12 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2016 8:57 am

Ok, so this is a confession of guilt. I helped to set one of my friends uni buddies up, all because he said he could get any girl he wanted at any time. oh boy, this was gonna be fun!
So the next time they were to go out looking for some ladies, I got him.
So the fun began.
I was out with the girls, Nando's, extra hot for me. Our friend came in with the subject to be tortured. After they sat within a reasonable distance of our table he told him I bet you couldn't get her and pointed to this Hot looking Brunette sitting with some girl friends..O.H, that's me, LOL
he walked toward me, I knew I had him.
He Hit on me immediately and I acted like I loved every word he was saying..and played long with some sexual innuendos of course.
Everyone could see that he was getting very turned on. His cock was hard, you could see it through his jeans.

Well it had to be released, so I got down on my knees next to the table and unzipped him. I reached inside and found his balls and fondling them said that these are nice. I then slid my fingers up and down his hard shaft playing a bit with his head and said...Well this just won't do, Its Just not big enough.
I then stood up and said now I have to go wash my hands, gave a big squeeze and left for the ladies room.
He stood there with a look of shock and was more than devastated, He also had a burning in his crotch. Extra hot piri piri chicken remember!!
Apparently his face turned every colour nameable while grabbing at his crotch, the realisation of what had happened sunk in. He ran to the toilets rather quickly.
Everyone at the table including myself laughed about it the rest of the night. My mate was stoked too.
When his mate returned we told him that we had set him up, He was real mad for about two minutes and then laughed it off and said hot girls and peri peri just don't mix. indeed they don't!!!
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Uni Sex
Posted:Dec 24, 2014 3:41 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2020 11:17 pm

University life certainly has had it ups n downs, ins and out, lol
Besides the endless work, or should that be parties. Shagging is certainly high up on the male agenda, as in the real world i guess.
Have found the players who say the right things but just don't deliver in the trouser department or deliver what they promise.
My experience has always led me to lean towards an older guys and my first term has not swayed me away from that preference.
ok, so a fuck is a fuck, but I need fucking. Back home for crimbo and have filled the diary with my special fuck buddies for some special treatment. Boy have I missed that.
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Coffee n cream
Posted:Sep 16, 2014 6:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 1:42 pm

So a recent hook up took an unexpected twist that turned an good hook up into an awesome hook up, will definitely be meeting these guys again.
Having spent what seemed like an eternity already fucking and sucking Curtis' more than impressive steel shaft, we were interrupted by a knock at the door.
'That'll be my bro' he says, and slips on his tracksuit bottoms and goes to get the door.
It gave me the chance of a breather as he was hung like a donkey and had already given me countless orgasms.
I could hear them talking in the living room from the bedroom door and managed to catch snippets of conversation, and they were quite obviously talking about me!!
So I grabbed a dressing gown and made my way to the living room to confront the situation.
'You guys talking about me by any chance?' I sarcastically asked
'woh, she sweet bro n she a feisty one, I like that'
'Soz Emi, yeh we were, was telling him what a beaut you were' Curtis laughingly said
'So what's the deal then guys? you coming back? your friend joining us? Am I going? I asked in an attempt to find out where I stood.
The two guys gave each other a quizzical look then both laughed.
' Woh, she a right feisty one bro, I'm in if you ok bro?'
'Hey man, no probs dude, come, let's be havin some fun with miss Emi' Curtis said deadpan
' so you gonna tell me your friends name or what Curtis?'
'Oh sorry Emi, this is my bro Randy, n you soon gonna find out why we call him randy, hahaha' Curtis laughed
'Hi Randy, so if your going to join this party we better get you out those clothes' I smiled at him as I suggestively tugged at his belt on his jeans.
His jeans dropped to the floor, and out flopped the monster of all cocks. If Curtis was Big then Randy was HUGE, and thick with it too.
'Oh - My - God!!' I uttered as my jaw dropped in shock
My face must of been a picture because Curtis laughed in the background and egged me on.
'Go on Em, suck that thing, haha'
I got onto my knees and took his cock in my right hand, it could not even go round it, it was that thick. It quickly grew in my hands and soon was prodruding eagerly at my face, staring at me. The bulging veins giving the impression of it being alive. I had never wanted to put a cock into my mouth so badly, wanting to feel it's warmth, to stroke it, to suck it and I certainly wanted it in my throbbing pussy, which at this point was absolutely soaked.
I placed the head into my mouth and started to work my tongue around his head and bit by bit slowly worked my way down his length.
' Fuck Curtis bro, you was right. Her tongue is like silk n that stud is magic' Randy moaned as I continued to lick and suck on his cock
'Hwoh, fuck man, she can really suck cock' he uttered as I forced more of his cock into my mouth and throat.
Curtis came over and stood beside Randy
'Handle two of these bad boys at once can ya?' Curtis asked
I switched cocks and started to lick Curtis' cock while playing with Randy' shaft. Back and forth I went between the two cocks now at my disposal. Both were rock solid. They both bent down and with one hand each under my armpit lifted me up off my knees and led me back to the bed in the bedroom.
'Fuck yeah bro, she got a sweet ass too' Curtis added as he spanked my ass for not the first time.

