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For the woman who thought she was naughty.  

boodog50 60M  
303 posts
11/30/2018 9:06 am
For the woman who thought she was naughty.

I really racking my brain to justify how people can describe romance and all the wonderful nuances that accompany this delicacy by referring to it....as dirty mind, let's get nasty, doing a naughty thing and so on. Romance should only be thought of as hallowed grounds where pure sensual thoughts and wonderful feelings are prevalent. People that describe it as naughty or dirty have no clue, thus there is no way for them to indulge in the great nuances of romance. So let's get out the white paint, lacy white lingerie and change the attitude or perception of romance.... it is Lilly White and on a pedestal. Where it belongs

BiggLala 49F  
29742 posts
11/30/2018 3:52 pm

Ummm...did you mean 'hallowed'?

Anyway...for me, this falls into the category of "to each their own". I don't think romance and naughty/dirty are always mutually exclusive.

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boodog50 60M  
306 posts
12/1/2018 5:32 am

It has been corrected, auto speller kicks my dinosaur ass sometimes. thanks

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