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Marketing Sex  

boodog50 59M
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12/4/2019 6:53 am
Marketing Sex

I was watching television and saw an ad touting body spray that smelled like a man. There is a proliferation of products that wants both genders to smell this way or that way. Personally I prefer that natural clean smell with out any body oder. But here is my conception product if they could ever bottle it. Sex In a bottle, this is the taste, smell, feel.... aroma that only occurs after sex with a partner. This is not when endorphins are released from exercise or masturbation but that unforgettable aroma that is released after great sex or even average sex[ sex is never average to me but had to put that in]. I need ideas on how to commercialize on this idea but until it is perfected I guess we will only enjoy it the fashion way....You have earn it

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