When we got to the bedroom Randy turned me to face Curtis and forced me to bend over at the waist. Curtis was holding the base of his cock in one hand. He grabbed my hair with his other hand and guided my head down towards his cock, forcing me to bend over further. I opened my mouth and took about half of him into my mouth.
Randy knelt down behind me and ran his hands over my butt cheeks, stroking them and squeezing them with his hands. He then pushed my butt cheeks apart and flicked his tongue up and down the lips of my pussy, which felt soo good. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as my arousal intensified.
Randy continued to flick my pussy and worked his way up to my ass with his tongue. I wiggled my ass in response. I was hoping he was going to rim my ass as I love being rimmed. Curtis forced more of his cock into my throat until my lips kissed his pubic hair. I had his whole cock in my mouth and throat.
'Bro, she has my whole cock in her mouth, that's insade bro, what a cock sucker!' Curtis groaned out
'haha yeh bro, and she is a wiggling her ass like crazy, she loves it'
Randy continued to flick and tickle the opening of my ass with his tongue sending me wild with desire and want. My senses were being overloaded and I could feel myself beginning to cum. Then it all stopped.
They moved me up onto the edge of the bed on all fours. Curtis came behind me and began rubbing my moist pussy lips up and down with the head of his cock. Randy had come in front of me on the bed and offered me his member.
I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth, but this was a different task altogether.
Curtis lined the head of his cock up with the opening of my pussy, the earlier stimulation had left me wet and ready. He pushed forward and the whole length slid into me in one motion. They both began working themselves in and out of me at either end of my body. Randy held the back of my head as I did my best to slide his cock back and forth in my mouth while Curtis held my hips and was pumping his cock in and out of my pussy.
I removed Randy's cock from my mouth and panted out 'oh this is so good'
Randy chuckled, 'oh you want some real good fucking girl?
'Oh yes, I do' I almost begged
Curtis pulled out of me and Randy spread my legs further apart before lying down on the bed between my legs. His monster cock pointed upwards and brushed my stomach as he wriggled himself into position.
'So you ready for getting this black cock in you girl, a whole lotta black cock and you gonna love it'
I must admit to feeling a little excited as well as more than a little apprehensive as this cock was HUGE, bigger than anything I had previously had the pleasure of.
Randy positioned himself and slowly guided his cock into my waiting pussy with some help from me.
He slid in.
My eyes would of popped out of their sockets if this was a cartoon, I took a sharp intake of breath as it slid in deeper.
'Oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck, oooh' I panted out as Randy slid further into me.
Then Randy pulled back out to the tip of his cock and slid back in, then again and again building a rhythm as he thrust into me.
'Oh god, this is so good'
I placed my hands on his chest and lifted myself into a squatting position, I then began to ride him faster as I became accustomed to his size.
'Holy shit bro, that's fucking wild, she likes it rough man' Curtis shouted out
'Man I gotta film this shit, where's yo phone bro?'
My hips are pushing back on his cock matching him stroke for stoke, after a few minutes of intense fucking I came. My body tensed up and began to tremble, my pussy tightening it's grip on Randy's cock. This it seemed was enough to send him over the edge. He drove his cock as deep as he could and gripped my thighs as he fired off the first of a long series of spurts of cum. I fell on top of Randy panting and moaning as he gave one final thrust of his cock.
Randy slowly slid his cock from my pussy, both it and his balls were covered in a combination of his cum and my juices. Curtis turned me over onto my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He moved between my legs, lined up his cock with my pussy and slipped his big tool inside, cum dripping from me, acting as a lubricant. I barely had the chance to catch my breath and gasped as he entered me. My head rolled back, eyes closed, panting and moaning as he slid his cock back and forth inside me.
Randy sat himself up and knelt with his knees either side of my head. He leant forward and rubbed the tip of his cum covered cock onto my lips. My eyes opened as soon as I felt it touch my lips. I did the only thing I could, open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. I eagerly sucked the cum off his long pole. When it was clean of cum he pulled it from my mouth and placed his balls onto my lips.
'suck my balls' Randy ordered
I flicked my tongue across his ball sack and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, drawing a deep gasp from Randy. He returned the favor by pinching and tweaking at my nipples, which initiated the same gasping and moaning effect. He added to this by reaching down and started playing with my clitoris too.
All the time Curtis continued thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. The combination of cock in my pussy, hands on my nipples and clit and balls in my mouth was too much for me. Another intense orgasm rocked through my body. The guys just continued their actions as wave after wave of pleasure sensations rippled through my body.
