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Cumsicle Lust?  

blueeyedvixen66 54F
73 posts
2/8/2020 7:53 pm
Cumsicle Lust?

So. Loss of Craigslist. Fuck me ... or not. So hard to find spurting cock that actually shows up on time. So. I'm putting out a 911 call for frozen jizz from Fire Companies Police forces or Construction crews across our great nation. Just doing my part for our great country.

Multiple crews jerk off into a Tupperware container. Freezes the load. Ships it to me and then emails only when it's shipping.

When I receive it.

I will unbox it.

Maybe thaw it.

Maybe lick.



Swallow on camera.

Wallow in your cum.


Lube up my ass so my<b> boyfriends </font></b>can sodomize with lube it.

Relish your loiny contribution.

Make an appreciation video for you boys?


Send your contact info if so when your jizzcicle is in route.

I'm looking forward to eating your ball juice.


My goal is to eat a thousand loads of ball excretion this year!!!

Please be clean and stay tuned for more white, pearly, cum swallowing fun!

10236 posts
2/8/2020 8:09 pm

" loiny contribution "

*laughs* great phrase

" ball excretion "

another good one

blueeyedvixen66 replies on 2/8/2020 8:15 pm:
Thanks for appreciating my naughtly choice of words. Are they not priceless?

10236 posts
2/8/2020 8:23 pm

" fuck nut butter " or " nut butter " are a few of mine . . .

Got your email, but sadly, can't read it . . .

tubesteak66 54M  
646 posts
2/8/2020 9:01 pm

How original...…….Curious to see how this turns out

artimus92121 48M
20 posts
2/8/2020 9:06 pm

That's the spirit . Make America great again.

tallcool2013 45M
55 posts
2/8/2020 10:03 pm

wow.great goals! loads of goals!

southokguy58 59M  
20 posts
2/8/2020 11:10 pm

Gotta try a cumsicle!

Tbadboytoy69 60M
211 posts
2/9/2020 5:23 am

This is grossly erotic

Freerguy 50M

2/9/2020 9:45 am

Eaten many a load but never thought about freezing it. Interesting

protrimguy 49M
21 posts
2/14/2020 3:11 am

id love to help with your problem kick me sitbacknrelax1

HiFunctioning 35M
1 post
3/4/2020 8:27 pm

I'd love to help out... i'm actually local to Fairfax as well so maybe I could deliver some in person!

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