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Quarantined.... make ice cream  

boodog50 59M
291 posts
4/20/2020 12:31 pm
Quarantined.... make ice cream

I know everybody is getting bored being sheltered in place, so here is a analogy keep you perky.

Ice Cream is a good analogy romance, in that we have enjoyed it at one time and react it differently. The basic flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla were our introduction ice cream, then we started adding different flavors[ gummy bears ,mocha mint and etc] enhance our enjoyment of one of the true rights of enjoyment. Then we started worrying about cholesterol, calories and lactose intolerant concerns. Ice Cream is like romance, stick with the basics and add some whipped cream, chocolate syrup or other goodies if enhancement is needed....and if you use common sense you can still enjoy to the fullest without over stepping health concerns. So don't give up ice cream, it is still one of the simplest enjoyments of life and you should never abandon it. So, if the boring vortex is hitting you......just think ice cream and romance.

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