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Hi Daddy!  

blueecarnations 20F
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6/1/2020 8:04 pm
Hi Daddy!

Hi daddy I was wondering if you could describe what you want to do to me? whoever makes me cum will get a 1-2 minute custom video. must also venmo for entry (message me).

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
1086 posts
6/1/2020 9:45 pm


It's late in the evening and Daddy hears you up stairs getting ready for bed. I make my way from my favorite recliner upstairs to check on you before you go to sleep. As I reach the top and turn down the hall your exiting the bathroom. All ready for bed little one? You nod yes....I ask, "Want Daddy to tuck you in"? Again another simple nod of yes and i follow you into your room. I sit on the foot of your bed as you look into the mirror on your dresser at me as you apply your lotion. Did my baby girl have a good day I ask? You reply....sort of....Daddy? Hmmm.... I ponder what sort of means. Standing from your bed as I turn down your covers for bed. You know you can talk to DADDY about anything right? You giggle and with your pouty smile say of course I know. I grab your hair brush from your dresser and sit on the corner of your bed..... tapping the open spot between my legs, have a seat and DADDY will brush your hair. Your eyes widen as you take your seat. I take your brush and begin brushing your hair out trying to be gentle so not pull on the roots. I ask do you remember when DADDY use to brush your hair when you were little? Yes DADDY and you were always so gentle and tender with me. Smiling as I continue to brush. And look at you now blossoming into a beautiful young lady. My left hand on your bare shoulder softly STROKING my fingers up your neck to behind your ear, you exhale and your shoulders fall finally relaxed. Still brushing your hair with my other hand. DADDY you ask.... do you really think I'm beautiful. I snap back quickly yes I do. I bet you all the boys want to ask you out. You giggle....DADDY your so silly. Why is DADDY silly I ask you? You say because boys don't even look at me. I pull you closer so that your pressed firmly against my crotch able to feel the obvious package concealed In my pants. One hand filled with your hair, the.other brushing your long locks. Using your hair to control you I pull you back to me. I whisper in your ear, "They most certainly do look at you." Look at how your breasts have developed nice FULL firm round perfectly proportioned to your body. Awww....Daddy your the best as you grin from ear to ear. Your welcome princess.... as I finish brushing the last of your hair. Discarding the brush on your bed. My hands on your shoulders as you relax leaning back on me. My hands softly push the straps of your nighty off your shoulders. Daddy would never lie to you I say and remember you will always be DADDIES little girl. Your hands go from resting at your sides to caressing your tummy. Looking down over my babygirl DADDY can't help but notice your nipples are standing at ATTENTION fully erect. Daddy? You ask.... yes I reply in soft a soft voice. Daddy you just made my entire body feel tingly. Well that's only natural I mutter back. And as long as it feels good baby girl...enjoy it. I watch as your right hand moves over your panties and you begin rubbing yourself. I say I bet it your pussy feels real tingly now doesn't it..... my response startles as you and you quickly stop. Blushing you turn to me and apologize not realizing what you were doing. Baby girl it's ok I reassure you "As long as it feels good." Taking your right hand in mine I firmly replant our hands right over the front of your panties and encourage you to continue. But DADDY daddy isn't this wrong. My left hand covers your mouth and I whisper shhhhh....baby girl. Remember if it feels good it's never wrong. My index finger over yours as I help you stroke your CLIT. I whisper, does it feel good as I firmly press our fingers against your HARD CLIT. Oh my god DADDY yes it feels so good. I let you continue on your own my hand still on top of yours. But while your index finger is circling your CLIT my middle and index fingers are STROKING the entire length of your LABIAS from bottom to top synchronized to the same speed your STROKING your CLIT. I whisper, you know your Daddies good girl? Your silent as you are lost in your moment of pleasure. Your hips are beginning to gyrate against your finger which is suddenly rabidly STROKING your CLIT. My FINGERS soaked as your WETNESS has seeped through your panties coating my fingers in your slippery juices, top teeth biting down on your bottom lip as the euphoria of this moment builds. Baby girl..... have you ever Orgasmed before I ask? Your left hand and fingernails now digging deeply into my left thigh. No... no.... Daddy I don't think so. What's an Orgasm you ask shyly? Neverland I say as you continue feverishly RUBBING your PUSSY. Bunching your panties between my fingers and pull them into your pussy using them to separate your labia. Watching you INTENTLY as you continue rubbing your now GLISTENING and exposed CLIT. Pushing your legs open and letting them fall over my thighs your TIGHT little pink pussy now fully displayed for me. I pull your hand away from your CLIT as you try and resist. In your ear I say be a good girl and play with your nipples. You whine like a little brat but DADDY. But DADDY nothing I say. From out of nowhere I smack your GLISTENING exposed wet pussy....sending a now stinging and tingly pleasure coursing through your body. Your teeth clamp down HARDER on your lower lip. Then another smack and your hips thrust forward and an Mmmmmm escapes your mouth. Your DADDIES good girl right? As a 3rd smack lands on your now SOPPING wet pussy. Yes yes yes I'm DADDIES good girl. That's right you are I say.... as you lay against me. Your body trembling against mine with pleasure. That's an Orgasm baby girl.. as I teasingly massage your cum all over your now hyper sensitive clit. I slip out from under you. Pull your covers up and turn out the light. Kissing you good night as you drift off to sleep and I exit.

( To be cont'd) ..... that is.... if you wish.

ProfessorNaught 108M
1240 posts
6/1/2020 10:17 pm

When you get to. . .
"what you want to do for me"
you'll finally start the real journey to sexual enlightenment.

Until then...

Leegs2012 48M
64298 posts
6/2/2020 9:57 am

Tie you up on your back with your sexy LEGS spread...play with your pussy...licking your clit....fingering gently until you are moaning and about to Cum....then I will stop...and watch you beg and squirm for me to finish...but I wait and watch...you are moaning louder...I still wait and watch...and then start to lick you more and stop again...you are soaking wet and begging me to make you Cum.....with my tongue I do!!!!

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