As my body settled down from it's high and my breathing resumed it's normal pattern, Curtis grabbed my ankles and pushed them back towards my head, pinning me on the bed. Curtis resumed sliding his throbbing cock into my pussy, gradually beginning to increase his speed and intensity of thrusting until he was at an almost furious pace. I came again, my body tensed up as another wave of pleasure overwhelmed me. Curtis didn't slow down, he continued to fuck me with the same intensity, thrusting his cock in and out of me until he finally lost it and cried out he was going to cum.
Almost simultaneously Randy said the same thing, the sucking on his balls and my hands slowly stroking up and down his shaft had sent him over the edge too.
Curtis pulled his cock out and fired hot strands of cum onto my stomach and towards my boobs, while Randy fired his massive load over my boobs and stomach. My entire body was being covered with cum in both directions. I loved it!
When both guys had finished covering me with their fluids, I quickly found myself again faced with a cock, dripping cum and wanting to be licked clean, this time Curtis'. He began to feed me his cum covered cock.
'Man, I'm all fucked out' Curtis said
'I'm not, not yet bro, gotta fuck this cute ass' Randy piped up
'Oh man, it's tight bro, so fuckin sweet, had me some of that earlier' Curtis chimed back as I continued to stroke and suck on his cock.
Randy manoeuvred in position, lifted my legs onto his shoulders.
'Em, grab your butt, hold your cheeks open babe, it'll make it easier to fuck your ass'
I let go of Curtis' cock and grabbed my butt cheeks, pulling them apart. Randy drizzled lube down the valley between the cheeks of my ass. He coated my ass hole with plenty of the lube and slid a slick finger into my butt hole.
I moaned in delight, I love the feeling of things in my ass, fingers, toys, cocks or a combination. Curtis fingered my butt with one finger for a while before he added more lube and a second finger. I groaned as he stretched me wider and wider, I was thankful for the lubing and the stretching of my ass as it was going to make it easier to finally take that monster of a cock in my ass.
I gasped when he removed his fingers from my butt, and moaned when he rubbed the head of his cock into the valley between my buttocks.
Randy put the head of his cock against my butt and slowly flexed his hips forward, his head was a tight fit. He pushed harder and the head of his cock popped into my butt, past the ring of muscles. I let out a gasp as I got used to his size and concentrated on relaxing the muscles in my ass. When I was comfortable I pushed back at Randy. He took this as a sign to slide more of his cock into my ass. Randy added more lube and slowly pushed forward. An inch at a time slid in, inch by inch more of his fat cock was entering my butt. Soon his entire length must of been inside me as his hips came to rest against my buttocks. He was buried inside my ass. The feeling was a mixture of both pain and amazing sensations of pleasure.
'Oh god'
He was still hard and inside me, filling me up.
Randy increased the intensity of the strokes of his cock into me until he had a reasonable rhythm of pumping in and out.
Once again I began to approach orgasmic bliss as he continued his pursuit of fucking my ass.
Then Randy changed his motions, he pulled my hips and forced down on me. It drove what seemed the entire length of his cock into my ass. He held me tightly as every time he drove his cock in. The sensations multiplied and it felt like every nerve between my knees and bellybutton was on fire. I climaxed after being sent over the edge. A powerful orgasm shot through my body and I screamed as wave after wave of pleasure overtook me.
I collapsed in a heap gasping and moaning but the boys were not done, they were both still rock hard. This was going to be a long wild intense fucking session. I kinda guessed these guys were going to go until they could fuck no more.
When my breathing subsided a little Randy and Curtis began driving their cocks into my pussy once again in short power fucks, taking turns with each turn being more powerful than the last. We were all sweating, groaning and gasping by this stage as the guys hammered their bodies into mine.
I knew I would cum again soon, and it proved that both Curtis and Randy were also close. With Curtis slamming into me with a frenzied passion I could honestly say I had never felt so full of cock before. He screamed out he was cumming and pulled out to shoot his cum over my face, mouth and hair. Randy quickly took his place driving his cock into my pussy and it wasn't long before I felt his cock twitch and he too fired off another massive load of cum, this time over my legs, stomach, tits and crotch.
All three of us collapsed in a moaning pile of tangled limbs. The bed was a soaked mess of the guys cum.
Both guys fed me their cocks once more for me to eagerly consume the last drops of cum.
Randy and Curtis knelt there for a few minutes, catching their breath. Finally they moved off the bed and stood back to admire their handy-work while I lay in the middle of a messy cum stained bed. I had cum in my hair, on my face, tits, belly and legs.
"Bro we've been fucking this white girl for two hours straight, two fucking hours, she's a fucking nympho dude. I don't think I can cum again," Curtis laughed.
Sweet Music
Posted:Aug 29, 2014 9:52 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2014 6:18 am

