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Writing erotica  

bluejeansftmyers 61M  
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8/25/2019 2:30 am
Writing erotica

I found I enjoy writing erotica it get a little turned on. This story is based on an relationship I had with a relatively older when I was in mid 20's. They probably are the ones shaped sexuality what it is today.I hope you enjoy and welcome constructive criticism welcomed. I will be adding more chapters in the near future.

When I was mid to late twenties I lived on Kauai doing what most young men do and surfed as much as possible and worked just enough to get by. I had moved there few years earlier and was getting comfortable with surroundings and had made a few friends. I had favorites surf breaks and with that you began see the faces on the water. Sometime at the end of a surf session I would hang on the beach with some of the regular crew drinking beer and shooting the shit. Sometimes someone invite people over their house for impromptu gathers drink more beer or cookouts. of surf buds live near where I surfed regularly and I and a few others would get invited over hang . He had a girlfriend that he lived with that was a “local girl” that was especially attractive or at least I thought she was.
Max and Kalia was about years older than . Max had move from California and Kalia was from Oahu where they had meet. They moved Kauai for a quieter life away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu. Like most people in the island they worked in tourism and managed to work their way up the food chain with both having pretty decent jobs in the of the local resort hotels. Their house was pretty nice with a great private outdoor lanai area for entertaining. Kalia was Pilipino beautiful coconut brown skin and long black hair usually worn loose. She was very petite and moved with a sensual rhythm that island can do. I guess the way she moved must have come from Hula dancing she performed when she was younger. Max was a haole guy that came over from California surf. Lean with a swimmer type build. He surfed pretty well but had a modest and quiet demeanor. The gathering over at their house never was wild or loud and they knew how entertain. Kalia was very friendly with and sometime we would have extended conversations we accidently run into each other in other part of the house or when we would see each other around town. When you live on a small island you see people frequently during the course of the day. Can be a good thing or and bad thing depending on was seeing. I secretly lusted for Kalia but being a small island and friendship with Max I kept feeling hidden or at least I hope I did. Whenever I would see her pulse would quicken and would feel a bit nervous at first not mention the semi hard on that sometimes happen.
evening after an afternoon of surf I found myself over at their house. All the other had left and it was just the of us together. I was thinking I need to go not wanting to impose on their hospitality, but not wanting to either since Kalia had been particularly talkative with and a bit touchy feely as well. Made a little worried at times since Max was around but he seemed oblivious. I getting ready when Max says stay have another beer so I thought myself why not. Kalia return from the kitchen and hand another beer and sit down next on their outdoor couch they had on their lanai. The conversation probably drifted back surfing or happenings around town and I notice Kalia getting closer to . I could smell her sweet scent and feel her long hair brushing arm. Max sitting opposite of us doesn’t seem notice but tension was building up inside at the time enjoying Kalia presence. The chatter between us continue and I am losing focus on what is being said. Next thing I feel is her hand casually stroking upper thigh and cock starts growing in surf trunk. thing about surfer they always are commando their trunks. By now it pretty obvious I have a raging hard on and I and I am about melt down. Then I hear Max saw something like “You must like her”. I freaking and don’t know what say. Here I am with a full blown hard on in front of a I been friend with for about a year, secretly hungering for his girlfriend and I am flat out busted. Then he says “It’s cool she like you too”. I’m thinking that ah right as in its cool you got a hard on in front of friends or maybe something I dreamed about. I looked over at Kalia and she has a wicked smile on her and goes “That’s right it more that cool with in fact I had eye on you for a while”. Still in the heat of the moment I wasn’t sure was going on but I was a little calmer now. Max starting tell me that they were looking add a little spice their sex life and they had both selected since I was little on the quiet side and seem the type keep secrets. While Max continues explain Kalia become little bolder with her hands on me and was running her hand along the outline on fully engorged cock that was pinned down the leg of surf trunks. You could even see the head of uncircumcised cock. butt cheeks clinched tightly as she continued tease . Kalia adds the conversation and describes the situation even more. They had a previous playmate but he ended up leaving the island about 6 month ago and they missed what he had offered their sex life. Kalia says she has a sex drive and wicked creative mind that makes for an interesting sex life. Max adds that he like watch her at and joins in as the inspiration strikes.
