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Bumblebee of romance  

boodog50 59M
291 posts
9/30/2020 6:49 am
Bumblebee of romance

I was having another great day in the park and started watching a bumblebee. Of course I'm always thinking of romance and I realized how much a bumblebee's plight in life is similar romance. You see a bumblebee is aerodynamically not built fly but does not realize this and goes about flying and enjoying life. Now when bad weather grounds this fellow from flight just holes up until passes and then goes back out enjoying all the benefits of flying. Romance is much the way, is no required form or personality enjoy the benefits of romance. You just go out and fly with it, when you get grounded by bad luck or bad people....you just let it pass and go back out like is a new day and fly right back into the enjoyment of romance. So go out and be a bumblebee and enjoy another great day in the park...Damn, must be the 4th of July.

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