So had an encounter this week and the guy was dead serious about there being music playing whilst we did the deed.
Now I'm not against some music in the background but there are certainly some tunes that do not do anything to help set the scene.
I prefer to make my own music and get a guy to sing along too, if you get my meaning!!
I like to hear the moans and groans that are made in the throws of a passionate session.
I understand that some guys want to associate a song with a particular girl/time but the choice has got to be right.
so please guys, this girl doesn't take kindly to sucking you off to some lame boyband from yesteryear.
An airport quickie
Posted:Aug 20, 2014 2:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2015 5:13 pm

I recently spent ten sun, sea, sand and sex filled days on the island of Crete. I am going to do my best to tell of some of my antics in a series of short, some not so short, stories. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

My holiday started the minute we hit the airport. Sometimes my friends encourage me, other times no encouragement is needed at all. I like to have fun, I like to tease guys. Sometimes my mouth gets me into all sorts of scrapes, other times it leads to some pretty awesome sex too!

So there we all are, not overly provocatively dressed in any sense, sitting in the departure lounge waiting for our flight to be called, wasting the time away. We decided another coffee was in order. My turn to pay. I'm waiting in line when the guy behind be blatantly cops a feel of my arse. Now I'm certainly no prude so turned round and ask him if he had a good enough feel with maybe a hint of a smile. He just gives me this shocked, surprised smirk or smile expression.

I turned my back on him, and proceeded to wait for our drinks, then this guy again stands behind me and touches me up again. 'do you like what you see?'I snapped at him, he mumbled yes and I laughed. So I, for no reason but to tease really said he can see more if he wants. He was not sure what I meant so I told him, beckoned him down to my level as he was a little bit taller than me, so he bent down and I whispered in his ear...'you have 15 minutes to fuck the shit out of me if you want!'
'I'm taking these drinks to my friends then I shall be in the ladies'

Now I have used this technique if you can call it that a few times before. In most cases, about 95% of the time, nothing happens. It literally stuns them and they shut the hell up. He obviously needed no more invitation as he was right behind as I entered the ladies. We entered a cubicle and locked the door and he pushed me against the wall and we kissed. I raised one leg around his waist, feeling my skirt ride high. As we kissed he grabbed my naked arse and pushed my thongs to the side and started to finger fuck me while we stood. His touch and having a guy on me made me so wet and within a minute I was cumming on his finger. He pulled out, licked his fingers clean, dropped his pants and pulled his cock out. I went down on my knees, started to suck him and made him real hard and thick almost instantly. He tried to muffle his sounds of pleasure and I continued to suck away at his solid cock.