By now cock is just throbbing and minds is racing almost keeping from coherent thought. I confess them that I always thought Kalia was very sexy and I was strongly attracted her but kept thought myself respect for Maxs’ friendship. I didn’t even think I would have chance with her even if she was single. Kalia tell that she thought I was sexy as well and had an almost animal attraction but held back her and Max thought I was the right replace her previous lover. Kalia leans over and snuggles in closer and ask if she could see what she had been teasing. I ask “Right here on your lanai?” She says “Yes stand up I want get those short off before you rip a hole in them with your cock”. So, I stand up almost painfully so as she swiftly unlaces short and roughly yanks them down. cock spring loose nearly at level Kalia and she exclaims “Whoa, it even better than I imagined, you haole boys pack a little extra sometimes.” I am hard as a rock fully engorged as she takes cock in her hand feel . She notices the glistening of precum and rub her finger over head further inflaming . I almost want cum right then. She stands up and turns around show Max what she found shorts. He goes “Damn honey you going be able handle all that?” I could tell he was aroused by the tent he was pitching in his short. Kalia just smile and replies “It may take a lot of practice but I am up for the challenge”. Kalia was dressed in usually island style of shorts and bikini top. I could see her nipples showing through her thin top. As I said before she is very petite probably not even feet tall, beautiful coconut brown skin and long hair, small hips with an ass that filled short nicely. She was small busted probably not even filling an A cup bra. She hugs close and start pressing her bare midriff against cock, the sensation exquisitely fine. When she released , you could see streaks of precum on her flat abdomen. Then she asks me go sit back down on the couch and take t-shirt off so now I am completely naked. In a daze, I comply. She goes I bet you never seen naked hula before and she start perform a slow erotic Hawaiian dance. I am just mesmerized by her movements awareness of surrounding diminished where I could see her dance. She is smiling big time and at first her bikini top slides off and I could see her small breast and harden nipple intermittently being covered by her long flowing hair. That went on for a little while and I watch her hands slide down her belly and undo her shorts her hip movement widen and strengthen and her short start to her feet revealing shear panties. I am paralyzed by most erotic dance had seen in twenty something years. cock is at attention leaking precum like a fountain. She is now dancing right on top of I can smell the scent of her sex, a dark musky primal smell that inflames desire a height never felt before. She rotates around where her firm ass is dancing steadily in . I hear her speak Max say something like “Oh you enjoying dance too?” and he just smile and continues to<b> stroke </font></b>his cock. For a while I had lost track of Max even as he was a few feet away. I glance over see for the first time another man pleasuring himself before.
Probably in retrospect I was a little sexually naïve, this was first of many new things come. Sure, I had several girlfriends in the past but they weren’t very sexually adventurous as I wanted. sex drive is very and can fuck for a long time which probably for younger women was a little much. Even had an older fresh divorcee fuck buddy that like screw regularly and loved stamina but sex was pretty vanilla. What was unfolding was something at a new level for me. Now Kalia stop dancing and tell me she needs a taste of cock she kneels down in front of and squeezes the base of cock tightly and more precum leaked and was dripping her hand. The contrast of her skin color of her hand wrapped around was a site I will always remember as she lightly started lapping at cockhead with her tongue. She starts cooing say how sweet tasting and how much precum I was dripping as she pleasured . She asked “You like this so far?” I could nod yes. “If you like this then you going love this” and engulf almost entire cock and held there for what seem like an eternity of blissful heaven. She then released and started alternating hand job and sucking like a hungry woman. I laid back in the sofa relishing her attention and knew I wasn’t going last much longer. senses were heightened and be became more conscious of surroundings. I could smell her scent mixed with juices, feel the breeze flow gently over body and the ever-growing tension in groin. Even the light brush of her long hair against thighs was brought waves of pleasure. While I was on the blissful end of an epic blowjob I noticed Max had strip down and was sitting in the chair on the other side of the couch stroking his cock and pinching his nipples. He had a ringside seat. He saw that I was looking over at him and just grins and says something like “Isn’t this just awesome”. “She can blow like nobody’s business”. By now voice had come back and I tell him “I had never had a blowjob like this let alone in front of somebody else”. Kalia pauses and tell me she loves have people watch when she is in action. It somehow makes it more erotic and make her sex drive go in overtime. Max nods his head “Yes she worn me quite a few times over the years without an audience you are in for a treat tonight. I hope you got some stamina to keep up with her”. As mentioned before I do have a sex drive and stay hard for ever which was been somewhat of a problem in some of a previous relationship. Now I was wondering if I have meet match.
