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boodog50 59M
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4/21/2017 6:05 am


This is politically correct verses common sense, this argument can be used in politics, life , sex or whatever you desire. We all worry about invading other peoples rights and space but if you just use common sense.... all those little nuggets of PC will fall into space. Below is a post from several years ago, I was just stating that you have to grab the bull by the horns and enjoy life.... this is a comment to that post and my reply. I am not against differences of opinion, It is what makes us unique in that we can practice it without penalties.

Here is the post and my response.

A simple personal philosophy, a kind of existential thing. Life should be lived to the fullest....if you feel it then do it, it's quite simple. You create your own values and enjoyment of life.
I think there are some universal values which must be respected - in the extreme, someone could excuse any violent or degrading behavior as a creation of their values and enjoyment of life.

I know that was not what you were getting at...but I wanted to offer something to stir some thought.
My response....
Your comment is correct in a strict context but in a general philosophical context, we really do set our values that we can live within and enjoy. The problem is we as a society don't think for ourselves but let society or agendas dictate our thought pattern. What happened to common sense and being your own person and responsible for your thoughts and values. There is an old saying...treat people the way you would like to be treated and that should solve your dilemma.

Just common sense my friends...hey, it was rant Friday.

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