'Oh fuck that's amazing, but I gotta plane to catch'. So I stood and turned around, bent over and supported myself against the wall, spread my legs with my ass to him and asked him to fuck me. He took his hard cock and shoved it deep in my wet wet pussy. He pumped me hard and quick and strong and came hard. He cleaned himself and was gone. I did likewise and came out, joined my friends and waited for our flight to leave. We never asked each others name or anything. I am sure he was happy as he did not want any drama. I had my first fix at the airport. The holiday had begun.
Sex around the world
Posted:Aug 13, 2014 11:30 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2014 2:27 am

Ok, quick post as I'm on my phone waiting for peeps to turn up for tonight's activity, lol
So basically having returned from holiday and sampled some of the locals, and a few other nationalities I was kinda wondering who does anyone think makes the best lovers?
The attitudes towards sex differs as well I found.
Still need to experience some more other nationalities to give a unbias opinion myself, but I'm sure there are preferences for us all. After all a cock is a cock. Isn't it?
Posted:Jul 15, 2014 9:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2014 5:43 am

Ok, where to start.
Had a meet with a guy off here last night, and to say he was the complete opposite of his profile would be an understatement.


confident and outgoing, NO, shy and reserved
6'2'', NO, more like 5'10 tops, not much taller than me

he then spent 45 minutes talking about his EX!!!
sorry, don't give a rats ass about her, wanted to know about you.

clammed up when I asked about sex!!

needless to say it didn't progress to the bedroom stage.

my point?
It's ok to exaggerate a little, but if your selling yourself seriously short then there is going to be a consequence. In this case a seriously pissed off n still horny me.
At Work
Posted:Jul 7, 2014 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2014 11:47 am

Ok, so this is a work of fiction and not based upon an event that took place. The sex as described may or not have taken place just not in the situation described. Enjoy!
For my No 1 Fan, as requested.

Work. More relationships start in the workplace than in any other other situation.
I woke up this morning thinking about him as I do most mornings. Just a passing thought at first as I started to get ready for the day, however, he crept back into my thoughts in a more urgent, insistent manner. Almost demanding my attention, if thoughts have that capability?
How do I get his attention?

Work. At the moment most days are a struggle to stay focused on seemingly trivial tasks when all I can focus on is the thought of the touch of his body against mine. He might not even know I lust after him like I do, I am only ever able to extract the odd smile from him. I am obviously not his type.

When finally I do see him, he greets me with that smile of his - today is a good day. His smile opens the window of my desire for him. it must be clear to him that I am interested in him, yet he doesn't take the bait. I am so tempted to quickly tear his clothes off, but I relent. Maybe at some point I will get the opportunity.

The day seemed to pass by with me mindlessly daydreaming about the things I could do with him. I continued to daze into the computer screen when I feel a touch upon my shoulder.
"What are you doing here so late?"
I smiled. He didn't often stay back late, and to be honest I hadn't seen the hours pass by. I had completely lost track of time .
"Just staying back to finish up some work, and didn't want to break for anything." He shot me a grin, and I smiled back. I could hardly tell him I had been daydreaming the day away.
"Go home Emily, your friends are probably wondering where you are, and besides it can wait till tomorrow"
I stood and turned my back on him and began to gather up my things.
Without a sound, he moved up behind me, grabbed me around the midriff, and spun me around. I could feel the edge of my desk pushing into the back of my thigh, and I could feel his hand slide up my leg. He was quickly up and under the hem of my dress. He reached my lacy underwear, and I glowed at the thought of where this could possibly be going.

"Fancy underwear Em, planning on going out on the town tonight?"
It was well known that I enjoyed male company, but I didn't like to be tied down. Before I could answer he began kissing me, at first I resisted, pushing my hands against his chest, but then as his lips and tongue met mine, I lost my focus as I felt his arms surround me, his warm hands sliding up the back of my dress. Instead of my hands trying to push him away, my hands went down to his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it off, before unzipping his jeans, and reaching down into his boxer shorts and feeling his hot hard cock in my hands.
Without any warning, his hands slid up my stomach bringing my dress with it and slipped it off over my head, and as I squeezed his cock, he exposed my lace covered breasts to the cool office air. I licked up his neck and bit gently at his earlobe. He required no further prompting, he stepped away and kicked off his jeans and pulled off his boxer shorts, standing before me in only his socks.
'' Come on get em off!!''
I stood in front of him admiring his toned body and gestured for him to sit in the chair. He sat.