Max all along has been encouraging her saying thing Like “You so good with a cock in your mouth” or “Suck him baby, I want see you make him cum”. So, I pick up on his cue and start tell her things “she is so ” or “suck deeper” and other encouragements. Now I was ready explode, she senses this and slips her hand down balls and start applying pressure and massaging there. I erupt forcefully deep into her mouth. I must have caught Kalia off guard as I hear her quietly choke and she withdraws to watch cock spasm and spew what seemed like an endless stream of thick cum. The whole time she is there between legs she continues apply of varying pressure ball with kind of a massaging technique that felt so good that seemed make orgasm last longer. During this she is commenting on how long and how much cum I was producing along with light licks with her tongue tasting me. I see cum everywhere, ringing her mouth dripping down on her small boobs, on her hair and her thighs. I see Max has gotten up and is standing next to us. He says “Pretty good ?” I am still breathless and can barely speak but mutter “I never felt anything like that before”. I felt like putty sitting on the coach slowly melting into the cushions. Kalia start to stand and tell me “Relax for now and just stay there”. She gets up she hugs Max and give him a long cummy kiss. Max follows her into the house. I am sitting there on the lanai my cock is getting soft but still swollen, cum is everywhere dripping off my balls and thighs on to the floor of their lanai forming small puddles of cum. Wow, I think “What in the fuck just happen? Seeing her dance an erotic hula followed by the best blowjob of a lifetime just left me dumfounded and amazed. I was also thinking about Max her boyfriend for over 10 years watched all of this and encouraged her made it even better.
I hear noises coming from the kitchen and soft indistinct conservation as I relax and recover from Kalias blowjob. After a little while Max come out with a of beer still nude but now soft. He hands a beer and sit in the chair adjacent . “That was pretty awesome? I bet you never experienced anything like that before”. I pause for a moment and reply “You damn right it a first on many levels for me. I never saw an erotic hula like Kalia performed that was so sexual and . I been strip clubs before but never, never seen anything like that.” I confess that I “Never had sex with someone watching let alone a boyfriend either, man was I nervous at first but what Kalia did made kind of go into own little world”. He grins and say she has special talent that’s why they have been together so long. Max I ask “How do you handle it? I’m not sure I could see do something like that”. He tells that even that was always been a little kinky and adventurous when it came sex and he got lucky when he meets Kalia. About this time Kalia come out still clad in her sexy little panties with a tray containing a towel, wash cloth, coconut oil and a bowl of wash water. “Howzit you recover a bit sexy man?” I smile “I hope I never recover if I could feel like this. God that was mind blowing” Kalia goes “You know I could tell I had you on the edge for quite a while and knowing that just a fuel to the fire for ”. Kalia sit down beside ask allow her freshen up . She begins gently washing and slowly working down chest and abdomen. The sensations created and feeling of being pampered was something I hadn’t ever experienced before. When Kalia get groin she exclaims “Oh ! I did create a mess here” and giggles. I was quietly thinking how did I ever get so lucky and the curiosity overcame and I blurt something “How did this all start? Why me?” Kalia was the first respond that she had her eye on after the first time Max brought me over for an after-surf session beer. Max adds “After seeing you on the water and how you handle yourself there and on the beach, I thought why not invite him over with few of the regular surf crew and see what Kalia thinks.” “Beside I know what Kalia goes for”. Kalia adds “Yes, I felt pretty certain from the beginning that you would be the ”. Max start filling in on the background. You see Kalia is a bit of a nymphomaniac but because our jobs and living on a small island we need keep things wraps. “Honestly I can’t keep up with her sexually” he admits. Kalia get a blushes and smile “True, I got a wicked sex drive”. She goes on and say that her interaction with when we ran into each other around town and seeing over at their house was the tipping point for both her and Max. Kalia in the eye “You know we don’t have many rules about this but above all like Vegas what goes on in here stay here, right.” I at her and Max and said “I know I feel flattered that I have been selected so speak, this is something new and exciting that I don’t what mess up so yes you have word, your secret is safe.” Kalia and Max looks at each other and says together “Yep we were right about him.” Kalia goes on and say “You know when you were around it was all I could do not to start in on you, I could tell you had a bit of monster in your pants and I was pretty certain you were attracted to . I like that you kept it in check when you were around us.” I tell her I that I thought she was beautiful and had a thing for petite women and never thought it would lead this situation. By now Kalia had started cleaning crotch and thighs and I was still swollen but not hard but that would change the more she freshened up. I start become erect again and Kalia coos “Max what is coming alive!”. I still felt a little strange sitting have a third person in the space when sex was involved but with a sexy and exotic woman playing with cock what else could not happen but get hard.

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