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Puzzle of Romance  

boodog50 59M
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4/5/2017 6:10 am
Puzzle of Romance

The puzzle of romance

I usually have a mental fart that bestows some of my insight into the nuances of romance, but ran across a quote from George A. Burgagni who puts it all together so well and when you insert romance into this puzzle..... it fits perfectly.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle
So Many pieces come with it
We gather them as we live each day
To see just how they fit

Some people start with the edges
Some start with corners too
Others go for the middle
It’s always up to you

Hold each piece, embrace them
To see where it will go
Sometimes they fit so easily
Then times you never know

Think of these as people
Each one’s a different piece
Some we meet won’t fit at all
Others will fit with ease

We go through life and gather
We use and lose some too!
Some become good memories
Some leave us sad and blue

Some pieces seem to get away
They’re like tiny grains of sand
We think we have them held real tight
But they slip right through our hands

I guess we are all just looking for
One, rare and special piece
The final one to finish our
Life long masterpiece

Our puzzles will be complete
When it happens you will know
The Puzzle comes together
By the pieces you don’t let go!

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