My pussy was soaking wet with anticipation. I could hardly wait for him to plunge his hard cock into my hot, moist pussy. I walked over to him, standing in front of him so he could admire my lacy underwear.
"I always wear the lacy underwear when I'm feeling horny, otherwise I don't usually wear ANY." I whispered in his ear.
His admiration lasted a matter of seconds before it was quickly strewn upon the floor with the other garments.
He raised his eyebrows at this statement and leaned forward to kiss me. As our tongues met each others I straddled him. With a moan, I impaled myself on him, and he leaned forward to hold me tight against him. As I rose again, I saw his head fall back in ecstasy, and felt his hand slip from my lower back to my hips, pulling me onto his hard cock. It was such a wonderful feeling to have him inside of me, the ridges of his cock brushing my g-spot.
As I continued to ride him, he buried his face into my chest and attacked my tits and nipples in a frenzied manner. His tongue flicking over my sensitive nipples immediately aroused them sending them hard to the touch. He alternated between both and was sucking and licking in a vigorous manner. All the time I continued to ride him.

Then suddenly he lifted me up and slammed my backside on the desk behind us. Once he had me laying flat on my back, his right hand slid up to capture both of my hands in his, and he started fucking me with the passion of an animal. Each thrust caused a scream of joy to issue from my mouth. I slipped my feet up behind his tight ass, feeling his butt muscles ripple with every thrust. I pulled him into me deeper. He thrust faster and faster than he was before, and his hard member bought such joy. He released his grip on my hands and placed his hands firmly onto my tits and squeezed and massaged them as he continued his thrusting, my breathing and joys of ecstasy increased, right at the peak of my orgasm he pulled me close and held me tight. I felt my pussy squeeze tight around his cock. With a groan, I felt him ejaculate into my hot pussy, and slowly our bodies melted into one.

We lay there spent, with adrenaline still running through our bodies and exhaustion slowly setting in.
His softening cock was still inside me, we were happy to feel each others bodies close.
''wow, that was amazing! he said
"What was that about?" I whispered into his ear, while caressing his short hair.
"I couldn't resist. I have wanted to do that for the last year, and finally, knowing that both of us were here alone, I decided to make my move."
''well, I think I may have to work later more often then'' I grinned at him, and gave him a cheeky wink.
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A fantasy cums true!
Posted:Jun 30, 2014 10:12 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2015 5:14 pm

So now being outside in the fresh air we are walking side by side with arms crossed behind us, his hand works its way from my hips to my butt, then beyond and he starts lifting the hem of my dress. The park is eerily quiet at this hour of night, with the odd sound from the wildlife the only thing to be heard.

"It's ok, I won't bite, unless you want me to'' I jokingly say
I feel his hand grasp mine. In a flash he pulled my arm as he stepped across in front of me and leant forward, our lips met. His other hand reached around the back of my head as his tongue parted my lips and connected with mine.
My mind raced in split seconds as I took in what was happening. He was instantly erect, I could feel as his groin pressed against me,even though I had no idea what this guy was thinking. I was kissing a guy in the pitch black and a new type of adrenaline rushed through my body. I reached my hand around the back of his body and he thrust forward, every inch of his body touching mine and the tip of his cock pushed up against me.

I pushed further into him against his erection and started grinding my hips against it. It was at that moment he lost control, he freed his hand from mine and wrapped both his arms around my body, one across my shoulders, the other went for my bum and he instantly started squeezing, our tongues twisting around each other. Could this be about to happen? A fantasy fulfilled?
He left my mouth and started deeply kissing my neck and he pulled me tighter, I whispered in his ear "oh my god, this is... just..so..unexpected... but nice, all the same." I then reached both my arms to his front, parted his jacket open and pulled it back over his arms. His arms were locked to his sides. He looked shocked and somewhat taken aback, I smiled at him, as I clamped my mouth onto his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt. My hands were obviously cold on his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt as he let me know in no uncertain terms. lol. I exposed his naked skin to the cold night air. My hands slowly travelled down to his belt, searching for a way to open such a complicated device in the pitch black. Why, I ask, what is wrong with zips these days?? Then again it's probably the equivalent of a bra to a lot of guys. I shook off his jacket and asked for help. His belt fell open and I took no time in opening his jeans. With my hand slowly running down his stomach. My fingertips slowly entered his boxer shorts, so I pulled them towards me exposing his very erect cock. My hand slid down into his boxers, my palm just against his cock head, and then all five fingers clamped themselves around.

His breathing increased and he let out a low moan of pleasure. I pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles and kneeled down in front of him. Slowly I grabbed the end of his penis and pulled it down towards my mouth and suddenly in an instant it was inside. He enjoyed the warmth from my tongue and lips as I wrapped them around his bell-end. As I took more and more of his stiff cock into my mouth I could hear the familiar squelching noise as my saliva got squeezed between his cock and my tongue. He placed both his hands onto my head and ran his fingers through my long hair. He rested one hand on top of my head, running his fingers through my hair again and again while his other hand gripped around the back of my head. He then let his hands go limp so there was no pressure on me and he just followed my rhythm bouncing backward and forwards as I increasingly sucked on him.

I took inch after inch until every inch of him was in my mouth, then without warning he blurts out "God I want to fuck you so bad!" I stopped and spoke back, while still gripping his cock "god yes, fuck me now, fuck me hard please!" He bent down and pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. His hands went straight for my dress which he lifted, he then placed his fingertips inside my thong and slid them down my legs in one swift movement, then he was straight back and between my legs. I was very wet already. With one finger which he slowly slid deep inside me, his finger feeling the hot moistness. I clung onto him with my arms and lifted a leg up to his side so he could get deeper. Without a moment's thought he slipped another finger inside my hot wet pussy and started sliding them back and forth. My leg rode higher and my grip got tighter, while his fingers did the work. He pressed against my clit with his thumb. My moans were getting so loud I did wonder if anyone was nearby hearing this, or indeed, watching.
His fingers darted in and out of me, and in what seemed like less than a minute, I came heavily. His free hand was reached around me and squeezed tightly on my backside with the tip of a finger just cheekily close enough to my ass. My orgasm was loud, a breathless moan with each wave of pleasure that sounded almost amplified to my mind. Eventually my moans slowed and I became slightly limp in his arms. I hugged him tightly and we kissed again, this one felt like a real kiss that only true lovers experience after an orgasm, slow, breathless, soft and tender.

Without saying a word he spun me around, one hand still pressing against my very wet pussy. He sank his lips onto my neck and I writhed with pleasure, I just love my neck being nuzzled and kissed. I began grinding my backside against his cock as I arched my back. He gripped me tightly around my chest, as my back arched more he let his hand slide onto my breast. He opened his fingers to take the full size of my breast before sliding his index and middle finger around my nipple. It was immediately erect; he gently squeezed, twisted and tugged at it before moving onto my other breast and doing the same. My ass pushed hard against his erection and I could feel my cheeks wrapping around his cock.

I turned my head and whispered "Are you going to fuck me then or what? Bend me over and fuck me!"
"make me cum again then", the rear of my body pressed against him, his hand slid deep between my legs again. With one hand he found my pussy and with the other guided his cock towards the fingers of his other hand and ultimately into my pussy. With him inside me he moved his hands onto my hips and pulled me hard against him, then he began to grind his hips.
He started slow but his hand was furiously going back and forth on my clitoris as he was obviously trying to make me cum hard. I could hear his breathing get fast and heavy with each thrust and movement of his hand as my juices squelched. It wasn't long before my orgasm began, I bent forward and my upper body just hung while my ass pushed even harder against his cock. His fingers were speedily rubbing against my clitoris. This only heightened the pleasure and I screamed out ''oh, yes!!'' with each breath. He then panted "fu..cking..hell, this... is... sooo.. good!" He removed his hand from my clit and increased his thrusting to an almost frantic pace, my ass melting into his hips as he thrust deep inside me. " yeah that's it. Yeah baby I'm gonna cum. Make me cum." He continued to thrust faster and faster, his orgasm was going to happen very soon and I knew it. As I felt the sensations rise up my spine I readied myself for his expected orgasm, which quickly arrived with him shouting out "yeah....baby...that's...it...oh yes....I'm gonna....fucking hell....yeees"
We both became limp and let our grips relax. He rose to his feet and cuddled into me from behind, grabbing a boob in each hand. He held me tightly and cuddled me with our pulses still racing. He then stepped back and let go and we re-dressed ourselves, while both grinning like school in a sweet shop while checking out the surroundings for any signs of activity.
He said "oh babe that was fucking amazing, that was such a turn on''
"That was just...wow! always been a fantasy of mine"
"Wow. Yes that's err... scary... pretty much my thoughts too." We both laughed. "So..... errrm.... what... to do now?"
''back to mine for seconds??'' I laughed

We walked hand in hand away from the scene of our nocturnal frolic and headed for home, with both of us grinning from ear to ear and laughing.
Did it live up to expectations?
It certainly had the thrill of being outside and the opportunity for being caught or seen by others. I'm no exhibitionist so prefer to take my time within the confines of the bedroom. It worked for me for what it was. The fact it was totally unexpected made it an adrenaline rush, and one I'm pleased happened.
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